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  1. ((The 'In Character Thread' is actually to the thread we made our characters in--->

    Anyways, welcome to the Out Of Character Thread.
  2. Okie dokie~ Can't wait to start~! ^^
  3. Me too! ^^
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  4. *jumps up and down* >/////<

    Ah~ *holds out hand* Nice to meet you~ I am Eternal for short~ But of course you can call me whatever you would like to~
  5. Hmmm to make another character or not to....that is the question.

    Also, HI! =D
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  6. Hey Z~!!!! ^^ *waves hands*

    Also I am debating the same thing~
  7. Herrooo Eternal! Lol, looks like water is the most open spots
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  8. Bonjour peoples C:
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  9. Hi guys! Just a warning, I may be a little choppy in my responses because work is always kinda busy on Saturdays.
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  10. haha~ That's what I thought~ ^^
  11. Bonjour~ ^^
  12. Signing up for more spots is always encouraged, but only if your comfortable playing more than 1 character. :) Of course, if it gets to be too much, we can always take one of your characters out later. And, of course, you can always add new people later in the roleplay or something.

    I'll probably post the roleplay in the afternoon tomorrow. I wanted to tonight, but my friends were just like, "Bitch, we're coming over." Haha. The only reason I'm on now is because they're temporarily distracted.
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  13. haha~ I can understand that~ My RP starting got cancelled twice due to friends popping out of no where and taking me out for the day and most of the night.... ^^;;
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  14. Yeah XD My friends are coming over tomorrow, but their attantion span is close to zero, so i'll be able to rp XD
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  15. When my friends come over, we play Betrayal at House on the Hill until the wee hours of the morning. ^_^ It's a lot of fun.
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  16. Hello everyone. I apologize if my posts seem awkward. I'm brand new to this forum, but I'll try not to be a burden.
  17. *pats head* Everyone was new at some stage~ If you need any help I am sure you can ask any of these lovely people to help you~ (Of course you can come and ask me as well~)
  18. Hola Muchachas (are there any Muchchos?) My name is Lazy_Not_Bored but behind the computer I'm known as Gracie so feel free. In regards to this Rp or actually any RP my weekends are yours and week days from 5-whenever i go to bed(around midnight) as you can tell I have no life so..... yeah I might have to pause on weekdays for my shows they go as follows
    Tuesday-Selfie and Love in Manhattan
    Wednesday-Red Band Society
    Thursday- Bones and How to get away with murder

    And for fangirling purposes:
    Ive also watched seasons 1-8 of Supernatural, I'm waiting for season 9 on netflix so i can get it over with.
    I watched Doctor Who up to the new old guy, I watched the 50th anniversary and stopped
    I've watched some of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and some of Angel
    I have recently started with Dexter(Still season 1)'ve watched up to recent New Girl

    And if any of you are Anime people
    Fruits Basket
    Case Closed
    The Wallflower
    A bit of Black Butler
    Peach girl
    Ouran High School Host club

    I think that is all my Fandom Resume...:bouncy:
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  19. *blinks* woah.... so much info.... I am glad to meet another anime fan~
    Also i love those animes that you listed >///<

    Someone ruined the end of Fruit Basket for me though...... :'(
  20. That's probably why I don't tell anyone I'm watching it till the end, or i simply don't come out of my room lol.
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