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  1. There was once a universe filled with peace, magic, and perfection.
    Every-one with in it had magic of some sort, and used it for fun in their easy lives.
    But a group of these beings were bored with their way of life.
    They wanted to create something, actually working for once.
    They decided to form a group called Genesis.Original.Deitys.
    There were sixteen of them in total, each with a different power.
    Together they spent a week creating a planet named Thera in another universe.
    It was full of opportunities, life, and chance- something the group knew little of.
    While they enjoyed looking after this planet for a while, they soon wanted to return to their home universe.
    But they knew the planet needed looking after.
    So each member of the group bestowed part of their powers upon a being on Thera.
    They gave their magic in the form of small jewels.
    Now Thera had its own sixteen magical beings, so G.O.D. could leave.
    Sixteen beings each with their own unique, magic jewel, only they could use.
    This new group of sixteen became known as the blessed ones.
    They ruled peacefully for many years, all meeting up once a month to discuss important matters.
    Yet the peace did not last.
    It never would have, when sixteen imperfect beings are given godly powers.
    Wars spread across the lands, and Thera was slowly being destroyed.
    G.O.D. came to check on Thera when they were bored once again.
    Seeing the corruption they hid the jewels away and left once more, never returning.
    The jewels hidden away on Thera were supposed to never emerge again.
    These jewel were attracted to strong auras though.
    They flew across the world to corresponding auras of new born children.
    The jewel stayed embedded in the children skin, only to come out when they were 16.
    The jewels left a wing like mark on each of the children when they emerged.
    The marks made the new generation of blessed ones easily recognizable.
    So now it's your turn to take on the role of a blessed one.
    Will your stone corrupt you, like the first generation?
    Will you be killed by those after your jewels immense power?
    Will you manage to bring a new era of peace once more?
    Find out by becoming of the elementally winged.

    In this role play you'll be taking on the role of one of the sixteen new generation elemental wings. I don't need a person for each element, but sixteen is the maximum. I will start it when ever I feel there are enough interested people with complete character profiles.

    The point of this role play is to show how the each of new generation of blessed ones reacts with the other elements, and the world and around them. Problems they will face are conflicts with the other elements, trying to stay alive (people will kill for those jewels), and trying to not let power corrupt them. The role play should start with all the blessed ones being role played meeting some how. You will be starting at the age of sixteen, when your powers are fully unleashed. You can have a LITTLE experience with your powers though. The plot can be planned if you want, but I'd like mostly improvisation.

    I have some basic magic rules to follow too. Stronger spells require more magic energy. You don't have endless energy, so you can't do endless mega strong spells. The stronger the spell, the more energy required. Also, you can summon up to two animals of your element from the magical Thera world to the physical Thera world (the one your on). The animals have their own magic energy supply, but require a fair bit of energy to summon in the first place. You have to channel your energy to work spells. When you channel energy, some energy gets lost in the process. We all start off rather bad at channeling energy, but improve as the rp moves on.

    I have already chosen the sixteen elements that are available, and am unlikely to change them. But if you are able to come up with a particularly unique and useful one, I might change one of the elements so you can use your new one. The current elements are fire(taken), water(taken i think), earth, air(taken), electricity(taken), metal(taken), ice(taken), poison, time(taken), space, light(taken), shadow(taken), love(taken), mind, animal, and astrology(taken). The further down the list they are, the more likely they will be replaced. You are able to create, manipulate, transform and destroy your element. Please make your characters personality fit with the element.

    Finally, I would like to clarify the characters don't actually have wings (yet...:P. They might earn them later, i'll wait to decide.). They have wing marks around their belly buttons. Left wing on the left side, right ting on the right side of the belly button. The wings are all the same pattern and size (see above picture), but have varying colours.

    I hope you enjoy this! If you have any questions, comment below.

    Character profile template

    Name: (First then last name)
    Appearance: (Picture or at least 5-6 lines description)
    Likes: (Please list at least 5 things)
    Dislikes: (Please list at least 5 things)
    Personality: (Only 3 lines required, as most of your personality will be shown in the role play. I just need to make sure we have a variety of personality types)
    History: (Only 3 lines required, as it won't effect the role play much. You don't have to come up with some complex, tragic past, what kind of a culture they come from.)
    Element: (Only one person per element, so check the one you want's not taken)
    Wing mark colour: (Make it match with the element, and a lines description of the colour)
    Main spell 1: (While you have a lot of freedom with the use of your elements, I'd like 3 specific spells to show your battle type and your main uses for your magic. Each spell must have a strong and weak verison)
    Main spell 2: (See spell 1)
    Main spell 3: (See spell 1)
    Weapon(s): (Maximum of two. No magical ones, unless you have an extremely good reason. I'd also prefer you not to use guns, but with a good reason I might allow you to)

    My character:

    Name: Tsuki Ten Hoshi
    Likes: The night, travelling, shiny objects, myths/legends, sword play.
    Dislikes: The day, doing nothing, mud, logical thinking, the heat.
    Personality: Tsuki is an optimistic, happy-go-lucky type girl, who's over enthusiasm can be annoying. She is very social, since she meets many people. She is confident, and hard working, but this can lead her to be extremely stubborn. She is street smart, yet Tsuki can be rather forgetful, and is terrible at things such as maths or science. Despite being a traveller, she has no sense of direction.
    History: Tsuki's first memory is waking up in front of a burning village, with a moon pentacle in front of her. It's inscription read "The stars that captivate, the moon that transforms, the sky that never ends." With no family to look after her, she became a traveller. She defeated beasts for villages to get food, lodging, and money.
    Element: Astrology
    Wing mark colour: An almost glowing honey yellow, with an ebony outline.
    Main spell 1: Vocans stellarum Weak- Target is trapped in a weak, glowing circle. Lasts 30 seconds. Strong- Target is trapped in a strong, burning pentacle. Lasts 3 minutes.
    Main spell 2: Arcessentes lunae Weak- Target grows a little fur and small fangs. They begin to feel dizzy, and can be influenced into doing things by some magic from the caster. Lasts 30 seconds. Strong- Target is transformed into a wolf, in body and mind. They can be controlled by lots of magic power from the caster. Lasts 3 minutes.
    Main spell 3: Silentium indicens caeli Weak- Any single physical object can be shrunk or grown by a small amount. Strong- Any single physical or magical object can be shrunk or grown by a large amount.
    Weapon(s): A heavy moon pentacle she whacks people with (she doesn't know it's proper use yet), and dual curved swords.
    DRD4.png BleachAnimeKyourakuShunsuiDualTwinSwordSet.jpg
  2. Name: Shinoriah “Shino” Ortega<o:p></o:p>
    View attachment 16576

    Likes: The night, dark rooms, “shenanigans”, the moon, and playing with her shadow puppets<o:p></o:p>
    Dislikes: Extremely bright lights, sunny days, loud/annoying people, and dealing with other peoples’ problems.<o:p></o:p>
    Personality: Shinoriah hates her full name. She prefers to be called Shino. She thinks herself as “bad-ass” and hardcore although she has a soft side and can grow attached to something easily. She prefers to be alone,but when someone needs her she is never very far. She loves helping someone feel better, but she hates being put into the middle of arguments and problems, being forced to deal with it head-on.<o:p></o:p>
    History: When she was little she was never given attention. She raised herself and learned not to depend on or trust anyone. She found her ability when she was four and began creating her only friends from shadow so she knew she could trust them. Ever since then, she’s decided to keep to herself, but help when she’s needed. She's still learning her powers, only knowing the simple shadow summon for sure.
    Element: Shadow<o:p></o:p>
    Wing mark color: A beautifully braided swirl of dark sparkling purple and pitch black<o:p></o:p>
    Main spell 1: Weak- Confusion: Makes the enemy see double, confusing them for thrity seconds. Strong- Nightmare: Lets the caster get inside a character/enemy's head to reveal their darkest fear and make them see it (Like a hallucination).<o:p></o:p>
    Main spell 2: Weak- Dim: Makes the light flicker like a strobe. Strong- Darkness: Covers the room in complete darkness temporarily blinding everyone but Shino and her allies<o:p></o:p>
    Main spell 3: Weak- Summon Shadows: Summons simple shadows to hold enemies in their place for one minute. Strong- Summon Shadow Elemental: Creates a large 20-foot-tall shadow elemental with thirty times the strength of Shino, but she rarely uses it because it makes her very weak<o:p></o:p>
    Weapons: 1- A large ever-sharp Scythe of Shadows that she can summon with a simple spell
    View attachment 16574 <o:p></o:p>

    2- A simple dagger made of deep grey steel that she can usewhenever she has no patience to carry a large scythe
    View attachment 16575 <o:p></o:p>
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  5. Very good luvable. Just two small points though. I don't want characters to have to much experience with their magic, so don't let your character act like she does. Also, can you tone your magic spells down a little. Can you make them so there are weak and strong versions of each spell, so more energy is required for the stronger spells.

    Panthera, your reservation lasts a week. Before the reservation ends please at least make some sort of start on the profile. (Can just be the name though XD. Just need to make sure your still interested and stuff)

    Great eternalfire, can't wait to see which element you pick!
  6. Any better?
  7. Name: Arielle Gaia Masters

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Likes: Arielle loves being alone despite her bright personality. She also loves big felines and canines, and likes to sing Latin and French lullabies.

    Dislikes: Arielle dislikes darkness.

    Personality: Quiet, friendly, lovable, has an attitude, challenging and fierce when she's in a fight.

    History: Ever since Arielle was small, she always had this attraction for fire, despite her fear of being burned. She had always been a bright child until her family was killed in a car accident, only her and her older brother surviving. No one wanted to take them, so the siblings escaped from the orphanage. Arielle lived on the streets up to the age of sixteen when a family decided to make her one of their own.

    Element: Fire

    Wing Mark Color: Arielle has large white wings that have a glowing complexion of fire.

    Main Spell 1: Burner: Arielle can make you feel as if you were being set on fire just by staring at you. It can make you feel like you're in hell.

    Burner [Weak]: The weak version of Burner simply makes you feel a bit overheated.

    Main Spell 2: Fire Spirit: With this spell, Arielle can become a fire spirit, nothing being able to harm her. This spell requires a lot of energy, so it's rare when she uses it.

    Fire Spirit [Weak]: With the weak version of Fire Spirit, Arielle can only become a slight bit of the spirit, which means she can still be hurt.

    Main Spell 3: Dragon Summon: Can summon the strongest and fiercest of fire dragons.

    Dragon Summon [Weak]: Even with the weak version of Dragon Summon, she can still summon dragons, though they are smaller and weaker.

    Weapon: Dragon Summon Staff: This staff can help her summon the strongest fire dragon, Chaos. [​IMG]

    A simple dagger.

    Other: Arielle has a horse named Fue, that can appear out of thin air.

  8. Yes, that's great thanks! It won't be that specific in the rp, the spells are just the base ideas to go from. The weapon is fine too, because even though it's formed magically, it won't do magic.

    Panthera, your characters magic also needs to have a strong and weak version. Originally I didn't want the spells to be to be specific, but I will edit that. The weapon needs toning down. It could summon a variety of dragons, and which one you summon depends on how much energy you channel into it (if you've read Naruto, think about the frog summoning). Can you add a non-magic weapon too. Doesn't have to be complex, a simple sword will do. The horse would need to either be summoned (from the Thera magical dimension) then it can use it's own magic energy supply. If it's not summoned, and always real (in the physical dimension of Thera) it's magic energy has to come from your supply.
  9. As in weak you mean a simple power? Like simply fire?
  10. No, I mean a toned down version of a strong spell. Take a look at luvables and you will see what I mean. Also, i've just realized in the original template it says at least 5 likes and dislikes. You can change that if you want to, but I won't make you.
  11. Alright, I see what you mean. Hopefully it won't be sent to moderation again.
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  13. Okay, I've edited it. I hope it's alright.
  14. Yes, it's lovely thanks! :)

    I have updated the original text, so please check it for important changes every-one! And anybody who is about to create a profile, I'd like some boys please (i'll probably be a girl, but might be a boy if need be). Equal number of each gender is a bit much to ask though.
  15. Actually you know what? I'm going to hafta pull out of this one. I'm going to be moving soon and won't have internet access for a while. Ugh, this sucks... I'm sorry guys. I was real excited about this, too.
  16. If you like we could save a place for you and let you join the rp later. You can keep your character, and just jump in when you have internet.
  17. Name: Genuity Lightstone

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Likes: Charity, Truth, Morality, Love, Friends and Family.

    Dislikes: Evil, Darkness, Rivalry, Destruction, Hatred

    Genuity is the strong, mighty, and the willful. He holds the line and leads the team. To put it into terms he is almost like a paladin. Genuity at times is saintlike and quiet, but when it comes to war he is yelling commands and attacking the forces that fight against him. To be honest he can be a little egocentric at times. Genuity does have a heart though, because not all evil is intentional.


    Genuity was born into a very rich and wealthy family. They had slaves, a mansion, horses, and enough food to feed plenty of hungry families. He had six brothers and sister, three of each. The name he was given as a child was Anthony Blackmeyer, which he changed later in his life. Anthony was the oldest of the family so he had an assortment or priorities. He had to master the family trade, which was supplying weaponry to the citizens. Instead of owning just one blacksmith they owned many all over Thera.

    "Blackmeyer Blacksmith Co." was a widely known name and the family was paid well. Once his father died he would take over the business and expand the name. Anthony didn't exactly like the idea of being the head of a very large company because he wanted to study and become a teacher. His father and mother both obviously put him down and kept teaching the trade of the family. When he was about sixteen hard times came about in his family. Many of the mines that were being mined out ran out of minerals and they had to find new mines. Anthony had to start taking care of his younger brothers and sisters because his parents were always at work. His father was often at home doing paperwork. He would have woman maids and workers brought to his room to be his bidding. At one time a very eager maid that was dressed seductively entered his room and didn't come out for an hour or so. Anthony thought much of his father until this point. Sadly, he could not tell his mother about this because the family would fall apart ruining the business they had created.

    A year later the family business had fallen apart. Many of the blacksmiths were bought and all that was left was the mansion. Anthony's mother had found about his father and they were soon going to be divorced. The mistress was thrown from the house and the family was in ruin. A priest had come many days later after the mistress was thrown out to divorce them officially. His brothers and sisters would be split in half between the two and that would be that. Mother and father sat the the dining table talking to the priest while Anthony packed his items. He walked down the stairs with a frown on his face, then he smelled something peculiar, it smelled of smoke. This was not the usual smoke either, not like what his mother's cooking smelled like. Anthony moved closer to the front door and saw outside an assortment of fires spreading toward the manor. Screams were heard from outside, many of the slaves ran around confused and didn't know what to do. Soon the manor caught on fire, the whole area was in chaos. The priest ran out the door toward his horse and motions Anthony to come with him.

    Anthony and the priest escaped the manor and headed toward the church he lived at. The small abbey had a stable, a church, and some small cottages. There he would start his new life. Obviously he had to change his name becaus the Blackmeyer family was attacked. His last name became Lightstone, after the church, and Genuity became his name after the priest's first son, who he had before he died shortly after birth. Genuity continued his life there as a service boy to the abbey. That is where he stayed.

    Element: (Only one person per element, so check the one you want's not taken): Light

    Wing mark colour: (Make it match with the element, and a lines description of the colour): White

    Main spell 1: Heal (Heals person/ friends.)

    Main spell 2: Speak with dead (Able to speak with the dead but for only a short amount of time.)

    Main spell 3: Light (Creates light or lights within the area.)

    His sword and his shield shown in the picture.
  18. Looks good so far, eternal. Just remember to take out all mt bracket notes.
  19. That sounds great, thanks. I can be like a late-comer or something lol.
  20. Yes, that would be fine. And to make up for it, i'll let your character only to of have a bit more past experience with magic than the others.