Elder Scrolls RP? :D (Second try.. xD)

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  1. The harsh and snowy land of Skyrim has fallen into chaos. The High King... shouted to death, a rebellion has erupted, brothers are killing brothers, and on top of it all... the dragons are back and wreaking havoc across the region.

    I'm trying this again, since the other one kiiinda failed, hehe..

    So, here's the dealio. :3

    Age: (Any age is fine)
    Race: (Altmer [High Elf], Argonian, Bosmer [Wood Elf], Breton, Dunmer [Dark Elf], Imperial, Khajiit, Nord, Orsimer [Orc], or Redguard)
    Appearance: (Picture or description, can be N/A if you wish...)
    Are you Dovahkiin (Dragonborn)?: (There can be up to 5... first come, first serve. I, myself, will be dovahkiin. So there will be 6.)
    Background: (Can be N/A if you wish... but background info is always awesome. :3)
    Additional information:

    THERE CAN BE 6 DRAGONBORN. I only make this rule because we can't have everyone being dragonborn, heh... there will be 7 dragonborn total~

    Our Dragonborn so far: ~.Ari.~, D'evil, Tenchi-Roku, Dovahkiin (heh, I guess it fits, then, eh?), ObsidianDragon,

    Anja Yvska (Anja is pronounced "Anya", and Yvska is pronounced "Eve-ska".)






    (See thumbnail)

    Are you dovahkiin (dragonborn)?:



    Anja's been on her own ever since she was a wee lass. Both of her parents fought in the Great War and lost their lives. She was sent to the orphanage in Riften... but couldn't stand that old hag Grelod, so she ran once she turned the age of ten. Somehow, she managed to get as far as Whiterun... unharmed. She made her way to Jorrvaskr and has been kin to the Companions ever since. She trains, fights, and lives with them in Jorrvaskr. She had heard the name "dovahkiin" tossed around in conversation when she had been present... especially when in the company of people of Ivarstead. But she's leaving the land of the Whiterun Hold that she's come to know so well to find out what this Dovahkiin thing was all about.

    Additional information:
    Anja is adorned with Daedric armour, and dual-wields daedric swords - she's crafted her weapons and armour herself with the help of Eorlund. She's alright with a bow, and will use one if necessary. Being surrounded by people that consider themselves true Nords, she doesn't know much about the use of magic. From what she's heard about Winterhold... magic use was typically frowned upon. But out of curiousity, she learned three basic spells: Flames, Frost, and Sparks. She hopes to go to the College of Winterhold to learn more about the art of magic.

    ^ Her appearance~ (except she has blue eyes..)

    ^Her armour~ (modded Daedric, hehe..)
  2. Name: Nahvikin Sol (pronounced Nah-vee-kin Soul)
    Age: 17
    Race: Bosmer
    Appearance: tumblr_m8crscKkU91qlqbgvo1_1280.jpg
    Are you Dovahkiin (Dragonborn)?: Yes please. I am first.
    Background: Nahvikin has always lived in Valenwood. That is, until her tribe was ambushed by the thalmor. She then left to skyrim, searching for refuge. Eventually, she joined the brotherhood. Her skill with a bow and master of alchemy led her to be one of the greatest assassins to live. Now she's the guild master.
    Additional information: Extremely great with a bow, pick pocketing, lock picking, alchemy, and prefers light armor (for obvious reasons). She made her own dragon scale armor. Eorlund Graymane helped her craft some of the armor. Uses a daedric bow with ebony arrows she makes himself. (Found the deadric bow while on a contract). One of the guild members enchanted her bow to paralyze her foe. (that's if she doesn't kill them first).

    Armor : 759307-1326064845.jpg
  3. ZOMG Elder Scrolls!!
    *is interested* Skyrim was like the best game ever lol
  4. One response(That means yes)
  5. I'll attempt this RP.

    I've been craving a fantasy roleplay.
  6. If you're interested, go ahead and post a character description. ^^

    I'll post the thread once we have a few more people~
  7. So what is the plot exactly? Are you just following the main Skyrim plot? Or are you doing that and the other quests in the game? Or you just doing original stuff? Or doing stuff based on the original stuff but with originality in it? etc.
  8. There's no real plot... it's sortof a free thing. Do what you want, go where you want..
  9. I will be creating the main forum within the next two days or so. ^^
  10. Cool. So, no one wants to be apart of the dark brotherhood.
  11. I'll be a Nightingale from the Theif's guild.
  12. :( no one wants to be my fellow brother/sister.
  13. Name: Selene Jayme (Jayme rhymes with game :P)
    Age: Eighteen
    Race: Bosmer
    Appearance: Selene has golden-brown hair down to the bottom of her shoulderblades. Her eyes are dark reddish-black and she has a tri-scar, like claw marks, across her right cheekbone. She's somewhat lanky and tall for her race. Her skin is pale and rarely ever changes color, even when undergoing a sudden temperature change, like entering an inn.
    Are you Dovahkiin (Dragonborn)?: Yes, please
    Background: Selene was born in Valenwood to a family of four; her mother, her father, and two brothers. Her brothers left Valenwood to join the Imperial army and were sent to Skyrim to quell the Stormcloak uprising. Curious about the country's civil war, she followed a few months after their deployment and sided with the Stormcloaks. She felt they had every right to independence. If Valenwood were in Skyrim's situation, she'd join the side of the rebels in a heartbeat. Selene also loves to adventure, however she isn't very social, so she rarely takes humanoid companions, except for the occasional summoned familiar.
    Additional information: Selene owns a black tobiano (aka, black and white) horse named Goddess, and a scruffy dog named Schemer. (like the rat in the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary in Oblivion, lol) She wears leather armor that looks like the Oblivion armor and fights with a bow, but also uses a dagger for melee combat.
  14. Name: Criston Darkfire
    Age: 21
    Race: Dunmer
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Are you Dovahkiin (Dragonborn)?: Sure :3
    Background: Criston used to be a fisherman and lived a calm and happy, peasceful life until he discovered he had a power he could hardly control. He accidentally lost control and killed a member of his village, being banished soon after. He thought the power he used to be magic and so he began traveling anywhere he could to learn what it was and how to control it. Hearing about the famous mage's college in Winterhold brought him to Skyrim so he might better discover what sort of power he used that killed the poor villager.
    Additional information: Criston's main weapon is a bow though he occasionally uses a sword if he needs to.
  15. Is it too late to be dovahkiin?
  16. Nope, there's one spot left~
  17. going in as a dark brotherhood. Me like and I'll post a CS tonight or tomorrow
  18. Name: Decimus Crassus
    Age: 22
    Race: Imperial
    Appearance: Tall, well built, short cropped black hair. Wears Imperial armor (light)
    Are you Dovahkiin (Dragonborn)?: NO
    Background: Decimus is a legionnaire in the Imperial Legion. His father taught him his only trades which are his skills with a bow and waraxe. The young man saw no other alternative for a living than joining the legion. Becoming a bandit was one option, but Decimus preferred the steady pay and food that the legion offered. He fought in the war against the Aldmeri in which he was decorated for his actions. Decimus is a superb archer and just as good a melee fighter as well.

    Arnaments: imperial light armor, imperial bow, steel arrows, imperial sword, steel dagger
  19. Name:Issac Woll
    Age: 24
    Race: Imperial
    Appearance: Ragas_Tsorovan_by_shadow_of_venca.jpg
    Are you Dovahkiin (Dragonborn)?: Nope I wanna play as a normal guy

    Background: Born in raised in the imperial City he had grown up into a well to do family. Unfortunately his family had pissed off the wrong people with the right kind of connections. At a young age he was visited by the dark brotherhood, or more like they visited him. It was obvious to Issac that they were there to kill him and his family. He pleaded for his life and the assassin had taken mercy on him, but not before killing his family in front of him. Seeing as he had nowhere to go the assassin took Issac under his wing against the wishes of the brotherhood. Eventually he won them over and trained with them. He has finally been initiated and sent on his first contract. This is a rather hard one that takes him to the land of Skyrim.

    Additional information: He prefers to use one handed swords and only one of them. He can blend into the crowd fairly easily and he actually likes being in the crowd and growing a connection. He likes to have a network of information to make contracts easier.