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  1. Okay, so I know this is a lot of information, but this is what I've thought up! Some things can change if you all have better ideas, so just let me know if you do! (:

    Back Story

    No one knows how it happened, nor does anyone know exactly when. The Earth shook; trees crashed to the ground, buildings crumbled, people died... It was a catastrophic event, one of the worst that had ever stuck the land. No war had ever done this; there had been nothing that had caused such tension, such disaster.

    In a land with which people were relatively happy, four kingdoms were struck under the destruction of a force, a force that no one could understand. They tried their best to keep their kingdoms safe, sending their knights across the land and protecting their boarders with extra force, but nothing seemed to work. After a while anyway.

    One by one, after about a week of these quakes, the Kings were snatched away from their sleep, never to be seen again. This caused panic among the people, bringing them to wonder what was going on. Once all Kings were taken the sky had turned dark in the outer lands, black clouds swirling in the distance, thunder and lightening booming and shooting across the sky. More quakes struck, though this time much more forceful. The ground cracked, splitting the Earth as a structure started to arise, the noise echoing in the air. Particles of dust and other debris were flung throughout the air, the forest in which the building was beginning to form being destroyed.

    The structure was brought up, it's dark and looming figure hanging in the distance. Once people saw this they tried to flee, their screams taking over the land, but they couldn't get out. If they tried to flee from the border that lead outside of their kingdom, they would be shocked, jolted back until they hit something. Most died from the impact, though there were others who just sustained great damage from it.

    A force field seemed to be set, and there was nothing anyone could do to break free of it. They were all stuck, their hope gone. What could they do?

    When a sudden light flashed down into the 'force field' the people thought they were going to be let free, that there had been something to stop this. Nothing seemed to happen, though, until the Earth shook again, the beam of light heading towards a Cathedral until the beam dissipated, a strong glow coming from inside the building.

    Though much fear ran through the hearts of the people of the land, most set foot towards the Cathedral, their hopes still rising if only because they wished this was something that could help them. All they saw, though, were five eggs, all different sizes and shapes, color and texture, sitting on stone stands. A voice rang out as people gathered around, its voice booming, yet gentle.

    "Of these five eggs lies five creatures with which to help you stop this madness that has taken over the land, should they find their 'rightful one'. But not just any rightful ones... Bring along the right ones to unlock the beast that lay trapped within these shells to defeat the menace that has taken your Kings, as well as your lands. But be mindful, even these creatures might not be on your side. Though they may be hatched by the right one, be mindful of the power they hold. Don't let them control you...

    Now hurry! Bring the five that will be the ones to save the land. You're running out of time."

    And indeed the people were running out of time. The life of the land, the trees and plants, as well as animals, were beginning to whither away, this black substance sucking all the energy away. Slowly but surely it was getting the job done, and soon they would have nothing left. So the people quickly set their differences aside and joined together to try and find the five people that could break these eggs, but after a month of nobody getting any kind of reaction from the eggs, they were beginning to lose hope again.

    So who are the rightful ones to handle these eggs? Who will be the ones to save this place and their people? Only time will tell, but be mindful, not all of the eggs are one their side. Some might be evil, while others might be good. No one will know, though, unless these eggs are hatched.

    The Eggs

    There are five eggs in all, and in most cases the eggs will choose the person in which will be able to hatch their shell.

    1.) The Toxic Egg
    - Dubbed the toxic egg by everyone who has seen it, this egg is a sight to be hold, if you can get near it that is. This egg is about the size of a normal humans head, and upon getting close to its figure one can smell the retched smell of bile that seeps from it. It has a pale pink shell with seemingly odd shaped holes in it, though filled in those holes is some type of liquid substance, dark purple in color, that most believe to be some type of toxic or poison. Bubbles emit from the liquid, the sound of a boiling pot coming from it, as if it's sizzling in a way. Somewhat of a toxic haze seems to float around the egg, shrouding it a bit with it's purple sheen. Most people stray from this egg, mostly because they're afraid, but also because this seems to be the egg that has shone the least reaction to anyone.

    2.) The Crystal Egg
    - Dubbed this egg because of the shining, light blue shards of crystal that protrude from the back of the egg, the tallest one being in the middle before they all slowly shrink and shrink until they become mere beads towards the front of the egg. It is a beautiful sight to behold, yet as people get close to this egg a chilling presence seems to take a hold of them. In actuality the egg itself is not cold, though the crystals on its back do have a tendency to change the temperature, it seems anyway. The egg's shell is colored with light and dark grays. Occasionally you can almost hear something upon approaching this egg, though like the rest it has yet to actually speak. Of course, though, just the looks of it attract people to it.

    3.) The Chiming Egg
    - Dubbed this because of the melody of bells chiming, light and booming, that emit from the egg as one steps near it, this egg is more round than the rest, almost as round as a plump pumpkin. It's shell is a yellowish golden color with white spotted in the middle, but upon closer inspection to the egg small, green thread like designs can be seen etched into the egg, as well as two silver half spheres that seem to come from the two top sides of the egg. If one was to run their fingers down these lines, they would feel the bumps, indicating that these designs were in fact indented into the shell. With every melody from the bells that can be heard these lines pump out a neon green color, highlighting the designs of leaves, trees, flower, and other aspects of nature. This is an odd egg, most think, if only because when one walks towards it a light giggling can be heard. Of course it has not spoken yet though.

    4.) The Joking Egg
    - Dubbed not because of its looks, but because of the way it moves. Yes, this egg doesn't seem to be able to sit still, the egg shaking here and there, teetering back and forth on its stand. This egg is a bit smaller than the rest, only seeming to be a few inches short of being the size of a person's head. The shell of an egg is a mixture of reds and oranges, white spread around here and there, though upon closer inspection one would swear that red and orange hair stuck from the pores of the shell. And they would be right. The hair is rigid though, spiked in a way, which makes it rough to the touch, or, rather, prickly to the touch. Not that most probably have been able to touch the egg because of its teetering back and forth, almost as if it was avoiding the hands that come towards it. Not much but small chuckles and snickers come from the egg, but it has not spoken.

    5.) The Runt Egg
    - Dubbed because of the fact that it is the smallest egg out of the bunch, it is a tiny one to see. Only about the size of the palm of someone's hand, the egg is outlined with a light blue lining, the body of the shell being a royal blue color. The egg doesn't do much, nor does it have the striking qualities that the other eggs seem to have, but nevertheless that doesn't stop people from coming towards it. The top of the shell seems to be more pointed than the rest of them, though. Much doesn't come from this egg in terms of noise matter, but small squeaks can be heard every once in a while.


    There won't be too much information about the kingdoms itself. Just thought that maybe it would be a little better to let you all know a little bit about these things though.

    Kingdom of Eden: (First King to be taken)
    This Kingdom was ruled by King Eden, somewhat of a benevolent King, though he did have his moments of being more of a tyrannical dictator than anything. Many of the people in this Kingdom are well educated, the King's main focus for his people being that they know all of what is going on with everything, making it a law that each house, no matter how small the place should be, have a library with actual literary work.
    This is the smallest kingdom in the land, sitting in the southeast region, and this is the only kingdom that doesn't have a wall to protect its people, King Edin wanting his kingdom to be 'open' and 'trustworthy' though that has subjected many to think that they are weak, which they are. But nonetheless they are the richest kingdom, if only because their people are so smart, and they obviously know how to handle their business.

    Kingdom of Manoah: (Second King to be taken)
    This Kingdom was ruled by King Manoah, a King that wanted everyone and everything to follow what he said and did. If someone didn't abide by his law, they were beheaded the same day, and he felt no remorse. Yes, many people did not like this King, but of course most were too afraid to do anything to him or say anything to him. Sure, most people talked behind his back, but always in the hallow corners of darkness so as to avoid his knights that wandered around the kingdom constantly.This Kingdom is large, though not the largest, and sits in the Northwest region of the land. King Manoah prides himself on the fact that his defenses seem to be the 'strongest of the land', his knights being trained from young ages. A wall surrounds the perimeter of the kingdom, and often does this kingdom trade with the Kingdom of Obed, and they are often allies when ever war breaks out.

    Kingdom of Obed: (Third King to be taken)
    This Kingdom was ruled by King Obed, a king that seemed to not want to have much to do with his people, other than the noblemen he had stacked along his side. People hardly ever saw him unless in time of war, but even then he would hardly be seen, tending to his own duties, though no one really knew what it was that he did.
    This Kingdom sits in the Northeast side on the land, this being the largest kingdom with the most diversity among its people. The people are relatively calm with things, though these people do have more freedom than the rest. It's not like that have much to worry about anyway.

    Kingdom of Alfa: (Fourth King to be taken)
    This Kingdom was ruled by King Alfa, a king who, also, was hard on his people. But instead of hounding them to do things, if they were found not doing their work he would simple send his knights and other servants to take the person's things, leaving in the poorest of states. He figured that putting them in a situation such as that would be better torture than killing them off quickly. So this means that the people within this kingdom are hard workers, which in turn makes them strong, and gives them their own products. This kingdom doesn't associate with the others, and is often running into arguments with the Kingdom of Manoah, those two starting the majority of the wars within the land. And because the Kingdom of Obed associates itself with Manoah's Kingdom, Alfa keeps out o contact with them as well.
    This kingdom sits in the Southwest region of the land, and too has a wall around its walls, if only to keep itself separated by the others. It was made all by the people of the kingdom.

    Character Sheet
    Name:Age: (Nothing too young, please)
    Appearance: (Picture or description)
    Social Status:
    Job (If applicable):
    Other: (Anything else you want to add about your character)
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  2. Here's mine. Let me know if you want anything changed.

    Name: Baldur
    Age: 34
    Social Status: A little bit of an outcast
    Job (If applicable): Woodsman
    Kingdom: Alfa
    Generally a noble and honest man, Baldur is pretty much good incarnate. His downfall comes as he struggles to see the point of vieew of others, and often is quick to lose his temper. As a result, he can make serious errors in judgement. Can be quite sentimental, although he sort of sees this as a weakness of his. Has an ability to motivate others - a born leader - not that he's able to take that role. Charitable, but equally vengeful given the right circumstances.
    Once upon a time, Baldur had been a promising young soldier destined for a place in the elite guard of the capital city. Unfortunately he proved far too rebellious, somehow thinking it a good idea to voice his misgivings over the treatment of the people. He survived in this way in the barracks for several years, but eventually came to blows with his commanding officer over a personal disagreement. This is where he lost his eye, and would have lost his life, had he not fled the city. He now lives just a mile or so from a small village that tolerates his presence, in return for the trade he offers. He sells wood, game and hides to the locals, and also offers some protection from any bandits, as well as prior warning of other dangers. It's a lonely life, but better than death or imprisonment.
    Other: Well, he's totally badass.

  3. Name: Percy Anemoi
    Age: 27
    Appearance: Percy is tall and thin, almost comically so. His skin is pale and unblemished, with piercing light blue eyes peering out from underneath his long, jet-black hair, which is shaggy and unkempt. His features are sharp and angular, almost bird-like, and his scrawny build only serves to reinforce this. Generally he wears dark clothing, in green, blue, or black, which just makes him seem even more like a humanized crow.
    Social Status:
    Nobody really knows who he is, but he seems to be lower class
    Job (If applicable):
    Personality: Percy is smart and quick-witted, though very paranoid. He's timid and seems to shrink away from crowds and people in general. However, despite his rather odd outward appearance, he is actually a fairly nice person, though he still prefers observation over interaction.

    Very little is known about Percy, aside from the fact that he's odd and comes from the Kingdom of Eden. There's a rumor that he dabbled in geist calling.
    Other: (Anything else you want to add about your character)
    Percy actually has a nervous twitch

  4. Name: Vexor Shadewing (pronounced: Zhah-doh-ving)
    Age: 27
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Social Status: Disowned (So just a step above dogs)
    Job (If applicable): Mercenary
    Kingdom: Obed
    Personality: Generally very laid-back and open-minded, he's quite sociable and always eager to show his prowess in anything, be it song, battle, or even thieving. He'll also become enraged should someone threaten a friend of his, and likely kill them where they stand. This goes for anyone who hires him as well.
    History: Born into a family of great repute, the young Vexor was disowned in his late teens as a "disgrace" for his party-goer attitude. Shunned and turned out on the street, the adolescent warrior learned quickly to fight after being beaten-down and robbed by a band of his former "friends." Once he took up the sword though, he knew it would be his life to fight for those who can't, or won't.
    Other: His voice is rarely, if ever quiet and his weapons and armor were pillaged from the brigands who robbed him.
  5. Oh, I love all of these characters so far! (:
    It just makes me all the more excited for this to actually start, especially to see how they all will interact with the eggs and what not.
  6. It's unusual for everyone to be picking men....could it be the end of the world?
  7. I think we are at the end of the world, [MENTION=3677]Psychedelic[/MENTION], unless we save it! :P

    I was going to make a guy ... but I guess I can make a gal instead ...?
  8. Haha, that is a bit unusual, huh? I'm not complaining though!! XD

    Edit: If you want to make a male, Shavynel, you can. I'm not too worried or bothered with uneven gender ratios, so it doesn't really matter to me.
  9. Well, my original character conception was a girl, but then I was like, "I haven't played a guy in a while, I could do that. Plus, I bet it would help with gender ratios!" But I guess not. :P So maybe I'll go with my original concept.
  10. Yes, I actually am a bit surprised to see so many male characters, but, like I said before, I'm not complaining about it. Just normally when I do group rps there are more girls than guys. XD

    But which ever you go with will be fine! Can't wait to see what kind of character you conjure up. (:
  11. Name: Lissasya Tobin (often called Sasya for short)
    Age: 23
    Appearance: Soft dark brown hair pulled back in a braid and green eyes. She stands about average. She enjoys looking and acting the gentle lady (which doesn't really fool anyone who knows anything about the Tobin Family) and letting others underestimate her, but also knows when and how to take the mask off.
    Social Status: Minor Lady
    Job: Lady Knight
    Kingdom: Manoah
    Personality: She appears optimistic, and does her best to uplift the mood, especially with recent events. Lissasya believes that the world is made of good, it just, in some cases, needs to be rediscovered. It is often said she is too trusting and generous, and that would be her downfall.
    History: Her family's holdings are right along the wall near the Kingdom of Alfa. As border guardians, their family has a tradition of training both the women and men in the family as knights. She is the third of three children, with her brother being the eldest, and her sister being the middle child. It's often joked that she inherited all the good-nature in the family, and that her siblings are too serious.

    Let me know if this is okay or if I need to change anything. ^_^
  12. Nope, everything is all right with your character, so there's no need to change anything. (:

    So, I think only one more person is to post their charrie up here... And then we can finally start the roleplay!
    Oh, and if you guys have any questions about any of the information at the beginning of the thread, just let me know and I'll try to explain a little more if I can.
  13. Name: Ser Ymber Aquila. Lady only to the mad and the unaware.
    Age: Three-and-twenty
    Appearance: Far from the typical highborn lady, Ymber has every bit the appearance of a knight. She stands a hand taller than most men, with wider shoulders and thicker arms as well. Her build is lean but muscular, and all but devoid of womanly curves. There isn't a gentle bit of her; from head to toe she is a mass of sharp angles and harsh planes. Though her hair is platinum blonde and quite silky, she cuts it straight at chin level and never does anything with it. Similarly, though her eyes are blue, they are watery and never accented with kohl or other products, and often seem a bit lost against the ruddiness of her cheeks. All this she hides behind men's clothing, as though to ensure the loss of any womanly aspect.
    Social Status:
    Born the daughter of Lord Hector Aquila, a rich and prominent nobleman, Ymber was only too grateful to accept the lower rank of knight a few days prior, following in her father's footsteps and becoming a paladin against his wishes.
    Job (If applicable):
    Paladin, or a holy knight pledged to aid the weak and banish evil in all forms.
    Though kind enough, Ymber is a very distant woman. She hides herself behind chivalry and formality, mainly to avoid the jabs and japes of those who mislike the notion of a lady knight. She is pure of heart and deed, though her piety is questionable. Though she would like to be trusting and open and friendly, she has been bitten too many times and learned that sicking her head up only ends badly.
    Like every other young girl, she always loved watching the knights practice and joust. Unlike every other little girl, she wanted to join them. When she was but a child her father indulged her, thinking no harm could come of it and, if anything, she might meet a man worth making an engagement to. However, when puberty kicked in and she didn't immediately drop her interest, he realized that no young lordling wanted a wife stronger than him who had more interest in riding her horse. He tried her best to prevent her from training, but by that point she already knew enough to train on her own when he confined her in her room and was notorious enough that no particularly promising offers came in. After scaring off the seventh underqualified suitor in as many days, he kicked her out of his house a few months ago. She went straight to the nearest temple, and squired herself to a paladin. He knighted her in turn after serving him well under a year, and she recieved her white armor, sword, & steed just a few days ago and has decided to pay a visit to these mysterious eggs, to see what she can make of them.
    Though she never sings, her voice is quite beautiful and surprisingly high pitched. After realizing it was the most feminine thing about her, she made up her mind never to sing, as she hates thinking of herself as womanly and delicate.
    Her father's arms were a blue eagle against a white background. Her own arms feature the eagle on white with the red cross of the paladin order in the background. Her eagle clutches a black sheep in his talons.
  14. Love the character, Lady Sabine!
    Can't wait to see how they all act out in the rp. (:

    I'll probably post the thread sometime tomorrow so that we can start the rp, since I doubt if I'll have time to start it today.
  15. And everyone has to do what Baldur says, seeing as he's the oldest! Let's hope he doesn't break a hip.
  16. And if he does, let's hope Vex ain't the cause!
  17. He's a woodsman. I'm not listening to a woodsman.

    [MENTION=4947]Lady Sabine[/MENTION] I totally saw "Lady Knight," and I was like "Uh oh..." but then I actually read the rest of it. I'm really excited to see how our characters interact. ^_^ Would you be interested in having our characters know each other or know of each other?
  18. I was a bit worried about having two, but I figure they're different enough that it won't be much of a problem- especially with Ymber being a Paladin first and foremost.
    I like the idea that they've heard of each other, but circumstances have kept them from actually meeting face to face. Maybe both of them are a bit jealous of each other, but are too chivalrous/nice to say anything.
  19. So Shelby, you running into problems?
  20. Sorry about not having the thread up yet. Ended up having a crap ton of homework yesterday ):... But today I won't have any since my last class of the day never gives out homework! So I'll work on the thread after class and have it up a little later this afternoon.
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