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    The Sun rise was as beautiful as ever in London. As the rays chased away the night, and made way for dawn the wet streets from last nights storm took new life in the form of dancing lights. The sound of motor vehicles could be heard moving down the roads near by. Birds chirped their songs to welcome the new summer day as they flew through the air. As a beam of light pushed it's way of the peak of a near by building it blinded what little sight the man had left. He knew that his life was nearing it's end long before the sound of the foot steps started his way. The night before he had been with his loving wife, and three children. They had been on their way to the air port, and had decided to take a taxi. Now he knew not what had happened to his family after the female driver sprayed something in their faces after a short drive. All he knew for sure now is that he was tied to the hand of a clock, and that the tendons through out his body had been cut. "A lovely view yes? If I was you I would soak it up as at least you get to see the sun. The others that were with you...... Well it could have been worse."

    He turned just enough to see a young woman in a low cut Black dress watching him. She wore a hood that hid most of her face except for her smile. That long sinister grin. She stood below him, and appeared to be waiting. He felt the clock hand move. He was almost to the 15 mark from the best he could tell, and could only guess what would happen then. "Just a few more minutes my friend, and it will all be over. Sacrificing is such a tedious ordeal. I mean times have to be just right, and the number of people is always a hassle." The words came from her mouth with such an enchanting tone. Almost like he wanted it to happen. The hand moved once more, and to his surprise he could swear he was looking forward to what ever was about to befall him. He attempted to look back to her after the hand settled, and saw that she had moved across the room just behind the clock face. Her pale legs grabbed his attention, and for all he was worth could not look away.

    The memory of those he was with last night became hazy. He began to wonder who they were. They didn't truly matter tho. All he began to care about was this woman, and doing anything she wished. He needed to please her, and nothing else mattered. The hand moved again, and it jerked his gaze from her. "Now repeat after me. Glus dei mok.... latulm nita nita kelum." In truth he had no clue what he was saying, but felt compelled to say them with her. "Glus dei mok.... latulm nita nita kelum." The hand ticked once more, and now she from a knelled position was right above him. "My lord take this soul, and use its power to break your seals!" She held a dagger high with these word before leaning out over the man, and plunging it into his heart. In truth it was a horrible pain, but the man did his best to smile at the woman as light began to leave his eyes. His body felt heavy, and breathing became all but impossible. She began saying something else, but she sounded so distant. Perhaps when he woke up he would see her again. those were his last thoughts as his vision faded to Black.

    The woman left the dagger in the man, and turned to the others who had finished at the other faces of Big Ben. "Pack your things. We must hurry before any hunters happen along." The woman hurried to a table, and picked up her pack. The ritual had been in all words perfect. Nothing ever went this easy for long, and could turn for the worst at any moment. They had already had a run in with a group of glorified hunters the night before. A group that would cut them off of their old ways, and let all their power fade away into time. She would never let that happen, and soon they would see exactly what a coven of witches could do with all the powers of the olden days.

    Victoria tailed close behind Asura as he sniffed the air. They had lost the trail in the rain, and in all old fashion Asura had taken to the ground, and did his best to get a scent. "Anything?" She hoped against hope already knowing the answer. "Unless you want to know where the nearest puddle in heat is..... Nothing." He stood up, and leaned against a wall while looking at his clothes. Drenched to the bone, and a nice burn over the back of his coat was all he had to show for the night. He looked at Victoria. She clearly was upset about the family that was taken. If they had more people it would have never gone this way.

    Victoria was lost in thought about what fate could have befallen the victims of last night. There had not been much happening before the sun set, and she had dismissed everyone in her service to enjoy their nights. Asura being on suspension for his ever growing aggression towards their vampire comrades would have been confined to the building his she had not accompanied him. In her heart she would have rather been taking a nice hot bath in her home, but knowing the violence had not been one sided she felt he needed to go for what she referred to as "His walk". Unknowingly stumbling on to an abandoned taxi in an ally way was simply a plus.

    "Victoria." She turned to look at her friend, and subordinate only to find him staring off at Big Ben. "Look at the clock tower..... I can only guess what could have caused that..." There was deep bitterness in his word making her dread the sight. The sight on the clock tower was a grim one. From there position they could see two of the four faces. Two large streaks of blood could be seen trailing the minute hands. It had covered little over the bottom quarter of the clocks. "I guess I know where we are headed next." She pulled out her phone once the two of them were headed that way, and texted the rest of the team. Surly with the combined man power they could find some trace of who could have ruined not only the night, but the beautiful morning the birds promised.
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  2. Nash was sitting in a dark room all by himself. The windows were shut, the blinds were drawn, and there was no furniture filling the space. What did sit in the darkness along with the somnus was dozens of house plants and a radio playing soft sounds of nature, all in an attempt to make Nash feel more at home. He'd always preferred the tranquility of a forest at night to any other potential home. It was easy for him to stay hidden, and legends in the local town circulated all the faster, generating a feast of fear and paranoia ripe for the picking. Moving into ESNA's headquarters was a difficult change for him, but he appreciated the measures they took to help him feel comfortable.

    The phone they'd given him beeped loudly, making him jump. He never could figure out how to turn down the volume on the wretched thing, and he'd prefer if messages were sent to him in person, but what could he do? At least he knew how to check the message. The clock tower, hm? He wasn't surprised. Witches often liked to make sacrifices in the most dramatic, public places they could. He grabbed the trench coat that was required of him off of its hook -- it was a dark blue color to help him blend in with the darkness -- and slung it over his shoulders, wearing it more like a cape than an actual coat. Working his sagging, dry arms through the sleeves was uncomfortable, and he wanted to be able to shrug the coat off at any time if he needed to.

    After preparing an illusion that made him look human, with chocolate brown skin and a bald head (as close to his actual appearance as possible without looking unnatural), Nash left his room and headed outside into the night, making a beeline for the clock tower.
  3. She let loose a beleaguered moan, tossing the phone away after reading the message. The light cast a wide, uneven cone across her quarters; bathing her assorted books and dolls in a lingering shade of azure. Lan had finished dressing just a moment before and had been looking forward to a quite night on the streets, enjoying the scenery of London in peace. Yet, she knew, as all involved must, that ESNA expects the best of its agents. That was the part that worried her. There had been a ritualistic sacrifice atop the clock tower, which meant that either Witches, Warlocks or some other variant of demon worshipers had decided to engage in their brutal occult activities. Lan slipped a button through the top notch of her black overcoat and pulled the hood close about her face, retrieved her phone from the foot of her 'bed' and made for the door.

    Will it be ok, she wondered, pushing the door quietly open and slipping out into the streets, for me to come along? What if there's a fight...what if I run, again?! I can't get in trouble again! They'll all laugh at me and I'll be demoted...again. Or worse! Victoria will kill me!

    Pensiveness was plain on her face as she made her way through the streets, casting her eyes and the lingering auras of those that roamed the streets. Quiet blues and vibrant greens mingled with the off-oranges and muted crimsons of humanity. Wind licked at the edges of her hood, causing her to catch the fading scent of blood. It was impossible to tell how long she'd been walking, merely following the distant scent; ensorcelled as she was by the gnawing worries of the night. People and street lights passed through her periphery, nimbi and auras mingling into a nigh incomprehensible mess of subtly detected ambiance. She forced a sigh, enjoying the sensation of breath passing through her useless lungs and fished in her pockets for a lighter and pack of cigarettes.

    Asura said I need to overcome my fears, Lan told herself, eyeing the pale, plastic device with a deep scowl on her face, if I can't handle a small flame...or a mirror, or a broom...what hope is there for me in this world?

    Striking the lighter sent a jolt of fear through her and Lan issued a surprised squeak, forcing her eyes tightly shut; a sense of 'nausea' flooding through her, making her limbs feel weak and unresponsive. Shaking, she stuffed the thing back into her pocket and slowly opened her eyes; a small ember lingering at the end of the half-lit cigarette. Smoke drifted up, flowing into her hood as she took uneven, nearly hopping steps down the street. It was a nervous habit, more than a part of her nature, the hopping that the Jiangshi were commonly known for. Acrid and potent, it filled her senses, drowning out the scent of the blood for a few short minutes.

    She stopped just short of the lingering clockwork monolith, scanning the area for her companions; tossing away the nearly depleted cigarette, uncomfortable with the heat of it against her fingers. Lan forced a lopsided grin onto her face and stuffed her hands into her pockets. Taking uneven strides, interrupted by an odd hop here and there, she skirted toward the faint glow of a few familiar auras.

    I won't let them down. Not this time.

    ...I hope.
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  4. As Nash ran down the city streets, holding his trench coat close to his frame, he ducked into the alleyways and made more than a few attempts to hop into the air and get himself levitating, like all his former companions could with such apparent ease. He knew he looked like an idiot jumping around like that, each time falling back to the ground on his skinny legs. He felt irritated and alone. Maybe someday he'd be able to show off the ghoulish, hovering image that somni were so well-known for.

    He ran up to Asura and Victoria just as Lan did, and he shot the Jiangshi a faint, lopsided smile. He related to Lan, seeing a fellow kindred spirit, but found her ill performance to be somewhat irritating. He had a faint dream of teaching her how to use her appearance to her advantage, just as the somnus did.

    "So," he started, "what happened?" His voice sounded like a grating whisper with the volume cranked up to a level audible over the city crowd. He spoke slowly and with some difficulty; English had always seemed difficult to him compared to the simple, whispy tones of the somnus language. People around him seemed to draw into themselves and flicked their eyes back and forth, nervous about some unknown danger, unaware that Nash's natural aura was affecting them. Nash was so used to the reaction that it felt odd seeing Victoria, Asura, and Lan react to him as though he were any other human, the knowledge of his true name defending them.
  5. The local police had already arrived on scene, and had taped off an area around the clock tower. While above they had turned back the hands of the clock to quickly remove the bodies from the watchful eye of the public. A throng of by standers had gathered, and watched as the last body was removed from view. "I ask that everyone please move along. The situation is under control. Please resume your day." An officer with a blowhorn was attempting to clear the streets to make room for more personnel. Off to the side he saw a few camera flashes, but for the most part the general public went on with their day. The officer noticed two people moving towards the tape from the edge of his vision. Turning to look he recalled the two from other similar scenes in recent memory. "Heads up boys we have company.

    Asura being taller took longer strides then Victoria. Whom struggled to keep up. The group had already had several dealing with the local law enforcement, and as such no longer seemed to be in a metaphorical pissing contest with them. However Asura still detested them, and all their paper work. If I have to sign one more forum I swear I will tear down this city brick by brick until I have found the barren earth. Raising a hand he greeted the officer. "Good morning Bobby. Another grim meeting I take it?" In truth since he found out that it was acceptable to refer to the officers in such a way he fell in love with the term. However to his growing irritation at the protocol the man offered him a forum. "This looks like one of yours. My boys are inside awaiting you." Asura bit his tongue as he took the clip board from the man, and began filling it out. Oh just wait...... Just wait......

    Victoria hung back as Asura filled out the paper work. Thinking it cute when he got flustered over such simple matters. She quickly scanned the area looking for her subordinates only to be caught off guard by Nash's faint voice. She turned to see both Lan, and Nash standing together. "My you two got here quick." Possibly being the slowest out of the group Victoria was always left in awe at how quickly the others moved. Moving closer to them so not to allow eavesdropping she stated. "After we parted ways last night Asura, and I were lead on a chase through the city." She slide her hand into her coat pockets, and sighed. "We had their trail till the rain started, and have reason to believe they turned up here. As it would seem we also believe it to be a small group of witches." Victoria looked tenderly to the both of them. "I know I promised you the day off, but I will be needing your services."

    Off to the side Ruby had been taking pictures the whole while. The bodies, the police, and her so called "Trenches" were all her targets. "So I was right. If they are here then it is no coincidence." She quickly took pictures of Lan, Nash, and Victoria. Stopping at an immense feeling of uneasiness. She did her best to shake it off, and checked her phone to see where Miles was. She had sent him a text, and at least five phone calls telling him to hurry up. Today was the day that she was surely going to show him these people were real.
  6. "H-hello, Nash," Lan offered at the Somnus' appearance, the crooked grin on her face quivering then slightly intensifying when met with her team mate's own, "it's good to see you again, even if the circumstances are as," she hesitated, briefly, "miserable...as usual." She had a deep respect for the face-changing illusionist, but always had the feeling that he, moreso than some of the others, held her cowardice against her. It made her somewhat uncomfortable in his presence, but, simultaneously emboldened her desire to do well within the unit. Her fingers flexed in her pockets and she hopped from one foot to the other, turning her head quickly to the side. Asura strolled easily though her field of vision, toward the gathered lawmen, followed quickly by the slender form of their Commander; she looked after the Werewolf for a moment, then shifted her eyes to Nash, then to Victoria. She envied the woman's appearance...and her power. She was level headed and decisive; the kind of woman Lan had always wanted to be, inspired first by her mother...then, later, ignited once more by their Commander.

    I could never admit that to her, though...

    She nodded in response to the woman's comment, taking it as a compliment; though it struck her as strange that she and Nash arrived before the two who put out the clarion call to assemble here. Lan bit her tongue on the matter, listening intently, forcing herself to merely shift on her heels instead of outright hopping; attempting to achieve the zen-like, meditative nature of her more forbearing comrades. The Commander spoke, albeit briefly, and Lan tried her best to hang on to every word that dropped from her lips.

    "Witches," she said without thought, though it came out in a hushed whine, eyes opening far beyond their normal position, revealing the icy fullness of her surprised stare, "I...I had thought it might be, but a chase-" The Jiangshi cut herself short, casting her gaze up the long, myriad vertices of Big Ben; to where faint blood trails painted a miserably sorrowful tale on the face of the ticking, seemingly weeping clock. Lan lowered her head, slightly, putting her eyes back on the Commander as the woman continued to speak. "It's...it's fine," she forced out, by way of expected formalities, "I didn't have any plans or anything..." It was a weak lie and one unduly told, but Lan shook it off and cast her eyes to the side; watching as Asura scribbled.

    Would it matter if I did? Probably not. I'm expected to be present, regardless of circumstance. That's the rule. Never fail the organization.

    There was the subtle click of a mechanical device. A whirring that she had learned to be synonymous with most modern cameras. The compression of the button, the sounds that followed. Sure, there were policemen near the top of the tower taking pictures; but something in her forced her to turn her gaze to the side. She drew in a slow breath and let it go in a long sigh, looking over the crowd; trying to pick out such a device among those bathed in the mixing of dozens of differing auras.

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    Miles pulled his hood tightly around his face, slipping away from the gathered policemen and the strange, sharply dressed man who had approached them. Ruby had been on his ass to get here for the last thirty minutes. He'd muted his phone after the first call and slipped into the crowd, catching bits of conversation here and there about the supposed situation. Hearsay, in this line of 'work' was as valuable, at least in theory, as concrete evidence; or so he had surmised early on in his sleuthing. He lingered near the tape, standing behind a small group of high school students who had come out to gawk at the tragedy. His face was a blank slate, stoic and disinterested as he listened to them chirp and postulate amongst themselves. Truly, he was more interested in the rumblings of the gathered police officers at the arrival of the new man.

    A higher up, he queried to himself, or one of these 'Trenchies' Ruby is always on about? Hell, he could just be a detective...but, dressed like that, I doubt it.

    He caught the police officer saying something about his men waiting inside for the man, but that was as far as he could get before the high schoolers erupted into a cacophony of muted giggles. The cynic in him snorted with delight, while another part of him forced him to take a few steps back and turn to the back of the assemblage. Miles knew he'd find Ruby there, lingering behind the others; making some kind of subtle spectacle of herself as she snapped pictures in seemingly random directions. His nerves were alive with electric fire, but his head remained steady; despite the unease that had set over him with his departure from the base of the crime scene. He slipped through crowd, doing his best to avoid human contact until he reached Ruby, coming in from her left side and gently tapping her on the shoulder; as to avoid having her be too surprised.

    "Hey," he whispered, leaning forward and resting his chin briefly on her shoulder, "whatcha doin'? Looking for birds?"
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  7. "It's alright," Nash said to Lan, giving her a nod. "Murders generate fear in crowds like this. It isn't much, but I appreciate it."

    It was a shame that Nash wasn't allowed to seek food in public. Powerful fear generated from a single person was the tastiest and most satisfying, and he could detect someone with their nerves all bundled up nearby; the whiff of nervousness was like a light snack to him, and if he really tried, he might have been able to follow it, like the scent of freshly baked pie. It wouldn't be easy, what with the thick crowd, but possible.

    "Can we trap them?" Nash asked. He wanted privacy to work, to hunt. As they were magical by nature, witches didn't offer nearly as much sustenance as humans, but Nash could still draw out their fears and use them to his advantage. Scaring people felt right, just as humans got a sense of comfort from eating. It was usually all he cared about when he went on missions, especially ones that were so...so public; he just wanted to get things done and then retreat to his nice, dark room. Maybe he could even convince Victoria to let him lure in a human and give them a good scare when this was all over.
  8. Victoria snapped her fingers beside Lan's ear. A signal to pay attention, as she would have no day dreaming while on the job. After a momentary warning gaze to the Jiangshi she turned her attention back to Nash. "No, I'm afraid they have long since left the tower. We need to be sure as to the cause of deaths, before we do anything. Protocol, and such." She quickly shot a look back at Asura whom had just finished the paper work. Which in turn meant that the crime scene was now in their hands for the time being. Victoria looked back at the Jianshi, and the Somnus. "If we can find a lead between you three, and your speed we will have a trail in no time." She said walking backwards. Turning from them the smile left her face, and had wasted no time moving into the building. Hitting Asura along the way while saying something to him.

    He felt a stare seemingly burning a hole into the side of his head, and counted the shutter clicks. 'Five... no seven.' Asura swung his head to the left, and scanned the crowd for a camera. To his ears it sounded like one of the older, more reliable models. Clearly something a person could not easily hide. Staring into a bush he could almost make out the shape of a girl, and boy. The first of which was holding a camera poking just slightly out of said bush. Before he could react he felt a small hit into the small of his back. "She's your responsibility." He had no need to look after Victoria. Who had grilled him the night before during their walk to his favorite cafe. Letting him in on how the organization was up in arms about Lan's poor performance. He turned around excepting only to see Lan, and was caught by surprise to see Nash beside her. "Look at you! Finally getting that phone down?" He jokingly picked at the Somnus. At heart he respected the creature, and thought of him as a true friend regardless of the short time of knowing him. Deciding to walk backwards into the building so they could talk he paid one last look to the bush. Which was now vacant. 'If they are watching us we can deal with them after this is over.'

    Due to the severity of the uneasiness in the air Ruby all but jumped out of her skin when Miles touched her shoulder. Hearing comments about birds brought her back to reality. As a head found a place on her left shoulder Ruby commented. "Your late. Look over there." She pointed to the group she referred to as "Trenchies". Propping the Camera back into its position before turning to him. "These are the guys I was telling you about. All those crazy murders resently. They have been at all of them." She knew the comment about a special unit was coming, and when it did she violently shook her head. Ruby made wild hand gestures while explaining. "I may or may not have done alittle hacking. In each case there have been no mention of a special unit. Just the one mention of Branch 12. Digging deeper I have yet to find what the hell that is!" She turned back, and took seven more photos of the group focusing more on the two women, and the off putting dark man.
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  9. "I'm, ah, sss, doing my best," Nash said to Asura. While he found the device fascinating, it also frustrated him. The tiny thing obviously wasn't made for his foot-long fingers. "But can I ask you some questions about it when we get back?" Like how to lower the volume on that infernal ringing... He turned to Victoria. "Just tell me what you want me to do."

    He was feeling especially antsy tonight. Someone nearby kept experiencing spikes in their nerves. The taste was sweet in Nash's fang-filled mouth, and his mind was all abuzz with thoughts of the rush he felt when he probed into a person's deepest fears. His nose twitched involuntarily. So decadent...suspiciously so, actually. He wondered if he should say something.
  10. Sepi sat top a near by building ledge looking down at the group of so called hunters. Taking off her hood, and letting her hair be taken by a mild breeze she let a smile creep across her face. Being down wind she had little to fear of their dog picking anything up. "I wonder how long it will take them." Moving some of her hair behind her ear Sepi began kicking her feet. Soon he fellows would find the next family. This one had to have five members as well. All related by blood. The only position left was too the Northern part of the city. Once complete like the witches of old her coven would be free to barter for irrefutable power. Power more then enough to level that pesky little organization E.S.N.A to the ground. "Before it is all over I will not only show you to the world, but make you pay for the blood of my kin." Sepi moved into a crouching position much like a gargoyle as she watched two others join the hapless duo from last night.

    Behind her a young girl moved about waking from a forced sleep. She must have been roughly 15. The vessel for thing yet to come. In movements that were more like gliding Sepi quickly recast her spell over the young girl to put her in a trance like state. Looking back she smiled at the clock tower. "It was a fun night my friend, and you were mag-nif-i-cent!" She winked to the clock tower, and blew it a playful kiss as she expelled little of her spirit making the girl in front of her move of her will. Together they walked to a near by door, and disappeared into the darkness.


    Asura nodded at the remark. "It's the little button on the side. I'll show you when we have a second." Turning to hold the door for the both of his friends whom once were inside simply let it go so it would slam. Victoria waited at an elevator up ahead, and hearing the question she leaned her head to the side so to see them all. "Simply look for a lead. We need to find out any common connection to the past three killings. Once we have that we may be able to stop the next one." She moved side to side weary from the continual run from the night before. Still all she wanted was that nice, hot, relaxing, and much needed bath. "Victoria.... are you coming?"
    The lift had came, and might have even left if Asura had not been holding the door. Hurrying along she quickly stepped in, and let Asura hit the button for the top floor.
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  11. Lan turned at the resounding thunderclap of Victoria's snap so close to her ear. Icy eyes opened wide, again and her mouth worked out two silent syllables before clamping shut under the Commander's gaze. Her heart sank and her eyebrows lowered, a slight look of defeat replacing the forced smile that had been there before; as the others turned their attention away from her. Within the confines of her jacket pockets, her fingers curled into fists; the only expression of indignance she could muster without making a fool of herself in front of the team. She felt like a child, again, and shrank in on herself, her slight shoulders drooping and her steps becoming slow and measured. Lan wished she could protest that she had been listening, that something had caught her attention to the side...but, instead, merely left the words locked behind her tightly pressed lips.

    She seems more tense than usual...and so does Nash, the Jiangshi noted bitterly, unhappy with the sense of unspoken castigation that the team leader seemed to always be throwing her way, but I suppose this is a serious mission...people were killed. Innocents. Her heart sank lower, settling into the pit of her stomach along with a biting, phantasmal sense of nausea that she knew she couldn't truly be experiencing. Victoria just expects the best of me, Lan assured herself, slowly uncurling her fingers. The night was chill and damp, fog lingering in the distance, behind the clock tower, shifting subtly at the amorous touch of a faint breeze. Victoria was speaking and, truly, Lan wished she had been paying more attention; catching only the last part of her statement.

    "Yes, Commander," she offered with all due stoicism, feigning that she was not in the slightest wounded by the woman's prior accusing glare, "we'll have them in no time."

    Falling in line behind the others, Lan kept her eyes glued to the ground; tracing the steps of her team-mates as they made their way forward. She drank in the soft collision of their soles against the moist concrete, the subtle sound of shifting water playing in her ears as they moved. Her eyes lifted as she heard the soft impact of flesh against flesh, looking just over Nash's shoulder as the Commander said something quietly to the werewolf. Her jaw dropped, for a brief moment, giving her an expression of pure shock.


    Asura turned, then and Lan gave a small, legitimate smile...a perfect veil for her turbulent emotions. One that quickly faded when the werewolf's attention was immediately aimed at the Somnus. She turned her head to the side, presenting only the soft folds of her hood to the rest of the team as she bit down on her lip in frustration. They exchanged words briefly about Nash's cell phone as Lan wiped the moistness from her eyes. She couldn't bring herself to speak up, or even look at the rest of the team for a long moment; focusing, again on the small distortions they left in the gathering rainwater. The group moved in unison, but Lan was keeping pace purely out of habit; lost in her thoughts as they approached the clock tower.

    It isn't fair to put that burden on Asura, he doesn't deserve that kind of punishment. Or maybe I don't deserve to be a part of ESNA...

    Silently, Lan wished she were far away...and, strangely, distantly, wondered if she could smoke a cigarette inside Big Ben. Her slender digits wrapped around the cold plastic of her lighter, nails scraping against the side as she lifted her head as she passed through the door; offering a slight nod to Asura, thanking him for holding the door. It slammed shut behind her and she considered the Commander's words. The elevator was surprisingly large, but the reflective metal surfaces that surrounded her kept Lan's eyes glued to the front of her jacket; her mind focused solely on the prospect of discovering the connection behind the killings.

    Commander Victoria seems to be certain of Witches being involved...If the murders were ritualistic, it could be that they're targeting a specific bloodline or seeking to accomplish something with the victims. If so, does this location hold any relevance when compared with the others? I don't believe that Witches do these things for dramatic flair, there has to be some method to this madness. Maybe Big Ben sits on a Ley Line, or perhaps an ancient font of some untapped power...?

    "Ex...Excuse me, Commander? Nash? Asura?"

    Lan lifted her eyes to Victoria's shoulders, keeping her head low.

    "Where did the other murders take place, exactly? It seems odd that they would attract our attention so openly by using a place like this. Does it have any significance beyond being a big clock tower," she drew in an unnecessary breath and lowered her eyes, again, feeling suddenly foolish for breaking the momentary silence, "or, is it possible that they're seeking to draw us out? I think that it might be something more pertinent to their goals...whatever they may be. The absence of ritualistic evidence in the previous scenes is also alarming, given the involvement of Witches. If these are sacrifices...how do they offer up the souls without a vessel or binding circle? Could we just be dealing with wanton murder, or revenge against a particular family?"

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    Miles trailed his eyes toward where she was looking, noting the group and the same man he was observing with the police. He let loose a hum that bordered on a purr, lifting his chin from the slope of her shoulder and stuffing his hands into the pocket of his hoodie.

    Whaddaya mean late," he offered with a scoff, producing his phone for a moment and waving it lightly in her direction, "I was here ten minutes before you even called, I just cut my ringer off to avoid you drawing attention to me. I got a call from a friend of mine and thought I'd check out the scene, y'know," he smiled his easy smile at her as she continued, his expression one of half-closed eyes and a disinterested grin, "and so, those are the guys you've been yammerin' on about? They don't look so special, but they could be some kind of specialized uni-" he sucked on his teeth for a moment, looking deeply thoughtful at her preparedness for his comment "but, if what you're sayin' is true...hell, you might be onto something. I caught a glimpse of the big guy, there, filling out a form for the police. I thought he was a detective, but why the hell would he need to fill out a form for the police to gain entrance? Mind you, m'not great with protocol and stuff...it just seems, I dunno, out of place. They all do."

    He regarded the Trenchies with a cocked eyebrow, resting a hand on Ruby's shoulder as he leaned back and forth for a moment.

    Branch twelve, huh? Sounds downright clandestine. You should watch your ass, though, if you're going to be digging around in classified files."
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  12. "She's right you know." Giving Lan a playful bump, and a warmhearted smile. "I remember about where the locations were, I just need a map." He watched his commander just stare straight ahead. Strange in the fact that Victoria always had a need to add her two cents as they say. Calling up the city in his head as best he could. Knigthsbridge Station was the first murder. A lone male had been stabbed fifteen times, and had been found pointing to the Southeast. The second had been at the Vexhall Pleasure Gardens. Two women had been tied together, and burnt. However the cause of death was a stab wound to the heart. The third was at St. Luke's Gardens just next to the Church. Three victims were found hanging in a tree. One male, and two female. Stab wounds to the heart. That left Big Ben.

    Asura felt a deep knot in his stomach, and ran the murders over, and over in his head. He knew he was over looking something, but could not quite pin it down. The fact Victoria still had that blank look on her face bothered him. 'She knows something.... she has to. Why is she so quiet?' His thoughts began to become jumbled as emotions flared up. It was too cramped in the elevator. Too little room to work anything out. Asura began to sweat, and could feel something rising inside of him. 'No..... NO NO NO! Not here.... NOT NOW!' He pressed himself into the wall, and took a long deep breath. Knowing simply that he may transform in the elevator he took deep calming breaths. Assuming it was the tight quarters, and the strain of fatigue he attempted to clear his head.

    Using Lan as a focus he was able to settle his emotions, and regain control over his thoughts. Tho he could change at will Asura still had to keep his emotions in check. He could never risk getting too excited, or angry as it was easy for him to lose himself in his emotions. Thoughts of the grim crime scenes must have stirred him more then he knew. He wanted to finish the mission, and put an end to anymore killings. Perhaps then they could take a much needed break, and then he could come to terms with the misfortune he had suffered just last week.


    Lost in her own thoughts Victoria heard the voice of Lan, and Asura. However, what differance would it make for these poor souls. 'None.... I have a feeling I know who's performing the killings, or at least directing them. If I spoke up administration would most likely take action against me as well.' She stared at her poor excuse for a reflection in the unpolished metal. She had already pieced together what was happening over the city. To anyone with a back ground like her's it was clear. The first killing should have been a clue. Easy enough to over look it in truth was a dead give away. She had to find a subtle way to let the others know what she knew, and not contract blame herself. Not from her team, but from the organization.

    Once the doors opened she all, but bounded into the room. "Nash I'm going to need to to check around for any residual traces of magic, Asura I want to know how many people have been in this room, and Lan I want to know who these people are. Their address, how they died, in short everything." She snapped at them rather coldly. Distant from any complaints Victoria moved to one of the open clock faces, and leaned out. Checking for use of any symbols, or any hints that would drag her fears kicking, and screaming into the light. Discontent with the lack of findings outside she moved on to the next three faces.


    Ruby welcomed his hand as it quelled her uneasiness. Her vision kept steady at the group on the other side of the bush. Until she noticed the one man. The large off putting one staring right at them. He had to be where else could he be looking. The large shrub should have kept them out of sight albeit a tad bit on the sickly side. "He can see us..." what left her lips was more of a whisper then a statement. In no way could she think of a good explanation as to what they were doing. The saving grace was when the rather short woman in the Red trench coat touched his back. As the mans attention left Ruby, and Miles she all but tackled her friend.

    Laying on the ground with him Ruby did her best to watch through the legs of the crowd. When she saw that they were not heading in their direction she let out a long sigh. "I'm sorry it was all I could think of." Quickly rising up, she helped her friend to his feet. Now what were they going to do? The whole building was locked, or had officers by every door. "If we got in I'm sure I could finally find out who they are." Ruby looked at Miles with the enticement of a child. "Come on we can't pass this up!" Grabbing his hand off she went camera in hand to find another way in.
  13. Nash looked around idly as they waited in the elevator. Now that they were in a more private area, he was able to drown out the casual nervousness of the city crowd and focus on anyone that might be nearby. The rest his supernatural senses received made up for the assault on his nostrils; the stench of blood was relatively thick inside the tower, at least to him. Ironically enough, he hated the smell of blood. He'd always had an unusually strong affection for humans and made sure to never hurt them physically.

    Suddenly, Asura started to panic, causing Nash's fingers to twitch with a flood of energy. He knew what was wrong and could have helped the werewolf out easily by making the elevator appear larger, but dammit, he was hungry! It felt good just reveling in Asura's distress, getting his fill for the time being so he wouldn't be tempted to lure anyone into the tower, and none of them would be the wiser.

    When the group finally arrived at the top, Nash stepped out and relaxed the illusion coating his body somewhat. His formerly human hands blinked into the long, quad-jointed fingers of a somnus, and his mouth became thin and filled with needle-like teeth. Keeping a disguise up for an extended period of time was exhausting; now that the group was alone, he was happy to take advantage. Victoria gave him his orders, and he nodded and set to work, drifting between clock faces. Working for ESNA had given him a good chance to hone the sixth sense that many magical creatures possessed. He certainly wasn't the best at it by any stretch of the word, but if he really focused and got right up next to the area in question, he could detect a faint buzzing sensation in the back of his head that told him magic was at work.

    He checked each clock face after Victoria moved away from it, temporarily letting his disguise fall away even further to help him focus. Each time, he could feel the pulsing buzz, just barely at the edge of his awareness. Something had been at work here, that was for sure. "All of the clock faces have been touched by magic," he called out to Victoria. "Likely something powerful..." He wished he could discern any more than that.
  14. As Asura lingered into the elevator before reacting to Victora's rather rude, and abrupt order. Victoria was still searching in a hurried manner. 'There has to be more there is no other house it could be.' She paused at Nash's comment, and became still. Nervousness was painted over her entire demeanor as she took to biting her lip while looking over the room. The four bodies had been removed from the hand, and laid now in the center of the room. Lan had taken to checking the bodies as requested, and Asura appeared to be sniffing the air, and matching scents. It was just going so slowly in her mind if only she had a solid clue.


    Something hit the top of her head causing her to look up. Tho not seeing it at first as the next crimson drop hit her cheek she could make out a curved dagger stabbed into a rafter. Victoria took a step back, and wiped the drop off her face leaving a long smear of red across the cheek. Raising the hand Victoria could only guess at what the crimson color was. On the flood in front of her was a small puddle of it as well. She looked at her group, and decided to let them work while finding some means of getting to the rafter. In the corner of the room waited a ladder which most likely was used by maintenance for work on the gears. A ladder which she used to gain access to the level above them.

    From there Victoria found a small stair case leading ever upwards. Taking it she found herself near the top of the clock, and nearing the rafter which held the dagger. It took little time for her to locate said wooden beam which would have to be traversed for what she sought. Moving to all fours to cross the beam she slowly made her way towards her goal. Knowing that a fall from here would possibly result in several broken bones she was ever cautious of the movements. Reaching her goal she laid on the beam, and reached around under the wood, and attempted to wiggle the blade free. Once it was in her hands Victoria pulled it to the light, only to drop it once she saw the family crest on the hilt of the dagger. Her family crest.
  15. Nash watched Victoria as her nerves rose and she climbed up to the tower's rafters, her figure blurring to Nash's eyes as she climbed higher and higher. With his weak eyesight, he couldn't discern what she had found, but he did taste her fear spike dangerously high. A moment later, a bloodied dagger fell to the ground, clanging on the floor and briefly startling him. Nash walked up to it, curious, and picked it up in his skeletal fingers. The blade smelled of old wood and newer blood, and traces of magic lingered on the handle. There was a lovely symbol carved into the hilt, a family crest perhaps? He had seen a few of them before, but he couldn't know who this particular symbol belonged to.

    "Are you alright up there?" he called out to Victoria, worried she might fall in her current state.
  16. Aya hurried to the tower, unsure of what to find and hoping that the Commander wasn't going to be too angry with her tardiness. As she approached the location, she shivered. Something felt off to her. Clutching her prayer beads she whispered a hurried prayer, part of a heavenly scripture, and ran inside. They must be up top. . . I had better get my butt in gear. She thought as she entered the elevator. She could feel her coworkers energy throughout the tiny room. Aya sensed the Asura had been on edge riding in there. She took in a deep breath as the doors slid silently open. As she stepped out, she felt as though she had been hit by something. Dark Chi was all over, it was making it hard for her to think.

    Focus now, Aya. Locate your Commander and your comrades, Her inner voice rang strongly. She walked toward where she felt everyone, while at the same time saying a prayer for the victims. Aya hated seeing innocents hurt, she knew that she and the team would find the killer. She walked toward the first person she saw. "Asura, what is going on?" She looked around for the Commander, realizing she was up in the rafters. Aya turned her attention back to Asura, deciding to talk to Victoria once she had come down.
  17. Asura walked about the room gathering scents, and had found little. The smell of blood, and death still lingered in the room. What he had found was that there had been roughly seven people in the room. Plus the horrid smell of Wolvesbane the plant's scent was enough to cause discomfort for him. Moving away from the scent he could see Nash looking upwards, and followed his gaze. Victoria had climbed high into the rafters, and seemed to be attempting to dislodge an object. She had been able, however through a bout of clumsiness, or poor grip the object came clattering to the ground. When Nash moved to pick it up he was able to see it was a rather large dagger covered in blood.

    Asura watched Victoria for a moment more before turning his attention to the opening door of the elevator. The young Ayaka had arrived. In truth he had begun to worry, however he could not fault her. At most they had been at the clock tower for the past thirty minutes so her lateness was more than excusable. "Asura, what is going on?" Moving closer to her Asura gave her an assuring smile to let Aya know she would not be reprimanded. "Another set of murders." He motioned to the bodies Lan was stooped over. "Victoria feels we may be dealing with a group of witches. So keep your guard up from here on...." Asura paused, and gave a playful smile. "Perhaps you should fix that alarm clock too."
  18. Aya smiled up at Asura, feeling much more relaxed. She could tell that her tardiness wouldn't be an issue, "Sorry, I. . . . couldn't find my phone." She laughed a little, and tried not to sound awkward. In actuality, someone had hidden her phone. It wasn't exactly a secret that many people within ESNA didn't like her. People that lived in her building were often bullying her and pulling not-so-funny pranks at her expense. Most people were jealous of how quickly she rose to Rank 3, and Aya did her best to ignore them. Now that she was around her team, she could breathe again with ease. They were very important to her, a sort of make-shift family that made her feel safe. However, her contentedness was soon gone when she took a look at the body bags.

    "More murders. . . " She shook her head somberly, touching Lan's shoulder as she did so. It really was a shame. "Witches would explain why the air feels so tainted." She itched the small scar on her face and called up to Victoria, "What do you need me to do, Commander?" Aya looked at the dagger in Nash's hands, "That's beautifully made." She said to him.
  19. "Isn't it?" Nash said, nodding to the newly-arrived Aya. "But I think we have more pressing matters," he added. He looked up at Victoria; the woman's nerves still hadn't calmed. One wrong move ad she would be toast. "Can you get her down?"
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  20. Victoria had called to Nash however her voice was weak. "I'm fine... Everything is fine." It was so slight she had barely heard it herself. The quest to retrieve the dagger had kept her focused enough that she had over looked one of her biggest fears. Victoria could not help looking over the edge as everyone talked below her. Slowly shifting her gaze she looked ahead. It was possibly only six or seven feet back to the platform, however for her it might as well have been a mile. By the time she laid back on the beam Ayaka had entered the room. 'So this is it? I have been in service for thirty years, and with one wrong move all I will have to show for it is a cracked skull. This is great, oh just fantastic Victoria. I should have sent Asura, or Lan up here...'

    Looking ahead she couldn't bring herself to break the death hold she had n the wooden rail. Looking over the edge she could now see everyone staring at her, which only added to her embarrassment. Victoria heard Ayaka's words, but didn't know what to say. 'If I call her up here would it make me look weak?' She stayed quiet, and attempted to move forward a little. However what seemed to her to be a long distance was in fact just a few short inches. Victoria bit her lower lip, and gave in to feelings. Mustering as loud a voice as she could, she let out a call down below. "Please..... I'm stuck." Amazement flooded her at how timid the call was.

    "Can you get her down?"
    Asura let out a sigh at the question, and drew it out hearing his commander's frightened voice. "I would say that we should let her come down herself, however we would be here all night." He looked at Ayaka, and Nash. "I'll get her. Aya if you would be so kind I think there may be Wolvesbane somewhere in the loft. Please find it, and remove it." He shouted up to Victoria. "Don't worry, I'll be just a bit." Asura quickly scanned the room for how she had even managed to climb up there, and found the ladder. Moving up through the levels his thoughts went back to any other time the woman was in danger. How she could face down undead, vampires, and even her superiors. Yet the simple matter of being off the ground could scare the life from the small woman.

    Reaching her location Asura crouched at the end of the platform, and watched her. Victoria was hiding her face, and had her eyes closed tightly. Taking a moment to pull out the phone he made sure to let the shutter volume of the camera phone be heard. He took a few more pictures before she looked up, and glared at him. "Oh... Don't worry about me Asura. I'm only in fear for my life here." Standing up Asura walked out on the beam as if it were solid ground. "When would I ever get another chance like this? Besides if you were in any real danger I would have caught you before you hit the ground.... Possibly." Kneeling in front of her he offered a hand. "Besides. I've always been there for you so why stop now?"
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