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  1. Creator paused for a moment, feeling a ripple in space.
    of course, that is not to say that he was occupying a point in normal space; the room he was in right now was more of an in-between than a universe or multiverse. the trash and laundry left lying about was not just trash and laundry, and could theoretically be made to disappear and reappear in their places, clothes cleaned and empty containers suddenly full; in fact, the only things in the room that were real in any sense of the word (that they could exist outside of this little realm) were a game console, the games, and several shelves of books.
    and yet, despite the detachment of this little corner of the Omniverse, ripples could still be felt. Creator paused his copy of Gears of War 3, put down the controller, and stood while tweaking touch-screen dials on a little wrist screen, causing the quantum vibrational engines hidden safely beneath his long, black London Fog coat to spin up and begin matching his quantum vibration to that of the source of the ripple. there was a moment of vertigo and headache; slight enough that it wouldn't last long, but aggravating enough for Creator to wish momentarily for a Tylenol, before the vibrations matched, and the universe that contained the source slid into view.

    that was it. one color, as far as the eye could see; Creator could not even identify the horizon, assuming this place had one. it felt empty, yes: devoid of any real sensory perception except for the feeling of grivity (Earth norm, if Creator was not mistaken), the feeling of air and ground beneath his feet, and the consistent glow that left no real shadows and seemed to radiate both from the ground and the sky; however, to Creator, it felt more like a blank canvas than simple emptiness; the whole place practically reeked of potential.
    Creator sat down gently, automatically making sure that the length of his coat was not trapped beneath his legs as he crossed them and simply observed.
  2. It was another day on the edge of another universe. Jesse Knight had been trying to regain his strength. He couldn't help but think of the battle that he had just fought an hour earlyer. His hevey Darkragon armor was clinging on to his hevely muscled body.

    He had underestimated his attackers, a mistake that had nearly cost him his life. He in the relative sense of the term sat on the edge of a universe trying to regain some strenth. The last time this happened he had passed out for days.

    Although it was an inconvenience, Jesse was enjoying the quiet. Well that's at least until he got the headache. His world went dark then he could see nothing but a bright white light. He didn't know what was going on but he did know one thing, all was not right within the multiverse.
  3. Creator felt another ripple; smaller, more localized, and tinged with a personal feeling that he thought felt familiar.
    this feeling was more of something radiating from the location than attached to the actual ripple; if the ripple had been caused by a ship or something artificial, the ripple and the feeling would have been one and the same; even the quantum vibration engines of Heroes United had a certain feel to them when their users phased from universe to universe. however, with HU, these signals were often intentional, and used as a sort of identification mechanism so that the orbital defenses didn't vaporize the user.
    this feeling was an identification of sorts, but far different from the QVE tags that he or HU used, which probably meant that the person-yes, person, Creator was sure of that much- who was phasing in was generating the signal, but not the ripple. the ripple was potentially an unintentional side-effect of something else, which concerned Creator.

    However, there were more important matters at hand, particularly the case of the person or thing that was phasing in. Creator had the sense that he was not in for a fight, but he stood and drew a short, black, single-bladed sword from a sheath strapped to the side of his left leg, one of two that shared the sheath, then turned to face the origin of the disturbance. however, to his consternation, he realized that he recognized the person's face and form, as well as the dark armor that encapsulated his body.
    "Knight...?" he murmured, his eyebrows creasing.
  4. The headache became more and more unbearable. After what seemed like hours the pain and Jesse Knights sight returned but he was no longer at the edge of a universe he was on a planet, but not just any planet. He was at his personal armory. Normally Jesse would just will the universe to dress him but he didn't have enough energy left.

    Jesse Knight turned and limped to a big building. He felt sort of nostalgic, he hasn't steped foot in here for over a thousand years. He began to undress, the hevey armor was starting to become too hevey. He smiled in to some thing lighter. His original jumpsuit, before he discovered Darkrathgon. It was a full body black leather jumpsuit. It was armored in key points with black carbon steel.

    He had no strenth to wear any Darkrathgon armored suits. It was very durable but also extremely hevey. Normally he could use a Darkrathgon claymore sword but in his curent condition. He grabbed three swords; one black carbon steel long sword that he strapped to his back, and two black carbon single edge short swords that seperated into two swords strapped to eather side of his legs. He had just enough power to jump to one place he knew just the place.

    A pocket universe, camolot the creators personal game area. When I got there o was weak weaker than I first thought. Jesse Knight phased in he saw him creator but he also saw some thing behind him he drew one of the two swords strapped to his left leg.
    "Knight...?" Creator said
    "Get down!" I yelled and I though the sword at the unknown enemy.
  5. instinctively, Creator dived and rolled across the white expanse, spinning as he did, and landing just next to Knight, facing in the opposite direction, unsure of what, exactly, the danger was, but knowing that if whatever it was was dangerous enough to be a threat to Knight, it was something to contend with indeed. i quickly drew the other sword from the sheath, holding it in my left hand and readying it for whatever happened to exist in this empty realm.
  6. The enemy was cloked in a shoud of pure darkness. All Knight could see were two glowing blue eyes that seamed to chill the very air around the cloked individual. The enemy caught the sword in mid air and thew it to the ground next to it. Knight wondered why he preceded this entity as a threat. But even with all his doubt he still drew the long sword off of his back.

    The entity laughed, it was a hallow yet slightly feminine laugh that seemed to chill Knights bones and freaze his blood solid. The entity razed it's hand in the air. A blue flame jolted from it and an in the middle of it appeared a sword encased in glowing blue ruins.

    The entity charged and so did Knight. He met its blade mid arch. Now that he was up close he could see a face underneath the hood...Knight was speechless it was a teenage girl no more than the age of 16.
    "Who are you?" Knight asked in a voice that made hi sound sick, but that's weird Knight can't get sick. She kicked him back. Underpowered and weak knight couldn't stand to meet this foe he fell back to the ground he saw her raise her blade and he cringed.
  7. i watched as the entity- a girl?!- crossed blades with Knight, then disarmed him. reacting as quickly as i could, i dashed just in front of the strange entity, throwing up my swords into a block just as the sword came down. the strange sword met with mine with a load CLANG and a crackle of discharged energy. i grunted; whoever she was, she was stronger than she looked, and i actually gave a little before i used my superior leverage to shove her away.
    she flew back a little, skidding to a stop and leaving black marks on the white surface, then readied her sword again and charged, attempting to stab me. i knocked the tip of the blade away to my left, leaving her slightly off balance as i attempted to slash with my right sword, only to meet no resistance in the darkness; i guessed that i had missed her body, or she didn't have one to begin with. in the case of the latter, i didn't even want to think about the anatomical semantics-
    my thoughts were interrupted by my opponent slashing at my chest. instead of blocking, i side-stepped the attack, launching a quick flurry of stabs into the darkness concealing her form, searching for something to strike.
  8. Knight stood powerless while he watched creator fend off the entity. He stood using the long sword as leverage. He watched as creators attacks did absolutely nothing. But Knight noticed something odd as creator stabed her body.
    "Creator!" Knight yelled "do that again!"
  9. I glanced back at Knight for just a second, bemused, then looked back just in time to deflect another strike. it occurred to me that she was moving slightly slower than i was, and i could potentially disarm her, but it sounded like Knight had a plan. and when Knight had a plan, things got really fun really quickly.
    i waited a heartbeat as the girl swung again and, instead of blocking as she expected me to, i slammed the flat of my left sword into her's, knocking it to the side and embedding it in the blank surface. while she was distracted momentarily, i launched another barrage of stabs into her darkness-clothed form, probing once again for something solid in the small void.
  10. Knight saw it again, this time it wasn't his imagination. As creator stabed her, Knight noticed her form turn corporeal in one place. Her hand, the right one she held the sword in. As creator stabbed her the last time knight took his chance. In one motion his second set of short swords moved in the air with absolute accuracy.

    He disarmed her and her form became solid. But his time creators sword was loged in her sternum. Knight with the remander of his strenth marched over and kicked her to the floor. He placed one boot on her neck, ready to snap it with a moments thought.
    "Who are you?" Knight asked
    She began to laugh "oh and what are you going to do, you can barally stand. As of who I am you are going to figure out our...organization soon enough!" and without a single word she blew up, and Knights world went dark.
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  11. when the girl exploded, which was confusing enough on it's own even without the weird mysterious foreshadowing comment, Creator was, for a second, in indecision regarding whether he should catch Knight or not, considering that it would be quite awkward later-
    then his train of thought was interrupted by Knight making up Creator's mind for him by landing right on him. Creator pushed Knight off of him and considered that that might have sucked a little less had he actually caught Knight in midair. he then squashed the line of thought about the awkwardness vs. catching his friend thing from repeating itself. instead, he considered the fact that the suicide bomber had delivered an ultimatum from mysterious and unknown parties, which pretty much meant that he needed to cancel his plans for the next week. he shrugged; guess that orphanage could be built next week.

    having considered said line of thought, he turned and proffered his hand to Knight, willing to help him up, and commenting "well. i hope you don't have any dinner plans, Knight, cause it looks like we just got booked out."
  12. "Damn" knight said "all jokeing aside, what the hell was that? Do you have any idea what this organization could be?"
  13. "all joking aside, what the hell was that? Do you have any idea what this organization could be?"

    i turned to Knight with a look of slight disgust on my face. "no jokes? really, Knight? god." i shook my head in admonishment. "ah, well... to be honest, i don't know." i leaned over and touched the black streak marks, then stood and rubbed my fingers together. "feels a little like graphite, but i don't know..." i wiped my fingers on my pants. "it couldn't be graphite; that explosion didn't match up. seemed more like a magnesium starter, but i'm not sure what the actual-" suddenly, i remembered that Knight was there; shaking my head, i said simply "i don't know. the magnesium burn destroyed any clues to her identity or affiliations, and there aren't enough remaining chemicals for any sort of obvious testing. however... " i took a small vial out of my coat pocket and scraped some of the mystery substance into it, then, standing up, added "but this might be able to tell us something; if not where the chemicals came from, then at least what explosives she used." i pocketed the vial.
  14. Knight sat speechless as he watched even creator confused by what this was. Then Knight noticed that her sword was still in the place from where he disarmed her. Knight picked up the sword, looked at it then licked it.
    "It's not any metal I've every seen" Knight exclaimed "but there is something else" he took a second lick. "Is that...no but it couldn't be...is that...soul magic"

    Knight looked at camolot for confirmation then thew the sword at his legs.
    "What do you think creator?" Knight asked.
  15. i blinked. "soul magic? i don't see how that should be-" i put my hand on the sword, only for it to erupt into flames at my touch. i yanked my hand back in surprise, and the flames died down to nothing. "that was... odd." i hesitated for a second, then put my hand on it again. i felt a surge of energy, but this time it was greatly dampened; instead of short circuiting it, i let it flow. it felt dark, and i noted traces of various signatures that typically appeared in post-mortum tests on SPIA subjects, odd considering that they were... special cases. then, there was the explosion. it seemed to have been more light and heat than concussive force, burning away the body before we had a chance to-
    i blanched; "she was eliminating the evidence." i glanced at the black mark that was all that was left of the girl. "she used some sort of quick-burn chemical and explosives to burn anything that would give us a lead, trying to stop us following a trail, maybe?" i looked back at the sword in Knight's hands. "but she failed on two accounts. first, she left us this-" i gestured to the sword- "-her weapon. second, she left us with a sample of whatever this is, potentially skin cells and maybe even the chemical she used to go all suicide bomber." i ran my finger along the blue runes, which were glowing fainter now. "we need to start on a translation of these letters; might get something useful, but i'm not holding my breath. the sample and, more importantly, what the sword is made of, will answer quite a few questions. i hope."
  16. Knight nodded in agreement, now they were getting somewhere.
    "I've been to over ten trillion universes but I've never seen runes like that, have you?" Knight began to look around and realized for the first time that they weren't in any form of natural space.
    "Where do you soppose we are any way?"
  17. "well, they have some passing resemblance to Ancient, but i'm not sure if that's just happenstance or if it's a newer dialect that i haven't seen bef-" i halted mid-sentence. "wait. you seriously didn't notice where we were this whole time?" i blinked, then frowned. "actually, i kind of thought you knew..."
  18. I smelt the air "well I didn't want to jump to conclusions but it seems to be a point in the end verse. I've only been once and it was almost exactly like this. Have you ever been to the end verse?"
  19. i thought back. "once, maybe, but it was a long time ago, and to be honest i didn't know where i was then, either."
  20. "Yes the end verse is located in a realm right out side of the multiverse, you could say it's the next step...however the longer we stay here more likely we can't get back so if you don't mind I like to get out of here." Knight explained