Dragon Shifter RP?

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  1. This is based off an old idea from an old comrade on the site, @Kitsune , and I was thinking that I would revive it.

    Basically, the primary setting is this.

    The Dragon Shifters. They are a grand race that have lived through many eons. Great in plumage, they bring colour and grace to every portion of the world.

    Being grand isn't exactly a blessing. Such beauty could never go unnoticed for so long. In more ways than one.

    The 'Hunters', as they are called, were born from the hatred of these magnificent Dragon Shifters. This profession was created as they saw Dragon Shifters as a threat, a danger, and had to eliminate them.

    Soon, children from both sides were born into a world where they would hate each other and battle, without knowing the true origin of conflict. Today, they still do.

    Now... the initial incarnation was a school setting. I need your opinion on the new setting.

    1. Initial Setting - a school setting. In this school, humans/hunters and Dragon Shifters are put together in order to get along, as well as learn to fight not between themselves, but fight together.
    2. Western Medieval Setting - Knights, vigilantes, and such slaying dragons and disguised Dragon Shifters alike. The misunderstood Dragon Shifters either run or fight. You know how it goes.
    3. Eastern Medieval Setting - Same as above, but since dragons are considered more benevolent here, I'll have to think of something else.
    4. Dragon Shifters have overthrown humans as the dominant race, as they have had enough of the humans and have chosen to stand strong, as opposed to being gentle giants. The chaos has reverted everything to rubble and medieval settings.
  2. As I recall, I was part of the first one, and would be glad to join the reboot.
  3. Hmmm all setings seem interesting and would join anyway but i like more Number 1 and 2
  4. I'm interested as well.
  5. Personally I can go for option 2 or 3, but this defiantly has my interest.
  6. I'd happily join this RP!
  7. I'd join setting 5.
  8. Current priorities:

    Setting 2
    Setting 1
    Setting 3
    Setting 4
  9. I would like to join this group here ^^
  10. I would love your opinions on which choice you would prefer, so that I can execute the RP of choice.

    Should there be a tie, the priorities of each idea will kick in, 1 being the most and 4 being the least.

    Option 1 - 2 votes
    Option 2 - 2 votes
    Option 3 - 1 vote
    Option 4
  11. I like setting 1
  12. Option 1 - 3 votes
    Option 2 - 2 votes
    Option 3 - 1 vote
    Option 4
  13. I'm interested, and since i'm just kinda back on the site for the first time in a while I don't really have a vote for any option. I just want to roleplay.
  14. Im also interest. On my phone tho so ill make this just my vote for now. I like option one
  15. Option 1 - 4 votes
    Option 2 - 2 votes
    Option 3 - 1 vote
    Option 4

    Alrighty, it seems like school is taking the lead.
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  16. Damn, that Server update was all good.
  17. Lol Awesome!
  18. I'd like to join.

    Settings 1,4,3,2 are my votes from preffered to not preffered.
  19. Option 1 - 5 votes
    Option 2 - 2 votes
    Option 3 - 1 vote
    Option 4

    At this rate, I'll be ready to set up the school next week.
  20. Cool can't wait this is going to be fun. I'm setting up my character's base now lol.
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