Double Up RPs [Harem/Yandere/Monster Girl/Slice of Life]


Cult of Senpai

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Hey! I am new to the site, but not new to RPs.
Some things about me:
  • I can write a ton or a little, ask and I'll send you some writing samples.
  • I am very willing to double up to fulfill your fantasy.
  • I am only interested in playing male characters.
  • I am only interested in female or futanari interests.
  • I mainly play a dom or switch, with no issues.

Here are some pairings I'm looking for. Don't forget, I am willing to double up any pairing/grouping.
My Role:valentine:Your Role (Female or Futa)
  • Senpai:valentine:Yandere
  • Senpai:valentine:Monster Girl
  • Senpai:valentine:Monster Girl Harem (3+)
  • Brother:valentine:Yandere
  • Brother:valentine:Sister
  • Brother:valentine:Yandere Sister
  • Son:valentine:Mother
  • Brother:valentine:Mother/Sister Harem (3+)
  • Brother:valentine:Monster Girl Sister
  • Brother:valentine:Monster Mother/Sister Harem (3+)

RP hooks:
  • Senpai saves girl from falling in front of a bus.
  • Senpai is selected as a host family for a Foreign Exchange Student.
  • After father's death, Brother is the new head of the house hold, and the girls are looking to him for guidance and love.
  • Brother and Sister are twins and have always been inseparable, until Brother starts to notice other girls.
  • Cult of Senpai: Most people don't see Senpai as anything special, however, unknowing to him is a Cult of Yandere's who worship him and would do anything to please him.

Kinks List: F-list - Warning
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Hey, I'd be willing to do a few of your ideas. I rather like the twin hook or the one where the brother takes over the house. Feel free to shoot a pm my way


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There is something so intriguing about Brother x Yandere Sister. I'd like to say I'm interested if we did the hook that they are inseparable twins, until brother started looking at other girls. Hit me up if you are still interested in a rp like that!


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I'm liking the Senpai x Monster Girl Harem and the Senpai x Monster Girl Sister, drop me a PM for whichever you feel like doing most and what you're plot or such is.

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This is Champagne. I'd like to try the Senpai/Monster Girl RP with you. Shoot me a PM

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Are you still looking? I've got sort of an idea percolating after reading this.