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  1. Today was a repeat of yesterday.
    Tomorrow will be a repeat of today.
    This mundane cycle of life goes on, stagnant.
    No one would suspect that the world has been horribly twisted.

    A virus called Renegade has been released onto mankind, mutating human beings from the inside and granting them incredible powers that break the laws of nature. However, this power comes at the price of one's own humanity, and many have succumbed to the virus and gone on a rampage. There is a group of people who stand between the human and superhuman, and both man and monster refer to them as Double Crossers.

    The world is very similar to our world: people work hard, go about their daily lives, and spend time with their loved ones. The Renegade Virus and its power to turn people into superhuman "Overed" is kept secret from the world. With power, comes a price, and for Overed, that price is their humanity. When an Overed uses his powers, he runs the risk of losing control and will eventually cease to be human. As Overed who know the truth, your characters would sacrifice their sanity to fight to protect the world. Your characters are Overed or Renegade Beings working for the UGN, at least in an auxiliary capacity.

    Welcome to Double Cross.
    This is the world of traitors.

    1. Follow the global forum rules.
    2. Try not to be a jerk.
    3. Have fun.
    5. I (and others) may label NPCs as "extras" OOC. Extras are of little consequence and may be defeated without any drawn out fight, you simply describe how you take them out. The use of the "warding" power automatically renders any non-Overed in the scene extras.
    6. We'll be using the Double Cross core rules so you will need to be at least somewhat familiar with them.
    7. I will, however, not be completely strict on gaining encroachment for all scenes. I'll likely test a system where in scenes irrelevant to any investigation or Scenario in progress will not cause a gain in Encroachment Rate to participating characters.
    8. So, as mentioned above. The concept of the "Free" scene is essentially to let characters have free time or do as they will without any worries about their Encroachment rate.
    9. Speaking of scenes, there are a few other types. The notable ones I'll likely tag posts with include Master scenes (essentially cutscenes, usually to establish things NPCs are doing), Investigation scenes (in which PCs look for specific information, usually via die rolls), and of course Battle scenes where combat is pretty much going to happened. I might also tag the actual Trigger Events/Climax Phase event as such.
    10. I'll be tagging the player of the primary character in any scene during a secnario, when I post up the intro stuff for it.

    The Stage (open)

    City L, a city that has become one giant laboratory. In City L, the Renegade is studied actively and knowledge of it flows far more freely. A vast majority of the population at least have the potential to become Overed, and their Renegade is simply dormant. Your friend may also be Overed, or they may be ordinary, but in the microcosm of this city, you don't have to keep everything a complete secret. The UGN has a number of research and training facilities mixed into the landscape, and many of them double as actual schools, offering classes on controlling the Renegade and developing one's powers alongside Math and Language Arts.

    Of course, the city casts plenty of shadows in which danger can hide. From gjaums to terrorist False Hearts agents, a number of dangers lurk just below the surface. The city hides all manner of dangerous, immoral, and top-secret research projects. Some of them may even be with the full approval of those in charge.

    City L has a very modern and "high-tech" look, due in large part to the advanced technology freely on display. The city has a populous downtown full of shops and shining office buildings. It has a number of more residential areas scattered around, and two major parks, one central to the city, and one on the far size of the river bisecting it. On the southeast side of town, an industrial district lies mostly crumbling and abandoned, and is often the stomping grounds of gangs and delinquents. Overall, the city has a number of unusual places, both for people to hide, and for them to enjoy life. There are a few malls, and just about any other recreational facility one would care to name, even a small amusement park just a short bus ride from town.

    ...Who am I kidding, it's basically Academy City from Raildex, if you need an idea of what the place is like.

    Things for characters:
    Character Sheet (open)

    A refined version that actually uses charts to block in stats and skills may be forthcoming.
    Name: Your character's name
    Codename: While you don't have to have one, many characters have a codename or nickname, often based upon their powers, personality, or unique talents.
    Age: How old your character is.
    Affiliation: The group with which your character identifies and works. Usually UGN. Even if your character is largely independent and not a dedicated agent, they may sometimes be asked to act for one group or another.
    Breed: Your breed (see below)
    Syndromes: Your character's syndromes (see below).
    Base Encroachment: Your character's base encroachment rate. I'm...not quite sure how to track it during play, but we will.
    Stats: Your character's stats (Body, Sense, Mind, and Social), and their ratings.
    Skills: Your character's skills.
    Powers: The specific abilities your character uses as a result of their Syndrome(s). List each power's level, and a brief description of what it does, etc.
    Combos: Combinations of powers. Give your combo a snappy name, say what's in it, what it deos and how much it increases your encroachment rate.
    Appearance: What your character looks like. Pictures are fine.
    Personal History: A little about your character's past. I highly encourage you include the events which caused your character to become and Overed, and any significant ones since.
    Equipment: Any weapons, or other significant personal items your character usually carries.

    Breed and Syndrome (open)

    Overed are classified into three "breeds," which indicate their number of syndromes. Purebreeds exhibit a single syndrome, but their powers are often stronger than anyone else can manage, and they often exhibit unique abilities tied to their syndrome. Crossbreeds have two syndromes and are by far the most common. Tri-breeds have three syndromes, although their powers are a bit weaker overall, and one of their syndromes called a "sub-syndrome" is particularly limited.

    Angel Halo: The ability to manipulate light, creating illusions, blinding flashes, or even lasers. Angel Halo also covers the enhancement of all five senses.
    Balor: The ability to manipulate gravity. When Balor powers are used, a small sphere known as the "evil eye" or "jewel" floats by the user, and it is through this evil eye that they may exert their control over gravity.
    Black Dog: The ability to gather and shoot large amounts of bio-electricity. By manipulating electricity, an overed can also control and power machinery that is implanted directly into their bodies.
    Bram Stoker: The ability to control and manipulate one's own blood, forming projectiles, melee weapons, and armor, or speeding up the healing process. The most unique ability of this syndrome is the ability to create "servants," mindless creatures which follow the will of the one whose blood they were born from.
    Chimaera: Bestows superhuman strength, and allows the user to transform their body parts into those of animals, or even grow wings, tails, additional limbs, and other non-human body parts. The leader when it comes to brute force.
    Exile: Exile is characterized by the ability to stretch, shrink, and radically transform the body. Unlike Chimaera, it focuses less on "tougher" aspects and more on "softer" ones. It also allows the user to move previously immobile parts of the body, accomplishing feats such as creating swords out of bone, or shifting the position of organs to avoid a fatal blow.

    Hanuman: The fastest syndrome, Hanuman focuses on pure superhuman speed and reflexes. Additionally, by vibrating the body, the user may create and manipulate sound waves, and can create various phenomena by adjusting the frequency.

    Morpheus: The ability to transform any object the user is touching to any other object, ignoring any changes in mass. Users could make a sword from a twig or a giant robot from a car. They can also alter the characteristics of items they touch, and some develop powers using a special "sand" which is a byproduct of the transmutation process.

    Neumann: Simply put, this syndrome makes one a perfect genius. They are able to perform extremely fast mental calculations, and run several trains of thought in parallel. Overed with the Neumann syndrome are capable of incredible feats, such as mastering a weapon after first picking it up, or acquiring knowledge they couldn't possibly have known.

    Orcus: Perhaps the most mysterious syndrome, Orcus allows its user to saturate an area with special particles to create a "domain." Within their domain, Orcus overeds can cause the earth to shoot out like spears, control or use the senses of animals, or even manipulate humans. The syndrome also excels in battlefield command and support.

    Salamandra: The Salamandra syndrome rules over heat. By controlling heat energy, it can create both fire and ice. The user can also enhance their bodies, converting heat to empower amazing athletic feats, or "cooling down" to act calmly even in a stressful situation.

    Solaris: Uses of the Solaris syndrome can create a variety of chemicals and drugs within their bodies, then release them in gas or liquid form to affect others. Used internally, these chemicals can enhance the user's abilities or supplement healing. Chemicals released from the body can agitate a target's sens of pain, paralyze them, create illusions and hallucinations, or even manipulate memories.

    All overed possess the following two abilities, regardless of their syndromes. They may quickly recover from injuries and incapacitation, and they have a power called "Warding," which allows them to saturate an area with Renegade virus particles that cause all non-Overed to feel extreme uneasiness, displeasure, or weakness. Usually, those affected are knocked out, or instinctively avoid the area. These two abilities are why only Overed can easily deal with other Overed.

    Dice Rules (open)

    Character creation rules are fairly involved, so I will hold off on those, but I will go over how dice work. I'm not sure if we'll go with the detailed turn order in terms of processes yet, but I'll add those in if we agree they're needed.

    So, how do dice work in Double Cross? Any time you take an action that has a chance of failure (usually trying to find something out in an Investigation scene, or fighting in Combat ones), you need to roll dice. You roll a number of d10s equal to your character's relevant stat (Usually Body for physical tasks, etc. Or go by which stat the associated skill is tied to). You then pick the highest number out of the dice rolled, add any relevant skill's rating to the result, and either compare this result to another character's roll, or to a target number provided by the GM.

    If you roll a 10 on a die, it's a critical. Reroll that die (or, well, roll a new one somewhere...I'm not sure how best to parse this in a forum), take the new result and add 10 to it, and that's your die's result. If you keep rolling 10s, you keep rerolling the same die, adding 10 each time. So if you rolled a 10, then another 10, and then a 4, your final result for that die would be a 24. Powers which alter the critical value of an action let you get a critical on a roll of less than 10. However, even if your critical value is a 7, if your roll a 7-10, when you reroll the die ,you still add 10 to it. (For example, if you roll a 7 and have a critical value of 7 on that roll due to powers, and then a 6, your result is 16, not 13.)
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  2. WiP, I'm trying to remember if I bought something for this character the last time we (my group) played.


    Description: 15 years old, an insecure teenager. Tenchi is a normal high-school student until meeting up with Ichiko Manaka in the same day his powers awakened. Suspicions arose about that girl but he didn't got any more time to ask or investigate as a recruiting squad of UGN made contact and now Tenchi is know as "Rage Beast" by his superiors.

    Personality: Sarcasm is often used, as strange words from other places as he likes to show off his (scarce) knowledge in brazillian language. Hard in the outside, a dumb loyal dog in the inside.

    Name: Tenchi Morichika
    Code-name: Rage Beast
    Cover: Highschool Student
    Work: Highschool Student

    Breed: Pure
    Syndromes: Chimaera

    Body: 7
    Sense: 0
    Mind: 3
    Social: 2

    Melee 2
    Dodge 2
    Ride 0
    Ranged 0
    Perception 1
    Art 0
    RC 2
    Will 2
    Knowledge 0
    Negotiation 0
    Procure 0
    Info: Rumor 1

    HP: 37
    Move: 8
    Encroach Rate: 35%
    Dash: 16
    Stock Points: 0 (4)
    Initiative: 3
    Experience: 0
    Guard: 2

    Simple << Supreme Fur >>
    {The animal form the User takes when using <<Complete Therianthropy>> or <<Dormant Genes>> will have a superb fur coat. It will be so beautiful and so soft to the touch that anyone that comes in contact with the fur will practically fall in love.}
    Simple << Dormant Genes ~ Cat >>
    {Awaken the dormant animal genes in one’s body, allowing one to stay in animal form throughout the day. The User only gets an animal’s form and none of its instincts and behaviors. If someone attempts to see past the User’s animal form, that character and the User must perform a <Perception> Opposed check.}

    1- << Concentrate:Chimaera LV 2 >> [Major]
    2- << Warding LV 1 >> [Major]
    3- << Complete Therianthropy LV 2 >> [Minor]

    {For the duration of the current Scene, the User receives a + [LV + 2] dice bonus towards all [Body] checks. As long as this is in effect, no items other than Fists can be used or equipped.}
    4- << Beast's Strength LV 2 >> [Major]
    {Any melee attack that uses this Power gains a + [LV x 2] Atk. Pòwer bonus.}
    5- << Reaming Claw LV 1 >> [Minor]
    {For the duration of the Scene, modify the User’s Fists to the following data: Type: Melee / Skill: <Melee> / Acc: 0 / Atk Power: + [LV +8] / Guard: 1/ Range: Close}
    6- << Hunting Style LV 1 >> [Minor]
    {Perform a Move. User may also choose to Break Away. The User may choose not to stop when moving into another Engagement and can ignore any Blockades. This Power may be used (LV) times per Scene.}

    1- Fists ~ -5 Atk.pow [After << Reaming Claw >>] Fists ~ 8 Atk.pow

    1- Leather Jacket (Guard 2)

    Miscellaneous Items

    (Bold is the Active emotion)

    1- Younger Sister - Satsuki Morichika (Aspiration/Loathing)
    2- Ichiko Manaka (Fellowship/Suspicion)
    3- Ayame Shikishima (Friendship/Inferiority)

    Release: Fuck humanity, i want my pie.



    Primeiro combo: Complete Theriantropy + Reaming Claw

    Segundo combo: Concentrate + Beast Strength
    Crítico passa de 10 pra 8, dano com Fists/Lâmina passa para Atk. Power +12
    Combo perseguição: Concentrate + Hunting Style
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  3. Supreme Fur is still the best power in the entire game. Just saying.
  4. Almost done, I think all I need left is a cool/fitting nickname. If there is any problems please let me know!

    Name: Michiyo Nakamura
    Codename: (To be determined)
    Age: 20
    Affiliation: UGN (Work: College Student)
    Breed: Cross-Breed
    Syndromes: Bram Stoker / Black Dog
    Base Encroachment: 39 (Yearning + Distaste + Cyber Arm + Hard-Wired)

    Current Encroachment: 44

    HP- 31
    Armor- 1
    Guard - 5


    Initiative: 11
    Move: 16
    Dash: 32

    Melee lvl 3
    Dodge lvl 1
    Ride: 2 Wheels lvl 1
    Ride: 4 Wheels lvl 1
    Ranged lvl 2
    Will lvl 1
    Knowledge: Technology lvl 2
    Info: Academics lvl 1


    Ressurect- lvl 1 - Declare when Incapacitated or when the Scene ends. Recover from Incapacitation with (LV)D HP. The User increases his Encroachment Rate equal to the amount of HP recovered. This Power cannot be used when the User's Encroachment Rate is 100% or higher. This Power can be used even when afflicted with the Bad Status Pressure.

    Warding lvl 1 - This Power can be used at any time. All non-Overed characters in this Scene become Extras. All Overeds that are in the Scene will automatically sense that this Power was used. The effects of this Power continue throughout the Scene

    Concentrate: Bram Stoker lvl 2 - Any check that uses this Power receives a -2 (LV) Critical Value bonus.

    Cyber Arm lvl 1 - Modify the user's Fists to the following data (refer to equipment)

    Thirsting Lord lvl 2 - Melee attacks that use this Power ignore the Target's [Armor] stat when calculating damage. If the attack hits, the User recovers 8 [LV X 4] HP. This attack must be done with Fists.

    Bloody Attack lvl 1 - Melee attacks using this power gain a +2 die bonus (lvl + 1). At the end of the process, lose 2 hp

    Hard-Wired Lvl 2 - Select (LV) number of Black Dog only Items and Stock them. If the GM permits it, the User may switch Out Items during the Pre-Game. This Power cannot receive the Encroachment Rate level bonus. The character's Base Encroachment Rate increases by 4 when this Power is acquired.

    (Simple) The Emperor's New Clothes lvl 1 - Surround one's self with Servants that will act as admirers. This entourage is utterly loyal and will constantly praise and worship the Userwithout question. This Power will create [LVxio] Servants at once. These Servants are Extras and thus cannot join a battle. These Servants do not count toward <Red Servant>'s limit.

    Combos: Combinations of powers. Give your combo a snappy name, say what's in it, what it deos and how much it increases your encroachment rate.

    More, more, more! (Thirsting Lord + Bloody Attack) 6 Encroach - Makes an attack that ignores the enemy's armor stat, user recovers 8 hp. At the end of the main process, lose 2hp.

    Appearance: (open)


    Older Sister- Yuna Nakamura Infatuation/Favoritism
    Classmate- Hanae Siagyo Friendship/Jealousy
    Older Sister's Boyfriend- Guy Shimizu Trust/Hatred

    Personal History:
    Growing up, Michiyo always had a strong affection towards her older sister Yuna. As time went on, Yuna eventually found herself a boyfriend, which meant there was less time for Michiyo to spend with her. The boyfriend was strong, capable of protecting her sister, and was loyal as can be. As great as he was Michiyo resented him with all her might as she began to start high school. Yearning to become closer to her older sister, she found herself gaining strange powers, such has control over her blood. Curious and slightly scared, Michiyo went to a UGN facility to have a better understanding of herself. During that time, she also awakened her Black Dog powers as her arms became mechanized and became possible of transforming into who knows what. Now a college student financially backed by the UGN for her services, she is now trying her best to get through college.

    Cyber Arm - Type: Melee Skill: <Melee> Acc: o Atk Power: +4 [LV+3] Guard: 5 RNG: Close

    Linear Cannon - Type: Ranged Skill: <Ranged> Acc: -2 Atk. Power: 8 Guard: - RNG: 50M Procure/Stock: -/-
    This Weapon can be equipped at anytime by using an Auto Action. When a character that is being attacked by this weapon Dodges, he receives -2 dice penalty.

    RC Booster - All <RC> check scores receive a +2 bonus. Multiples of this Item can be acquired and stacked for a larger modifier.

    Reinforced Clothing - +1 Armor

    Bicycle - Atk. Power: 2 Initiative: -1 Armor: Dash: ([Body+40)M
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  5. [​IMG]
    Name: Maida, Iharu
    Codename: Flame-1, just a call-sign.
    Age: 17
    Affiliation: UGN (UGN Child C)

    Appearance: Not quite tall (5'6/1.68m) and fairly lightweight (130lb./59kg) Maida isn't very impressive nor intimidating; rather he has an nonthreatening and almost plain appearance. His red eyes, hair, and hair style set him apart, but aside from those there's not much to notice about him.

    Personal History: Maida never new his biological parents as, for one reason or another, they left him after his birth. Taken in by the UGN once it became evident that the Renegade Virus was present in the infant, he was adopted by an employee of the organization and brought up as their own. Carefully monitored as he grew up, things looked nevertheless looked positive for Maida. Despite never having what would be considered a normal childhood, he took to the strict regime; perhaps due to never knowing anything else.

    Of course, things had to go wrong. It was a simple routine test of how his Powers had developed, nothing different from the usual. Yet for some reason it was then that Maida had his first experience with his Impulse. Unable to control the sudden rush of emotion he felt as the Renegade virus kicked into overdrive, by the time he was subdued he'd injured quite a few of those involved in the test. Though his Encroachment Level wasn't close enough to turn him into a Gjaum, he was put under close supervision once more.

    It's quite apparent that the experience still haunts him, through his interactions with others, though he's nonetheless still dutiful and tries his best. While not depressed, he certainly is a bit more withdrawn around those he knew prior and after the incident.

    Breed: Pure-Breed
    Syndromes: Morpheus
    Base Encroachment: 38 (Birth Awakening, Slaughter Impulse, Gold Alchemy)

    Kurino, Iharu (Foster Mother: Remorse/Protection)
    Akino, Warimo (Loyalty: Reservation/Earnestness)
    Tsubaki, Shikishima (Teacher: Shame/Respect)

    Body: 2
    Sense: 4
    Mind: 4
    Social: 2

    HP: 28/28
    Initiative: 12

    Guard: 0
    Armor: 0
    Move: 17m
    Dash: 34m

    This skill is rolled when dodging attacks.
    This skill represents a character's mental fortitude and ability to concentrate. This skill is usually rolled when fighting against Impulses.
    Renegade Control, or RC for short, is a skill that represents the ability to control the Renegade and Impulses.
    This skill represents the ability to acquire information from certain fields.
    This skill represents the ability to use ranged weaponry.
    This skill represents a character's ability to find hidden objects or sense the presence of others. This skill is also used when a character goes into hiding.
    This skill is used when acquiring items.

    <<Concentrate: Morpheus>>2
    (Timing: Major, Encroach: 2)
    Any check that uses this Power receives a - (LV) Critical Value bonus (min. 7). This Power is treated as a Power of the selected Syndrome.

    (Timing: Auto, Target: Scene, RNG: View, Encroach: 0)
    This Power can be used at any time. All non-Overed characters in this Scene become Extras. All Overeds that are in the Scene will automatically sense that this Power was used. The effects of this Power continue throughout the Scene.

    (Timing: Auto, Target: Self)
    Declare when Incapacitated or when the Scene ends. Recover from Incapacitation with (LV)D HP. The User increases his Encroachment Rate equal to the amount of HP recovered. This Power cannot be used when the User's Encroachment Rate is 100% or higher. This Power can be used even when afflicted with the Bad Status Pressure.

    <<Gold Alchemy>>3
    (Timing: Constant)
    During Character Creation or when calculating Stock Points during the After-Game, the User receives a +[LVx3] Stock point bonus. This Power cannot receive the Encroachment Rate level bonus. The character's Base Encroachment Rate increases by 3 when this Power is acquired.

    (Timing: Major, Skill: <Melee>/<Ranged>, RNG: Weapon, Encroach: 2)
    Checks that use this Power receive a + (LV) dice bonus.

    <<Lightweight Mode>>
    (Timing: Major, Skill: <Melee>/<Ranged>, RNG: Weapon, Encroach: 2)
    Reaction checks against an attack that uses this Power receive a - (LV) dice penalty.

    <<Create Armor>>
    (Timing: Minor, Encroach: 2)
    The User creates and equips an armor that lasts for the remainder of the Scene. This will replace currently equipped armor. Its data is as follows: (Type: Armor, Dodge/Initiative: 0, Armor: 8 + (LV x 2))

    Sure Shot
    (Timing: Major, Skill: <Melee>/<Ranged>, RNG: Weapon, Encroach: 4)
    +1 Dice Bonus to attack roll and opponent's reaction check receives -1 Dice Penalty.

    Equipment (Stock Points: 15)
    Bolt Action Rifle
    (10 Stock Point) (<Ranged>, 0 Acc., 8 Atk. Pwr., 200m RNG): Activate this ability with a Minor Action. This weapon's attacks will receive a +5 Accuracy bonus for that Main / Process. This weapon cannot target characters that are in the user's Engagement.
    Data Collection Team
    (2 Stock Point): Declare use of this Connection as an Auto Action before an <Info> check. That check receives a +3 score bonus. This Connection may be used three times per Scenario.
    (1 Stock Point): +1 to <Will> check scores.
    Search Radar
    (2 Stock Point): +1 to <Perception> check scores.

    Casual Wear, Cellphone (Smartphone), Accessory (Digital Watch), Uniform (UGN), Formal Wear
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  6. Just a quick pointer: Ver. Blue Amusement is preparing a new Core with a formatting that'll make westerners happier.

  7. Well, all finished up. Hopefully nothing's wrong with it.
  8. Maybe I should add dash and initiative as well on my sheet.
  9. I probably did forget some things you need. Everyone also needs their three Lasting Loises as well. Got to have those human connections which keep you sane and grounded, after all. I'll comment more later, when I don't have homework I should be doing.
  10. Small request, can we get a simple power for free? I wanna surround myself with big sister clones that do nothing but praise me when no one is looking.
  11. Honestly, given how damn cheap the things are? Go ahead. That your motivation is hilarious helps, of course.
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  12. I await for the beginning of this eagerly as well.
  13. Sorry, it's been a while. I'll get an IC started tomorrow. I did get a PM from an interested person who couldn't track down the rulebook and had some questions, so I was waiting on them a bit, but I'll get us started in the meantime.

    I intend to just start with some free time to interact a bit and establish characters. Then I'll probably just start by trying a scenario out of one of the books, unless you guys are opposed to that.
  14. Nope, sounds good to me.
  15. Maybe I can help his pdf woes. Sent you a pm!
  16. No problem, but I have to warn that my english can get very crappy sometimes, as it isn't my main language.
  17. That's fine. We can offer the occasional correction if there's something particularly bad or unusual.

    For now, I've got to shovel snow, but I'm still holding myself to putting the IC together today. I just really need to get my car out of the snow bank which has formed around it while I have the time, first.
  18. Free time, what to do...
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