Donald Trump is now the official Republican Nominee

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  1. Ted Cruz just dropped out... probably to go commune with Our Benefactors to determine the ORBAT for the coming invasion, leaving Donald Trump the only person standing between us and a Hilary Clinton presidency.

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  2. [​IMG]

    I found a copy of Ted Cruz's concession speech, for those interested.
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    This gif will now forever have a bitter irony to me.
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  7. I am glad Cruz is out but....

    I know there have been a lot of countries willing to take Americans in (Non-Trump supporters only). I wonder which one I should pick. Although, no place in this world will be safe if he wins.

    Now would be a great time for an alien invasion.
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  8. Actual countries or individuals living there?
  9. Individuals I think. It was on the radio as I was driving my kids to school so I only caught 1/3 of what was being said, but someone from Ireland was suggesting people from America move there, something about as long as they weren't a Trump supporter they'd be welcomes.

    it's funny though. My husband's been looking at employment opportunities overseas for years. Now he might actually be able to convince me to go.
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  10. The longer this election goes on the more I just want to hide in a fort of beaver pelts with some maple candy and close my eyes and plug my ears while blasting Barenaked Ladies songs.
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  11. At least you can escape it. :(

    My husband and I have practically banned the news from our house. We're both tired of hearing about it.

  12. You underestimate the states influence on us.
  13. I meant that you guys aren't hearing about it 24/7. I can't even go outside without seeing signs. Luckily most of the people around here are Hilary or Bernie supporters, so it's not that bad. Every time I see a Trump sign though, I want to smear dog shit all over it. I got asked if I would put a Trump sign up in my yard. I almost said yes so I could vandalize it and not get into trouble, but even thinking about having my little area of the world being tainted with that trash turned my stomach.
  14. You underestimate both the Internet and how much time I spend on it. :P

    But I don't got the neighbour stuff going, I'll grant that.
  15. I live in a community with a pretty decent sized Hispanic population. Pretty sure that's part of the reason I don't have to deal with Trump signs. When I go to the next town over though.....Ugh.
  16. I dunno guys, I think kasich's still got this.
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  17. I think that this has been a very interesting development of the politics with "underdog" candidates having achieved a surprising amount this year.

    In my opinion, this has been one of the most interesting pre-presidential campaign cycles I've seen (though I admittedly haven't seen that many). I don't think that I can recall the candidate nominations having been so fiercely contested before. To be honest, I genuinely hope that all the interest and passion that this has ignited really encourages good numbers in voter turnout. People caring about how their country is being run and taking an active role in the proceedings is a positive thing, in my opinion.

    Also, any personal feelings about them aside, I saw a gif of Cruz elbowing his wife in the face and I chuckled and felt bad for her.
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  18. Wait... A number of people already voted for Ted, as well as Rubio, and Ben Carson etc.
    Where do those votes go now?
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