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  1. ( K this RP is for me and ale135jiff. In the world of Doctor Who! )
    Bio for my characer:

    Basic Statistics

    Name: Rhadel ( Goes by Benedict Jones. )
    Age: 114
    Nationality: Gallifrey
    Current Residence: His Tardis
    Occupation: Time Traveler
    Talents/Skills: *For the most part the same as the Doctors ( To keep it simple. )
    Siblings (describe relationship): -
    Spouse (describe relationship): -
    Children (describe relationship): -
    Grandparents (describe relationship): Deceased
    Grandchildren (describe relationship): Deceased
    Significant Others (describe relationship): That should be a suprise...
    Relationship skills: Just starting to socialize with people.

    Physical Characteristics:

    Height: 6'2
    Weight: 190
    Race: Time Lord
    Eye Color: Yellow
    Hair Color: Light brown
    Glasses or contact lenses? -
    Skin color: White
    Distinguishing features: Scar on the bottom of left chin, the cartilage at the top of his left ear is ripped.
    How does he/she dress? He wears an old black leather duster with brass buttons and a few silver symbols embroidered on the front. He also tends to wear a black fedora.
    Mannerisms: Mutters when he is thinking, taps tables, and tips his hat a lot.
    Habits: (smoking, drinking etc.) -
    Health: Good condition, quite fit.
    Favorite Sayings: "Well to put it this way..." "Listen with your eyes and tell me what you smell." "Onto glory."
    Disabilities: Not the best with conversation, tends to get lost in thought and he thinks he is invincible.
    Style (Elegant, shabby etc.): Nonchalant
    Greatest flaw: Can be un empathic during dire situations.
    Best quality: Always has a back up plan that is malleable to the situation.

    Intellectual/Mental/Personality Attributes and Attitudes

    Educational Background: Time Lord Schooling
    Intelligence Level: Highly intelligent.
    Learning Experiences: Has stared into the vortex.
    Character's short-term goals in life: To eat Ice Cream that didn't taste "off.", to get out of his state of depression.
    Character's long-term goals in life: To impact Reality and leave his mark, to reach enlightenment.
    How does Character see himself/herself? As a man trying his best to do good.
    How does Character believe he/she is perceived by others? The Trustworthy Stranger, someone you would give your bag while you went to the bathroom.
    How self-confident is the character? Socially, not confident. Almost any other situation, he does fine.
    What would most embarass this character? His clothes being made fun of or his style.

    Emotional Characteristics

    Strengths/Weaknesses: Good at figuring things out and improvising, horrible at communication.
    Introvert or Extrovert? Introvert
    How does the character deal with anger? Clenching his jaw, going somewhere beautiful or making threats to someone or something or hurting something and hurting it hard.
    With sadness? Sighing, keeping quiet, rejection or hurting something and hurting it hard.
    With conflict? Rubs his eyes, thinks and reasons or gets angry / sad
    With change? Tries to accept it, move on, try it again somehow or continue. Rubs his temples.
    With loss? Gets sad, angry, trys to live without it and forget.
    What does the character want out of life? To enjoy it while he has it.
    What would the character like to change in his/her life? To change some else's, to leave his mark on the universe.
    What motivates this character? How reality clicks together and reaching enlightenment.
    What frightens this character? When he doesn't know what to do, the dark and loss.
    What makes this character happy? An unforgettable experience, a thrill and a walking in sunshine.
    Is the character judgmental of others? Only those who do bad things without a good cause.
    Is the character generous or stingy? Generous when he can.
    Is the character generally polite or rude? Tends to be polite.

    Spiritual Characteristics

    Does the character believe in God? No.
    What are the character's spiritual beliefs? That the universe has a system of Karma that it keeps logged and that it is generous to good.

    Episode 1: A Time Lord Lands
    He stared at the console, seeing the memories of long ago. He pushed them out of his head and stared at the monitor. His TARDIS was rather new when TARDIS's were still being made and it had a computer like console that was set on a wall and the console room was pretty much square with everything facing the console and the door at the back. Everything had worked out except the camouflage systems. They seemed to be the easiest part of a TARDIS to break, his TARDIS was stuck looking like an old 1940s Rolls Royce. He landed.
    He stepped out and sighed, it was April 30th, 2013 on Earth. He rubbed his eyes, it was a sunny day. He then stepped out of the alley way, put on his hat and proceded to walk down the street.
    Something was not right that day, all the electrics in the city seemed to be shorting out, not working or flickering.
  2. (Man, what a specific bio :o)
    Basic Statistics:
    Name: Megan Hill
    Age: 20
    Nationality: American
    Current Residence: New York, NY
    Occupation: Student
    Talents/Skills: Clever, musician, artist, fast learner.
    Siblings: Younger brother, Jaremy, not too close due to the age difference.
    Parents: Dad's gone. Mom lives too far, but they keep in touch.
    Significant Others: Complicated.
    Relationship skills: Very friendly and easy to talk to though she tends to be more of an introvert.

    Physical Characteristics:
    Height: 5'10
    Weight: 130
    Eye Color: Brown
    Hair Color: Dark brown
    Glasses or contact lenses?: Nope
    Skin color: White
    Distinguishing features: Small star tattoo on right wrist.
    How does he/she dress? She wears jeans and t-shirts mostly. Will rarely wear a dress or skirt, but doesn't mind them.
    Mannerisms: Sighs a lot, bites the inside of her cheek and lips, and tilts her head.
    Habits: None
    Health: Not the best athlete, but she's healthy and fit.
    Disabilities: She has trouble under pressure
    Style: Casual
    Greatest flaw: Can be easily persuaded. Into pretty much anything.
    Best quality: Adventurous and up to try anything.

    Intellectual/Mental/Personality Attributes and Attitudes:
    Educational Background: Is in college
    Intelligence Level: Average intelligence, good common sence
    Learning Experiences: Not much...
    Character's short-term goals in life: Get through classes, talk to people.
    Character's long-term goals in life: Make a life, do something with her life and get experiencess.
    How does Character see himself/herself? Averase student with a simple life.
    How does Character believe he/she is perceived by others? An awkward person.
    How self-confident is the character? Well, she can definitely act confident.
    What would most embarass this character? Getting too much unwanted attention.

    Emotional Characteristics:
    Strengths/Weaknesses: Good with communication. Not so good with personal conversations.
    Introvert or Extrovert?: Introvert
    How does the character deal with anger? She tries to hide it, get over it and move on, depending on how extreme.With sadness? Keeping to herself, wont speak to others.
    With conflict? Conflicts are always a good distractios to take time and think.
    With change? She explores it and accepts it.
    With loss? Life goes on, she understands that, but it makes her sad
    What does the character want out of life? To live it and make it through.
    What would the character like to change in his/her life? To start enjoying it while she can.What motivates this character? Her plans for the future.
    What frightens this character? Failing or disappointing people.
    What makes this character happy? Adventure and a change in her usual agenda.
    Is the character judgmental of others? She doesn't like to judge anyone.
    Is the character generous or stingy? Generous.
    Is the character generally polite or rude? Polite.

    It was early afternoon and Megan was finished with her classes for the day. She'd been heading home to finish for the day but decided against it in the end. She did want to stay out of her room, after all. She headed for the nearest coffee shop instead and took a seat on a table outside. She was hoping maybe it would be a good day to meet some new friends. She had friends, it's not as if she were such a loner. It's just she needed to get out more.

    She leaned against the wall behind her and pulled out her laptop to check for notifications, emails and maybe work on some homework. It took some time though, the computer was being slow, which was unusual. She paused to take a look atond as well. The lit signs of a couple of buildings flickered. Megan passed it off as some techie's problem to deal with and closed her laptop. She focused on her drink and smiling at passing people instead
  3. ( Yeah, I like to keep mine a bit more detailed because sometimes I am lazy in answering so it help keeps me in check.)

    He took out his book that he had kept from long ago. It was simply titled 999 Places to Go In This Universe, the next place on his list was apparently the best coffee shop in the entire Universe. He shrugged and began to walk down the street.

    As he reached the shop he opened the door, tipped his hat to girl who smiled at him ( Little did he know that girl would go on quite a bit of adventures with him. ) and went up to the counter and ordered the White Mocha, the item that the book said was the best on the list.

    "I'm sorry but none of the machines are working properly. We do have some normal coffee brewed though." The girl working the counter was young and obviously tired from a long days work.

    "Well, I'm a engineer, I could help you take a look at it." He smiled.

    The girl said to wait a moment then she went into the back of the store. After a few moments the manager came out. "Marissa told me you are some kind of repair man. Now, I want you to be damned careful when you are looking at this thing. However, I just think the things busted. It keeps fizzing on and on. Maybe its circuit is... I don't know."

    He walked behind the counter and looked at the managers name tag, "Hello Greg, I'm Benedict. It does sound like an electricity problem doesn't it?" He shook the Managers hand awkwardly and turned to the espresso machine then took out his sonic soldering iron and turned it on. "Don't worry this is a just a... Circuitry... trouble shooting... device. Nothing seems wrong with the machine, thats weird. You mind if I take a look at your generato-"

    The ground shook like an earthquake, a big one. Everything electric shut down. Peoples eyes widened in fear. A weird fluttering sound came from Benedicts pocket. He took out the small device in his pocket and looked at the small on it.

    People were checking their phones, their watches and everything. Nothing worked. The Manager, Greg, piped up at Benedict. "Hey! Why why is that thing working?"

    "Well if you hadn't noticed everything here than runs on zaps is down. The neon signs, the lights and all the phones. But if you cared to notice this thing runs on biomass signs." He shook his head and muttered to himself. "Why does no one get that?"

    People could see outside the windows that it seemed as if night were coming, little did they know it was a space ship. A whistling sound, like one that came from rockets in the movies rang in everyones ears and then in the middle of the street outside a tall figure with something like a gun shot a civilian with his plasma rifle.
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  4. Megan managed to smile at one man. One, the first she'd seen after putting her laptop away. She watched him walk inside then turned her attention back to the people passing by on the streets. A lot of them were frowning at their phones, or hitting them against something.

    It made her curious. She pulled out her own cell phone and frowned at it herself. It blinked a few times before completely turning off. She turned over her phone and opened it up to take a look at the batterie, but just then a quake shook the phone out of her hand. Her eyes widened in surprise. There was never earthquakes in New York. The hell was going on?

    She looked around at the rest of the confused people then leaned forward onto the ground to pick up her phone. At that moment, a strange unexpected shade came over her. She froze. It wasn't a gentle clowd-type of shade. This was dark. She grabbed her phone and slowly sat up and turned to look up. Her jaw dropped. Her hands shot to her ears as a loud sharp noise pierced the calm of the city--what was only there because of the strange sky.

    The sound continued and then megan heard a scream. She looked towards the lady and that's when she saw it. It was an unusually tall figure, holding a weapon. The guy/thing was about ten feet from her. And she saw a man fall to the ground. The man was shot. Megan was frozen in place, staring at the thing that was now turning to face her.
  5. The Alien turned and aimed his gun, he pulled the trigger but the gun didn't fire. Megan heard a slight whirring behind her head as Benedict broke the firing mechanism with his sonic soldering iron.

    The Creature took out a sword and then looked at Benedict and it spoke with a synthesized voice that was quiet like a whisper in your ear but everyone heard it. "Rhadel."

    Everyone looked at Benedict, it was complete silent even as the earth quake shook the Earth.

    Benedict's eyes widened and he grabbed the girl who he saved hand. "I need you to stay strong and get everyone out of here then come back to me and tell them that they are safe. Do you understand?"
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  6. Megan had a moment where her life flashed before her eyes. She kept them wide opened, staring at the thing with the weapon pointed at her. She could practically see him pull on the trigger in slow motion, She squeezed her eyes shut. Was she dreaming?

    After a second of nothing, she opened her eyes. Maybe she was dreaming. But no, she was still there, the things still pointing the gun, but it didn't work. Megan looked to her right and she saw that man again. Facing the creature, fearless. "Whaa..." She breathed out in confusion.

    He pulled her closer and spoke to her. By now, she was full of adrenaline. She looked him in the eyes as he spoke and she nodded. She thought for a moment of running home to hide under the bed, but really? She didn't know what was going on, but stickign aroung for it was probably the better thing for her. She ran from the man towards the people who stood staring. "Let's go everyone! Move on! Let's get to safety!" She moved them away.
  7. He walked outside and stood on the sidewalk. "So what are you?"

    Everyone could hear the conversation the two were having. "I am Messenger."

    "Messenger for what?"

    "For my people."

    "One hell of a delivery."

    "It was necessary to capture your attention."

    "You could have just asked. What do you want?"

    "Our planet is being attacked."

    "I already paid back Serim. I refuse."

    "If you don't help us... This world will die."

    "Well thats an attractive offer."

    "We have no time for sarcasm." The Alien creature nodded. "Will you help us?"

    Benedict sighed. "I suppose I have to."

    The Alien creature said nothing. Benedict walked back into the Cafe and grabbed Megan. "Now maybe I have asked to much of you but these, people need my help and frankly I need someone to watch my back. Someone brave. If you do this I promise I will make it up to you. If not I understand. You may ask why you and before you do because time is short in the figurative manner, there is something inside you that wants an adventure and no one else here has the same kind of spirit and well to put it this way it's a quality that someone needs to help me."
  8. Megan got most of the people out the back doors and headed inside to lead the rest out, but when she was back inside, she moved closer to the door and heard them speaking. The thing had some sort of deaper voice, but it was definitely speaking english.

    Before Megan could move again, towards the back, the man grabbed her and started some sort of speach. She listened to him, looking him in the eyes with slight confusion. Watch his back? Someone brave? Megan was probably the least brave person within a mile from here and he wanted her help? Speaking with the thing? She wasn't sure exactly how she could help this man, but what he continued on to say made her want to go. She definitely did want adventure deep down. She blinked after he finished speaking and stared him in the eyes. "Okay..."
  9. He smiled, "Alright just follow me." He walked out. "I'll be back. Don't you hurt anyone else."

    He then started to run down the street not bothering to see if Megan followed and then he turned into an alley and took out what seemed to be car keys and unlocked a 1940s rolls royce. He walked over and opened the passenger door waving her in. Once she enters she walks into a square room with two doors on the side, a large old computer console like one of the first computers taking up one side of the whole wall opposite of the door and four three seater couches facing the console. It was much bigger on the inside.

    He walks in after her and towards the console, "Now, have humans created commercial space flight yet?" He hits a couple switches. "Look around if you want but keep it quick. We have to go soon."
  10. Megan jobbed after him slowing as he turned into an alley. She wondered if she should really be following a stranger into an alleyway. He seemed to trustworthy though. Once she turned the corner, she saw him holding a door open for her. She wondered if she should be getting into fancy old gangster cars with strangers, but she let it go soon. She stepped into the car ready to get settled and click on a seatbelt, but she froxe instead.

    Wait... She looked back to the door after the man had stepped in and stook her head out. She looked both ways then brought her head back in. Then out again. She stepped in all the way and moved towards him. "It's... what? It's... bigger on the inside," She said softly. She stopped moving and stared at him. "Who... are you?"
  11. "You can call me..." He gave a dramatic twirl, "BENEDICT JONES!" After a short awkward moment he speaks again. "That sounded better in my head."

    He then flipped several controls and the door shut, "Tell me have you ever been to another planet? Never mind don't, it's stupid to ask a rhetorical questions." A loud whoosh was heard and he pointed to the door and nodded. "To glory. I insist."

    Once she opens the door she is on another planet, the ground is made out of purple rock and the sky is a blaring yellow with streaks of blue thunder painting the sky however there was no rain. The sun wasn't white or yellow, there wasn't just a sun either, there was two, one was blue and the other was orange.
  12. Megan let a short laugh escape after his introduction and she tilted her head at him. He was a strange man. The things he talked about even made no sense to her. Another planet? Did he really think she looked like some sort of atronaut? She watched him move controls and press buttons and the brief moment of whooshing stopped.

    She narrowed her eyes at him, wondering what he could possibly be talking about when he pointed to the door. But she went to check on the alley anyways.

    As soon as she poked her head out, her jaw dropped. "What..." She didn't move back inside this time. She slowly stepped onto the purple ground and took a deep breath. "What?" She looked up at the beauty of colors in the sky. "WHAT?!" She turned to Benedict, awaiting an explanation.
  13. He smiled wide following her out, "Welcome to the Planet Espion." He closed the door and locked the TARDIS behind him, "We are here to save the Iquis from whatever they are being attacked by." He looked around. "So you think this place is amazing? Wait till you see the Mirror City. Imagine a castle made out of mirrors then times its size by five."

    Benedict offered his hand. "Onward?"
  14. "Planet..." She muttered, taking another look around. She looked at his hand before taking it, and soon they began walking. "So, we're on another planet?" She asked. It was pretty obvious. This definitely was not earth, but it was so hard to believe. I mean, a strange thing attacking New York and a car that's bigger on the inside are one thing. But a whole other place she's never even heard of? She could have never even imagined this place. "Why are we here?" She asked softly.
  15. "Yes a whole other planet, literally five point seven three two one billion light years away." He started walking down in what seemed a random direction, "If you see right there that little glint of light." He pointed up must have been a star, there was only a few in the sky. "That's your sun. I would explain why it shows up but I don't want to go into the details of the contrast and optics of this planets sky. However, we are here because the Iquis threatened to destroy Earth unless I help them with their problem and they are being attacked by someone or something and they can't win on their own."
  16. But he was only a man. What could he possibly do to help this planet from--plural--attackers? They walked a while longer. Megan was unable to take all of it in. Only a few hours ago she was in class, perfectly normal and now, this. "Okay..." She wanted to ask again why he'd picked her to come along on this magical trip, but he'd already said. "So... what do you need me for?" She asked. "And how could you possibly save thi whole planet?"
  17. "Well I need a sanity check, someone to watch my back and someone else to see the things I don't see." He looked around. "It's easy to save a planet. You just need the right idea at the right time for the right situation."

    Over the Horizon they could see the Mirrored City, "There it is, the Mirrored City." It was beautiful, it reflected the nearby colors making a clash of all kinds of bright colors making it look like a collage of colors.
  18. That first view of the mirrored city brought a huge smile to her face. "Oh my..." She put her other hand on his and squeezed. "Look at it... She bounced slightly with excitement as they moved closer, "Oh, wow." She let out a long breath and dropped her free hand again. She didn't want to ruin this experience acting like an excited little girl.

    Especially not with this guy. She looked over at him and paused. What was he? "Are you some sort of member of the men in black or something?" she asked. How did he even have this technology?
  19. He smiled when she started bouncing, "Men in black? No I'm more like a Guardian Angel kind of thing." He pointed at the largest spire. "Thats where we are going. It's the councils building. They should be able to explain what is going on. So instead of walking all that way and up the spiral, want to see a trick?"
  20. "Guardian Angel?" It still didn't explain what he was working for with his magic car and intellegence. She looked to the spire he pointed at and nodded at him. "What kind of trick?" She looked up and waited. "Show me."