Do you have a deep, dark secret?

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  1. I'm talking about like the kind of deep dark secret that you would never tell anyone, perhaps not even your most trusted, beloved friends, family, or significant other.

    The kind of deep, dark secret that might cause your life to unravel if it were ever revealed!

    Do you have one?

    ...If so, what is it? :D
  2. My secret..... I'm a serial killer...
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  3. I secretly think pugs are superior to all other dog breeds, corgis included. I would undoubtedly be hunted down, or at least imprisoned for life, if it came out in the open.
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  4. Boobs > Butts. There, you happy?!
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  5. Social interaction scares me.

    Not really a secret though
  6. Yes. In fact, several. Some of which are kinky, others are more on the lines of personal things.

    Why would I say them? If I can't even trust normal people, close friends or even family with them I can't trust you D8


    Why do you need to be so mean about me not wanting to say it?! ;_;


    *runs out of the thread crying*
  7. Hrm... I haven't done anything I feel enough guilt or regret over to never tell anyone, nor anything bad enough to ruin my life. My worst crime ever committed (and also by far most prolific) is pirating things. I pirate things far more often nowadays than I actually pay for them. I just can't be bothered with waiting for things to load on Netflix or sitting through commercials to watch stuff on TV, so I even pirate shows that are on the basic networks whenever I feel like watching one of them.

    I also don't have any opinions or thoughts that I wouldn't ever share because of any sort of silly fear about it ruining my life. I tell people all sorts of fucked up thoughts I have, and I'm pretty open with even my most socially unacceptable opinions on various topics, so there's really nothing left in that area to possibly ruin me since I've already let it all out myself at various times.

    So nope, no easy life ruining button for me. :D
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  8. Nice try, FBI.
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  9. This thread, its creator, and the people posting in it, are both redundant and paradoxical.

    *tables a flip*

    Yes, I have a pretty deep secret that I will never tell anyone.
  10. [Redacted]
  11. I probably have a few stashed away somewhere, but they'd be so deep and dark that I couldn't even trust myself with them.

    So I can't tell you what they are, because not even I know.
  12. Sometimes, I put on a white catsuit and orange blanket then pretend I am a Sushi.
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  13. What he's trying to say is that he puts on a dress while he smokes pot, so that he can relive his teenage years.
  14. yes

    but a secret isnt a secret if you tell anyone
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  15. It's a secret if you tell me.....
  16. valiant attempt!
  17. That's a bold faced lie. I never appreciated how pretty I can feel in a dress until well into my 20s.
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  18. Nope. o__o I'll tell you just about anything if you ask the right questions.

    The trick though is that you have to ask. 8D I have lots of things I never mention unless the topic comes up.