Do I know you? (Alison and winter)

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  1. "Flight 101 is now landing" the flight attendant announce. Emma grab her bag and stood once the plane landed and walk off the plane. She grab her other bags and got a taxi.

    Once at the school she took her bags and walk into the dorm and set her bags down. Sighing she took a photo frame out of her bestfriend and tears fell. She wipe her eyes and started unpacking wishing she could remember everything. She took photos out and paper with names or family friends and places here in this town so she won't forget. All she remember from the accident is seeing her friend next to her blood everywhere.
  2. Jacob sighed as he grabbed all the books up from his table at the library and looked at the time. He had an hour until his next hour but the councilor called him in to bee early to meet a new student.

    He stood up slowly and ran a hand through his brown shaggy hair and walked across campus to his next hour and walked through the door, waiting for the new student to come into the class.
  3. Emma walk to her class and walk in holding her book. She look around unsure it it the right place and look at her schedule.

    Her long red hair is in a side braid looking around and saw a boy. She walk up and ask softly "um c could you help me?@
  4. Jacob looked up from his phone and stood up straight when he saw a familiar face. "U-um. E-emma?"he asks looking her up and down, recognizing her bright red hair.

    "Y-youre the new student? I mean. Y-yeag I can help,"he says slowly, uncontiously reaching his hand out to her.
  5. Emma look at him freak out. She step back and look at him. "H how do you know my name? Who are you?" She ask confused

    She rub her head confused and look at him. "H how you know I'm new?"
  6. "I-I'm jacob. Don't you remember me?"he asks stepping towards her again."I'm suppose to show you around and stuff.. do you really not know who I am?"he asks hurt.
  7. "I'm sorry I don't remember anything" Emma said softly seeing how hurt he is. "I I don't remember anything from the past or anyone. I'm sorry Jacob. I can explain but not here please"
  8. Jacob hears the bell ring as sees people start piling in and he hesitates."D-do you want to go out tonight for coffee? Or tea? We can talk then," he says quietly.
  9. "Yes. I do not know where it is though. Is there someplace we can meet and go together?" Emma ask soflry and quietly sat next to him in class
  10. "I can meet you at your dorm and we could walk there together. It's not far, just down the road."he smiles politely and looked forward as class began
  11. She smile nodded. She sat in class taking notes and rub her head getting a headache as it was a lot to remember. Sighing she set her pencil down and got up step out of class to get some air and close her eyes to try and clear her head.
  12. As Jacob hears the bell ring signaling that class was over, he finished his notes quickly and scooped Emma things in his other arms. Looking around as he walked out of the classroom he finally spotted Emma standing outside.

    Jacob slowly made his way over to her and stood beside her."Are you okay?"he asks slowly and carefully, trying not to startle her."I brought you your books."
  13. Emma look up at Jacob. "Yeah I'm okay. Just a headache and it a lot to remember and I barely even remember my life jakey" she called him by his nickname as a kid
  14. Jacob smiled at the old nickname she had made for him and chuckled a little thinking of when she first called him that."I can't believe you still remember that Emma-bear,"he calls her by the nickname he gave her when they were younger.
  15. Emma giggle and gasp look at him. "I didn't remmeber that it just came up but I remember there was a treehouse I call you that first time right?" She ask hopeful she is remmebering something right
  16. "Right. It was in your backyard. I'd always climb over the fence and meet you there every night when we were kids,"he chuckled."Do you remember our puppy we shared? Brownie? We were making brownies when mom came home with him so you wanted to name him Brownie even though he's a white color,"he laughs thinking about it.
  17. Emma smile and listen. She giggle and shook her head. "No I don't remember that" she sigh sadly. "I hope I do remember. You have pics?"
  18. "Um, yeah at my apartment. Actually I have her there too,"he says."She just stuck on me so I kept her after you left.."
  19. "Oh wow. Can I see her?" Emma ask softly looking at him. "That is after school of course
  20. "Of course,"he said pulling out his cell phone. He shows her the background picture and smiles."Yep, that's our baby,"he says remembering they use to call her that when they were younger.
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