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  1. (Story to be determined by DM)

    Character sheet:
  2. Wait what is this "deity" section all about?
  3. Similar to the actual board game;
    It's purpose is negligible to this format, though.
  4. The deity thing never came up when I was playing it...
  5. @Ruko
    Your characters could always make a prayer for help
  6. Not in my stories. In my stories, the gods don't give one tiny little fuck about what the mortals do. In fact, they're usually the ones orchestrating the whole thing.
  7. As long as the gods exist, people can still choose to pray to them. Even the most malevolent, cruel of deities will still have followers.

    ...or just people that pray and beg them not to ruin their lives too much. Either way!
  8. when I'm the dungeon master I generally punish people who try to ask for deity help by giving them some random ailment :P. Once one of my friends did that in one of my dungeons and ended up with a soulbound weapon, meaning he couldn't switch, that morphed randomly at the most inconvenient of times. It was called the "Sword of the Yids" and it took the form of a black, rubbery, slug-like implement during a battle against a crucial vampire lord.
  9. *makes mental note to be verrrrrrrrrrry careful when this thread gets started*

    You sort of remind me of the vindictive genie from The Sims...
  10. I don't think i've encountered that character yet. I generally just play it until I get bored of a family then lock the doors and burn down the house. And on that note, any idea as to when this might start anyone? I'll start coming up with a dungeon for y'all.
  11. Well, we haven't had any completed character sheets yet... :P

    The "information" section is leaving me a bit unsure. What kind of information do you want? Class? Race? Appearance? Personality? Favourite flavour of ice cream?
  12. Well, for my dungeon I will need:

    Appearance: (just for interaction sake really)
    Race: (works with modifiers to stats. While stats wont play a part in this with dice rolls etc, it just helps to create a more detailed image of the character, and suggests whether or not they'll be able to do something or if it would be powergaming for them. For example, a character with INT 3 isn't going to be able to use that one fireball spell, no matter how hard they try.)
    Personality: (Just so you don't have your character start doing things they wouldn't do.)
    Spoken Languages: (Up to three, including "common tongue". Used for the finding of things like scrolls or foreign merchants)
    Alignment: (Lawful/Neutral/Chaotic, Good/Neutral/Evil. Used for interactions with demons etc.)
    Gold: 30 (everyone starts at thirty. Updates to money and souls should be made at the end of every post that involves an increase or decrease to either.)
    Souls: 0 (Every time you kill something you get a certain amount of souls, based upon the creature's power level. This is currency that can be used to trade with immortals, who naturally have no use for mortal Gold.)
    Main Stats:
    (Roll a D20 for each, using some kind of browser simulator, or even better, an actual D20 if you have one. You may re roll any one dice once. So if you want to make a mage character but you roll a 4 for intelligence, then you can re-roll once. This means you cannot re-roll any other stat though. After that, you have 8 extra points to distribute as you like. For each point distributed this way, 1 point must be removed from another stat. Over time I found this was a good way of allowing people to make balanced characters that they still liked playing as.)
    Constitution: (dictates character health and stamina. Someone with CON 2 will probably die after being touched by an ogre's finger nail clipping. Someone with a 20 (max) in CON will be able to withstand a blow from a fast moving boulder and get away with only a few broken ribs.
    Intelligence: (dictates power of spells, as well as ability to think quickly in a situation.)
    Wisdom: (dictates size of mana pool, as well as ability to make educated decisions, based on experience. Also effects observation skills.)
    Willpower: (dictates magic resistance, as CON dictates Health (physical resistance). Also affects ability to withstand succubi etc.)
    Strength: (dictates physical attack power, as well as ability to move heavy objects.)
    Dexterity: (dictates reaction speed, and accuracy. Vital for archer-type and speed-type characters)
    Charisma: (dictates like-ability. With a high enough CHA stat, one may be able to befriend an Angel, even if they themselves were Chaotic-Evil. Also dictates skill with a lute and how long it takes for listeners to tear their eardrums out.)
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  13. That looks good to me, I'll work on getting a character sheet up tomorrow.

    Question: Why no charisma stat? Aren't I allowed to try to charm the pants off of the Lich King? ;)
  14. Oops. Forgot that one. I'll edit it in. It's been a while since I dungeon'd. And no one really uses charisma out of my group. We always seem to roll very low so we never practiced how to do it :P
  15. A lot of people overlook charisma (and intelligence, and wisdom) in favour of the battling stats, but one of the most enjoyable characters I played was a "diplomat" of sorts with low physical stats, high charisma and high wisdom. Lots of points into sense motive and diplomacy (obviously) helped make him very persuasive and he served as the "face" of the group when dealing with townspeople, merchants and the like. Good times.

    That said, if we're off into a dungeon for some old-fashioned hack 'n' slash, then charisma probably could be ignored.
  16. I often set my dungeons in strange mixtures of towns and dungeons. I'm not revealing details yet, but this dungeon's now about 10% planned, and already pretty interesting. So yeah, invest in a mix of both combat and diplomacy stats is probably best. I always try to make all of my stats have both in and out of combat uses though, so people who aren't creative fighters don't feel left out combat and people who aren't creative thinkers don't get left out of non-combat.
  17. I always did a bit of min-maxing, mostly because you always get a bad roll or two. I know you're allowing us to adjust our stats, but if I get an 18 and a 6, then I could raise the 6 and end up with a 14 and a 10 instead. By raising the bad stat, my strong stat becomes a bit on the average side. If min-maxing allows me to be really good at one thing then I'll take that over being average across the board, especially as it's a team activity. I might be playing the village idiot, but if my character is the only one strong enough to break down a door, then it all works out in the end!

    I usually tossed up between strength and dexterity, as I'd rarely play a character that needed both to be proficient in battle, but I'll see what my D20 bestows upon me. Assuming, of course, that it's still where I think I left it...
  18. You only have one D20? As an experienced DM, I dont even leave the house without one, and whenever I set up a game, I have in excess of 15 with me :P Thats how much damage some of the dragons can do if they hit you :P When I play as a player rather than DM, which is rare, I tend to also go with super powered in one stat area, though it usually revolves around speed. With 20 base speed and +2 modifier, thats almost a guaranteed speed check success, meaning my dodge rate is through the roof, and I get in 2 - 3 extra attacks each attack round. While they probably don't do much damage, enchant that sword with 25% stun chance, and thats a hell of a lot of attacks without them being able to respond :D.
  19. Well, back in the original thread, I did say that I hadn't played in about a decade, and back then I was never a DM, just a player. I brought my dice, and my friends brought theirs, so we always had plenty of dice... we just had to put a marker on each on so that we know who each dice belonged to.

    Why stop with just an extra 2-3 attacks and stun? Duel wield your way to victory with a stunning dagger and a slowing dagger. That's the way to really abuse mechanics.
  20. So I don't know if you said which edition this is based on, so I'm asking if you would be willing to enlighten me? Also, I'll have a character for you if you'll take me.