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    I'm looking for 4-8 players, myself included.

    We are SELF-INSERTS OF OURSELVES. Legit. You are RP'ing yourself. Your skills, your looks, everything. Not an idealized you, YOU-you. You can use a fake name, of course, even a different look, but you are RP'ing you.

    Here's where it gets fun!

    Now it's time to survive in a fantasy setting very reminiscent of DnD. Paladins, Wizards, Elves, Kobolds, the works, are everywhere. You just... appear one day. Maybe you were on your way to work, or to school, or coming home from soccer practice... You just appeared, with what you have on you. Maybe it's a laptop with digital textbooks, or your PDF with your work drafts, or your iPod with a bunch of songs and movies. Or maybe it's none of that, and you're a mechanic with a bunch of modern tools! Or maybe you're a martial artist with your gym bag?

    Again, you are YOU. Not an idealized, fantasy you.

    Here's where we get REAL fun.

    There's destiny.

    As the RP progresses, a touch of the DnD setting begins to settle on your shoulders. You begin to find yourself drawn to... Druidic powers. Or maybe Wizardly. Maybe you suddenly can carry a tune like no other, or you stumble, through sheer luck, onto the Thieves Guild.

    Now we're workin' some DnD into this mixer!

    EDIT: Except, forgot to mention: No actual DnD. No dice, no numbers, no stats. None of that, not really. It's just for... guidance, really. Or guidelines. Something.

    Okay, a lot of that above was rambling. But still, it's my RP idear.

    So? Anyone interested?
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  2. Maybe.
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  3. lmao.

    I love it!

    If I can get just a handful of people to commit, I'll try it.

    I'll try it.
  4. [ bro space saved ]
  5. I forsee Koori getting herself into a metric fuckton of trouble. Not sure why.
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  6. This sounds like it has good potential for a mostly serious RP that can still laught at itself, and I've never RP'd a character quite like myself before. Besides, every group needs a medic. I'm the perfect candidate for a Favored Soul.

    So yeah, I'm interested.
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    'Cuz me and Seiji just went through, like, three, and the questions were kinda lame and/or leading.
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  8. I take quizzes like that and when I do I get either LG/NG/CG Bard/Cleric/Ranger. That help? lol
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  9. Well, the idea I had was that, in the Official thread, you'd have to fill out a designated quiz for your Destiny. Basically, I'm not going to allow you to just PICK what you want to be. I'd want it to be a bit more, at least, organic? Natural?

    So you take the quiz, you land on Ranger. That means, in the RP, you're going to somehow end up stumbling into the Ranger the protects [INSERT TOWNSHIP NAME HERE], and he takes a liking to you. So along with keeping in touch with the other people from Modern Day 2015, you now check in with the Rangerguy as he teaches you Favoured Enemy and all that.
  10. And if you land on Paladin, then something draws you to a Local Church and you stumble onto a priest of a god of something important to you. Valour, Knowledge, Wisdom, something... But you're not just a zealout. You're also martial oriented. There's something in you to lead, maybe perhaps you get a stick up your butt to really cling to an ideal you had back in Modern Day 2015, but you were just a Facebook Protestor instead of a real one. So now's your chance!

    That's what I want to see happen!
  11. If you need a Co-Gm I have the V5 books with me. Also I am interested.
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  12. Does this mean if I get Cleric I can summon Angels in the Cbox?
  13. Thanks! I just got the 5e PHB the other day. Waiting for an Amazon Christmas Special or something before grabbing the DMG.

    I'd like to steer away from 4e anything, honestly, but the Wizards quiz seems to be the most well put-together currently. Bah! We'll see.
  14. Ah, fourth edition.
    The most horrifying thing to ever happen to D&D.
    Can we all just agree to forget it existed?
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  15. I think I know the quiz. It's long. I can't find that one. Link me if you can remember which it is!
  16. I have the V5 Hand book and Monster Manual. I dont have the dungeon yet.
  17. Not sure if this is exactly it or not but I know of this one:


    I get NG Cleric (used to get Wizard but my more recent medical leaning has influenced it).
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  18. I am a true neutral half-orc sorcerer. You've got me tempted.
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  19. I almost got True Neutral. Could probably have gotten it with one different answer.
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  20. Alignment:
    Lawful Good ----- XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (17)
    Neutral Good ---- XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (21)
    Chaotic Good ---- XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (20)
    Lawful Neutral -- XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (17)
    True Neutral ---- XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (21)
    Chaotic Neutral - XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (20)
    Lawful Evil ----- XXXXXXXX (8)
    Neutral Evil ---- XXXXXXXXXXXX (12)
    Chaotic Evil ---- XXXXXXXXXXX (11)

    Yeah, we were sort of everywhere.
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