Distant Echoes [Reaper Six-Lexie]

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  1. Michael was out in the woods, up in the snow covered mountains he called his home. Since his transformation, he'd moved away from society, out to a cabin in the mountaintops. After he'd learned to control the wolf side of him, he'd slowly rejoined, driving to town every few days for work.

    He had scouted around the area, and had confirmed the existence of a wolf pack in the area. He doubted they knew of his existence, but he kept to himself anyway. Just staying within a few miles of his home at all times. He ran to the edge of a ridge and shifted, crouching on the edge. Michael was dressed in arctic pattern camouflage pants and jacket, better to blend in. He had his M21 EBR across his back, mainly for spotting. He unslung the rifle, and looked at the woods below. Seeing a blur of black movement four hundred yards out.
  2. Anastasia had shifted into her wolf form around an hour ago. She had left her pack for a while in order to find food since it was winter and it would be scarce. She sniffed the air, picking up the scent of something~rather someone~ and scoured the area. Spotting a form several hundred yards out, she ran through the snow covered trees, what few there were, before stopping in a more densely packed area. Her blue eyes stayed on the form as she let out a low growl. Whatever it was, it was in her territory and didn't belong there. She crouched down, hiding herself more, and debated on whether to attack or continue searching for food.
  3. Michael saw the wolf coming closer, and he shifted and slowly approached the other prescence, he issued a low warning towards it, this was his territory.
  4. Her blue eyes focused on the creature, she watched it shift and immediately started growling louder. She knew it could see her but out of habit, she stayed low as she approached it. She let out a warning growl of her own and got ready to attack if necessary.
  5. He didn't really want to fight her, so he eased up, and took one step back, ceasing his growl. Michael looked at her, and even as he tried to defuse the situation, he was ready to fight her.
  6. Watching him back down, Ana straightened back up as she grew silent. She shifted into her human form and stared at the wolf, her eyes now their naturally blue-green color. "You're in my territory," she stated confidently with her head held high.
  7. Michael shifted too, standing from his crouch. "I've lived here for two years, and I haven't seen you, or any other werewolves here before. " he told her. "Look, I don't really care. I'm one guy, as long as you don't pick the area clean, we won't have any problems."
  8. "We already have a problem. First of all, once again, this is MY territory. I've lived here my whole life and inherited it from my parents technically ten years ago. You don't tell me what to and what not to do in my territory. I think I've got that right," she said simply, trying not to lose control of her anger.
  9. Michael shook his head, "If it was, why didn't someone tell me this two years ago?" he asked calmly. "This is the first time I've talked to any other person like me. I've got a house and everything. I'm not asking for much here."
  10. "I've never seen you until now," Ana said simply. She turned on her heel and started walking back in the direction of her pack's meeting area, expecting him to follow, and , shifted back as she went. She let out a loud howl, signaling the others there and took off in a run.
  11. Michael shook his head, he didn't trust her. He wasn't going to follow her, if they wanted to negotiate, it'd be here, on neutral terms. Not on hers, not on his. So as she walked away, he turned his back to her and shifted, trotting away.
  12. Ana growled, knowing he wasn't behind her, but she knew she couldn't force him either. He wasn't part of her pack so she couldn't tell him what to do...except when it came to her territory. He was lucky she had been as nice as she was considering he was still alive. She arrived at her destination and shifted back seeing the others already there and waiting. Sighing softly, she took her seat on a couch and glanced around the room. "There's a loner in our territory," she stated simply, only to be met with silence and looks of confusion. No one ever went up there which she was happy about.
  13. Michael headed home, searching around his cupboards to find a meal. He lit a fire in his fireplace, then cooked himself a small but fitting meal. He sat on his couch and ate, watching TV on a small flat screen thanks to the miricle of sattillites.
  14. "I don't like him, but he could be an asset to us and our overall goal," she decided to add and played with the necklace around her neck. She sighed softly, already feeling exhausted, and looked outside. "You're all dismissed. I'll try to find more food tomorrow along with Jonothan. She looked at the male and saw him nod as everyone else left.
  15. Michael rolled over on the couch as he finished, willing himself to sleep. The only problem he had was that he shifted almost every night, and it got to the point that he didn't even notice. So as he was out, he turned into his wolf form.
  16. Ana yawned softly and shifted before trotting out of the small shack. She glanced around and started to walk the mile and a half trek through the snow to her house. Catching the scent of something, she quickly recognized it as the man from earlier and disregarded the feeling of protectiveness.
  17. Michael rolled over, and fell onto the floor. He woke with a start, as wishes wolf self, and quickly looked around. Unable to fall back to sleep, he slipped out and went for a run around the woods near his home.
  18. Ana looked around for any predators that might have been lurking around. It was something she often had to do since it was so hard to hide during the winter. She turned back just in time to see the same grey wolf she had come in contact with earlier. She decided to try a nicer approach and ran up beside him, silently running along.
  19. Hearing something, he turned, bracing for a fight. However, once he realized who it was, he huffed slightly and kept running. Then he heard her beside him, and he looked over. Michael didn't change anything, he just kept running.
  20. Ana sped up and stopped in front of his, sniffing around. She looked back at him and used her paw to fling a bit of snow up in his face. Although it couldn't be seen, she was laughing on the inside at her antics. She did it once more before taking off.
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