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  1. Note #1: The taken characters without the bios are coming shortly.
    Note #2: The teachers I am about to list are NPCs and also OLD movie characters.

    This is years after Harry and his Generation passed. A new generation has dawned and they are all Disney Characters from movies to old cartoons. No one is animals.

    HeadMaster: Walt Disney
    Deputy HeadMaster: Michael 'Mickey' Mouse
    Astronomy Professor: Archimedes Hoot
    Flying/Muggle Studies Professor: Merryweather Fae
    DADA/Ghoul Studies Professor: Madam Mim
    Herbology Professor: Flora Fae
    History of Magic Professor: Cuthbert Binns
    Ancient Runes Professor: Yzma Amzy
    Care of Magical Creatures Professor: Philoctetes Hooves
    Potions Professor: Archimedes Q. Porter
    Transfiguration/Appartition Professor: Godmartha Fae
    Alchemy/Arithmancy Professor: Rafiki King
    Divination/Xylomancy Professor: Mama Odie
    Art/Music Professor: Thomas O' Malley
    Muggle Art/Music Professor: Duchess Bonfamille
    Magical Theory Professor: Preston B. Whitmore
    Librarian: Margaret Gesner
    Medic: Fauna Fae

    Name: Two characters, does not have to be even genders. Just preferred.

    Blood Status:

    Likes: 5+
    Dislikes: 5+
    Weaknesses: 5+
    Strengths: 5+

    Pet: Owl, Toad, Rat, and Cat
    Animagus: 5th years and up.

    Personality: Keep close to Canon.
    Bio: Keep close to Canon but no animals and use your imagination on making it fit.

    Merida Dunbroch - @LittleMuse
    Milo Thatch - @LittleMuse
    Maleficent - @Prince Justin Perfection
    Naveen - @Prince Justin Perfection
    Belle - @kimsim12
    Hades - @kimsim12
    Esmerelda - @~Dark Disney~
    (@~Dark Disney~ we are waiting for your second character)
    Fix-It Felix - @Lissamel
    Megavolt - @Lissamel
    Piglet - @Raven Haruka
    Ponyo - @Raven Haruka
    Violet - @Raven
    Stitch - @Raven
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  2. Oh can I get
    Prince Naveen and

    Is it real pics or anime... real please lol
  3. emeralds and Phoebus daughter
  4. Could I reserve Belle and...would Hades work from the movie Hercules? I'm thinking he would a Draco Malfoy-esque character. xD Either that or I could go with Shan Yu from Mulan
  5. Ah, before I join, lemme ask--What's the stance on TV characters? One of my ideas is from a Disney Afternoon show, but I wanna make sure that's cool before I do it. ^^
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  6. Oh my bad esmerelda then please
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  7. Ahh, alright! In that case, er, save me Fix-It Felix Jr. and...Cedric the Sorcerer. Yes from Sofia the First it counts
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  8. I'll reserve Piglet and Brunhilde (A.K.A Ponyo), if that's alright?
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  9. Could I maybe reserve Violet from the Incredibles? If she'd be allowed?
    *would ask for stitch till realized he probable qualifies as an animal*

    If not I'll keep thinking. I still am interested in this.
  10. I meant AFTER 2010 not before. It was crazy late when I replied. Sorry.
  11. Well I know Stitch is way before 2010 if I could reserve him. I have a pic idea that may work actually. If that's the case. Um and I still for now would like Violet reserved if were allowed two to reserve to start then. If not just Stitch please.
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  12. ...Wait, but both of mine are after 2010? So do you mean before or after? Sorry
  13. Okay that makes sense! I'll keep Felix, but then I'll go back to plan A and use Megavolt. ^^
  14. "Elmo Sputterspark, alias Megavolt, is one of the main villains and a member of the Fearsome Five from Darkwing Duck..." (From the Disney Wiki)

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  15. (Color Hex Code: #FE5A1D)

    Name: Brunhilde Mercy (Goes by Ponyo)
    Age: 11
    Birthdate: March 4
    House: Gryffindor (The sorting hat had a minor issue on deciding whether or not she would be in Hufflepuff or Gryffindor. Ponyo randomly thought that the red-gold combo of Gryffindor was very beautiful, and so that was that.)
    Year: 1


    Wand: 13" Ash and Dragon Heartstring

    "The ash wand cleaves to its one true master and ought not to be passed on or gifted from the original owner, because it will lose power and skill. This tendency is extreme if the core is of unicorn. Old superstitions regarding wands rarely bear close examination, but I find that the old rhyme regarding rowan, chestnut, ash and hazel wands (rowan gossips, chestnut drones, ash is stubborn, hazel moans) contains a small nugget of truth. Those witches and wizards best suited to ash wands are not, in my experience, lightly swayed from their beliefs or purposes. However, the brash or over-confident witch or wizard, who often insists on trying wands of this prestigious wood, will be disappointed by its effects. The ideal owner may be stubborn, and will certainly be courageous, but never crass or arrogant."

    -Garrick Olivander
    (Found in "Pottermore" by J.K. Rowling)
    Blood Status: Half-blood


    ~The Ocean~
    "The sea is my home, too!"

    "I love meat, especially HAM!"

    ~Rainy/Stormy Days~
    "Though I can't go out and play by the ocean, it's so cool to watch the sky empty it's tears. I just hope they're tears of joy..."

    "Who doesn't love a good adventure? It's so much fun!"

    ~Wildlife, of both the underwater and land-dwelling type.~
    "Fish are super cool! But, so are tigers, and bears, and otters, and-"


    "I might love the sea, but I can't eat it!"

    ~Manipulation of Others~
    "Tricking other people isn't very nice!"

    ~Overly Complicated Stuff~
    "Lectures and large explanations go right over my head, or at least that's what Sousuke says."

    "Ugh, WAITING?!? I can't wait, it takes too long!"

    "If it's hot, then all of my energy evaporates...not cool."


    Because she hasn't gotten out that much, Ponyo tends to acknowledge things that sound believable, which can make it really easy to deceive or trick her.

    ~Magical Theory~
    Lots of theories about manner, explained in a long, well-detailed manner? Yeah, this is probably the class that she tends to fall asleep in the most.

    Always ready for an adventure, sometimes Ponyo will try to "break free" of her normal routine, getting excited over any chance for adventure and sometimes even going to look for it. Of course, this sometimes means there will be a splash of danger, or even the chance of breaking a few school rules, depending on the time of day.

    Potion making requires one to be calculated in their measurements, calm in their procedures, and patient in their boiling/cooking. None of these can be described as characteristics of Ponyo.

    Believe it or not, Ponyo can be angered very easily when she hears people bash on others. If you insult her family or close friends, however...you might want to run, as she'll become unbelievingly protective and confront you on your wrongdoings.


    Once she sets her mind to something, Ponyo won't stop until her goal is achieved.

    For some reason or another, Ponyo finds transforming herself into something relatively easy, and applying that to the outside world? That should be simple enough...probably.

    Ponyo usually has no qualms about titles or societal behavior, as instead she will hang out with whomever she so wishes, and trusts her instincts on judging character. As such, she isn't afraid to stand up to people complaining about stupid things like blood and house stereotypes, and can often be seen arguing head-on with the perpetrator.

    It's almost like a whole different type of adventure that began the moment she first gripped the handle of the broomstick. Now that she's gotten a taste of it, Ponyo wishes to join her house's Quidditch team.

    ~Care of Magical Creatures ~
    With her love of animals from the muggle world, how could Ponyo not also love animals of the magical variety? They're also a whole lot easier to communicate with compared to humans.

    Pet: Lisa the Cat
    Patronus: A Dolphin
    Animagus: N/A

    Personality: (I shall convert this to a paragraph later)


    Brunhilde was born the eldest of a large family, as five more children soon followed in her footsteps and joined the family, a sixth looming in the near future already. Her mother being a powerful witch, the orange-haired girl often looks up to her (even now, when talking about her mother, she refers to her as a goddess, with her beauty and power)- even though the times she managed to see her were sparse, due to her magic-related work causing her to be away for periods of time.

    Her father, being a researcher on marine life, was a stay-at-home father, constantly taking care of all the children while at the same time performing his research. This resulted in him becoming a high-strung, overprotective father who constantly was worrying

    Living in the Muggle world (specifically a small coastal town near the Atlantic), it was only natural that the young girl would make friends who were muggles- as such with the case of Sousuke, a young boy who was just a year older than herself. Being the neighboring family of the Mercys, of course the two families' children would become great friends in a short span of time, as the two of them quickly went on "adventures" on the beach near their homes. One time they rescued a golden fish from being stuck in a glass jar, and her friend remarked how the fish "looks a lot like you". And since they decided to name the fish Ponyo, that also became Brunhilde's new nickname.

    Their friendship was kept a secret from Ponyo's father, or at least it was up until the month before her eleventh birthday, where an unscheduled research trip had Sousuke and her father meeting face-to-face.

    Needless to say, he was furious, practically dragging Ponyo back to their home and getting into a gigantic argument (the other children watching from around various corners). Finally, the orange-haired girl declared her love for the muggle, causing her father to blow up and send her to her room. While he got in contact with her mother, she would send messages to Sousuke via morse code with a flashlight- something they decided to learn when they were younger.

    Then her eleventh birthday arrived, and the surprise letter of admission to Hogwarts came. Enraged, she confronted her father about it, only to find her mother had returned home. After the usual greetings and questions of health, her mother answered the question left unspoken in the room. "If you graduate Hogwarts with remarkable grades and comments from your teachers, return home. If, afterwards, you still love this boy...come talk to us. I'm sure your father will be much more softened from age by then." Her father opened his mouth to protest, but paused, and instead told Ponyo she wasn't to come home until she did graduate. "So that young boy won't taint your success!"

    Ponyo agreed with a smile on her face- after all there's no way her feelings would change in the next seven years!



    (Color Hex Code: #FC8EAC)

    Name: Pewlyn Robin (Often called Piglet, due to the fact that he is a squirt of a kid)
    Age: 11
    Birthdate: April 2
    House: Hufflepuff
    Year: 1


    Wand: 10" Hawthorn with Unicorn Core

    "The wandmaker Gregorovitch wrote that hawthorn ‘makes a strange, contradictory wand, as full of paradoxes as the tree that gave it birth, whose leaves and blossoms heal, and yet whose cut branches smell of death.’ While I disagree with many of Gregorovitch’s conclusions, we concur about hawthorn wands, which are complex and intriguing in their natures, just like the owners who best suit them. Hawthorn wands may be particularly suited to healing magic, but they are also adept at curses, and I have generally observed that the hawthorn wand seems most at home with a conflicted nature, or with a witch or wizard passing through a period of turmoil. Hawthorn is not easy to master, however, and I would only ever consider placing a hawthorn wand in the hands of a witch or wizard of proven talent, or the consequences might be dangerous. Hawthorn wands have a notable peculiarity: their spells can, when badly handled, backfire."

    -Garrick Olivander
    (Found in "Pottermore" by J.K. Rowling)

    Blood Status: Muggle-born


    "Walnuts, pecans, cashews...salted or unsalted, I like them all!"

    "Not only are flowers cute, but you can do all sorts of things with them!

    "Pink is a cute color, and it's a great color for friendship."

    "A neat place is a place for success!"

    ~Being Busy~
    "Doing nothing...I-I just can't see myself doing that very often."


    ~Messy things/places~
    "A messy place is a place where one can become lost!"

    ~Windy days~
    "Wind usually means papers flying everywhere, which means more messes to clean, right?"

    "I don't understand, isn't it just soccer on brooms?"

    "S-Spiders? Oh, d-d-dear."

    "How can somebody just lay around and do nothing at all? It doesn't make sense..."


    ~Easily Scared~
    A bit of a coward, Piglet is easily scared by a lot of things- a trait which he is working hard to get rid of. This tends to make him a victim of many pranks, due to his "great" reactions.

    Afraid of heights, there is definitely no possible way you will ever catch the young boy willingly flying a broomstick.

    Although just for reading, Piglet does own a pair of glasses, and cannot read without them.

    Being a "very small child", it's hard for Piglet to do a lot of things - like reaching for things on a high shelf, seeing over people at events, becoming hard to see whilst walking the halls, etc...

    It's bad enough to look weak, but also proving the fact? Yeah, that's rough. Piglet isn't very good at offensive magic, as he becomes just too nervous about hurting somebody beyond the point of healing. As a result of this, his wand often backfires his incorrect spells at him.


    Although he may not seem like it, Piglet has very strong morals, usually speaking up against things he considers wrong to do...even if he gets strung along in the end.

    Though he's not the bravest out there, you can usually depend on the young boy to defend his friends in dire circumstances.

    Due to his borderline-obsessive neatness, Piglet's a bit of a natural when it comes to measuring the exact amount of something- an important aspect of potion making.

    Before he even knew about magic, Piglet was a plant-fanatic, loving all sorts of flora and researching them in his spare time. Now, he has new plants he can research, a happy day indeed.

    Piglet was always a bookworm before coming to Hogwarts, all this did was provide him with more reading material via the Library.

    Pet: Plato the Rat
    Patronus: A Pig
    Animagus: N/A

    Personality: (I shall convert this to a paragraph later)

    -Easily Scared

    For one reason or another, Piglet has never met or heard about his parents, as very quickly he was orphaned and sent to an orphanage near a large forest, before being lucky enough to be adopted by the Robin family when he was seven.

    For the next four years, the young boy grew up alongside his elder brother and their friends who, despite their seemingly contrasting attitudes, always seemed up for an adventure in the nearby forest.
    Indeed, it was a fun period of time - although it ended sooner than expected when all of a sudden the family was approached by a strange person the day after Pewlyn's eleventh birthday, informing them of the magic world and giving them the letter from Hogwarts.

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  16. Name: Stitch Pelekai

    Age: 13
    Birthdate: May 13

    House: Griffindor (The sorting hat had a hard time deciding between Stitch's old dark nature and his bravery for if he was Slitherin or Griffindor but eventually could see that Stitch's braver and loyalty toward his family was greater than his darker nature so chose Griffindor)
    Year: 3rd
    Blood Status: Unknown to Stitch however Jumba tells him Pure-Blood

    Having fun with Lilo, being with his family, good cousins, dancing, food (especially coconut cake and coffee), surfing, hugs, playing the guitar, Elvis Presley music, helping others, frogs, turtles, ducks, spending time with Angel, having fluffy hair, the color red

    Dislikes: Water, competition, starvation, being alone, rejection, loud sounds, toasters, shots, Mertle, Gantu (formerly), evil cousins, threats to his family

    Weaknesses: Water, high pitched noises, he can get over competitive and lose focus, threats to family and friends, Angel, speech, paying attention to things that aren't destructive or music or seem to him fun

    Strengths: Hand to hand combat, climbing, dancing, lifting heavy items, learning how to operate flying objects or get high tech to work

    Pet: Toad
    Patronus: Wolf
    Animagus: N/A

    Personality: Mischievous, protective, temperamental, friendly, hyperactive, childish, fun-loving, brave, caring, loyal, heroic, a bit crude at times
    Bio: Stitch isn't sure where he is originally from just knows that his creator or well dad is Jumba. He was adopted in Hawii by Lilo and her older sister Nani. Stitch has meet many of his cousins and even has a twin named Leroy. He learned all of this when Jumba finally searched for him with his friend Pleakly. Stitch still learns a lot from all of them. One thing that shocked both Lilo and Stitch was that the reason Stitch didn't seem normal was the fact he was meant to learn wizardtry at a school known as Hogwarts. Jumba was the one to tell them after he found a letter in the mail informing that it was time for Stitch to learn more about who he was.

    Name: Violet Parr 'Violet Incredible'
    Age: 14
    Birthdate: December 15

    House: Ravenclaw
    Year: 4th
    Wand: Beech
    Blood Status: Half-Blood

    Tony Rydinger, being on her own, feeling appreciated, feeling respected, listening to music, and read fashion-magazines
    Dash's mischief, being exposed, being shouted at, being exploited, being disrespected, being commanded, not being noticed

    The fact that she is rather shy speaking with others
    Trusting within her own abilities, she doesn't always think she can do something that she might could if she put her mind to it
    Tony Rydinger he's her crush and she gets nervous around him
    Sharing her own option can be hard because she is a bit shy
    spider's hate's em

    Strengths: 5+

    Pet: Cat
    Patronus: Raven
    Animagus: N/A

    Feisty, shy, solitary, intelligent, insecure, stubborn, introverted, reluctant, sarcastic, humorous, tomboyish, strong, reserved, curious, easily annoyed, protective, sisterly, brave

    Bio: Keep close to Canon but no animals and use your imagination on making it fit.

    Here's the site I picked my wands from
    Pottermore - Wand Woods

    Just about there all I have left is Strength and Bio for Violet
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  17. @Raven take your time but at fourteen he is not a second year.
    They need first and last names like real students.
    Also, it's Nani that is Lilo's sister.
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  18. "They called me crazy! They called me insane! They called me looney! ...And boy, were they right."


    Elmo "Megavolt" Sputterspark
    May 25th


    The rest (open)

    Cherry wood, Veela hair core, 9 inches long.
    Blood Status:

    - Muggle science, specifically electrical engineering
    "Doesn't everyone? Magic is cool, but you should see the stuff science can do!"
    - Technology
    "And people claimed Edison was a wizard! Well--I really am a magic Edison! Hah!"
    - Petty crime
    "Eh, it's not life-altering and fantastic, but ruining someone's day is pretty entertaining!"
    - Adrenaline
    "It's electrifying! ...Geddit, it's...It's a joke. Geez, tough crowd."
    - Being on top
    "I'm the top dog in this school! And I don't care what the other guys have to say."

    - Being called "Sparky"
    - Water
    "Yeah, I'm a diagnosed hydrophobic--Can you blame me? It's all...Wet."
    - Bullies
    "They ruined my life! ...Or maybe they improved it!"
    - Being used
    "What, didja think I'm just gonna charge your batteries?"
    - The dark
    "I light up the night! I-I can't be blacked out!"

    - Petty
    "Hey! Just because I'm rightfully peeved about things doesn't mean I'm petty! ...Besides, that guy stole my pencil!"
    - Terrible memory
    "I'll prove I'm worth double my weight in salt, or my name isn't Reginald Bushroot! ...Wait, that...Isn't my name."
    - Temperamental
    "Who's sayin' these things about me!? I oughta' teach you all a lesson!"
    - Short-sighted
    "Blind without the glasses...They don't make me look like a dork. I swear."
    - Prone to exhausting himself
    "Whoo, burnout. I need a sec to recharge."

    - Genius
    "I know the electromagnetic spectrum like the back of my hand! ...Whoa, what's that?"
    - Passionate
    "If you're not committing your all to a cause, what the heck are you committing?"
    - Great with technology
    "Most wizards can't even work a TV. Hah! And they call me the dumb guy."
    - Humorous
    "Even if you're mostly laughing at me, not with me...I'll show you!"
    - Competent leader
    "If we've got the same goal, I'll make a team. Put me in charge!"

    An owl. His name is Coulomb!

    ...You know, like Coulomb's law, where--Oh, look it up.

    Megavolt--And yes, he insists you call him 'Megavolt'; not 'Elmo' and especially not 'Sparky'--Is a little unstable and unhinged. He lives life one adrenaline rush to the next, constantly needing some form of stimulation. Usually, this can be quelled using his biggest passion: technology. Megavolt loves reading books on electrical appliances and other Muggle marvels; loving to take them apart and put them back together and learn how they work. Electricity is magic for the magicless, and it's amazing! While it is obvious Megavolt is extremely intelligent, able to rather quickly go through his schoolwork and able to retain information if he really wants to, he often doesn't apply his intelligence in any productive manner. Also, he's a little...Absent-minded. Okay, his short term memory is completely atrocious. This is a cause of frustration for him, and when he gets frustrated, he needs his stimulation...Unfortunately, due to Hogwarts being a very magic-centered school, there's not a lot of electric things for Megavolt to pick apart and play with. What's ol' Megsy to do? Well, he's resorted to petty crimes. It's not unusual to see Megavolt hoarding stolen goods from other students, or robbing Ravenclaw kids of their meticulous notes, or snooping through banned books in the Hogwarts library. He's no stranger to getting into trouble to fill his need for stimulation. Megavolt is also prone to bouts of irrational anger, mostly driven by petty needs to get even with everyone who's ever slighted him. Often, he can seem more like an irresponsible child then a teen trying to take himself seriously--But that's Megsy for you. Just make sure he stays entertained with something, and he shouldn't be too much of a bother.

    When Elmo was very young, his mother died in an electrical storm. This was obviously a traumatic event for the boy, and is a very good window into his mind. Some children distance themselves from trauma. Some press their nose up against it. Elmo was deeply fascinated by electricity, hoping to learn all he can about the deadly force. Okay, yeah, maybe Elmo was a little bit of a nerd--And with a last name like 'Sputterspark', he wasn't making friends left and right--But he was still a good student in his elementary schooling.

    And then there was the science fair.

    Elmo had compiled all of his research from encyclopedias and picture books into a big electricity-themed project, certainly a shoo-in to win the top prize. But like any nerd in school, he was bound to be picked on--And this came in the form of lumbering meat-sack Ham String and his girl, Preena Lott. Ham and Preena sabotaged his science fair project, all the while laughing and taunting him straight to his face. It was his (short) life's work! Was he just supposed to take something like that sitting down? Just supposed to let some schoolyard jerks make fun of him...

    Ask him now, and Megsy will admit he doesn't really remember what happened. His angry passion and the leftover electrical sparks from his science fair project came together in his first burst of magic, telekenetically shocking his tormentors with the voltage. Ham and Preena were horrified. The teachers were furious. Elmo was...Exhilarated. He ended up expelled from his elementary school, getting quite a scolding from his father, and completely excited to boot. Did you see that? Elmo could harness electricity, he could--He could stop his tormentors, he could be the thing that killed his mother--He could be amazing! He wasn't just little nerd Elmo Sputterspark anymore, he was--He was--Megawatt! ...No, no, something cooler...Megavolt! That's better. That's fantastic...

    Unfortunately, there wasn't an elementary school in the city that hadn't heard of Elmo's (who was beginning to insist father call him 'Megavolt') little incident. He had to be resigned to homeschooling for a few more years, wearing on his father's last nerves...Until a letter in the mail. Now, of course Mr. Sputterspark knew about his late wife's little...Peculiarities, but he'd never anticipated that their son could have...Maybe it explained a lot. With a half-smile, Mr. Sputterspark sent Megavolt off to Hogwarts, hoping with all his heart that he could shape up into someone more put-together and respectable.

    And now he's a fourth-year student! An upperclassman! True, he's gotten into loads of trouble, but now he can pick on underclassmen! They'll learn to remember the name of Megavolt.


    "Oh, that's not blunt-force trauma, ma'am. That's just the honeyglow in m'cheeks."


    "Fix-It" Felix Woodman Jr.
    August 30th


    The rest (open)

    Mahogany wood, Kelpie mane core, 12 inches long.
    Blood Status:

    - Helping others
    "Well, it's...What a hero does, y'know? I always fancied m'self a hero."
    - Making friends
    "Golly, it's nice to have a group of people you can trust."
    - Pie
    "Oh, I just love pie! Momma used to make the best kinds!"
    - Doing repairs
    "I can fix it!"
    - Care of Magical Creatures
    "Animals really are somethin' special, I always thought."

    - Fighting
    "Aw, come on, I'm sure there's a peaceful way around all that!"
    - Troublemakers
    "Really isn't a need to be disruptin' everything..."
    - Things being broken
    "Cheese and crackers, I just fixed that!"
    - Cheaters
    "Can't everyone just work on the straight n' narrow?"
    - Tight, enclosed spaces
    "...Maybe just a dollop of claustrophobia, but it ain't a particularly big dollop..."

    - Weak
    "...Well, truth be told, y'could probably knock me out in one hit..."
    - A doormat
    "I just want everyone to be happy."
    - Stress
    "W-well, y'know, when the responsibility falls on you..."
    - Easily intimidated
    "I-I don't scare easily, no, but I also ain't the biggest..."
    - Naive
    "Black n' white, hero and villain...Heh, that's all there is, right?"

    - Good at mechanics
    "It ain't too hard to get, if 'ya put 'yer mind to it."
    - Lovable
    "Aw, Jiminy Cricket, you don't hav'ta flatter me like that..."
    - Humble
    "Oh, I ain't nothin' special. But thank 'ya kindly for sayin' so."
    - Athletic
    "Yes-siree, I'm pretty limber! And you should see my jumpin' skills!"
    - Empathetic
    "Got somethin' goin' on? Well, I'm sure you can tell me 'bout it."

    Cat, affectionately called Ace.
    N/A--A conscious choice by Felix was not to dabble in this, as he finds shapeshifting "woefully dishonest" and ergo against his nature. If he were to change his mind, it would be a beaver.

    Felix is just the absolute sweetest. Ask anyone, they'll agree. No matter what, Felix always seems to be having the grandest time; a smile on his face always there to light up the day. He enjoys helping people. He'll tutor you if you're failing. He'll give you a pie if you're feeling down. Felix seems hard-wired to always be good, always be pure, and always help anybody. And that's great! Nobody would want Felix any other way. However, one can be kind to a fault. And Felix falls squarely in that category. In his attempts to please everyone, he often lets anyone walk all over his smiling face. If anyone bigger than him leans all close in his face, he can seem awfully cowardly, attempting to quell their wrath. He can often take responsibility for things and actions onto himself, which makes himself prone to stress, often manifesting itself in the form of migraines. He also has a...Put lightly, poor view of morality. Felix can struggle to understand that 'good' people can do bad things and that 'bad' people can sometimes be even more helpful than the good. He honestly doesn't mean to be insensitive with it--He just doesn't understand. Despite all this, it's hard to truly hate Felix, and as long as you don't get too frustrated with his lack of assertion, he'll be the bestest friend you could ever ask for.

    Oh, right! And he's also a superb handyman, and rather good at healing enchantments too. Fixing machines AND fixing people--What more could anyone ever need?

    Felix wasn't meant to do much more than take up the mantle of his papa's carpentry business. I mean, he was just stuck in a dead-end little country town with nothing to look forward to, it was par the course. His father taught him everything he needed to know about mechanics and carpentry--Down to getting his favorite hammer--While his mother made her little homey dinners and pies. Life was very simple for the Woodman family.

    Until a funny little letter came into the mail.

    Now, Felix didn't know the slightest little thing about magical stuff. He didn't feel any more special than anyone else. Granted, maybe he really did have a talent for fixing things up and being a good handyman, but that wasn't magic! Was it? Felix never thought about it that way, but maybe there was something magical about how he could fix something that should have been beyond repairs. Nevertheless, if he was being invited to a fancy private school, mama and papa would stop at nothing in order to get him there. A magical representative under the name of Quentin Bert (who, as he sometimes would mournfully murmur, had his business just closed down) was more than happy to take Felix out, helping him buy his books and equipment and guiding him onto the train. Felix promised, then and there, he'd to the best he could--For his family, for his new friends, and certainly for Quentin.

    Now going into his sixth year (golly, can you even imagine?), Felix has taken his promise very deeply to heart. And with all the adorable new recruits coming in, well, he'll sure have a whole lotta' new friends to make!
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  19. Set the years up right.
    Unless born after September 1st the ages line up with years.
    1 - 11
    2 - 12
    3 - 13
    4 - 14
    5 - 15
    6 - 16
    7 - 17
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  20. Oh ummm Kristof Frozen
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