Dimension Wars

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  1. The white room was empty save for a lone solitary figure. The hooded individual wore white robes that seemed to writhe and flow as if they were living things. Clutched in pale hands was what seemed to be a rubiks cube. But instead of primary colors, each square contained an image of a swirling galaxy or vibrant nebula. "So many choices...so little time..." The hooded man whispered to himself as he rearranged the cube in his hands as if searching for something. "Ah..there you are.." pressing down on one of the small tiles a mote of light flew out from the cube and steadily grew larger. In a flash of light a young blue haired man was dropped onto the floor with a thud. Groaning in confusion, Nils Corspin picked himself up from the floor and looked around curiously. "where the hell am I?! Who are you?" Emitting a rasping laugh the hooded man gave Nils a placating gesture, "fear not Nils Corspin, I mean you no harm. Everything will be explained in time. For now simply relax and wait for the others to arrive." As if by magic a simple chair was behind Nils where there had only been empty space seconds earlier. "...all right old man..." Noticing that he did not have his gun and that there were no obvious exits from the plain white room, Nils sat down in the chair and patiently waited.
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  2. All was dark, nothing was touching her, until she hit the ground real hard. "Ouch!" she screamed. Slowly opening her eyes, the young water nymph rubbed the back of her head. What on Watrina just happened? she asked herself. Brushing the dirt off her blue summer dress, Aqua stood up, looking around the white room that she had landed in. "Where am I?" she asked, unaware that someone was actually about to answer.
  3. A vast darkness erupted around the short girl, and seemed to swallow her. She felt a scream slither up her throat, before having her vision struck by a sudden white gleam. The shadow departed until all she could see was a whiteness. Her mind then detonated of questions. Was this a wall? A ceiling? Where was she? Could she be dead? The thoughts gnarled her until she found herself... falling.
    Her limbs streamed out before her and she felt her sweater slap her skin. The girl clawed and clawed in a desperate pursuit, but she continued in her decent.
    Like the stab of a sword, her body clashed with an unknown object. The wind was hailed out of her lungs before she realized she had stopped falling. Pain then seared though her skin, numbing her ears from hearing the wheeze emitted from her mouth. Then the whiteness cascaded back to her, eyes blinking in a flinch. She was unable to move, the fiery pain rooting her limbs to the ground. However this, she couldn't process what happened, and what was to come.
  4. Blade fell through the black. He attempted everything to try and brake the falling cycle but his weapons seemed to disappear one by one. First his blades, then his mines. The machine was on the verge of panic.

    But Eventually, he was deposited onto the floor of a bright white room with an thud. He was face down, and stayed that way for a minute. As a result of the interdimensional teleport his code was slightly frayed. Inside his mind it was like a hundred of him were arguing at once before being sorted out. He stood up slowly and scanned the room. Several beings that he did not recognize inhabited it. "Ku challa Wa tither numo?" (Translation: Where am I?) The language he spoke was not english. Confused, the machine held his hand out and ignited his laser sword. Only, it didn't ignite. His weapons were still gone. "Talt ivo be waltinr porry!" (Translation: I'm going to hurt you if you do not tell me where I am.)
  5. Unity cringed as a clang struck her ears. Her hands were bent to knead the lip of her sweater where it ended at her wrists to occupy her nerves. She refused to turn her head, afraid of any pain that may disagree. A strange speech was then emitted, followed by another series of the computer-sounding vocals. She swallowed a cold breath before curiosity turned her head.
    A beast, armoured with silver plates cascading a dull shine, met Unity's gaze. She ignored the hiss of discomfort in her neck as she watched the robot with wide eyes. She surveyed its actions... it looked as though it were panicking about something in a terrible fit. She snorted with amusement, as she found no weaponry on it. With an agonizing effort, she lifted her back from the ground and reached with an arm. Her stomach seemed to rupture with panic as her hand slid across nothing but the material of her clothing.
    "Where's my damn staff?" She heard her screech ringing the clearing.
  6. Nils blinked in surprise as several more beings fell into the room. Looking to the hooded man curiously Nils' gaze was met with a low chuckle. "My apologies everyone, transporting you here is very difficult and I am sorry for the rough landing. Do not worry I mean you no harm, please take your seats and wait, I am expecting one or two more guests." Turning to face the robot the hooded man clicked his fingers and changed the robot's language to one that everyone would understand. "Do not fret friend, your weapons have simply been removed so that you do not cause any damage to yourself." If the robot scanned the figure its sensors would report that nothing was there when clearly there was. "Does anyone require nourishment? A snack or a beverage perhaps?"
  7. Stuff me in this container with a robot and some other beasts, why don't you? Unity bit her lip, eyebrows furrowed. Anger sparked from her, but she continued to listen to the unnamed man's words. Then... he said... food. Interest flared in her stomach, followed closely by hollowness. She cringed as the thought of food played in her mind.
    As he finished, Unity picked herself up to sit cross-legged. The pain was easing from the fall, finally. Doing her best to push any signs of hunger away from her appearance, she cast a glare, having to encourage the anger back to herself, at the man.
    "Give me back my staff, geezer," Unity snarled, however, she tucked her head deeper into the hood that swallowed her head.
  8. Proxy sauntered into the room. Forcing her to gather, much less work with others was not happening, but it looked like most of the others forced to be there were in the same situation. She would hear the man out and decide if it was worth her time. Immediately she began to assess her options. There was no technology to hijack, save for a robot who wasn't armed in the first place.

    "Might as well hear him out before acting all hostile", she purred loud enough for the others to hear. "He might be telling us we won a prize and he wants to provide us with a large enough payment of credits to live without working ever again." She made herself comfortable, the runes woven into her clothing would protect her unless they were armed with military grade weaponry. She was never one to turn down work unless she had a good reason. It was a reputation she earned, not for being ruthless, but always willing to lend an ear if someone wanted to hire.
  9. Aqua sat down without hesitation. She didn't want to come off as difficult, and this man seemed like he was in charge. It just seemed right to follow his 'orders'. When he asked if anyone wanted a beverage, Aqua decided to stay on the safe side. As long as it didn't contain water, it was alright. You see, to her, drinking water was like cannibalism, seen as she is made almost completely of water (not the way humans are made, she literally is water in a human form).
  10. Kriv slid down the side of the colossal beast troll; jumping onto his wyvern. He had cut the trolls' shoulder blade and caused it to lose feeling in its arm. It was a tactical cut, as the troll needed that arm to swing its club with. Twisting the blade inbetween it's shoulder blades until it cracked was a definite way to make sure it lost its arm. He landed on his Wyvern's back, who swooped in at a near excellently timed aerial stunt.
    Thoras grumbled out in draconian;
    "we fight again side by side, my friend", he said before breathing a small bout of fire into the troll's back- only to see a dark sphere appear befor them..
    "Once more the slayer of beasts togeth-WATCH OU!"

    Kriv awoke, surrounded by strangers now. His wyvern, Thoras, was also unconscious though was not waking up.
    The eight foot tall DragonBorn stood up, and drew his sword.
    "Where am I?" He grumbled, pointing at the first person he saw. His wyvern, was still unconscious.
    "My beast is wounded- why?" He asked, very concerned for his creatures well being.
    Kriv was beginning to be upset and it was not wise to keep him upset- because if he snapped, it would be hell to pay for everyone.
    "I said- WHY IS MY BEAST STILL UNCONCIOUS?" he roared out in common, making sure he was loud and audible.
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  11. Aqua looked over at the new arrival. He seemed angry that his so-called 'beast' had been injured. She then looked away from him and tried to remember what had happened. If she remembered it correctly, she had just fallen into a black-hole, and her friends, Coral and Klaud, were- A tear fell down her face. How could that be possible? Sure, they both knew the dangers of space travel, but... Were they really gone? Trying to calm herself, she looked away. Luckily, she didn't cry to much; just one little tear.
  12. Kriv snarled, seeing the girl look away from him.
    "I am KRIV SORA. Slayer of gods and champion of the old gods. Now, why is my beast not waking?" he asked again, trying his best to keep his composure but he was still pissed. Thoras wasn't even stirring, and while he might've looked like a beast, he was really sentient. He wasn't as much of a pet as he was a friend.
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  13. Blade complied with a low growl. This being was apparently much more powerful than him or anyone else here. He stood and observed the others carefully. He had never seen anything like it. Come to think of it, he had never seen anything. His memory wipes made sure of it.

    A few clicking and whirring sounds could be heard within him. He was recording this room and its inhabitants.
  14. Kriv pointed at the metal-man in the room with his sword.
    "automaton! Why does my beast not wake?", he bellowed out.
    His patience was wearing thin again- though the being offering food sounded nice. Food. He hadn't eaten in fourty-five minutes; he needed to eat and drink soon. His body was a factory in short supply of steel, and it needed way more steel to stay up and running. After all, he had only had an entire six pounds of venison and some wild boar sausage- no where near satiating enough for a creature of his burly stature.
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  15. The hooded man sighed and with a wave of his hand the draconian's sword became glued to the floor by gravity and would be impossible to pick up. "Calm yourself kriv, your friend is simply asleep due to the long travel. Please have some food and listen to what I have to say." As he said that a table filled with all kinds of meats materialized in front of kriv, and a small bowl of fruit appeared in front of the hooded dwarf girl. "Now that you are all here let me introduce myself, I am the keeper and I have chosen you all to be my champions of light." The keeper let go of the cube, the small object floating to the center of the room as it expanded. As it rotated images of swirling galaxies filled the room, each one connected by threads of light. "You may not know but there exists more than one dimension, the multiverse is filled with galaxies each home to a unique dimension. Unfortunately the forces of darkness are corrupting the multiverse by shifting the balance of power in each dimension. Your task is to travel to different realms and defeat the forces of darkness." Turning to the crowd as if he had explained a simple task the keeper looked around and nodded "understand?"
  16. Aqua listened closely to the man. She had been chosen to be his champion? Well, that sounded like alot of responsibility, but, to be fair, she was kinda glad to have abit of excitement in her life. Going to different dimensions sounded much better than going to different planets, as she was doing before. The water nymph nodded and smiled.
  17. "I think it wise to consult the Old Gods- neutrality must be achieved, not tyranny of the light or dark. Not to mention, as Champion of the Old Gods I slayed the god light. So who are you?" Kriv growled out, still weary of the food and everything else.
    Thoras rose his head,
    "sjek jaci jahus vi ithquent, jaci ornla tepoha lowda udoka ini jaka, Kriv. Nomagqe yth jalla enel jacion?", He grumbled out, his head towards Kriv.
    "nomagqe, Thoras. shar svabol sjek yth re xuut?" Kriv retorted, with his hand slightly ajar while speaking.
    "hak yth svent jacion; hefoc yth tir froneel else", Thoras said with a slight toothy grin- which Kriv made a frustrated growl at.
    "My friend is a betting man. He says we will listen. Talk- we need to learn more. I've been on the Mortal Dimension, the Astral sea, the Ethereal Dimension and even the Abyssal Lands- so what are these other places and 'universes' you speak of?" Kriv asked, sneaking his hand over and grabbed a chunk of meat. He didn't even check what it was before sliding it into his large mouth and ripping it apart with his razor teeth. He grabbed another one and tossed it straight up in the air, which Thoras caught and swallowed hole without moving anything except his sinewy snake neck.
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  18. Unity's breath choked as a bowl of fruit was formed before her. Her mouth was flooded with saliva, but before she could ask another question, the same question before in fact, the hooded man began to speak again.
    Her eyes stretched wide, unwillingly radiating a dim light of green. What would anyone want with her?
    I'm just a short runt who can't control what could be mastered... Why the hell...? She thrashed her head violently. This man was giving her an offer to escape the damned planet resided on... She couldn't back down. She couldn't let her negative thoughts force her to refuse.
    Then, aware of the food again, a pasty white hand shot from her and into the bowl. Her fingers ran over a crimson-painted apple, dappled with yellow flecks. Taking the apple, she held it close to her face before sinking her teeth into its meat. The sweetness deluged Unity's tongue, erupting a sigh from her that more or less sounded astonished. This flavour was new, pushing the musky taste of seeds and rice off her tongue. The apple blocked her out from the others; she started violently devouring the meat off. Her jaws had barely enough time to chew the chunks before another piece of apple was forced in. Large hunks slithered down her throat, hunger primarily numbing a pain that split her chest.
  19. Blade raised his fist and let out a deep, threatening, growl at the draconian who raised his sword at him. Lucky for him the cloaked one had magnetized the mans sword to the ground, and Blade didn't see fit to kill him anymore.

    As the cloaked person explained the situation Blade grew more curious. And, to an extent, he wanted to help fight in this battle. Even though his memory was wiped, he still knew the purpose for which he was created. To kill.

    As the others ate and talked his recorder kept recording. He was beginning to format himself a language translator. He tested it out. "What purpose do darkness have acheive? Why? Bread?" He wasn't sure about that last part. He might have said the wrong thing. His voice sounded weird, speaking in english instead of his original language. It was as if it didn't belong to him.
  20. Nils Corspin sighed and gestured to the universes floating above. "And why the hell do we have to be your errand boys? If you are the good guys dont you have armies of your own for this kind of thing?" The keeper chuckled and turned to Nils, "we do have armies but not as vast as those of the darkness, and your cooperation guarantees the safety of your universe. You are free to decline this offer but do not be surprised if you wake up one day to find yourself enslaved by the darkness." With a grunt of admission Nils leaned back in his chair and stared at the hooded man. Gently clapping his hands together the keeper gestured to his guests. "Now that you all understand the situation you should get to know one another. Nils why dont you start since you will be leading these fine individuals." Blinking in surprise Nils stood up and looked around. "Um..hello. My name is Nils Corspin, number 82 for team USA. I pilot a personal mech and love music. I have spent 4 years on the USA blood bowl team with 29 kills to my record and 25 wins. I will be interested to see how all of you handle combat and I hope we all get along." Finishing his introduction Nils flopped back down into his seat and fumbled around in his pockets. "At least you didnt take these from me." Pulling out a pack of cigarrettes and a lighter, Nils lit a cigarrette and exhaled a small cloud of smoke out of his mouth.
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