Differences in Blood

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  1. He didn't know just how much more he could take of this place. Living here was horrible. Ian was born here...about twenty-two years ago and every minute he had been alive he had wished he wasn't. It didn't seem fair at all that he was born the way he was. How unlucky that amung the billions of people that lived and died on this planet that he had to be one of the ones that was born on this camp...as a werewolf. Almost one hundred years before there had been a huge, world wide war that was issued by the humans. Werewolves, his people, had tried to stay out of it. The problem was really with Vampires and humans but the leeches has dragged them into it. Something probably would have happened anyways but not anything as bad as what they were enduring right now. The man looked over, wiping the sweat off his brow and digging the shovel into the earth. He sighed and bit his lip seeing his neighbor worker collapse to her knees, a woman in his pack, who had just given birth the night before. Before all this mess started the female would not be allowed out of the den for weeks. But The baby was now with the nurse who would cuddle and spoil the child until they were old enough to work. Work usually started at the age of seven years of age or so. Then it would become a living Hell for the mother and child. The mother would be lucky to see their. By then the child would not know them as the one who had given birth to them. The adult werewolf held his breathe and started to dig faster. They all had to help dig a grave for those who had died in the recent heatwave. Out here in the middle of the desert it was usually hot but many had died as of late.

    Then a gaurd came over and started to poke, prod, and harass the woman to pull herself togeather and get back to work but she could not. Ian listened as he pulled out his slick, smooth, cold silver and then put it to her head, shooting her. The man clenched his jaw and pushed himself to dig harder, faster. It was the only way to survive here...work though you were exausted and starving. Human's treated anyone who was biologically different than them like garbage. He hated it...but he had to keep his anger in check or else it would end badly again. First time he had shifted in front of the gaurd's it had earned him a deep scar across his back and a minor scar on his neck. It was visible to everyone and surely a warning sign to keep yourself in check. It wasn't only his anger but the other emotions as well. Expressing emotions would earn his a beating for sure. As they dragged off her body the sun was setting and he could hear the dog whistle sound. They were high p​itched and hurt a werewolves ears because they had such excellent hearing. Ian moved to where he was supposed to go, the cage areas where they would be cuffed with twenty percent silver blend hand cuffs. It was painful to sleep but somehow he had managed.

    Tonight something seemed off though, but it wasn't bad. As he was heading back to the cages there was an opening. Usually there wasn't...and he didn't knew exactly what he meant but he had to go for it or there wasn't nothing left for him. No one was out there trying to rescue him...so it had to be now or never. The Werewolf took off and made it though the opening. Once he was off though gaurds noticed and chased after him. He was feeling weak...not having had a meal in almost two days. One gaurds reached out to him with a silver blade and he recieved a painful wound to the back, near where he had the scar. He growled then clenched his teeth, finally managing to loose the gaurds after awhile. Normally his wound would have healed...but it was silver that had injured him and his body was so weak. But he didn't dare stop. He moved along at a steady, cautious pace...travling through the night and next day. By the time he reached what humans called: "The city" it was near night time...a time when humans were leaving their jobs and going back to their houses. He would have to be careful...Ian didn't plan on going back to that Hellhole. Deciding he needed a place to hide for the mean time he found an ally and stayed there long enough to collect himself. The pain coming from his wound was tremendous and there was blood he could feel...wet on his shirt. He had to be aware of drawing attention to himself. So slowly he moved...seeking safe shelter.
  2. “I do not understand why those pig headed idiots think that the more pressure they put on us the faster they will get results! God Persephone! Don’t bother trying to get your degree! You will be far happier just being a peon!”
    Persephone Duram smiled over at her best friend and lead scientist over at Price Pharmaceuticals, Melody Fischer. The project her friend was working on was confidential, but Persephone often got to hear all the generalized complaints Melody could offer.
    “Persephone! Are you listening? Stay a desk clerk forever! I am telling you!” Melody continued to rant as they walked down the busy street. It was six and the street was getting crowded.
    “Yes, Melody I understand. Eventually, though, I will have to make a little bit more money.” Persephone said as she pushed her glasses up her nose. Melody gave her friend a gentle tug on her long blonde hair, making Persephone yelp.
    “Alright then, I’ll pay you extra!” Melody glanced up at the street signs and smirked. “Okay then, you get home safe.”

    Persephone waved bye to her friend as Melody crossed the street. Sighing softly she began the two block trek to her apartment building. She started to make a mental list of all the things she would have to do once she got home and fantasizing about the frozen meal she would be dining on.
    Persephone almost fell as her heel snapped. Quickly she grabbed onto the brick wall to keep her balance. The woman let out a loud groan in frustration. Of course this would happen. She reached down to take off her shoe when she noticed her hand was covered in red. Gasping she glanced at the wall and noticed a trail of red blotches that lead into the alley behind her.
    Having lived in the city for a few years she quickly grabbed her pocket pepper spray and slowly started to walk into the alley. She hoped if someone was hurt and hiding, they would be alone.
    “Hello?” She called. Gripping the spray in one hand and her heel in the other she entered the darkened alley. “Is anyone here? Are you hurt?”
    She swallowed the lump in her throat as she waited an answer.
  3. Although he was burning up at this point...his body shook. Shook in pain and fear. This was alot more than he had anticipated. Stuffed between a building and tall tin garbage can...he believed they were called dumpsters. Ian was not familiar at all with this outside world. His entire world had only consisted of metal cages, silver handcuffs, work and and cruel humans. Now...with his heightend senses, this outside world was giving him a beating all it's own. Crashes, metal against metal, loud voices, dripping water, music playing too loud. His head was pounding as he comprehended these sounds plus the sounds he did not recognize. He clenched his jaw, a low growl escaping his lips. Anything...anything at all to make the noise go away! But this was the quietest place he could find back in this alley way. The werewolf pressed his back against the wall, almost forgetting his still bleeding wound. He winced, warm red blood dripping down his back as wound was more and more aggrivated. What he needed was to eat. A fresh meal and place to sleep where he would not be distracted or disturbed so he could heal. He was exausted...and if this kept going as it was he would die. Lonely and pathetic in the street, wet , beaten, and forgotten. To be thrown out with the trash.

    Then suddenly there was a CRACK! The noise rose above every sound that attacked him. Instinctively his head snapped in the direction of the noise. With his excellent hearing he also heard the scuffle of movement that was steadily working it's way towards him. A groan of annoyance escaped the lips of the near by human. It sounded female...a gender of which he had little experience. At the Camp the males and females were seperated and only saw each other when they were choosen to breed. Tempted to just scoot further back he instead forced himself to stand. Shaking in weakness he heaved with all his efforts, pushing against his strained muscles to stand. Finally he managed to get onto his feet and look further down the Alley. Still not seeing anything he walked against the wall and looked for who was here. He managed to get a few more feet before seeing someone come into sight. He could see her but apperently she could not see him because she called out to anyone who was back here. He was the only one back here...she had caught onto him. Ian heaved a sigh as some of his shaggy blonde locks fell into his face.

    "Here..." he groaned weakly, moving to show himself.

    But that required him to move away from the wall. As he did he stumbled and lost his balance, falling onto his stoumuch and exposing his more major injuries. A groan of pain escaped his lips as his brilliant, inhuman green eyes moved to see who was standing before him.
  4. She had been lucky. So far her stay in the city had yielded little to no surprises. The only crime she could remember seeing was a couple of teenagers shoplifting. That did little to prepare her for the bloody sight before her. He had fallen from the shadows, wounded and obviously in pain. He was so weak that she wasn't sure if he had responded to her question or if it had been just a groan. The first thing she could think of is who could have done such a terrible thing to a person.
    She dropped to her knees beside him to get a better look at his injuries. "Who did this to you?", she whispered, softly as she took off her jacket and pressed the cotton like material to his back to try and staunch the bleeding.
    She was shaking now as well. She needed to call an ambulance, she needed to get help! She reached in h back pocket for her cell phone. "Don't worry," she said with a shaky voice. "I'll call an ambulance. I'll get you to a hospital!"
  5. He saw the woman before him in a sort of blurred image. All Ian could make out at this point was long strands of beautiful blonde hair and glasses sitting on the girl's nose. Another thing...She reeked of human and something that reminded him of the camp doctors. It had to be some sort of smell from a lab or office. If She was a doctor he was in trouble. That would be just like prancing back into their grimy fingers. Annoyance burned in his chest. What an idiot he was if he had done that! All this trouble for nothing...nothing but a shallow, early grave. It almost seemed better to be left to rot in the streets. So as she leaned in closer to him he tensed up and tried to move away from her touch. But it was useless...in this state he couldn't to much of anything for himself...which annoyed him as well. The woman quietly asked who had done this as she slid off her jacket, pressing it to the wound on his back. Ian was about to say, Humans...the bloody humans did this but decided against it. It wouldn't be wise for her to catch onto his wolf DNA. Creatures like him were locked away and unwelcome here in the city. He weakly clenched his hands into fists, and bit his lip so he wouldn't cry out in pain. The material of the jacket was none too pleasant against his open wound. Plus he could feel her shaking...anxiousness practically dripping off of her skin. The woman then announced to him she was going to call an ambulence. It was then that he found the strength to reach out and grab her wrist and look her right in the eyes.

    "No..." he said also is a shaking voice. "I-I can't go there...Please...Help me...help me yourself...Just need something to eat, shelter, and some sleep...D-Don't have anywhere to go myself..."

    His hand slipped off her wrist to the cold, hard, wet ground.

    "A-Anything will do..."
  6. It all seemed so surreal, as if she had been dragged into some old mobster flick or an action movie. He could not go to the hospital? Was someone after him? What was going on? Who is this man? A million more questions buzzed in Persephone’s head, but she pushed them aside to focus on the man before her. His grip was tight around her wrist. His calloused hand was so strong, even though he was obviously so weak. He was a fighter.

    A fighter who was about to lose consciousness. When his hand fell away she began to panic again. “I need you to stay awake. My apartment isn’t very close. Whatever strength you have left you are going to need it now.” She pushed back the sandy hair that had fallen in his eyes. Her hazel ones were now filled with determination. “I need you to stand. I think I can get us a cab to take us where we need to go. Alright?”

    She didn't wait for an answer. She lifted her coat to see that the pressure had not stopped the bleeding at all. No wonder he was loosing strength quickly. She knelt down very close to him and pulled his arm around her shoulder. "Ready?"
  7. Everything else was starting to spin and his vision started to fail more. Not only his vision but his body as well. So now he had to resort to asking a human for help. Normally he would be far more capable of anything a human could do...but not now. He hated it...so much. Suddenly as backness started to cloud his vision he heard her voice telling him that she needed him to stay concious. That her 'apartment', whatever that was, was far from here and he would need whatever strength he had left. So she is going to help me...he thought to himself. For the first time he was happy..so happy! He was going to get a chance at freedom...a chance at never going back to that Hellhole! It suddenly gave him a bit of renewed strength. The girl also told him that when she asked him he would need to stand...that she was going to get him and her something called a Cab. Whatever it was...he didn't knew what it was. But he didn't care...he just wanted to be off the street. As the woman moved and put his arm aroud her neck, he smelled panic on her...panic and determination. When she said 'ready' He pushed with all his remaining strength, managing to get onto his feet. From a standing posistion he was taller than she was but he was leaned over onto her, putting more weight against her than he had intended. Ian would help her support his weight all he could.

    "D-Don't know how much long...I...Will last...So you...are going to have to lead...please...take me back to your home..."

    He Winced as his open wound continued to bleed...his movements now certainly not helping matters.
  8. When he began to respond to her directions, Persephone wanted to scream out her praises to God. She had never been a very religious person, but she was definitely saying her prayers now. They would need all the help they could get just to get to the street to hail a cab, let alone into her apartment.
    “Ready,” Was the question he responded to like a handgun blast at the races and Persephone was grateful. She knew she would not have been able to lift him to his feet and even now was struggling to keep him standing. He was heavier than she originally thought and far taller. The imbalance caused her to slip slightly, but determination kept them upright.
    “Alright.” She said softly. “Let’s get to the street. That’s half way right there.” The few steps out of the alley were the longest steps she had ever taken. Her arms and legs burned from the stress of his added weight. When they finally reached the curb, Persephone put two fingers to her lips and let out a loud whistle. A few moments later a yellow cab pulled up.
    She could feel people staring at them, so she quickly opened the back door and helped him in. She probably could have been gentler, but panic was setting in again. She climbed in beside her new ‘friend’ and told the driver where to go. When he didn’t set off, she looked up and saw him staring at the stranger. “He alright?”
    Persephone let out a nervous laugh, “Oh yeah, we were at a costume party. He went a little overboard with the fake blood and the Captain.”
    The cab driver started muttering about stains and started toward her apartment complex. Persephone took a couple of calming breaths before she leaned over the stranger. “How are you doing?” She asked softly.
  9. Before they even started towards the curb, the woman was slipping against his weight. It concerned him a bit but she seemed determined to keep him upright...and for that he would be greatful. Ian tried to listen to her as she spoke to him, giving him directions, but it was getting hard to focus as well. The blond haired werewolf had not eaten a bite since the day before yesterday so his blood sugar was understandably low. Listening carefully though he picked up enough to follow her...head for the street. As they started to walk, his legs protested against his use of them. But he couldn't quit now and wouldn't allow them to give out from underneath him. The first few steps were the worst...trying to take as much of his own weight as he could bear at the time. But still it wasn't enough because he could feel the lady stuggling to keep him up as well. Once they finally made it to the curb there was a brief pause before another loud whistle...one similar to what he had hear a million times today. It hurt his sensitive ear's...so he groaned in protest...having to so he wouldn't growl at the woman. Then from out of nowhere another loud something skidded to a stop infront of them.

    Had he the strength he would have jumped back and growled at the mechanical beast. But now was not the time. Since he could not help himself she opened what must have been the door and roughly shoved him into the seat. Not caring too much for the non-gentle gesture a growl escaped his lips. Not a loud one by any means but it was audible to anyone besides himself. Then running around to the other side she jumped into the car and sat next to him on the back seat, giving directions to the man in the front seat. Another human. They exchanged some words but they meant nothing to him since he could not understand what they were talking about. Captian...? Fake Blood...? What are these things...? He thought to himself. Before he could start another thought she leaned closer to him and asked him how he was doing. Ian really wasn't in the mood for converstation but she had extended a kindness to him....so he was going to return it.

    "I'd like to say I have been better but I would be lying..." he said, keeping his husky but warm voice low. "But...thank you...If you had not come along...I would have died...You really don't know how much I owe you..."

    Ian looked over at her, him shivering in pain as he tried to stay upright in his seat. On top of that his normal furnace of skin was freezing. The rest of the ride to her home the wolf stayed quiet. Appricating that whatever this mechanical beast was it blocked out some of the noise.
  10. Persephone began to shake. She had never been a part of something so strange or adventurous and now was realizing why. Her stomach had tightened into a knot. Every second that past, was like pulling teeth. Should it really have taken so long to reach her apartment? She rubbed her arms for warms when she glanced over at the man. He was shivering. Oh no. Was he going into shock? She started to chew on her nails, something she had not done in years.

    When the car finally jerked to a stop she let out a breath she hadn’t realized she had been holding in. Had he said something to her? He would have died without her help? She didn’t have time to think about it. Quickly she dug into her pocket, pulling out a couple of bills. She didn’t even think about counting them, instead tossing them at the driver.

    Taking in another deep breath left the cab and ran to the other side. She didn’t even ask him this time if he was ready. Instead, Persephone pulled his arm around her neck and attempted to slide him from the cab. All they had to now was reach the elevator. Her apartment was right across from it. Thank God.
  11. It seemed that the cab ride was going on forever...or atleast that is what the human called this mechanical beast. He was thankful for the noises that the metal cab did block out but it came with alot of noises of it's own. The things on the bottom of the car that moved the beast, pounded against the asphalt. The springs in the seat creaked, up and down...up and down. The vibrations that a human would have only felt, he could hear. This in turn made him clench his jaw tighter. As he did this he became more aware of what was going on inside of his body. Not only was he starving for a hot meal...any meal would do auctully! But he was dehydrated...and his body started shaking more than would would be normal if he was cold. He was going into shock...if the bleeding didn't stop soon things were going to go down hill very, very fast. Then suddenly he groaned and he leaned over once the cab came to a complete stop. It was sudden and It also caused the human to let out a breath.This time she didn't say anything to him but got out of the cab and quickly went around to the other side.

    She pulled open the door and without asking if he was ready to move or not, leaned in closer to him. From there she put his arm around her neck once again and pulled against him, eventully pulling him out of the cab. He wincned in pain, a growl of pain escaping his lips. Ian then bit his lip and pushed against his tight muscles as he helped her support his weight. Finally his vision was too blurry to continue keeping his eyes open. The human was going to have to lead him to her home in the building they were entering. The werewolf could hear everything though...the beeps of the mechanics all around him. Suddenly he felt the ground move beneath him move upwards and he tried to move to comensate which almost earned him a hard trip to the ground. But he managed to catch himself on the metal bars around him. Ian cursed a little too loudly, louder than he had intended. At this point he would need help to stay up right but that was managable. Seceretly...he just hoped they were almost there.
  12. Every portion of their journey seemed to have taken an eternity. Strained muscles, bleeding, pain, and panic were the culprits. Seeing the finish line was the savior. Persephone did not know where the strength to keep him upright had come from, but damn if she wasn’t thankful for it. If he had fallen to the ground he would have taken her with him. Then there would have been no way to get him back up. She ignored his cursing and odd growling for the moment. Instead she tried to comfort him as they both stumbled up to the building door. “It’ll be okay, we are almost there.” She said, “Just stay with me.”

    The rest was a blur for her. She remembered being glad no one was in the lobby and that the elevator was resting on the ground floor. She remembered struggling to hit the fourth floor button and ignoring his strange growling when the door dinged open. The rest was a flash of keys and mad dash for the couch.
    She had him lying on his stomach as she ran to the bathroom. She grabbed a roll of bandages, a couple of washcloths, and some hydrogen peroxide. Then she ran back into the living room where she had the strange man on her couch. He looked like he was in so much pain Like he could die at any minute.

    Her Heart did a flip in her chest. What if she couldn’t save him? What if he died right here? She shook her head trying to focus. He had put his faith in her. The least she could do was do her best to try and save him.

    “Alright…” She said, more to steel her determination then prepare him. She knelt on the side of the couch and poured the bubbly liquid onto one of the cloths and pressed it to his back. She ignored whatever sounds he made as she worked on cleaning up his back and the wound. She needed to see how deep it was. Lord forbid if she had to get her sewing kit too.
  13. After the incident, with the ground moving underneath his feet, he didn't trust his own judgement as much as he had before. So he just let her guild him blind...quite literaly. His vision was, at this point, wasn't going to do him any good. It wasn't very good to begin with when she found him. So he in turn did not know what she looked like...but he did suppose it did not matter. Weather she was beautiful or not so much...he was depending on her. Once the ground stopped moving she managed to quickly pull him forwards. They stopped again as she fumbled around with something metallic for a few moments. Suddenly the metal sound stopped and a click signaled a change in atmosphere. Now, not only was the feeling different in the air...the smell was different. He couldn't quite put a pin on what was different but he could definitly tell something was. She was rushing him, obviously not being able to hold his weight for much longer. When they stopped again she helped him lay on something soft.

    Immediatly he relaxed some, and tried to take control of his body again. As Ian once again took control of his breathing the woman dashed away, coming back a few moments later. The werewolf could slightly hear her heart beating fast, almost out of her chest in fact if it could. Ian didn't hear what she said but in the next few moments he suddenly felt something stinging on his back. It was his wound! She must be trying to disinfect it...He reached out and grabbed the cloth of what he was laying on tightly...very tightly. He Cried out in pain as the disinfectant was worked into his deep wound. Then, from deep inside his wound he could feel what exactly was keeping him from healing himself. The blade he was struck with was silver! Of course it was...why would they attack an escaping werewolf with anything else? He thought. There must be some silver dust stuck in his wound from when the blade was polished. Then it left his lips without him being able to control it.

    "Silver! I am A-Allergic to S-Silv-ver! F-Flush it out!"

    He knew if it had infected his blood it would make him feel sick to his stoumuch for several days. In a moment he released one of his hand and took one of her couch pillows, clamping down on it to muffle and further of his cries of pain as she attended to his wounds. Ian waited somewhat impatiently for her to finnish. When she finally did he let go of the pillow and laid his head on it...trying to get his breathing back to normal once again. No doubt it still hurt but atleast...atleast that wound was not going to kill him. In no time his wound would heal over...and he would have some explaining to do.

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  14. She didn’t understand. Why would there be silver in a wound like this? She could understand if it was iron, steel, or maybe even wood, but silver? What a strange metal to be harmed by. When he was more coherent she would demand answers, but she had work to do. Standing up, she went to the bathroom again. This time she returned with some tweezers, and a cup of warm water.

    She took a deep breath to steady herself and knelt beside him again. Carefully and slowly she poured the water into the wound. She watched to see any metal. When nothing came up she used a clean cloth to soak up the mess of diluted blood. Then she saw a piece flickering in the light. Using the tweezers, she very carefully plucked it. She did this a few more time, searching for any large pieces while flushing out any smaller ones. When she was sure she couldn’t do any more, Persephone wiped him down with the alcohol and started to bandage up the wound. It probably would need to be stitched up later, but her hands were too shaky for the task at that moment.

    She collapsed against the floor, exhausted from all the excitement. She didn’t know if he had passed out or was still with her, but she asked anyway, “Any better?”

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  15. When the woman rose to her feet again he could hear her scurry off again towards the same place she had come from with the disinfectant. In the mean time he laid there, feeling where every piece of silver was in his back. Ian wished he could see his own wound...the gaurd would have had to strike him pretty hard in order for the silver weapon to shatter inside his wound like it did. Then again that is what it did feel like. Those gaurds out there had to under go special training to deal with the werewolves and vampires. Just to say the least...the maximum security human prison gaurds were not as tough as the ones out at the compound. Then thinking about it...it made the front of his hidden shoulders hurt. Out there...they did not allow the wolves to shift because if a few got togeather and shifted it would be the end of the compound. So once every couple of weeks a shot was given to them in the back of the neck. He didn't know exactly what it was but it prevented him from shifting. Except for once...once where he had by passed up in the line. He Shifted that night and was greeted by a almost all the gaurds of the compound. Two of the brutal men there had aimed and shot him in his shoulders with the silver bullets. Ian remembered collapsing to the ground and blacking out with pain. He had only been twelve years old then...but he rememberd it like it was yesterday. Even though he had healed up and had the bones set by his pack mates, they still bothered him occasionally.

    Suddenly he heard her coming back and start back to work on his injuries. He felt a warm liquid be poured into his wound, as she followed his instructions in flushing out the wound. Ian clenched his fists tighter as he felt her use a tool to pick the silver pieces out of his wound. It seemed that she was doing this forever and his wound felt aggrivated. But it was just inflamation and not the pain of the silver. It was a relief to him to have it out. The silver could and would no longer threaten to poison him any further. Sure he would probably have an upset belly from it but it could be worse...much worse. He could be dead out on the streets and be buried amung the destitute humans. Finally she finnished and he let out a sigh of relief that he did not know he had been holding in. Ian heard her collapse agagainst the floor and then ask him if he was feeling any better. He managed to nod.

    "Y-Yes...T-Thank you...I owe you...a-alot..." as he said that he could feel himself blacking out...falling asleep.

    It wasn't until hours later that he woke up and felt his bound wound well on it's way to healing. Still not having his shirt on from she was treating him, he managed to sit up. Ian was lean and thin but muscled out...strong looking but also deprived of proper nutrition at the same time. He had longer shaggy blonde hair that was pulled back loosely...his supernatural green eyes now cleared as seeing was much easier. Slowly he looked around and saw where he was...as he took it in..he wondered where the woman had gone.
  16. The water felt so amazing. It was almost enough to make her forget that she had a half dead man lying on her sofa. Persephone sat in the warm heat of a bubble bath, as she tried to relax. Her nerves were frayed from all the excitement of this life or death situation. She still had no idea who this man was. Logically she realized she very well could have let some serial murderer in her home. She sighed softly. Maybe he just got in some freak accident where a jewelry store clerk attacked him with a silver bauble sharpened to a razors edge? She scoffed at the silliness. The truth was she wouldn’t know until he finally regained consciousness.

    As soon as she had been able to crawl of the floor she realized he had finally blacked out. At the time she could only be happy that he had lasted that long. A warm bath and a glass of wine had made her see a bit more clearly that the entire experience was perhaps a bit to rash on her part. He did not want to go the hospital for some reason. Surely that had to mean he was some sort of criminal, right? He at least had to be involved in some sort of criminal, underground behavior. She shook her head. She would ask him. Hopefully he would have a perfectly logical answer. After all he did keep saying he owed her, in between growls.

    She frowned. That was another thing. He had growled at her like some sort of animal. At the time she ignored it thinking it must have because he was in pain. Now she wasn’t so sure. The whole thing seemed just so off. Maybe things would make sense in the morning? She climbed out of the bath and quickly dressed. Her bed was calling to her. She left the bathroom and flicked on the light switch for the living room. She would just check on him and go on her way.

    She jumped. Having not expected him to be awake, it was certainly a surprise to see him sitting up. She swallowed hard as she got her first real look at the man before her. He was gorgeous and she suddenly felt self conscious. He looked like a wounded hero. She on the other hand must have looked ridiculous. She had put on stripped pajama bottoms with a grey tank and threw her hair in a pony. No! She was not the ridiculous one. She was not the one bleeding to death in some alley!

    Regaining her nerve she walked over to him. “You’re up? I didn’t think I’d be seeing you awake until tomorrow at the earliest.” She held the flood of questions back, but just barely.
  17. Even though it was dark he could see his surroundings perfectly. He was in some sort of living space for human's. Ian did not recognize much of the things that adorned this sort of fancy human dwelling but it was somewhat familiar. Places like this were used in raising the young away from the pack. The young were raised by human nurses and cooprative werewolf wet nurses Who lived away from the harsh conditions the rest of the pack had to endure. A frown crossed his lips as he clearly rememberd the compound...even sitting here far away from it's cold, Iron walls. It was in the desert that separated the two large cities on either side. It's walls were made of an Iron/silver mix which usually kept the wolves steered clear from it's great height. The summers were very hot and practically unbearable and the winters are just the opposite. Freezing and unspeakably cold. The whole time they were kept in one large caged in area with metal bunk beds, equipt with silver steel hand cuffs to keep them from wandering around. The only time they could exercise was when they were put out to do the work the human's did not want to do. When the work was done, right back in they went to live out their miserable lives in silent agony.

    Then suddenly he was snapped back to attention when the lights flashed on, his attention turned to where the click of the light switch had come from. Standing there in the door way to the kitchen was the woman who had brought him back to her home and attended to his injuries. Much like himself she had blonde hair and was over all a very good looking woman. A woman who someone would seek after to claim as a mate. What a lucky man indeed who ended up snatching her away. She was just as suprised to see him as he was she because the woman stood there silent for a few moments...just looking at him. Then she finally came over closer to him and spoke, saying she didn't think he would be awake until tomorrow. Just looking her in the eyes he could sense all the bound up questions this lady had for him. But he wasn't quite sure he wanted to awnser them tonight...have to explain to her everything and how he had got where he was now. Explain to her that the "compounds" were not as nice as human's told human socity they were. Ian knew that regular humans thought that they were living it up there...that they had it much easier than they did! But it was the very opposite. The werewolf nodded in response to her question.

    "Yeah...I am. I tend to be somewhat nocturnal...I like the night time better than the sunlight..." he said as he met her eyes. "And I knew this was coming...I can see it in your eyes...there must be a million and one questions you would like to ask...wouldn't you...?"
  18. As he gave her the excuse of being nocturnal she arched a brow and took a seat in a nearby arm chair. Why would it matter what time he usually was more active? The man suffered a major injury. She was surprised he hadn’t slipped into a shock induced coma, let alone was sitting there talking to her! What the hell was going on? She crossed her arms and leaned back. Her Hazel eyes narrowed when he opened the can of worms. There must be a million and one questions you would like to ask, wouldn’t you?

    “Yes, I would actually.” She said, frustration dripping from each syllable, “I can’t say I exactly imagined my day ending with me dragging a severely wounded man to my apartment. Not that I am not happy your doing better. I am. You had scared. But I deserve some answers. Like why couldn’t I have called an ambulance to pick you up and take you to the hospital? Or maybe what the hell happened to you? At the very least, who are you?”

    She didn’t mean to have sounded so upset. He was the one recovering from an injury. All she had really done was drag him into a car and an elevator and do a questionable job of cleaning his wound. Perhaps it was just the shock of everything. Normality of her level was just never prepared to have such an interesting evening.
  19. Just like he had suspected. As soon as she was given the oppertunity she was going to ask questions. So he just bit his lip as listened as she spoke. She told him that she didn't imagine her day ending with dragging a half dead werewolf home with her to her home...her apartment. Or that was how she worded it anyways. If that was what human's called these things...he would need to keep that in mind. He had a lot to learn if he was ever going to dream of fitting in with the human's. Of course an Ideal world would be having his pack mates work amungst him but that wasn't going to happen any time soon and probably not ever in his life time.When he snapped back to attention he could read anger...frustration dripping off of her words as she spoke. Continuing she told him she was glad he was doing better but deserved to know why she couldn't have an "ambulance" come pick him up, what had happened to him, and who he was. There was a silence as he let out a sigh, trying to figure how to word this without giving too much away. He spoke after a few more very long moments of silence.

    "My name is Ian...and the reason I didn't want you to call someone...or something, whatever an 'ambulence' is to come pick me up is that I have people looking for me...gaurds...lab hum-people, people, and probably doctors because they injured me when I got away from there...and if you had I would have been taken back to that Hellhole funded by human taxes..." it was he who now sounded somewhat angry, frustrated. "I am n-not going back there...we get treated like we are less than people like you..."

    Ian frown and his eyes flashed a suspiciously bright supernatual green. A shade that was impossible for humans.

    "Anything else you would like to ask?"
  20. Now, Persephone been so hopeful that the man she saved wasn’t some lunatic. She had hoped he was just a young man with no insurance or too scared of running into the people that hurt him. Ian was the latter, but still appeared to be a lunatic. After all if he escaped from a mental ward wouldn’t he be chased by doctors, lab people, and guards? No wonder he didn’t want go to the hospital! Or as he said the place paid for by human taxes. Human taxes? Her eyebrows furrowed in confusion. Why was he talking like that? Was he trying to say he wasn’t human?

    Then finally she noticed his eyes. She had never seen eyes so green and vivid all her life. Was he not human? She almost wanted to laugh at how stupid the thought was. There was no such thing as supernatural creatures. Right? The next question shot from her mouth, “Why do you keep saying human like you aren’t one?” As she spoke her eyes were on his, transfixed by how inhuman they really were.