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  1. Lu walked into the waiting room. Glancing around she felt the sick rise in her stomach and her nerves starting to make her shake. She yanked down her long sleeves as she sat down and tried her best to ignore the itching on one of her wrists.
  2. Harry Styles checked his work diary, and smiled. He had a new patient today, and he was looking forward to meeting her. He loved his job, because it meant he could help people with their problems and help get their lives on track.

    He stood up and walked across the office, opening the door. "Lu?" He called, unsure of the name.
  3. Lu was shaking as she stood up and walked to the door. She lifted her head up and looked at her doctor, gosh he was gorgeous. She thought. She followed him into his room and sat down timidly. She was petrified, she never had really opened up to anybody before.
  4. Harry didn't immediately sit down, but instead he poured out a cup of hot chocolate and sat on the edge of the desk. "I'm Dr Styles, but if you want to, then call me Harry. Sometimes people find it easier to call me by my first name because I'm so young. So, what's your full name?" He offered her a friendly smile.
  5. Lu stared at him, he was gorgeous and that's all she could think about. Those eyes, his hair, his smile. She then snapped out of her daze, Harry. She had always liked that name, infact she had always loved it. Nodding she replied "Lucy, Lucy Lucy Nicholls" She replied with a timid and scared smile.
  6. "That's a pretty name, Lucy. The name means light, did you know?" Harry smiled. This meeting would be to just make her feel comfortable so she might open up to him in the future.

    "So, what do you like doing? I like singing - actually, my roommate and I do karaoke competitions on the regular." He chuckled.
  7. Lu shook her head "No I didn't, but of an ironic name for me then" She said sadly. But then laughed at what he said "I do as well actually, I dance too, I'm also a journalist" She said honestly as she played with her hands.
  8. "One of my friends is a writer - he writes for a literary magazine, but he always submits his work anonymously even though I think he should take credit for his writing. What do you write?" He asked curiously.
  9. Lu smiled, this doctor seemed lovely, he was around about her age and he was gorgeous. Which made this ten times harder for her. She hung off every word Harry was saying "I'm a fashion journalist which means I go to fashion shows, look at celebrity's fashions ect and write about it" She said honestly with a smile.
  10. "You know, you seem just like the perfect person to hang out with my mates - one of my other mates, he is a total fashionista, and he designs his own clothes." Harry chuckled. "Just so you know, I'm not going to be like most other psychiatrists, staying in this office and probing you. Next week when you see me, we'll do something outside. Ok?"
  11. Lu laughed a bit at what he said, she hadn't genuinely laughed in a while "Okay what will that be?" She asked as she started longingly into his green eyes. She was definitely attracted to the man.
  12. "I haven't decided yet. Something to make you feel comfortable around me, so then we can actually talk about why you're here." Harry smiled. "Ok? I'll just wait until you want to open up to me, not before." He sipped his hot chocolate, and then sat down in the seat behind the desk. "So, tell me about yourself. What else do you like, besides journalism and singing and dancing?"
  13. Lu thought about it "Leonardo DiCaprio and Selena Gomez I guess" She said with a small shrug "I love sushi too" She said and played with her hands. She was still incredibly nervous around him but she felt an odd sense of comfort near him as well and she didn't want that to ever end.
  14. "Selena Gomez is beautiful, I agree. However, I have never tried sushi before. The only fish I have ever had is the cod that I get from the fish and chip shop." He grinned. "I love chicken though, and pizza as well. Have you ever had fajitas?" Harry ran a hand through his curls for a moment.
  15. Lu smiled at her doctor "I love fajitas yeah they are the best" She said and an actual real smile spread across her face. She couldn't be developing a crush on her doctor, it was a risky thing to do when she was suppose to be opening up to him about her depression.
  16. Harry was delighted to see a genuine smile on his patient's face and his smile grew. "So, do you want a drink? I don't drink alcohol at all, and caffeine doesn't do well for me, so I just drink either water or hot chocolate. Want some?" He gestured to the machine in the corner.
  17. Lu nodded "I'll have a hot chocolate please" She said with a warm smile. Eurgh he was a gentlemen too, she thought to herself. This guy was perfect and her doctor and she though he was way to good for her.
  18. "No problem." Harry got up and got the drink for her. "Here you go." He handed it over and sat on the desk. "You know, you're extraordinarily beautiful, Lucy. You should realise that. I have never seen anyone as beautiful as you in my life, and that's saying something."
  19. Lucy took the drink with a smile "Thankyou" She said and took a sip before avoiding spitting it back out "S-S-Sorry what" She stammered I'm shock and then she realised what he was doing "You don't have to lie to me Harry to make me open up to you more" She said with a small and sad sigh.
  20. "I'm not lying. I have never lied to a patient, or anyone for that matter." Harry firmly told her. "I'm telling the truth, because if I tell the truth, then maybe you might."
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