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The warnings were still blaring and the launch order had been given by the time Arcum, already in the cockpit of Zeromus, managed to finish up his scans and maintenance. "Note to self," he said, taking out a data pad labled 'Mk 4', "Install an instant drop protocol of scans and maintenance on the Mk 4." He jotted his note down, then wired his right hand into the Zeromus, prepping himself metally for battle. "Alright Z, time to see what you can do." While this wasn't the first time Arcum had been in combat using a Zeromus, it was the first time for the Mark III. Arcum checked to make sure all systems were greenlight, then fired up the thrusters and servos. Grabbing the Zeromus' two assault rifles and latching them onto Zeromus' thighs, he walked to the edge of the open bay door, turned to face the interior of the bay, and jumped. Arcum and the Zermous fell about 100 meters before Arcum activated the inertial dampener. It was another 100 meters before he decided to turn on the thrusters. The Zeromus, now under the power of its own engines, rapidly slowed from a fall to soaring straight towards enemy mechas. Spying the big one enter, though it was only about fifteen feet bigger than the Zeromus, and hearing the dialogue between the captain and the enemy commander, sent his own transmission to Captain Morrison. "Rquesting permission to assist in 'taking it outside', sir."

"...What's your plan?" came the captain's reply. "Well, I was thinking maybe of an experiment to see what would happen when a hypersonic mech smashes into a massive, fortress-like mech, like, oooh say, that ogre-lookin' one." Waiting for the captain's reply, Arcum took out the Zeromus' two beam swords and got into a defensive stance, it's arms crossed in front of it, with the beam swords held upside down so that the beams pointed outwards, towards incoming mechs.
The call to battle came and Morgan took a moment to wipe his hands one last time. With that he began moving forward towards the hangar bay doors. At the edge he prepped for a jump and Cid jumped into the air. One arm went up and the grappling whip attached to it shot out hitting the ceiling. The hook attached and the mech swung into the air spinning him up onto the top of the ship.

Morgan was never a one for dealing with less than good odds. What he saw was less than good. Lots of enemies. Most of them were aerial. That left only one thing for him to do. Kneeling down Cid went into Barricade mode and Morgan began working the shoulder turret. He locked onto one of the Hihawks. It was very fast, but Morgan opened fire on it. A blaze of bullets flew at it trailing into it. The first few were all misses. But then they began to make marks. After a few seconds the left wing of the mech burst into flames. It spun out of control flying to the ground. Luckily it blew up before hitting the city below. Morgan let out a sigh of relief. One down, many more to go.

Targeting another Hihawk Morgan let out another volley of bullets. After a few moments it too burst into flames. Two down.
ten hawks x5 missiles=50 missiles.

Right, 50.

As Hanako found herself staring down 50 closely packed missiles, she had to wonder for a brief second on how to deal with this. She put the sword back on it's sheath, and whipped out the rifle. Lasers tore through the missiles, and the explosions from one detonated the next until the whole set went up like a firework.

"Tch, too easy.."

Her brief moment of admiration was interrupted by a form shooting out of the smoke and debris. The Raptor flew towards her, claws ready to tear her to pieces.

Hanako merely flew just below it, smiled, and said (or rather, yelled) two words.


Her right arm punched up into the raptor and fired it's missiles. She was lit from above as the heavy mech was torn to pieces and exploded.

"..So...Who wants to play next?"
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The Captain responded to Arcum's request, "Go ahead Arcum. It's worth a try but there is some risk involved. I think your mech should be fine but I've never tried such a tihng myself."

The Dusk Dragoon fired it's plasma turrets off at the Berserker Orge, doing very little damage to it.

"Yes..This isn't enough...Drastic measures need to be taken to stop this monster...Getting up close is dangerous considering that mech is meant for melee combat and has immense strength. If it can punch through the door of a space port, mechs could easily be broken apart." The Captain thought.

A few Hawks tried to attack the Dusk Dragoon but it jumped on one of them and stabbed them with it's plasma spear.

The pilot of the Beserker Orge sent a transmission to Richard,Oh this is so boring!!! Captain Richard of Themis, do you want to surrender yet? One last chance!!!! Let me show you just what I can do! Little men and little women in their tiny bug like mechs think they can hurt me? HAH! Richard ignored this transmission. It only served to annoy him.

The Berserker Orge moved it's hands and opened up it's large weapon pack. It pulled it's Mammoth Gun. It fired off 3 bullets in the direction of Themis, they were slow moving but gigantic. The giant mech put it's gun away and began to creep closer to Themis.

The Dusk Dragoon managed to slice apart one of the bullets. The Q-Hydra intercepted and tanked one of the bullets. It sustained a bit of damage because of it but the Q-Hydra still functioned. The remaining bullet was still heading for Themis.

Themis fired off her laser cannons and destroyed it just before it was about to hit.

Something larger then the Berserker Orge showed up on the radars of the Dusk Dragoon and Q-Hydra. It was coming from outside.

"This was all just a diversion...Their main ship is coming here...That's how they can invade this colony!" Jane thought.

Richard sent out a transmission to Themis, "Themis, get ready to launch...If their mother ship or a even bigger mech is in the way..We should intercept it. The longer this goes on, the more damage can be done to the colony. At least we can try to prevent them from getting in or let them follow us into space. We'll take care of that Berserker Orge, just worry about launching!"

Themis then sent out a transmission on the ship wide intercom, Roger that! Attention all stations...Themis is ready to preparing to launch! All hands prepare!

Richard issued a new order to all mech pilots, All units, focus on that Orge, that giant mech! You've all done well and there's not many enemy units remaining. Our main concern is destroy that giant mech ASAP so Themis has a clear path for launch. We have to leave now since the enemy is planning to bring either another large scale mech in or their main ship. A battle of that scale could be disastrous inside this space port so we have to move quickly to prevent such a conflict! Arcum has a plan to attempt to damage it, we'll let him try that once he's ready but in the mean time, attack the Orge and stop only if Arcum's mech begins it's maneuver! If any enemies are in your way, destroy them as well but Themis can handle their attacks now that so few of them are left!
"Heh, so slow, I was hoping for something a bit more entertaining." Zakiel complained to himself as another Hihawk was destroyed by Altair's claws.

It was unnecessary to even use a weapon, it was just a matter of catching up to them. Altair's specialty was flight. It was easy to outmaneuver these machines, so this fight had become nothing more than a simple cat and mouse game. Zakiel briefly glanced in the direction of the giant mech that seemed to be their leader, but had dismissed the thought of attacking it for the time being, stationary targets were not fun.

"To think these guys are trying to stop us from leaving." He said as he evaded some of their missiles, moving closer to the next group of mechanical hawks and ripping their flight systems apart.

Richard said:
All units, focus on that Orge, that giant mech! You've all done well and there's not many enemy units remaining. Our main concern is destroy that giant mech ASAP so Themis has a clear path for launch. We have to leave now since the enemy is planning to bring either another large scale mech in or their main ship. A battle of that scale could be disastrous inside this space port so we have to move quickly to prevent such a conflict! Arcum has a plan to attempt to damage it, we'll let him try that once he's ready but in the mean time, attack the Orge and stop only if Arcum's mech begins it's maneuver! If any enemies are in your way, destroy them as well but Themis can handle their attacks now that so few of them are left!

"Boy, he does like to talk, doesn't he? Who is this Arcum guy and what mech does he pilot, anyway?" Zakiel said as he turned towards the giant enemy.

"Altair, I need you to identify this Arcum guy's mech." He said, throwing aside the remains of the hawk he had just destroyed. The monitor's highlighted the friendly units, stopping on the Zeromus Mark III.

"So that's the guy, then? Ok, let's have some fun in the meantime." He said as his sight shifted to the giant enemy. Increasing its speed, Altair headed towards the Berserker Orge.

"Let's do this, then!"


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"Heh, right-o Captian," Arcum replied after recieving the green light to ram the ogre mech. Arcum recited his checklist as he flicked various switches and typed in various adjustments in preparation for his charge. "Inertial dampeners, increase output to 300%, check. Plotting course ending 300 meters outside of colony access hatch, check." At this point, a warning sounded in the cockpit. ""WARNING! WARNING! COLLISION IMMINENT! COLLISION IMMINENT! SUGGESTING COURSE ALTERATION! SUGGE..."" Arcum turned off the warning manually. "I know full well that collision is imminent. Now, where was I? Ah yes, increasing flow rate of coolant to the core, and finally, commencing over-charge of the core." As the core began it's over-charge, the Zeromus began to turn from a brilliant white to a jet black, and glowing blue lines that were the coolant began to appear, and the thrusters, revving up, began to glow a deep orange. All together, the Zeromus now looked like something out of an archaic video game*. ""Core over-charge complete. All systems set for a 60 second burn. Commence burn in the next 12 seconds to prevent core rupture."" That was just what Arcum was waiting to hear. "All right. Time to see what the Mark III can really do. Go! RUSH ASSAULT!" And with that, Arcum engaged Rush Assault mode, with the beam swords still pointed forwards. The Zeromus shot towards the ogre mech at such speeds that even with intertial dampeners at 300%, Arcum was still pressed back in his seat, only able to keep control of his mech thanks to his direct interface. And after a mere 15 seconds, Arcum was jolted forwards, as the Zeromus collided with the ogre mech, both of the beam swords plunging elbow deep into the enemy mech. The ogre, as big as it was, flew back roughly the desired distance, crashing into and destorying some of the smaller enemy mechas on it's way out. Now safely outside and away from the colony, all Arcum had to do was get out of the way and let the others finish off the boss. With Rush Assault still in full swing for another 17 seconds, the Zeromus pushed off from the ogre mech with it's legs and fired it's thrusters, sending it quickly back into the colony. That's when Arcum noticed something wasn't right. He quickly ran a damage assessment and found that the hand servos had both been completely destroyed due to the impact, and the forearms of the mech were in ribbons. He looked back at the ogre mech, and while there were two large holes in it where the Zeromus' arms had been, and pieces of still were, Arcum realized that he hadn't done as much damage as he initilly thought. Still, he was satisfied with the results. He goal was to get it outside, and that's exaclty what he had done. He radioed the captain. "Well, that's all she wrote for me. Not much else I can do with these servos in the shape they are. I'll head back to the Themis and see if there is anything I can do to help out there. Good luck to ya. Arcum out."

*-The Zeromus' looks like it's from the Twilight Realm from LoZ: Twilight Princess, which is the game that he's refering to.
Like a bloody horizon, the glare of Py-chan’s eyes as they slid open cast an eerie glow across the mech’s humanoid face. Richard’s voice crackled over the P.Y.R.A.M.I.D.’s comm. system. Why such an advanced unit’s audio would have static was unclear…Perhaps it was a personal preference.

”We can’t afford to wait for whatever they are planning! All units, launch!”

Alexa watched as the other mechs swiftly deployed, the various forces engaging the enemy with enthusiasm. Well at least they were eager…A majority of these pilots were nothing but names and photos included in intelligence. With no chance to observe them in actual combat, she had no idea whether the wins and losses in their reports were due to luck or skill or a lack thereof.

”Something approaches.”


Py-chan shifted as the space port’s door was blasted open and peeled back like a tin can. A large mech emerged like a giant beast emerging from hibernation. Alexa’s focus was on the top monitor. It was much bigger than the P.Y.R.A.M.I.D., its hulking form causing a tremor as it settled in the port.

”This is your last chance, surrender or we’ll smash Themis and the colony into bits! We’ve got far better machines… We’re freedom fighters and we fight for justice! We won’t let you abandon Earth and all its people! My name is Eliza Wright! And we are the Blue Earth! A group dedicated to protecting the people of Earth! Pilot of the Might Berserker Ogre unit, a unit we built from designs we stole from the government!”

. . . Alexa didn’t bother to listen to the rest of the woman’s rant. It was unimportant, her ignorance already clear to the stoic pilot.

[color=#66000]’Far better machines?’


A basic diagram of the space port and surrounding was uploaded to main visual, certain areas highlighted and brought to attention while others were marked off. Close combat was Py-chan’s forte. The stance of the mech shifted as it prepared to engage the Ogre when black mech flew past, cutting her off. It moved in a quick flurry of blows, punching a variety of holes through the enemy’s thick armor…while unfortunately destroying himself in the process. Sparks emitted from the holes created, exposed innards peeking through the wounds. They were hardly in critical areas…but they would do.

[color=#66000]”No skill.”[/color]

Py-chan launched forward, a soft hissing emanating from the mech’s leg joints as they adjusted to the pressures of leaping, the proper thrusters kicking in when necessary. Like a ghost the P.Y.R.A.M.I.D. unit’s form shifted in and out of visibility before appearing directly behind the gigantic Ogre. Drawing one clawed hand back it plunged forward, burying the appendage deep inside the enemy unit.

”You stupid---wh-what!?”

Eliza’s visuals and audio exploded in a burst of garbled static and streams of data. Particles drifted from the secondary thrusters of Py-chan, the nano chaff glittering as it came to rest on the Ogre’s battered shell. Once in contact with the mech’s hot shell the powdery chaff transformed into a dark, gelatinous material which quickly began leaking into the various wounds.

Inside, Eliza began to panic, she slammed her hands down on the controls ”I can’t move! I need backup! Something—Something’s wrong with the Ogre! Can anyone hear me?” She covered her ears against the deafening static.

[color=#66000]”I can hear you.”[/color] A smooth female voice cut in over the static. [color=#66000]”Are you ok?”[/color]


[color=#66000]”Yes…I know.[/color] With a powerful leap that left a gaping dent in the Ogre, Py-chan leapt off the back of the unit, thrusters adjusting to maintain a slow hover. The stumpy ‘wings’ on the back of the P.Y.R.A.M.I.D. flared open, forming a halo around the head of the mech. Small particles of light began to gather before a burst of thin lasers launched toward the Ogre.
"Thanks to Arcum, the Orge is outside the colony. And Alexa has apparently immobilized the Orge. All units, leave the colony once you are prepared,we're going to take this fight into space and find their main ship! That is our objective. Their numbers are dwindling. Continue attacking the Orge and any remaining units for now. If any of you happen to discover where their main ship is, inform me at once but I believe it'll come out from hiding eventually." Richard sent out a transmission to all friendly units informing them of the situation.

He used the Dusk Dragoons thrusters to soar out of the space port. The Dusk Dragoon launched off a few drills at a Armor-Raptor in his way, piercing through it's armor and destroying it.

The Q-Hydra moved into space as well as Jane tried to pinpoint the possible location of the main ship. She used the Q-Hydra to scout the surrounding area, destroying some Hihawks that followed her mech.

"There's an asteroid field near Prometheus. That's the only place they could be..It figures, we could risk getting damaged going into there. They used that place as a safe haven..They're just waiting for us to make our next move..." Jane thought as she then sent out a message and informed the Captain of this development.

The Berserker Orge, of course could not dodge the lasers P.Y.R.A.M.I.D had unleashed and was hit by each of them, rocking the mech.

Eliza was deeply distressed and filled with anger as she said aloud,
"First they rammed me out of the colony and now this, this disruption, my mech is too state of the art to glitch out like this, that one mech earlier did this on purpose! These people don't care that my death will cause international outrage! My armor can hold up for a bit longer. They'll rescue me..My comrades!!! The others must be noticing I have lost control!"

"Oh yes..My escape pod..I just have to find it. It might not have been effected yet. Oh these stupid people..How can we trust them to find a new world?" Eliza smirked as she opened a hatch inside her mech that led into the built in escape pod.

She struggled to get it to launch as she shouted into the pod's communication device, "What the hell did you do to my marvelous machine, you bitch? You better undo it now, or else! Or else you'll really get destroyed once my comrades make their next move!" She hoped to reach Alexa as her escape pod's communication system was also effected by the nano machines.

Inside the space port. Themis was almost ready to launch as it's engines were getting ready. The Zeromus had returned to it. Themis's hatches then closed. The space port seemed to be much safer now as the enemy mechs had left it. But the space port door was of cover, still destroyed so it could not be shut.

Some of the remaining enemy units gathered in space and began to be more evasive, instead of getting close up to any of the Themis mechs, they attacked from afar with ranged attacks or simply focused on avoiding attacks.

Jane sent out a transmission to all friendly units, "The enemy..They've changed their tactics. They're definitely trying to stall us here...There's only right thing to do...Force their ship out! I'll handle that, my mech is charging. To any near by units, please take care of any enemies that may try to stop my mech. They may wise up to it as soon as they notice my mech is staying still."

With that, the Q-Hydra began to charge up. Jane was going to force the main ship out instead of waiting for them. "My mech can do this job best, everyone else can deal with those remaining units. This should easily be able to break through those asteroids and hit their main ship hard.."
Analyzing the situation as a whole proved useful for the Equine mech's pilot. Every second watched from the launching hanger with not even a touch of psuedo-emotion emerging. Opponents were appearing rather quickly and the pilots of specialized were taking each one on in their own unique way. HX368 processed inhumanly fast that he would need to attack.

From Themis, the Stallion leaped out into the port and raced along the ground before reaching a few Hihawks. No thrusters left the mech at a disadvantage against flying foes with human pilots. Hoofprints were left imprinted in the floor while enemy fire was dodged using split second calculations of trajectory. Pilots of the Hihawks started to grow over-confident & wary at the sametime as Prince of Space continued to show a lack of weapons to fight back with.

Until they got carelessly close.

Gravity fluxated to allow an otherwise impossible scenario of physics and surprised the enemy just a bit. Down came hooves shod in an undisclosed alloy with deceptive force. Sounds of armor crushed under sheer power told a tale to frighten the other terrorists. Did the Hihawk pilot even notice his own mech drifting into the attack? With how the hooves sank into the armor left one to wonder if they could be pulled out easily.
Repulsion freed the front hooves just as the rear pair came in to finish the job.

Due to their squad-based tactics, Prince of Space completed a jump from the first Hihawk onto a second opponent. The first was still spiraling downward when the second started a similar descent of defeat. Shots were fired at the Equine mech by what remained of the original group, yet their weapons seemed have no effect and only served to accelerate their fate.

Meanwhile the Ogre mech suffered a velocity-packed charge from Arcum and then was resoundingly docked by Alexia. The blows dealt to the Ogre went beyond mech damage and transferred into the morale of terrorist mechs within the space port. Enemy units responded through a change of tactics and fled into space to try winning a ranged battle. A transmission from Jane only solidified these facts further.

"Request accepted."

Silence came for but a nanosecond.


Where the Equine mech stood was replaced by a scene of chaotic beauty for those who saw machines as another medium for art. Parts shifted while others vanished, only for a previously unseen part to take it's place. All of it to reveal the realization of one human's dream given reality. Somewhere. . . scientists who had laboured in secrecy could now feel just the tease of pride.

On the battlefield now stood a humanoid warrior in place of the stallion.

Hands that were empty now held a long range weapon, while the Prince of Space dropped into a crouch before firing three shots out into the blackness of space. Velocity granted by an advanced rail propulsion system inside the 'Rifle' left any error in accuracy up to the pilot. Each one found it's mark inside the armor of an enemy mech gunning for the Q-Hydra. If Jane wanted cover fire while she charged up for an attack on the enemy ship. . . she would recieve it.

"Requesting permission to assist Superior Officer in assault on enemy vessel."

HX368 planned on using Prince of Space for the purpose it had been built to carry out.
"Shut. Your. Mouth."

Hanako sliced another one of the Hihawks in half as she spoke.
"You say that we're abandoning the planet earth. That the moment we leave, all other work on helping out the environment will stop. That nobody's ever tried anything else. Moving off-world is the last resort, and if we have to leave the earth to save it, then that's what we should do!"

Her hands tightened on the handles inside her cockpit. A teleport took her behind another doomed Hawk.

"And to think that you would kill innocent people for your goals..You're about as far from heroes of justice as you can be."

She found herself next to the prince of space, back to back.
"...Ah, hey man. Jane, you gonna be done soon, or should I just go slaughter all the ones left?"

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Jane responded to HX368's request, "Permission granted!"

The Q-Hydra's power was now fully charged. She then received a transmission from Hanako, "I am finished! Do whatever is best, I will be able to fend for myself right after this!"

The Q-Hydra unleashed it's charged power, firing beams from all of it's three heads, one beam of fire, one of thunder and one of ice, the beams merged into one and made a line straight for the enemy's main ship. It ripped through several asteroids with ease and created a large explosion as soon as it hit the enemy's ship. It created a dent in the ship's side and forced it out of hiding, it then began to fire off several missiles at the Q-Hydra. The Q-Hydra used it's claws and destroyed most of them.

Jane then sent out a transmission to all friendly units, "The enemy's main ship is now heading our way and moving out of the asteroid belt. Richard will give you further orders soon!" The main Blue Earth Army ship then launched a strange yet fast green and yellow mech that flew off towards the Berserker Orge at an immense speed. It had a large rather over sized head and green horns sticking out of it's head. It was humanoid in nature and rather small, standing at only fifteen feet.

It's left arm opened up and sprayed down the Beserker Orge with a strange solution. The pilot of the green mech, "Eliza was in quiet a predicament. Hmmm. But to the Giga Brain, this nano-machine attack is possible to undo...She will soon be able to move again. The Green mech noticed it was being fired on and it once again, thrusted off and headed back towards the BEA's main ship for cover. The remaining enemy units also now gathered around the BEA's main ship.

Eliza soon noticed her mech was back in working order. She went back into the pilot's seat and took control. She thought to herself"About time he showed up! Arnaldo, that Lazy bastard! Nearly got me killed! Oh we're in business here and it's time for revenge! Where's that girly mech that did tried to humiliate me?" She looked around and saw Py-Chan.Full of anger sent out a transmission to Alexa,"Oh you little shit! This time it's personal!!!" The Beserker Orge pulled out it's Mammoth Gun once again and fired off several shots at Py-Chan.

Themis sent out a transmission to "Captain! I will be ready to depart in exactly five minutes! I will assist you and join the battle then." Richard replied, "Roger that, Themis!"

Richard then issued new orders seeing as how the situation had changed once more, "All units, focus your attention on either the main ship or Berserker Orge! Yes, the Orge is able to move again due to that green mech's aide. They are the main threats here, so select either as your target, I will allow you to choose, just as long as we have a fair amount of units to deal with each threat!"With that Richard thrusted forward, preparing to fight the Berserker Orge while Jane went to deal with the Blue Earth Army's main ship.

The Giga Brain landed on the deck of the Blue Earth Army's main ship. The pilot of the Giga Brain intercepted and heard Richard's transmission,"So that's their plan...They're forgetting all about me as if I'm not a threat. Oh well, that'll work to my advantage! Time to see if I can break into those mechs's systems and take control." Arnoldo said to himself. He looked at the Q-Hydra and the Prince of Space with a grin on his face.
Once permission was granted by Jane, the Android quickly uttered the command for his mech to transform once again into the Equine form. Backing up into the hanger, it then started a full on run toward the exit created by Berserker Ogre. Each step brought Prince of Space closer to achieving the maximum velocity possible while still bound by some form of artificial gravity. Inside the mech, HX368 engaged the gravity flux to start warming up for a display of the device's potential. Near the end it appeared as though the ground were not even there. . . offering the minimum resistance required to cause friction neccesary for momentum.

At the last possible moment, the gravity flux was raised to fifty percent of the possible output. It completely severed any ties that bound Prince of Space to the port. Now the calculations for trajectory and velocity came into play as the mech went soaring into space. Zero gravity proved quite useful when the target destination was directly ahead. Right about then was when the Q-Hydra's attack went off into the asteroid field and struck the terrorist vessel. Given the speed he was moving at now, the Space Stallion would reach the enemy ship around the time when Richard gave new orders to the other pilots.

Chunks of blasted asteroid were floating all around the Android as a result of the powerful assault from Jane. Strangely enough it looked incredibly similar to the crumbs of a crushed 'Chips-a-hoy!' cookie container going everywhere. The kind of crumbs which could take out an average building. But what could be done if any debris came on a collison course?

On the way there, quite a few came close. . .

Using the gravity in another way, HX368 tried to subtly use each one as a stepping stone. Judging various paramiters within nano-seconds allowed such a wonderful feat. To the untrained eye Prince of Space managed to avoid getting crushed. In this way, distance between the BEA ship and the Equine mech vanished drastically.

Until the loud clatter of those hooves touching down on the ship's outer hull.

"Live siege exercise now in progress."

HX368 ran from the ship's bow straight for the stern at full speed. Along the way, the mech seemed to make a point of destroying or at least disrupting defensive fire from the ship itself. Laser cannons or the like would regret their existance in his warpath. Enemy fire was mostly dodged through the expert understanding HX368 held of the manuverability possessed by the Equine mech. What shots that did manage to strike were absorbed by the more than durable armor.

Metals of various alloy buckled under the immense strain and started to give way. Or in some cases get torn off completely. Some Hi-hawks that were in pursuit actually got taken out by ship debris flung off in Prince of Space's wake. Keeping up with each movement proved a simple task for the Android and it showed in the resulting damage left behind.

Physically, the damage that Prince of Space caused upon impact appeared utterly impossible. Even for a mech of such considerable size. Perhaps this alone would give the enemy an indication of the powerful technology at work.

But how did the Android do it?

First a hoof would come down while attracting the armor, then upon contact it would reverse into repulsing the metal away at a devastating level. Once the hoof started to move away, the gravitational direction shifted back into a vicious pull to tear it away from the actual ship. This effect was created by each hoof coming into contact with the hull and thus quadrupled the damage done. When the cycle finished, any debris were launched away with enough force to knock down a mass-produced heavy mech.

To any pilots watching. . . the illusion of those thundering hooves was likely intimidating.

It appeared that the Android had entirely ignored the Giga Brain for no other reason than to complete his current objective. Until engaged in combat, nothing would happen between the two mechs. Not a clue at all exsted that would warn HX368 of any devious intentions. But the outcome of such an assault was completely up in the air.

When the Berserker started moving again thanks to the brain's timely invervention, Hanako marked it in her mind as important. The guns of the mothership would pose a bit of an obstacle to taking care of it.

..Unless, of course, some horse mecha drew all the fire for her. Hanako danced in between the fire of the guns, and a quick laser shot alerted the brain pilot that he was not, in fact, alone. He went soaring up off the deck of the ship, and she followed.

They twirled around in the air, exchanging shots. Hanako had the advantage of speed and accuracy, and the damage on the brain began to grow. The legs were the first to go. The Minerva took a few shots to the faceplate and chest, but they didn't do much damage at all. Instead Hanako's visuals started getting, well, fuzzy. The brain mecha seemed to be even faster because of it. She would fire at where he should be only for him to show up somewhere else unharmed a second was hella annoying.

And when he blasted her in the face with some thing on his shoulder, that was even more annoying.
"..Bastard...Right, Minny, let's get moving so we can finish this guy off!"

Hanako made the motion for her mech to shoot him, but nothing happened. And in the cockpit, there was suddenly a brief moment of panic as she realized she was dead in space.

This brief moment was then followed by the rapidly growing desire to punch the brain pilot in the face.


"Son of a bitch! Alright then, let me show you what I can really do...EXCEED MODE, ENGAGE!"

The Minerva began to glow red as it resumed function. The sensors were now working perfectly, the energy output was 120% normal, and Hanako was pissed off.

She ran circles around the brain, leaving a red trail behind her as she went. The Brain pilot tried to fire off at her in vain, as she effortlessly dodged each of his shots. Hanako set to work punching his mecha repeatedly, breaking the limbs, shattering that dammned shoulder cannon, and leaving the whole thing a floating wreck in space. She finished off with a spinning kick, sending the wrecked brain flying near the Ogre.

"Alexa! Let's finish these guys off with our combo move!"
Morgan disengaged barricade mode and prepared to move. There were still a few minutes left before the Themis took off and he wanted to use the time. One of the remaining raptors came in too close and none of the ship's weapons managed to hit it. Slow moving, it was a perfect target.

Cid's whip shot out of the arm and latched onto the back of the raptor. In another second the mech flew off of the ship as the whip began to coil back in. Slow moving, the raptor tried to shake him off. But Morgan made it to the raptor. Immediately the raptor began to lose altitude.

Working quickly he cut into the raptor's armour with his laser knife revealing the wiring underneath. A small spike jutted out of Cid's right arm and he jabbed it into the system. In seconds a small amount of nanobots went into the system and began spreading through it. Then he released and fell down as the raptor regained air. He let out his whip again and latched onto a building nearby. When there was no slack in the line, the mech swung to the ground and rolled into it as he released.

When he was safely on the ground, he went to work. Engaging his hacker system the nanobots went to work inside the raptor. He moved into cover as the system booted up. It was only a matter of time before he took control.
"AHHHHHHH! Shit! They almost got me! I'm getting out of here, the Giga Brain can be replaced, I can't! I don't want to find out what they have in store for me!"Arnaldo sent out a message to all Blue Earth Army units.

The Giga Brain opened up it's head and released an escape pod that went into the Blue Earth Army mother ship.

"Coward! All you can do is run away??? At least try to fight! One last time..We can't let these people accomplish their mission. Earth will be forgotten once they succeed! Only the rich and privileged will be able to leave the dying Earth! We cannot just quit! And......We're in the clear now..Our reinforcements have arrived and Themis is leaving the colony, just as planned!"Eliza sent out another transmission to all her fellow units.

Themis's engines were ready. Themis exited the colony and sent out a transmission to all Themis mechs, Attention, attention all units, I am ready to launch. As soon as this conflict is over, enter the docking bay and we will depart immediately.

The Blue Earth Army Mothership looked to be retreating now. The Beserker Orge however remained but it was badly damaged still. Suddenly, a few other large Blue Earth vessels came into the surrounding space, there were a total of nine of them!

"They....They were not on the radar...They're all...Battleship class...There's too many of them.." Jane thought to herself as she was caught off guard. It hadn't occurred to her that the enemy had radar jamming or cloaking technology. Such technology was usually only accessible to United World Government units.

Before the Captain could issue any new orders. A few United World Government Battleships arrived from the direction of Earth. They had been called earlier and just now were finally arriving.

One of the United World Government Captains sent out a transmission to Richard, "Captain Morrison, we'll handle these terrorists! You guys just get out of here and begin the mission! We'll be fine! They've given up on trying to destroy the colony and you guys did a good job..But their mission is clearly to destroy Themis. We can't allow that. So your orders are to leave, Captain! Call all of your units back into Themis! We'll cover your escape and bring these scumbags to justice! More are on the way. They may have a small fleet, but we've got hundreds of battleships!"

"Roger that!" Richard replied to the other Captain. He then issued new orders, All Units, head back to Themis!We've done all we can. We've been ordered to pull back and leave so Themis can begin her mission. They'll deal with the Blue Earth Army, our work is done for now.

Richard and Jane were intending to stay out in space until the other units had already pulled back to insure everyone made it back safely. They began shooting down and attacking the remaining smaller units instead of the Orge or the battleships.

"FIGHT YOU PIGS!!!! COME BACK HERE!!!!! This is-AHHHH!" Eliza rambled as the Orge was bombarded with rounds from several of the United World Government battleships.

[OOC: What to post next? Your mech being docked and your pilot probably taking some sort of break to unwind from the battle. I am no longer busy so the pacing should pick up here. The next battle will be more proper and not lag on so don't worry about this happening again...]
All around the Prince of Space, the heat of battle was fanned into the flames of war as more enemy ships appeared. Part of the programming inside of the inhuman pilot started to calculate if taking on each battleship was a possiblity. In the end. . . it would prove if this expierimental mech's design were truly up to being a ship-wrecker. But as the numbers started to add up, not enough battle data had truly been collected to fully anticipate whether such an outlandish attempt could be successful or not. On top of it all, these were calculations were onlyfor being able to destroy the ships themselves.

Suddenly, allied units appeared!!!

Chances for success rose dramtically from their previously calculated figures. Defeating the current number of enemies turned into a real possibility with this almost instantaneous change of events. But alas it was not to be carried out today. Orders came from the captain himself to retreat back to Themis cut down any hopes of testing Prince of Space to the brink and pushing that limit.

Plus, getting back to the ship in one piece became a priority.

Aligning a jump which had a high percentage of launching him back to Themis, HX368 started the run. Building momentum in zero gravity would be key to executing this manuever successfully. Prince of Space had no thrusters to speak of at all. . . which left manuevering around in space completely up to the ingenuity of the pilot. Later on, perhaps a design with thrusters would prove more desirable. But this would only come after HX368 returned with the battle data from this mission.

Gravity fluxuation in the hooves was pushed to sixty percent output to push away from the Blue Earth Army ship. Just as the shells from allied forces were firing, a lone Equine Mech moved through space on nothing but pure mommentum on a veritable collision course with Themis. Seconds flew by as the distance closed until the Steel Steed made contact on the outer hull and quickly entered a nearby hanger.

Other pilots arrived from the battle as well.

Eventually, the Android exited the Mech to take a look around at others in the hanger. Cold eyes without emotion gazed around fliudly at the various personnel walking around the hanger. Examining them perhaps? But for what? It didn't seem to matter for too much longer as he began to examine Prince of Space. Maitenance might be required for any damage taken during the fight.

Would anyone approach him?
As the hacking completed new orders came in and there was no time to use the new weapon. Morgan instead took control of the raptor and swung it around to come back to him. The Themis was out of his whip so he would have to get there by other means.

As the raptor drew closer, Morgan scanned through programs and found the one he was looking for. He engaged the program and watched it take effect. From the raptor a puff of smoke went out as the pilot was ejected from the mech. The raptor kept flying towards him though.

Only meters from the ground Morgan made his hacked mech fly back upward as he shot his whip out and grabbed onto the raptor. Cid lifted off of the ground and began flying towards the Themis.

It was a short trip and Morgan disengaged at the hangar doors. As he dropped onto the hangar floor he maneuvered the raptor so that it was flying directly at the enemy ship. As it flew forward the plasma cannon began to charge up. It began to glow brightly as it came close to full power. In another few seconds it was well past that point. If the blast wasn't released, the cannon would send the mech over the top and cause it to explode. And that was what Morgan intended.

Moving Cid into hangar Morgan disengaged the hack and allowed the inevitable to happen. By the time it reached the critical point, it would be inbound with the ship. Hopefully it would cause some damage.
[OOC: Forgive any hijacking here, but it's time. All units have to get back in the ship to continue here and we can't afford to wait on everybody. Now this is a time in which your characters can interact and meet the Captain and Jane as they will be in the docking bay.]

The Captain's Dusk Dragoon and Jane's Q-Hydra were the last machines to enter. The doors to the docking bay where then sealed up and closed.

Themis stated over the ship wide-intercom,We are departing! We are Leaving the current war-zone area for safety purposes. We will enter deep space travel in an hour so as to complete preparations and safety precautions. Themis's engines kicked up and the ship soared away from the area. The rest was up to the United World Government forces but they apparently had it under control, several of the enemy vessels were waving white flags to surrender as they saw a huge armada of United World Government battle ships arriving.

Richard and Jane remained in the docking bay to survey the damage done by the hacking attacks personally and see just how many working units they had left. They also were going to personally thank those who fought in the previous battle, as they had succeeded in protecting the Colony and surviving.

As soon as they stepped out of their mechs however, they heard a rather annoying voice arguing with some of the mechanics, WHAT? Why won't you repair my mech first? Don't you know who I am? I neeeeeeeeed it! I neeed it fixed!!!!If you don't fix it now, I'll get you all fired, you hear me?! It's not fair I wasn't able to get any glory and join in the last battle! I want to prove I am the best, I want to get some kills to my name!. This young man was strange, dressed up in a rather fancy suit. He looked very irritated.

The Captain confronted the young man,"Stand down! The mechanics cannot play favorites, they're doing all they can to fix up the mechs damaged in the battle and the ones wrecked by the hacking. This isn't about glory, this not about bragging rights, as a mech pilot your mission is to protect the ship, not to senselessly kill people!"

The young man looked annoyed but he ignored the Captain and looked at Jane. "Mmmmm, aren't you a looker? You know what...If you get lonely, I can invite you into my sleeping quarters...My name is Harvey, pilot of Nefarious. Wanna see my mech? Know what I mean?" He began to open his wallet and he pulled out twenty dollars and was about to slip to to her.

Jane cringed and told the young man angrily, "For your information... I AM THE SECOND IN COMMAND, not a whore of any sort! And that man you just ignored is the Captain of Themis!!!!! I suggest you get out of here or we will contact the Security! You're disrupting our duties! GET OUT! You disgrace to the crew!!!!"

Harvey looked like a deer caught in the head lights as he scrambled and fled the scene. He was apparently ignorant and unaware of how the uniforms of the higher officers differed. The mechanics stared awkwardly but resumed their duties soon after.

The Captain sighed and said, "We'll have to decide on a disciplinary action later. I cannot understand how someone like that was able to join the crew of Themis! It just doesn't make any logical sense. But we must not forget our purpose here. Let's get to work, Jane.". Jane nodded as she calmed down.
Hanako walked up to Jane, having seen Harvey's introduction from the catwalk in the hangar.

"You should have taken his money, just to mess with him."
She laughed and thought for a bit.

"Oooor told him that we're going to be in a communist military dictatorship for the next few years or so with no mint, and that by the time we get back to earth, his money will probably be worthless anyways."

"Kinda lame that Alexis and I didn't get to use the Love-Love attack...maybe I can teach it to that guy..." She looked the captain and Jane up and down, an impish smile coming to her lips.

The steamer began to move slowly away - but on the landward horizon
appeared the silhouette of a Fighting Machine. Another came, and another, striding over
hills and trees, plunging far out to sea and blocking the exit of the steamer. Between
them lay the silent, grey Ironclad 'Thunder Child'. Slowly it moved towards shore; then,
with a deafening roar and whoosh of spray, it swung about and drove at full speed
towards the waiting Martians.

Music wafted through the hangar, from a rather secluded corner where a Man clad in what looked like a mix of Mechanic and pilot BDUs was tinkering with a Weapon system which looked like a large, heavy sub machine gun, yough the underslung weapon the man was in the process of attaching to the larger Sub machinegun looked strange, with several darkened sections that looked like neo lights that were turned off.

There Were ships of shapes and sizes,
Scattered out along the bay,
and I thought I heard her calling,
As the steamer pulled away,
The invaders must have seen them,
As across the coast they filed,
Standin' firm between them,
There lay Thunder Child!
The underslung weapon hummed and the tubes lit up dull blue, the light becoming brighter as the humming grew louder</singers><singers>, </singers><singers>though with a flick of a small switch the humming decreased and the light faded.
"Excellent" Greg Mervis leaned baxck, wiing sweat from his brow as he did so.
The underlsung Plasma rifle was attached to the Bolter, although as soon as the brat had started whining he had turned up his music, an old Classic Musical his father had once listened to almost religiously, The old man had said that it was based on a radio-play that once caused mass hysteria, though Greg had found one song in particular to be inspiring, The Song spoke of an Ironclad navbal vessel basically fighting an enemy much stronger to ensure the survival of a civilian vessel.

</singers>Moving swiftly through the waters
Cannons blazing as she came
Brought a mighty metal War-Lord
Crashing down in sheets of flame
Sensing victory was nearing
Thinking fortune must have smiled
People started cheering
'Come on Thunder Child'
'Come on Thunder Child'

The story had inspired Greg so much that he had named his Prototype infantry suit after it, though that wasnt why he turned the music up.
The nasal whine of the runt had begun to grate on Greg's nerves, not jsut by the sound of the voice, but the content that spewed from the idiot's mouth beggared belief, though even over his music he had heard the yelled retort of the ship's XO, and Greg felt a smile creep up on him, though he shook his head as he realized the detour his train of thought had just taken.
"Right, I affixed the Plasma rifle to the bolter....ah yes, the ammo hopper" he muttered to himself, moving over to the hydrolic lifter that would lift what was basically an ammunition backpack onto the back of his suit.

it normally took half an hour to affix the holder, and that time again to load the plasma canisters, although purely as a safety precaution, that would only occur before deployment.

The type of plasma used by Thunder Child's plasma rifle could be dangerously unstable if mistreated or thrown about, so it was kept in the Armory with most of the spare solid munitions (though kept in a cabinet with a number lock pad adn a four digit code that was changed once a month, though thsi change was done by Greg and a Themis officer together, so that no one individual held the combination)
it had taken Greg days to get the Suit this close to combat readiness, and he had been forced to sit out of the first combat engagement because of it.
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