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Jane was a rather serious person but she did smile at her ideas of messing with Harvey. But being a by-the book person, she rather formally get the kid punished. She replied to Hanako, "Love-Love attack?? Sounds unorthodox but it's always good to learn new maneuvers and techniques...." She noticed Hanako had a strange smile on her face and was about to say something else and waited for her to finish as Jane didn't quite know what she was going to say.

The Captain himself was talking to someone from the Security on a head-set device about Harvey. "So..That kid is..The president of America is his father? That's how he was allowed onto Themis. Pressure from Mr.President himself. Very well, we still have to do something about him, we can't let him cause such disruptions..He needs to learn proper conduct and behavior, kid or not, we do not need a loose cannon on the ship. Well thank you for doing that background check so quickly, it's good to know what we're dealing with here. Goodbye sir." After that, Richard ended the call.
Seeing Jane's confusion, Hanako went on.
"You know, a Love-Love attack..where you focus on your feelings for another pilot, and they focus on theirs for you, and then you use them as an attack against some bad guy! Then, after they explode and the misson ends, you and the other pilot chill out with some martinis or something and take some time out to get to know each other. I suggested that you and the captain might learn it, because, well...yeah..."
Bringing Cid in for final shutdown sequences Morgan heard the hum of the engines come to a stop. The doors of the cockpit opened and he jumped out of the mech, using the safety wire he slowly descended to the ground. The battle was over and that meant he was to return to his room until further orders. But he took a moment to look around. From what he saw, new orders would come soon. There were several mechs that had been damaged and they would require mechanics to fix them.

Morgan saw the Zeromus first and almost cringed at the sight of the damage. That would take work to fix. He was happy that he hadn't tried the move he had seen the pilot pull off. It just meant more work for him and the other mechanics.
Jane began to understand what Hanako meant to an extent but she said to her, "That's rather interesting but..Me and the Captain..Aren't like that..It would be improper. I don't meant to say this concept of a love-love attack is flawed, just it's not something I believe I could use with him. You see, I can't bring myself to fall in love with people whom are my associates. I was brought up to be proper and always obey the rules,even as a child. What is it to...Be more care-free?"

The Captain surveyed the damage done to his mech and Jane's. He thought, "Hmm, not nearly as bad as the others...But it might be a while until they can fight again. But that's assuming we do encounter anything out there in space. But the existence of alien life is possible, somewhere, they were the ones who unintentionally gave us such advanced technology after all with that warship." The Captain pondered what would be coming next as Themis's journey was about to commence.
"I'm not sure a Professional Mutual Friendship attack would be nearly as powerful..As for being more carefree, you should try it sometime! For instance, I think I might see if I can get a strip club started on board sometime.." She realized that she was talking into the second in command.

"Er, if it's not too much of a violation of standard..but take me, for example. This isn't even close to my uniform, and it's my clothing of choice. Mostly because it's comfy, but it generally gathers more attention than a standard uniform. You might try wearing something different sometime..." Hanako carefully looked Jane up and down.
"Maybe a bunny suit or something.."
Jane was shocked at the suggestion of a strip club but tried not to be too disrespectful about it as she let Hanako finish. "You may have a point but it is rather hard for me to relax, it would be nice but it could damage my reputation or hamper my abilities as an executive officer. As for that..Club... I...Am not sure of such a thing....Perhaps we as humans have such desires and needs but...I doubt it could be approved.."

She continued, "I...don't think I'd want to have people staring at me if I wore an outfit like that...It's just not something I could feel comfortable in..Wouldn't it ruin my reputation? Wouldn't it make those who are suppose to take orders from me stare or laugh at me? Is there some other way outside of an outfit change to...Have more fun?" She asked Hanako. Jane was curious. She wanted to be carefree but she didn't want to damage her reputation or honor.

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Hanako frowned.
", you're almost as bad as Alexandra..If you keep stressing other's perceptions of you so much, you'll never get to relax. Ah, that's it. What do you usually do in your free time?"
Jane answered, "Well.....I practice with the mech simulator. That's what I've done recently since getting on this ship anyhow.." This was the truth, after all, there wasn't that much to do on the ship.

"Executive Officer Jane!" The Captain called, "We've got to head to the conference room. I've gotten to know some of the pilots as well and thanked them. But we have to move on here..It's time for official business."

She looked over at the Captain and nodded, "Yes sir! I understand." She then looked at Hanako, "Well...It was interesting talking to you....What's your name? I'm Jane...And you are?"

Themis announced over the intercom, Attention all pilots with working mechs! Attention! Report to the conference room! A meeting is to be held! I repeat, a meeting is being held in the conference room for all mech pilots! Report in as soon as possible!
Morgan heard the announcement to got to the briefing room. As much as he didn't like the military, his mech was working and that meant he was supposed to go. He almost felt like rigging Cid so that it wouldn't work properly. He could probably write a program to do it. But at the moment there was no point to it.

Departing from the hangar he made his way toward the conference room. Once there, he made himself comfortable in a chair as he waited for the meeting to start.
"Ah, I'm Hanako. I'm one of the mecha pilots here, so there probably isn't going to be too much work for me. Come on, let's get going." Hanako took Jane by the hand and raced off towards the conference room, taking a seat on the side of the table.
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