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  1. This is a rp branching from one i previously made on a different website
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  2. he yawned in boredom as he walked to the cafeteria, he looked up and noticed someone else was ask walking in front of him, he stared at their back a moment before jogging up to meet them
  3. Wynter turned around to look at Jason, jumping, not expecting him to be there. He stumbled back, screaming for a moment. "Don't do that." He said, his British accent clear as day.
  4. he smiled he's so cute like this "soooorry" he laughed, not sorry at all
  5. "You're not sorry at all, are you?" Wynter asked, squinting at him with a small smirk.
  6. "nope!" he chuckled and smiled widely, swaying slightly
  7. Wynter sighed, rolling his eyes and shaking his head. "So, what were you trying to do? Other than scare the living day lights out a me?" He asked
  8. he gave a thoughtful look then his stomach growled loudly "guess that decides that, lets go eat"he smiled
  9. "Sounds good." Wynter said, walking into the cafeteria. He glanced back at Jason and smiled at him.
  10. he smiled back and skipped up beside him, as they entered the cafeteria he smiled again
  11. "So, what's on the menu for today?" Wynter asked, glancing over at Jason. He walked over, grabbing a tray for himself and one for Jason.
  12. he accepted the tray "same old, barely-mashed mashed potatoes and chuck oily gravy with dry meat, or the slop they call stew" he grimaced a smile
  13. "...I should ask if I could cook for a week here... then there would actually be a line for the food." Wynter Said with a laugh, one of the workers behind the counter gave him a glair before serving him the 'food'
  14. He laughed and held out his tray and also received some 'food', then walked to a nearby table and sat himself down
  15. Wynter followed Jason to the table, sitting across from him. "...Looks like leftovers.... from last week..." He mumbled, poking the meat with a fork.
  16. "It probably IS leftovers from last week" he said using his fork to mash the potatoes more
  17. "Heh, yeah." Wynter said and started to eat, even though he didn't want to. "If I die from this...." He paused, putting his hand to his mouth.
  18. He smirked "it's bad, but it's not THAT bad, well, there WAS that time when a large number of us almost died from food poisoning, and some actually did......"
  19. Wynter spat the food back out and looked at it. "...How about, something moving in it?..." He asked, looking up at him.
  20. He smirked "I wouldn't be surprised" he poked at a lump of oily fat