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  1. Zerdu Aragr was grinning widely to himself. He had found out that a rich merchant was leaving town for weeks, meaning he had found a literal goldmine. For being so rich, he had awfully little security on his home though. A guard at the front door, locked windows and few other entrances.
    Yet getting in through one of the windows without getting much attention hadn't been hard for him, especially not in the dark of night.
    Zerdu was picking through a large jewelry box, taking whatever his pockets could carry.
    The tall, green Lizardkin started climbing down from the second floor window, happy about the loot of the night.
  2. Zerdu would suddenly feel himself pulled away from the wall and airborne. There was a muted sound of wings and the ground would begin to rush by. Over timber and open fields, held by the back of his cloak in an iron grip. It would be impossible to look up, but he wouldn't have to worry about that long. A large clearing appeared below him and he was dropped to the ground abruptly. There was a flash of white and then nothing. A disembodied female voice came from the shadows. "Didn't anyone ever teach you that stealing is bad?"
  3. Zerdu struggle for a moment to get back up on his feet, before standing up and pulling out his swords. He looked around, swords in hand, trying to be ready for whatever could happen next. "Didn't anyone teach you that kidnapping is bad?!" He shouted back at the voice, attempting to stay calm, not really managing it. "Show yourself, coward!" He followed up with. He was usually the one staying out of sight in such situations, yet at the moment, he thought little of it.
  4. There was a flash of movement and above his head a young woman flew. She had wings so white they were almost too bright to look at and in her hand she held a blazing sword of fire with a razor sharp keen to it's edge. "Do not dare to call me a coward again!" Her eyes blazed a dark violet and her black dress flew about her in waves. With each mighty beat of her wings she berated the ground. "I would not have kidnapped you had you not stolen from that merchant."
  5. Zerdu couldn't help but to stare with a look of terror on his face. Winged and human-like creatures were rare, as far as he knew. He didn't truly know what she was intending to do to him, yet having carried him out into the woods wasn't a good sign. "I took what I needed so I can survive! He will barely even notice that it's missing! And if he does, he can afford to buy new!" He almost shouted at the woman, trying to defend himself. By the look of her sword, talking her down seemed like the only way for him to defend himself anyways.
  6. "If you yourself were the merchant you would care." She swiftly landed and folded her wings behind her back, buy kept her sword handy. "Do not think you can overpower me lizard man. I am much stronger and swifter than any other creature you have ever encountered or will ever encounter." Her sword blazed a bright white and then went out. "I did not bring you here to kill you, but to show you the error of your ways."
  7. Zerdu hissed slightly at her as she landed. She said she wasn't going to kill him, yet he wasn't trusting her. "I would, yes. But I'd just buy new ones. If you didn't notice, it was a wealthy merchant. It wouldn't be better if I took from someone who had almost nothing, now would it?" He asked, taking a step backwards. "I've got nothing, and he's got everything. I'm just evening the scales." His tail swished around behind him, obviously scared of the creature in front of him.
  8. Adaire sighed and sheathed her sword. "I won't hurt you." She sighed as she realized he did not believe her. There was a blur of movement and she grabbed his sword arm and pinned his sword against her own throat. "If you believe I will kill you, run me through. Go ahead. Put your sword through my neck."
  9. Zerdu changed his grip of the sword slightly a few time nervously. Either she was stupid or immortal. And he wasn't sure which option he preferred. "If you're not gonna hurt me, why'd you bring me here? Show me the error in my ways, as you said?" He asked in a slightly mocking tone. "I do what I must to survive! And to reach a goal you'd never understand! And killing fools is not part of that goal!" He almost shouted at the woman, as his tail once more twitched behind him.
  10. "I am no fool. I had to bring you here, away from civilization, to show you some things. Now if your not going to kill me then allow me to show you." The angel sighed inwardly but remained stoic outwardly. She pushed her hand against his forehead and a series of images began to flash. First it showed the merchant coming home and finding his missing things and then it skipped to a scene of him standing in front of a double set of graves crying, they were his wife and child. A voice echoed in his mind "They died from the sickness the sickness he could have payed to had a doctor cure, but instead he had to pay to replace his wares." It then showed some of the past people he had robbed and the bad things it had inflicted. All of a sudden the images stopped and he was back in the clearing, the angel facing him. "This is what you will do, and have done."
  11. He staggered backwards as she let go of him, dropping his blades in the process. He was gasping for air, trying to comprehend what had just happened. "I... But they.... They had so much... Why... How... But they had houses and expensive furniture... Why didn't they just sell that?" He asked, trying to understand. "And how did you...? Have you been following me? You're a mage, aren't you?! Or one chosen by the Lord of Change?! But he never had anything against me..." He was holding his head, feeling his head starting to throb slightly.
  12. "They held the appearance of much worldly gain, but in reality, the merchant you just robbed is going bankrupt. His wife has developed tuberculosis and their unborn child will contract it soon after she is born. I am not a mage, and my magic is not dark. I am an angel of the heavens, or so I used to be. I was leader of Gods army, but no longer." The angel knelt and picked up his swords and held them out to him, hilt outwards."Stealing will get you nowhere little one."
  13. Her words made him only feel worse. He looked at his hands and said "Tzeench... what have I done...? I... I got to return these... I..." He trailed of once more. "I couldn't know... They lived in the rich parts of town... In a big house... They appeared rich! Oh by the four..." As she held out his swords to him, he shakily took them back, sheathing them slowly. "But I... That's all I know to do..." He tried, both to convince himself as well as her.
  14. "There are other things you can do. Stealing is no life style, I am giving you a chance to redeem yourself instead of smiting you with the wrath of God as I should. You will return those items and you will be set on the path of good to offset all of the bad deeds you have done." The angel crossed her arms over her chest and fanned her wings. "Would you like me to take you back so that you may return those goods?"
  15. "I-I-I... Yes. I will return these. I just..." He paused to breathe a bit. "Yes. Your help would be appreciated. If you get me back there, I'll get the jewelry back in there." He said in a resigned tone. "And I... I won't steal valuables like this again... Just small things... Small things that won't ruin anyone..." He took a few more moments to gather himself. "Alright. Take me back." He tried standing a bit straighter again, tried to at least act a bit calmer, in the hopes that it would actually calm him down a bit.
  16. The angel laughed mirthlessly. "Oh it will be guaranteed that you don't steal again." She grabbed him a bit harshly by the back of his cloak and took to the skies. It was a bit of a slow rise at first but gradually they picked up speed and were moving at a quick rate over the trees. Nearly fifteen minutes later they arrived back at the house and the angel tossed him back into the window where she got him from. "Hurry and I will wait for you."
  17. The Lizardkin rolled a few times, before managing to stop himself. Once more he was inside the home from which he had stolen. The house of the merchant who was on the verge of bankruptcy. The merchant who's family would have died from his thefts.
    He practically ran through the house this time, almost as if he didn't return it soon enough, what the woman, or angle, had said would come true. He emptied his pockets into the jewelry-box where it came from, before turning. Just as he was about to run back to the window, he heard something. One of the guards! They must have heard him! He sprinted towards the window and almost dived out of it, in a desperate attempt at not being spotted, where he used his claws to grab onto the wall, avoiding a fall to his death.
  18. The angel grabbed him gently around the waist. "Don't worry I've got you." She whispered into his ear as she pulled him away from the wall and high into the air away from the guards. Quickly an alarm was raised and within minutes the city was in lock down, but by then they were high into the night sky. "That was a kind thing you did. I would not allow you to be hurt while performing a good deed."

    Several minutes later they landed in yet another clearing and the angel dropped to her knees and rubbed her eyes. "I'm feeling very tired from carrying the extra weight so much..." Her face was very pale and she seemed to weak to even pull herself up from her knees. All she managed to do was raise her hand as if to rub her shoulders before she collapsed from sheer exhaustion.
  19. Zerdu could not help but to feel uneasy as he was carried through the air. He was used to being in high places, but flying, now that was different. And he was hugely relieved as they landed.

    He looked down at the collapsed angel for a few moments, wondering what to do with her. From what she had done so far, he doubted it would be hard for her to find him again. His other options were between moving her or leaving her there.
    "She looks a lot like a human, which probably means that is was warm blooded..." He mumbled to himself. "Which means that if I just leave her here, she could get sick from the cold or something... Err... I'll just move her a bit..." He tried picking her up gently, which was made hard by her wings, yet he managed to move her to one of the trees nearby. Deciding it was the smartest thing to do, he took of his robes, lay down, leaning against the tree and lay her on top of him with his cloak around her. That way, she would be kept warm, while allowing him to get a bit of her heat.
    In that position, he slowly drifted off to sleep.
  20. The angel slept well that night, and was as still as death. While her breathing remained regulated she never once gave any other indications of life. At some point during the night her wings wrapped around them and kept their heat trapped better allowing them to stay warm during the night.

    Early the next morning the angel began to stir. It started with a slight uplifting of her wings, but once she realized she was covered she let them go limp. She shook her head slowly and squinched her eyes closed before opening them. She looked up at Zerdu with questioning eyes as she remembered the night before. Suddenly realization hit her of the events of the night before. She allowed a small smile to light up her features. "Thank you, for not leaving me to freeze last night." She shivered as she thought of what the night could have held for her.