Dead for Dead

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She was walking slowly, the grass crunching beneath her auburn boots. Brunette curls whipped around her face as she looked around shoving her hands into the back pocket of her jeans, violet eyes closed slowly as she took in a deep breath of the ocean air. Looking down the bluff at the water she mused on how easily she could just step off and end it all. "Come on Sonya don't be a chicken," She murmured to herself as she moved towards the edge. Her toes brushing the loose gravel there, as she slowly removed her light jacket revealing just a white tank top, it would make it easier for them to find her body. She smiled a the thought, oh how she could picture their faces.
Josh was simply walking by, his light sandy blonde hair blowing softly in the wind, tickling his forehead. His hazel eyes falling from one scene to the next as he made his way down the path. His khaki pants wisped lightly in the wind, his light blue button down doing the same. It was a beautiful night, the perfect night he thought. When suddenly he saw the woman, he stood there for a second, trying to figure out if she was just trying to get a good view, or if she was actually contemplating the jump. Well whichever the reason, it didn't stop him from bolting towards the woman. Puting a bit more bolt in his step, he reached her in seconds, he seemed like a blur for a moment, unitl he appeared behind the woman, grabbing her around the waist and he pulled her off the ledge.

" Are you okay? You could have fell standing up there like that in this wind.. " He said with his arms still tight around her waist.
Sonya yelped as she was suddenly yanked backwards, it frightened her honestly. She turned slowly in the mans grasp her skin burning where his arm held her. "I..." She began but stopped blushing furiously, it must seem so stupid the suicide attempt. She slowly raised her eyes meeting his gaze. "I was going to jump." She said with some finality a snap in her tone. Probably at the fact that he had completely ruined her attempt at death.
Josh was a bit caught when she caught his gaze, he caught himself gaping a bit until she told him she was going to jump. He tensed a bit at the thought of falling that far. Realizing he still had ahold of the woman, he suddenly let go and took a couple steps back, " And may I ask why you planned on jumping? " He said with a softer tone, he didnt wanna come off as being pushy, but he did want her to know that it was a ridiculous idea. He sighed softly as he looked her over, she was beautiful. No other way to describe it, the only thing he couldn't figure out was why would a woman with such beauty want to end her life? The scent in the air didn't give him any inclination as if there was some type of danger around, everything seemed fine, amost serene.
"Well its really none of your business now is it?" She asked edging back towards the drop off, as she studied him. He was rather handsome, a shame they couldn't get to know eachother. "But I'll tell you," She said with a sigh. "I'm bored with life." She said shrugging.
Josh was confused by her words, how could you be bored with life? Perhaps she just hadn't lived the fun part of life, he thought to himself. He himself had done many things he regrets, but wouldn't change what he had done, it had made him the perfect killing machine he was today. Ofcourse no one knew this of him, he was a simple business man to everyone else. He let a few of his abilities loose every once in a while, but this time. He just needed to know what this woman was thinking, how could you be bored of life? It just dumbfounded him. In any case, he moved himself between her and the ledge.

" Listen, maybe I can offer you a cup of coffee, or a piece of pie.. Theres an amazing cafe right down the road, how about we go down and find out whats so boring about life, perhaps I can help fix that for you.. " He said this with a slight smirk, he wasn't exactly trying to make an advance on her, but he just wanted to stray her mind from what was currently clowding her judgement.
She smiled slightly, "Alright I suppose I can wait to end it all." She said staring longingly over the edge. She bent grabbing her jacket and pulling it on as she shivered in the light breeze. "Lead the way cowboy." She said with a sultry smile.
Josh was still a bit depressed by her comment, but felt a bit better that she decided to come with him. As long as he kept her buisy she wouldn't be buisy killing herself. Just thinking about him brought him down, he had dealt with alot of death in his time, but this just hit him in a soft spot. He hated that he felt this way, but still couldn't help it. He led the way towards the city, the park was dark that night. This place was known for it's dissapearances this time of night, but he knew people would keep they're distance. They knew him here, few knew what he was capable of, and they had spread rumors about him, in return people usually kept they're distance. He stuffed his hands in his pockets, taking a small glance in the girls direction, he sighed softly..

" So do you have a name? ", he said this with true curiosity, if he befriended this girl, maybe just maybe she might change her mind. He didn't exactly know if it would work, but he still had to try and keep her mind off death. But what could he do? He himself had ended countless peoples lives, and he never thought about what they thought in those last moments, and he tried not too. It kept his demons at bay, and the beast inside him sleeping.

He stopped suddenly and turned to her, a small smile across his face.

" Josh " He said as he put his hand towards her.

She smiled offering a hand forward, "Sonya, nice to meet you." She said shaking his hand firmly, before turning back for one more look at the cliff. "So where'd you come from any how?" She asked raising a brow, "I didn't even hear you run up." She said shrugging as she shoved her hands in her pockets.
He took her hand, shook it lightly, then let it go. Stuffing his own hand back in his pocket he continued to answer her, " Well I was walking, I was probably a goood 20 yards away when I saw you, I guess im just quick.. " He said with a slight smile, he didn't want to scare her off, so he hid his true meaning behind the words.

He turned back towards the pathway, looking down at the cobblestone bricks underneath his feet and then looked back in her direction, " So I dont want to pry or be nosy, but can I ask why you were up there. I mean, you already told me you were bored with life, but can I ask why? ", he said this in a softer tone, a little embarassed to be asking the question.

He did want to know, but he didn't want to push her away. God forbid she would probably just run back to the cliff and not stop on her way over. He knew he could easily survive a fall like that, he would probably just land on his feet like always, hell he could probably grab her before she hit the ground, but he didn't wanna take that chance. So he simply waited for an answer without pursuing the question any further.
"I just feel as if I've done everything, fallen in love, had my heart broken, near death experience, what's left?" She said shrugging as she began to walk down the path, letting the air whip her hair out behind her. "I don't want to die old with regrets, better to go now without any." She said with a shrug as she looked back at him smiling, "You know what I mean?" She asked.
He did, he knew exactly what she meant. He himself had several regrets in life, he regretted his life itself, or what he had become. So he turned to her, a look of discernment on his face, " I know exactly what your talking about, but thats what lifes about. Regrest, learning what to do next, mistakes. I wouldn't be the person I am today if I hadn't any regrets. God knows i'm not the greatest person, but i'm not the worst person. I'm who I am, and what i've done in my life has made me that way.. " He cringed a bit as he said the word 'person' but he hid it the best he could.

As they hit the sidewalk along the street, the city noises started to clammer it's way down the road. The inner city was the loudest, he hated it, hurt his ears. So he kept his distance. The cafe was actually in view now, he could see it a few blocks down the road. He then realized what this woman told him.

" So your telling me you have no regrets in this life? " He said this a bit sarcastically, but it was a serious question, who even lives a short life with no regrets?
"Not really, I suppose I regret the fact that the love I had fell apart but then again who doesn't?" She shrugged, she didn't have many regrets she had lots but she refused to admit them the death of herself was the best answer to everyones problems. Including her own she didn't expect a complete, handsome at that, stranger to understand.
Josh sighed softly, he had loved once when he was younger, but that was then, this is now he always thought. He tended to drift back into those memories when he wanted to get away, but most of the time he just didnt have the time.

" I understand what your saying, but you could always love again. Ive lost loved ones that were ridiculously close to me, but when I lost them, I didn't want to end it all.. " He said this with a bit of a laugh, " Im sorry, I was just thinking what my older brother would do if I even tried to kill myself.. " He looked back towards her, letting his chuckle die off. He looked deeply into her eyes while she wasn't looking towards him. There was worry, and regret as well. He knew she was hiding something, but wasn't going to pry to find out what it was. So he continued walking.

As they reached the cafe, he opened the door to let her through, " Ladies first.. " He said with a quiet smirk.
"I'm sure he'd make you wish you were dead," She said with a quiet laugh, giving him a smile as he opened the door patting him on the cheek. "Such a gentleman." Walking into the warmth of the cafe she let out a sigh finally warm. "I suppose I could love again, but it just seems like such a hassle to find someone." She looked down studying her boots, letting out a deep sigh she waited for him to lead the way.
Josh blushed slightly as she patted his cheek, he smiled softly at her comment, happy that the conversation was getting a little warmer. The warm air blew against his face as he led her into the cafe. A waitress sat them at a table facing the street outside the cafe. People were walking closely huddled under there umbrellas, rushing to there cars or homes.

He thanked the waitress as she handed them menu's and he ordered a coffee. He yawned a bit, it had been a while since he last slept, he started to notice. He then looked back towards Sonya, " Would you like anything to drink, something warm might help fight the chill.. " He said this with warm hearted sincerity, he didn't want to see her so sad, he barely knew her, but he hated seeing people like this.
"Just an apple cider please," She said handing over her menu, with a small smile back on his direction. She turned to glance out the window. Smiling as a young mother and father rushed with their daughter toward a cab laughing as they went. She had always wanted a family, but it just wasn't in the cards. Turning back she glanced up at him, "So are you from around here?" She asked tilting her head, resting her chin on her hand with another smile.
Josh nodded as she spoke, " Yes, I was born here, but I wasn't raised here. I was raised in Chicago, but returned here after I graduated. Met up with the rest of my family and started work. My family has been working around here for generations... " He said this as he admired that little smile of hers, it jolted something inside him, so he fought it back down. If something were to happen somewhere with this many people, it wouldn't be good. He smiled back towards her as the waitress took her place behind the bar and started on they're drinks.

" I've never really made any friends around here, i'm normally working all the time. I travel alot due to my work.. " He said this with a slight stutter, he didn't realize he was getting so developed in the conversation, he needed to steer to topic to something else..
She offered a small thanks as she was handed her cider blowing on it before taking a timid sip, "What does your family do?" She asked with a small grimace as the liquid burned her throat. "Not in the mob are they?" She asked laughing to herself, "My grandfather was," Sonya laughed with a small shake of her head. "Sorry if that's to personal." She said.
Josh took his coffee, added a bit of sugar and cream and stirred. He looked up to her as she spoke, chuckling a bit as she spoke of the mob, if only that was the least of his worries. " Well my family runs they're own shop, we do alot of odd jobs I guess you could say. Alot of cleaning up in my line of work. " He chuckled sarcastically. If only she knew, he thought. " But it's nothing major, just enough to keep a roof over our heads.. " As he said this he brought the hot coffee up to his lips, wincing a bit as it ran down his throat.

" So do you have any line of work ms. Sonya? " He asked out of pure curiosity, no alternate reasoning behind his voice. Looking at her though, he did realize that this whole situation was giving him a case of de ja vue. He looked around for a moment, and then peered out at the street. Through the rain and the drizzle he could see a man under and umbrella standing across the street. As soon as Josh spotted him, the man turned the other direction and walked away. Checking up on him as he could see. He didn't mind, someone was always keeping an eye on him. He was a bit different after all.