Day 52: The long road.

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  1. It's been 52 days since the end of everything...
    The final episode of human history....
    It's extinction...
    A couple of months ago this mess of rubble and chaos had a name, in the height of the summer it was once a popular tourist trap situated on the south west coast of England. Whatever that name may have been it goes by another name now given to it by anyone lucky enough to have been outside the city but unlucky enough to have survived the blast. A name that perfectly describes what should be done upon encountering any signs towards the place, this name being: Swerve City.

    For those still within the city, the only way of life is; live, suffer, survive and gradually find a way out of this hell on earth.

    Matt sat against the wall, his eyes drifting from the boarded up windows, the boarded up front door and the small girl curled up in his lap. His sister was the priority, the several other survivors within the room that sat in the silence listening to the starving dog attempt to get through didn't matter half as much. ​
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  2. It was like hell to head the scrapings over and over again. Jude waited for them to stop, not really sure what caused them, but her twin sister Aria began shooting at the door. The gunshots roared. Jude held her sister back, who was messed up by now. Jude didn't know if Aria would have to be killed for everybody else's survival.

    "It's so depressingly quiet in here. Why is nobody talking?" Aria announced, to be shushed by some survivors around her.
  3. Quinn gritted his teeth. They were grinding so hard he felt they might shatter. He had a bandage wrapped around his head, covering up an eye...well, an eye socket, and the damn thing itched like mad. He was trembling, like he was about to break, and though he would never admit it out loud, it was the sad truth.
    Clutched in his hand was a rusty, chipped hunting knife and his knuckles were only getting whiter as time crawled agonisingly by.
    "How long do we have to listen to this?" He hissed, losing patience as fast as he was losing his mind, "I can't stand it, I have to put a stop to this." He looked around the room for support, but he found little more than what the people had given the young girl who had spoken before him (Aria). Most of them were hopeless cases anyway, elderly, frail, sick or just plain fucked either way.
    His eyes settled on a survivor he knew vaguely as Matt, a man who seemed to keep to his own, but had been witnessed in blood-splattered detail protecting the little girl he held so tightly to him.
    "Tell me you can't just sit there and hear that and do nothing. Tell me that!"
  4. "I'll be honest. It's annoying as hell," Jude agreed. "Can't we just let it in? And then we can eat it," Aria suggested, and many of the survivors nodded. "That's mean. We can't eat a pet," her sister disagreed. "We are starving though."
  5. Gale looked at Aria and frowned. "We are NOT eating a dog. Besides, there's not enough meat on it anyway." He sighed and stood up, pulled his hair back in a ponytail at the nape of his neck. "I'm letting it in. It might come in handy, I might be able to train it."
  6. "But we are all hungry and nobody dares to go out there," Aria turned to face Gale, whining. "What would a trained dog do? Roll over and fetch a stick?"
  7. Gale shook his head. "What dogs were originally bred to do, duh. Hunt." He grinned and put his hands on his hips.
  8. "Then why doesn't it hunt, duh," Aria threw his words back at him. Jude elbowed her in the ribs.
  9. "Train it? Have you lost your damn mind? It hasn't been at that door for the past half hour because it's looking for an owner." Quinn looked back at the door, glaring at what was behind it.
    "The girl is right, better that we eat it. Who knows when we'll find anymore food? It's getting too dangerous to scav, and it might just draw something much worse towards us."
    The noise the dog was making was enough to alert some other scavengers or even a larger animal predator. Quinn had seen more than a few bears make their way into the city.
    It was the humans that frightened him the most though. It was one of those bastards that had slashed him across the face with a broken bottle. The gash had taken his eye and left him with the grotesque scar running down his cheek. True enough Quinn had killed the man for it, thrust his knife through his jaw and into his brain, but the damage had already been done. He had happened to have a bottle of iodine with him, one of the benefits of having been an EMT least these people had a reason to help keep him alive.
  10. Aria said, "What can I say? I'm right..." giving a look both her and Jude pulled to say 'told you so' to Gale. "Aria's right, if we don't eat soon, we will starve to death. Even if there's not enough, some of us will go hungry."
  11. Scarlet had been by herself ever since her group was attack by several armed people, she felt no need to trust anyone at this point, it was one man for himself, in this case, herself. That was until she saved this little boy, more like she needed the meat from the animal attacking him. He's been with her like butter to bread, it was strange having someone next to her after all this time.
    "Scar, are we there yet?" "Almost" was the daily conversation they had, To be honest, Scarlet had not idea where she was taking him, maybe it was her way of motivating him to get off of his lazy ass.

    "Hey Scar, I think I heard thing... Oh my word! It's a dog! See there, on the doorstep of that house?" Xavier shouted, then was immediately shushed by Scarlet, who pulled him behind a hiding spot, "How many times have I told you not to make so much noises? You're louder than that bloody dog." She scolded him, "Besides, what If there's people in that house? It might be a trap for all we know." Her eyes were still locked on the dog like a hungry predator, true, they were both hungry, the food she took before leaving their previous hide out didn't last more than a week. "Just wait, I'll think of something." She unzipped her backpack and pulled out the last piece of meat, she carefully slices a bit off, then tosses it towards the dog, trying to catch its attention.
  12. "I'm going to get it. I can't stand this anymore," Jude stood up, and walked towards the door. She poked her eye through, opening it slowly, while Aria waited at the door with her gun. Jude slammed the door at eyes staring back at her, "Someone's out there," she turned to the survivors.
  13. Scarlet rolled back to their hiding spot as soon as the door opened, she covered both her mouth and Xavier's, the kid's pretty green eyes were wide open. She lets go right after the door was slammed shut again, "Shit.. I hope they didn't notice." She muttered, "aww, can we not kill him? He's so adorable..." Xavier said when the dog came closer, "Stop it, leave the damn thing along, it might expose us." She slapped his reaching hand, "Let's leave, before they come out with five guys and guns. "But what if they are nice? Huh? I mean, we're not useless, well, technically, you're not useless, you can hunt, you can kill. What's not to want?" He argued back. Scarlet ruffled her dark brown hair and sighed, "Fine, we'll wait and see then."
  14. Aria pushed past Jude and went outside, towards the place Jude had said the "eyes" were. She looked around, a gun waiting carefully for someone to jump out. "Hello?" she called out into the silence. She walked away from the building.
  15. Scarlet stopped breathing all at once, her hand wrapped tightly around her pistol, "it's a girl." Xavier whispers, Scarlet shot him a 'I know that' look, "what do we do then?" He knows that there weren't any bullets in that old rusty pistol, besides that, all the have is a machete, and clearly, the girl hand a bloody gun, probably loaded too. "I don't know." She whispered back,

    "alright, I'm going out." Xavier left their hiding spot and into the dangerous opening, "agh, That bloody kid!" Scarlet slammed her fist against the concrete wall, she stayed hidden.
  16. Aria held the gun with Xavier as her target, "Stay back!" Her hands shook as she held it, keeping it at him the whole time before walking over to the bushes, "Don't move!" She didn't know whether to warn other survivors in the building, or to warm the boy to leave.
  17. "It's ok, I'm not armed, see." Xavier had his hands in the air, Scarlet was surprised at how calm he looked, the kid really did grow up, a little bit.
  18. Aria didn't bring the gun downed, "He's a distraction, Aria..." she mumbled to herself, "It's a trick..." She looked around. "Show yourself!" she called out. Jude didn't know how she hadn't gotten hurt.
  19. Scarlet closed her eyes for a moment, them reopened them and walked out of the shadows. Her pistol aiming straight at the girl's forehead, seemingly ready to blow her brains out any minute. "Put the gun down." She commanded
  20. Aria laughed, "You don't tell me what to do."
    Jude asked, "What if she's dead?"