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    Hello! My name is Cerena Lainell, you can call me just Cerena. I'm the HOST of Date Me, Please! Show. I just wanna say HI and WELCOME and THANK YOU for joining this most realistic dating show!
    Ah, I can also be your friends, counselor, anything you want me to be, except being your date of course. I'll be there whenever you need help and whenever you wanna ask questions. I will also guide all of you to go through this show alive... What? No! This is not survival show, don't worry, I'm just kidding~
    Anyway, have fun and don't forget to add your favorite color in other information, so I know that you read my babble. Now, I will explain about this show to you, my precious candidates, please read it for I will ask you to add another information.

    More Information about Cerena (open)
    "In this age and I'm still single."

    "You don't believe me, eh? Just let me drown myself and you'll see it."

    Host of Date Me, Please! Show
    "If the director didn't pick me as Host, I'll definitely join this show. Those bills needs to be paid."

    Cerena is always filled with excitement. She is lively and full of high spirits and animation. This personality helps her to do her job easily for she needs to look happy and festive in front of the camera.


    Cerena loves surprises and she too, loves giving surprises. Her act sometimes out of healthy mind, she can do anything extraordinary. Her impulse reacts more than she can control.


    Everything must be perfect. Her show, her clothes, her hair, her script, everything. Cerena does everything 'perfectly' in her own way. She loves minor detail and she will not let that detail slips away. She hates it when something goes wrong, even the slightest mistake can piss her off.


    She is easy to be pleased, easy to be angered. Cerena can be egoist sometimes when her childish personality takes over her. However, she tries her best to put away this one for she needs to stay positive and happy during her job. She can be jealous over someone she likes, leading to a little bit possessive.


    Her mood swing is the most notable feature about Cerena. She can be happy for no reason, later she can be sad for no reason. This one also often trouble her when she is on job. When Cerena is on job, she is professional and doesn't let her mood swing controls her, but in daily live, Cerena sometimes hard to be handled.


    Public Speaking
    Brewing a Perfect Tea
    (Yes, she somehow has drinking habit, she is not easy to go down)
    Swimming and Diving
    (Of course because she is a mermaid...)
    (She is surprisingly love to play games and good at it)


    Tea Time
    Playing Games


    Messy People
    Canceled Plans
    Seafood and Sushi


    Fish Net


    Her eyeglasses are merely a decoration, Cerena has a perfect sight.
    Her favorite color is peach, but she can accept other colors, except green.
    She enjoy watching romance, romance comedy precisely.
    Classical music always cheers up her mood.
    Beer, wine, and tea are her favorite, while sweet food are her favorite.



    You will face several days, from Monday to Sunday, morning to night. Me and my Co-GM will be the one who determine whether it’s day or night and which activity that occurs. I MIGHT SKIP TIME, depends on you and your post. I WILL ALSO SKIP SOME DAYS, which means candidates don't have to face each days and bore themselves.

    What about the points for games and daily tasks?
    FOR GROUP GAME, I'll still do the dice rolls for groups and then roll for the winning groups.
    FOR INDIVIDUAL GAME, the winner will also be determined by dice rolls, yeah, you need a lot of luck when it comes to the skipping days.
    FOR DAILY TASKS, Everyone will get free daily points on skipping days.

    There is ELIMINATION SYSTEM. At the last day of first week and second week, I will eliminate one male and one female. So in two weeks, we will have 4 people eliminated, leaving 3 MALES AND 3 FEMALES for SEMI FINAL. No elimination after this.
    Please add your favorite movie genres in other information, keep checking for other stuffs along this explanation.

    How do we eliminate people?
    I have the right to eliminate candidates by seeing their accumulated points and activity. If you are not participate in the group game, as you can see, you won't get extra points from your teammates. If you don't post anything when individual game within the time given, I will move your character myself. No, nothing big, I will just make your character lose the game and don't get any points. If you're not active, you might not do the daily task which means you don't get daily points.
    You can see how your activity will determine whether you're eliminated or not.

    For now, this show will accept 5 WOMEN AND 5 MEN to be the candidates.

    There will be several activities in this show. Here are the list of activities:

    Just typical free time, you can roam around the buildings in area. There will be several buildings where you can hang out, chat, and even think about your life why you are so desperate that you join this show. However, you can’t leave the area and go to the opposite gender’s dorms. Some buildings are restricted only to VIP.


    Every day, there will be 2 games, individual or group. What will you get from playing games? Points. What for? These points can be changed into money (Do you think the entertainment in building is free???), VIP card, date time (Will be explained in next section), and many more. In short, with points, you can do almost anything here.
    Losing candidates or team will be punished, like cleaning the dishes, sleeping outside, etc. VIP will be exiled from punishment two times, they can choose which one. You are welcomed to give ideas about what kind of games should the candidates play or/and punishments for the losing party. Just PM me.


    Every Monday and Thursday, there will be short interview with two candidates. The questions are random and every candidate will get their turn. You can share your ideas about random questions via PM to me. Maybe I’ll add yours to the list of questions!
    Why do this? For fun of course! And also so you can know your fellow candidates better.
    In interview, candidate will be called one by one into a secluded room with only me inside. There will be camera to record your interview, so the rest of candidates can hear the interview. Candidates are encouraged to answer honestly, so other candidates can know him/her better.


    You buy your date time! If you keep on losing games, bye bye to date time then. Also, you don’t need to stick with one partner. Explore and be friend with every candidate, so you have wider choices. You’re not going to fall in love at first sight... right? I won’t forbid you to stick with one candidate though. Date time is on weekend, choose one or pay for twice. Also you need to pay extra if you want to pick your partner, if you pay normal, I will pick the partner for you.
    Please add favorite song genres in other information, there is one more addition you must looking for.
    Candidates who don't go dating can spend their time on the living room or their dormitory or just roaming around the building. It almost like regular free time. For date time, there will be special spots where can only be visited for dating. Dating will be totally different from normal interaction since the mood and scenery are different, so use your points to date!


    Every day, there will be daily task given to each candidate differently. You will get points from finishing the daily task. Daily task can be everything, so be prepare!


    Once in two weeks, there will be special event on the weekend, either on Saturday or Sunday. When special events occurred, you can't go to date for you will spend the entire day together. At the end of the month, the last weekend on this show, you will go camping together for two days one night, the last days to bond and pick your partner carefully. I will go with you guys too!

    What do you get for being a VIP? VIP will be active one day after the purchasing. Here are the list of benefits being a VIP:

    Access to Private Buildings
    Some buildings are restricted to VIP and being a VIP, of course, give you permission to use this area. There are also dating spots only for VIP.

    Private Bedroom

    You can have your own bedroom as long as the VIP activated. You can decor it as you wish and it has bathroom inside which means you don't need to queue when you wanna take a bath. Well, not much to say about this, but privacy is a good thing right?

    Exiled from Punishments

    VIP can choose two times to be exiled from punishments in one week.

    One Bonus Date Time

    VIP will get one bonus for date time at weekend with random partner.
    (Can only be used for the first time purchasing VIP)

    It's simple. At the end of month, every candidate will be gathered in large room, saying their last word to convince other candidates to choose him/her. After that, every candidate will choose their last partner and if they choose each other then they are the winner. However, in some cases, there might be several match couples and we can't have many winners in one show. So, the final winner will be determined by having last round game where their remaining points can be used as their addition to win the games.
    So, in order to win, you must bond relationship with other candidates. See how much you match with each other, who do you like most. You have one month to know each other, so use it well.



    With points, you can do almost everything. Here are the list of things you can do with points:

    Random Partner = 75
    Chosen Partner = 125


    7 days = 100


    Will be explained in each buildings' section


    Buy advantages in each games, will be explained at the beginning of game

    Here are the list how to get points:

    Individual Winner = 35
    Individual Runner Up = 25
    Group Winner = 20
    Group Loser = 10


    Daily Task Completed = 15


    After the group game, each of candidates will rate their teammates for their contributions and teamwork from 0-20 during the game. I will determine the final extra points and use the candidates' rate as consideration.




    @Shayla @darkflames13

    1. All Iwaku Rules apply.

    2. Active role player, help me and other to move on with the scene. Please post at least several posts in one week, one post a day is better~ Tell us when you’re going to drop this RP or gone for several days.
    3. No one liner! At least one decent paragraph can make me smile. Please please, even when you’re running out of ideas, please make it at least one decent paragraph. More are better, but quality over quantity!
    4. Please add your favorite food and drink in other information. This is the last.
    5. Respect each other and be friendly.

    6. No sexual interaction, keep it fade to black or bring it to PM. Though I don't think you guys have place to 'have fun'.
    7. Have Fun!
    8. Post after at least 2 person post after you, so those who are sleeping or working or busy don't have to catch too much posts.

    9. Please state at least your name every time you post.
    10. Do collab when needed to help everyone keep up with the posts. This collab is not necessary, if you don't want to do it just slow down your pace a little bit. You can post your full collab and put it on spoiler.
    11. One post a week is a must. Please, provide the reasons as well, I know life happens. One week without post, I will give you A WARNING, first one, then you will be given another one week to make a post. Two weeks without post, SECOND WARNING. Three weeks with no post again, sorry pals, you are out.
    12. Further rules can be added.

    (These are the basic character sheet, you can modify it as pretty as you want, but keep the information clear and complete, also keep the character sheet readable. Don't forget to erase the mini information in "( .... )")

    (No real person image and gif. Please use realistic digital art or anime)

    (Every race is welcomed, except robot and alien, I love diversity ^^ you doesn't have to be human, it can be elf, demon, etc~)
    (Give 5 traits and explain each of it briefly)
    (Not fighting skills, of course, example: playing piano)
    (Don't forget to add 'extra' information scattered around the information, 4 in total, you can also add other information beside that 'extra')




    Edra Malcom's Full Profile

    Ren Griffin's Full Profile

    @Anime is Life
    Justin Star's Full Profile


    Siegfried's Full Profile


    Vander Alluin's Full Profile



    Mei Ling's Full Profile

    Hana Elise Fujimata's Full Profile


    @ᗰᗩᗪ ᕼᗩTTEᖇ
    Kyoko Hazel Rousseau's Full Profile


    Avianna Galleria Bellerose's Full Profile


    Kalna Eir's Full Profile


    Cecillio Krelle's Full Profile

    Cecillio's mother suddenly felt insecure having her son joined the dating show. She requested to send Cecillio home right now. Seeing how his mother didn't agree that he was here, the crews couldn't let him stay. So, with sad feeling, the crew must sent Cecillio home. His place was replaced by Siegfried.

    Jamie Kale Weterally's Full Profile

    Her mother had serious ill and demanded to be with her daughter for her last days. Sad story, yes, so everyone had to let her go and be with her mother. Family always came first. Maybe Jamie's reason for leaving was the saddest one the show ever had.

    Carl Savette's Full Profile


    Turned that he already had wife, A FUCKING WIFE. End of story.

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  2. [​IMG]
    =more will be added=

    The dormitory looks more like a house with two big bedrooms with a living room in the center to connect the bedrooms. Each bedroom is for each gender, the males are on the left side, while the females are on the right side. The living room is already provided with kitchen as well, so most activities will be held there or outside. Also there are two bathrooms right beside the bedroom, one for each gender.
    Outside of the dormitory is a backyard with swimming pool. Candidates can use the swimming pool or do anything at the backyard when in free time.

    VIP bedrooms are smaller and located upstairs. Upper floor is only for the VIP rooms, so it's only doors there. VIP bedroom has its own bathroom so candidates don't need to share the bathroom. There are 10 empty VIP bedroom and candidates can post their own bedroom once they purchase the VIP.


    Bathroom can hold up to two persons to take a bath since it has two showers inside.










    These buildings can be visited in free time. Mostly just regular shops and places to eat or hang out. Some places are restricted to VIP.



    This place is a gift store where you can buy gift for other candidates, just normal gifts people usually bring on date. Since you can't go outside the area, this place was built to help you conquer someone's heart. You don't want to go to date empty-handed, right? Or maybe a daily gift will melt his/her heart? Who knows. Here are the list of things you can buy and the prices:

    PRICE (open)
    1 = 5
    3 = 10
    Bouquet = 25

    Any Animal or Person's Shape = 30
    Love Pillow = 20

    Small = 10
    Medium = 20
    Large = 25
    Heart Shape = 25

    =more gifts will be added=



    A tiny bar where you can get your drinks, mostly just beers and juices, it's all up to you. Yeah, we can't give you wine. Owen owned this bar and he is a nice bartender, you can spill out your sorrow to him, he is a total sweetheart. However, he won't listen to you if you don't buy anything. Nothing comes free, dude!

    PRICE (open)
    Beers = 15
    Any Juices = 10
    Mineral Water = 5



    Leny and Lyne are twins who forced their way to participate in this show... by opening a diner. The producer can't say anything since this twins are his daughters. Anyway, in this place you can eat and drink and chat. The show will provide you with cooking ingredients everyday, but if you don't feel like cooking, you can always come and eat here. Leny and Lyne are surprisingly an excellent cook.

    PRICE (open)
    Oddly enough, Leny and Lyne charges every food and beverages the same price. Just name it and they will cook it for you.
    Food = 25
    Beverages = 15



    This is the place where you can gamble your points to win more or lose more! However, you can only use this gambling chance once a day, including the skipped days if you want to. You don't need to use this chance if you're afraid of the risks, no need to push yourself. But... you know how gambling can boost your points, right? *evil laugh*

    [1] You bet your points, there is no limit about it, but you must at least leave 20 points in your account
    [2] You must guess the dice I roll, odd or even, so you have 50:50 chance to win and lose
    [3] I will roll the 20-faced dice after your post and announce either you win or lose on the same post

    You say how much you wanna bet in OOC by saying this
    GAMBLING CHANCE : [Your Bet] - [Odd/Even]

    REMEMBER! You only have one chance which means once you post your bet and guess, you CAN'T EDIT IT! If I see 'last edited' in your post or you delete your post, your bet is void, no more chances for you AND you lose your bet points

    You can win twice of your points. For example, if you bet 30 and you win, you will get 60. If you lose then you lose your 30. As simple as that

    =more will be added=

    Because you've paid for dating time, everything else in date spots are completely free which means you can do anything there, eat anything, and buy anything provided. Use your imagination for things to do at the date spots.

    Fantasica Dreamland is an amusement park with fantasy and magical theme. Every ride here made with a little touch of magic, beautifully designed by Allora, The Greatest Witch of All. You can do almost anything here, you can find every type of ride here. Nothing beats the beauty and excitement of Fantasica Dreamland.


    You can watch the most updated movies and old movies, everything you want in this theater. Ocympus Private Theater has two kind of private theaters, indoor and outdoor. Indoor can be accessed by anyone, while outdoor can be accessed only by VIP and open only at night. Oh one more thing, this theater equipped with CCTV, so keep your nasty thought in your pocket, folks!





    Blue Marines is your favorite sea world. You can find a lot of fishes here with many kinds, even merman and mermaid. Yes, you can find merman and mermaid here. No, they aren't captured, they worked here, just like me but I work on dry land, while they work in water. You can find a special mermaid here named Icksa who can foretell your love life and maybe answer things about your love life. No one knows whether she is right or wrong, but trying won't hurt you, right?


    The Eden Spring is one of the most beautiful garden in the world. It offers a breathtaking sight filled with beautiful flowers and shady trees all over the place. You can take a walk, picnic, or just lying in the grass and watching the clouds together. If you are lucky enough, you can meet dryads here. They are kind as long as you don't damage the garden. This place is just so romantic. For VIP, there is a hidden magical lake. You just need to follow the path into small forest and then you'll find the lake. On the tongues of men, there is a unicorn living in this forest.



    Hidden Lake



    =more will be added=

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  3. [​IMG]
    =more will be added=

    AGE : 15 | RACE : Human
    Irika is the owner of Irika's Super Treasure. Her dad is the one who supposed to run the store, but because of his illness, Irika's dad must stay at home most of the time. Irika is quiet and not fond of interacting with people. She even greets customer with low and mellow voice.

    "Come in, um... wanna buy something?"


    AGE : 27 | RACE : Werewolf
    Owen is a sweetheart. He owns the One Stop Beer and he is good at comforting people. Owen able to handle a lot of complains, you can spill out your problem to him and he will listen to you. His advice is the best. However, you gotta buy something or he will treat you like a wind....

    "Oh, what happened, dear? I guess you're having a bad day, here I'll make you something juicy and sweet, just don't forget to pay."


    AGE : 17 | RACE : Human
    Leny is the brunette girl, while Lyne is the blonde girl. Their original hair are brunette, but Lyne dyed her hair so people can differ them, she also wears a bright blue soft lens. Also, Lyne is shorter Leny. Leny and Lyne have an opposite personality. Just by seeing their facial expression, people can tell how different they are. They are the daughters of Date Me, Please! Show's producer. At first, they begged her father to join the show, but since they're only 17, their father didn't allow them. In the end, they asked to open a diner. Having no choice, the producer let them open the diner.

    "Look, Lyne, I make some pancakes for us, I also put chocolate ice cream on top of it. It's so yummy!"
    "How many times do I need to tell you that I hate chocolate?"


    AGE : Unknown | RACE : Witch
    Allora is the mother of all. She is kind and caring. She remembers that the first time she had idea to built Fantasica Dreamland are for children who had lost their home and happiness. She built it so they can once again taste the sweetness of joy. Allora rarely seen since she is quiet busy with her job and taking care the orphanage. However, if you manage to see her, you can have a really good chat and get helpful advice to your problems. She will help you with all she can.

    "Oh, darling, don't show me that face. I know it's hard and maybe a smile can't solve anything, but trust me, it will slowly heal your heart."


    AGE : 26 | RACE : Mermaid
    Blessed with power to do fortune, Icksa applied to work at The Blue Marine as their main attraction. Sometimes her fortune can be right, sometimes it might miss a little bit. She believes that whatever she said can be changed as long as they have the will, she just giving them some kind of warning. Though her fortune telling is free, when she is not in the mood, Icksa will not read any fortune. Icksa loves to be the main attention, working at Blue Marine is the best job she ever have.

    "Let's see, hmm, you will meet your future wife in like 2 weeks, be ready for you might miss her."

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  4. [​IMG]
    DAY 4These are the list of daily tasks. Just like usual, please roll the dice in your post. Write 'DAILY TASK' in 'Throwing dice for...' and '8' for 'faces'. Just ask me if you are confused~ Remember! Early roll will have wider possibilities!

    [1] Make a poem for your opposite gender @EmiHarned
    [2] FREE POINT! @Andy
    [3] Buy 2 beers from Owen and give it to someone in the house @Shayla
    [4] Clean furniture @DANAsaur
    [5] Clean male bathroom @Shattered♦Secrets™
    [6] Sweep dormitory @Meredith
    [7] Clean female bathroom @Gateman
    [8] Ask your opposite (one) her worst nightmare she ever had @darkflames13

    Remember, if you get daily task that contains information, you have to report it to Cerena. If you don't report it, you won't get the daily points. When everyone has got their daily task, I will post this on first page and quick navigation, so you can see it easily just in case you forget it ^^

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  5. -reserved for eventual character-

    Woot woot the OOC's up c:
  6. [​IMG]
    Forms (open)

    ↑Favored Form↑
    She can change form on will. These are simply what the forms were developed for.
    ↓School (Young Adult or Lower Form)↓

    ↓Adult Form (For Clubs and when "Female Persuasion" is needed)↓
    ↓Blend-In Form (for when her Favored is to Flashy)↓

    ↓True Form↓


    Jamie Kale Weterally
    Metamorphagus(Shape Shifter)
    Private Investigator

    (Really, if she wasn't her shape shifting gift would be completely wasted.)

    (Ever since she was a child she tend to pick up on things others didn't. This only served to help in her future occupation in life.)

    (Never one to hang around inside and wallow, she does enjoy a new adventure, friends, or challenges here and there. Don't let her negative qualities make you think otherwise.)

    (A big fan of games and good times, it comes with the mischievous territory.)

    +Good Humored+
    (Jokes, pranks, and the well meaning jab. She can take it and deal it.)

    (I mean, theres not much to say here, it's in her blood.)

    (Always believing the worse of people, a quality of being burned one to many time by those she should have been able to trust the most.)

    (Despite appearing to keep a cool head, she's actually easy to set off. Which, is a pretty bad thing, being as her temper is explosive and violent if you manage to get on the wrong end of it.)

    (Never one to be pushed around, past relationships have made her headstrong.)

    (Worse of all she doesn't really make sense. All of her traits seem to go against each other making her hard to guess)


    +Shape Shifting+
    +Puzzle/Problem Solving+
    +Nail Art+

    +Speaks two languages+
    +Can eat two whole cakes. by herself. in one sitting. try her.+

    +Summer Rain Showers+
    (Something about the warm muggy weather paired with the down pour makes her feel washed out, and washed off. Almost as if it's making her clean of her mistakes and grievances to start over with a clear conscious. It might have something to do with something her mother said to her when she was younger; "It's mother natures way of giving us another chance. Saying it's ok. Loving you. Like a mothers supposed too.")

    (Used as a kind of defense, singing as always been her shield and chest plate. When it all get's to much, and she needs to be alone to think, all she has to do is belt out the lyrics and let her mind wander. The words will be her walls, and the music will be her confidents. It brings back memories of better times, cleaning on muggy summer days in the dead of june. Singing along with her mother to the sound of the beetles and old show tunes.)

    (It's safe way of communication. Both parties are trading blows already, so no harm no foul. No accidentally hurt feelings. It's easier to get emotions and such across when your heated in frustration at one another. Plus, for some reason, it's kinda fun...)

    +Adrenaline Rushes+
    (Jumping off the diving bored, Back flipping off roofs, Dangerous Cases, so on so forth. Even the tiniest thing to send a jolt of adrenaline through her system through is all she wants in life. It gives her a little jolt of meaning to her life. Makes her really feel alive like nothing else can.)

    +White Lilies+
    (If there was ever a flower she loved, it would be the lily.)

    +Poorly Dubbed/Subbed Foreign Movies+
    (....No real explanation....It's...just funny......)

    -Her True Form-
    (She heard a lot of abuse over the years from her father, her brother, her ex, etc. She can't even stand to look at her true face anymore. She hates it.)

    -Anything Past Tipsy-
    (Her mom had a pretty bad drinking problem, and it was her first lesson in that fact that people aren't them selves when drunk. Their different. Fuzzier. Less defined. Meaner. She doesn't like it.)

    (No explanation. just. ew.)

    -Speaking Of Family-
    (Clearly her family life isn't the best. She really doesn't like discussing it...what's in the pass is way in the pass. She really doesn't want to have to deal with it anymore.)

    -Red Roses-
    (They remind her of her father. He would bring them home after an altercation or an indiscretion against her mother. For her red roses have nothing to do with love. All the meaning they hold to her now is a false plea for forgiveness. Only to turn around and commit the wrong all over again. They promise pain.)

    -Aggressive Flirting-
    (It just feels pushy and gross to her. Reminds her to much of her ex-boyfriend.)

    -Getting Her Heart Broken Again-
    -Forgetting Her Own Face-
    -Turning Out Like Her Mother-
    -Large Dogs-

    To find happily ever after and all that jazz...
    Actually she lost a bet.

    (She won't say anything, of course, because she lost on purpose. Sounds a little stupid right? Well. It is. But a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do. See, she gave up on this whole romance thing publicly a while ago. And while she claims to be happy alone and bitter, she's really not. So, maybe, this is her last ditch effort at being happy?

    In case your wondering the bet involved:
    a taser
    six marshmallows
    some chocolate sauce
    chili pepers
    and a camera.
    ....Don't ask.)

    What She Needs In A Guy:
    Someone who will see her as a challenge and not a burden.
    Definitely not a gentleman or a pushover, because those would easily lose her interest or get bulldozed by her.
    Someone who doesn't mind arguing and constantly dealing with little mind games(all in good fun).
    A man who's willing to call her out on her bullshit.

    Favorite Color:
    Coral (open)

    Favorite Food:
    Chips and Salsa (open)

    Favorite Drink:
    Ginger Ale (open)

    Favorite Music:
    Anything with Lyrics (open)

    Theme Music/Playlist:
    Theme (open)

    Past/Current Outfits/Nails:
    Day 2 (open)


    Arrival Day (open)


    Post Header (open)

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  7. Reserving a female spot and will have a CS up soon!!
  8. @Justaddnutts Your pictures are pretty, you can use any of them :3

    I have put both of you on the accepted characters for reserved ^^ Can't wait to see your characters X)
  9. Reserved Spot for my female character ^_^
  10. Can you reserve a male for me?
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  12. b52c32fa0d87dc559f0b3b2cde4e8263.jpg

    February 4th

    Its better to be hated for who you are than to be loved for who you are not


    Half English-Half Chinese

    Assistant Librarian

    Standing five feet tall, Mei is a lady with large, bright blue eyes and waist-long, jet black hair with side bangs. Her hair is arranged in two long drills, accompanied by green cabbage roses and green flowerette tassel on both twintails. She wears a short, green cheongsam that is decorated with pink peonies. Additionally, she dresses in black pumps.

    Mei Ling is a strong-willed and cheerful lady with a fondness for cute things. Her hobby is to make everything and everybody "cute." She has a very carefree, outgoing, and a flamboyant personality and tries to be friends with everybody, including those who seem gloomy and distant. Mei is sometimes naïve and tends to burst into tears whenever she has done something disobedient or witnessed something immoral

    writingmaking dessertsdancing archeryfencing gardening playing classical instruments

    flowersgardensbooksmilkshakes cats sweets teaanything cute

    liars rude people bugs blood salty food worms perverts

    darknessbeing alonebloodneedlesthunder and lightningperverts

    Reason for joining the show
    to try something spontaneous and maybe find her one true love

    Mei's favorite color is lime or emerald green
    Mei's favorite food is blackberries while tea is her fave drink
    Her favorite movie genres are chick flicks and romcoms
    Her hobbies are reading and observing the flowers in the garden
    Her favorite song genres are classical music and EDM
    Her specialty in desserts is chocolate
    Her ideal man is a gentleman who knows how to have fun and who teases her

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  13. [​IMG]


    Kyoko Hazel Rousseau




    Fashion Blogger

    ╔ Skeptical ╗

    Kyoko has years and years of experience in online shopping, leading her to think twice about cheap cons and tricks that are almost 30% of the whole shopping site. She developed a strange impulse to doing so in her everyday life, which is the most irritating thing that bothers her.

    Kyoko has the natural ability to crack a joke, in which some cases, is very useful. She loves making people laugh and it often leaves a smile upon her face as well.

    ╔ Generous ╗
    At a young age, Kyoko didn't have many privileges and entitlements, causing her to soften up. She donates to local charities every four months using the salary from her blog.

    ╔ Placid ╗
    Kyoko is hard to make a dent in. She's rarely upset, making break-ups an easy thing to handle to her. If you can make her sad, you're probably someone she really adores.

    ╔ Stoic
    Kyoko worked hard to be where she is. She doesn't mind actually. Her complains are rarely heard, and often aren't very harsh. She believes that hard work will benefit in the long run.


    She can speak in both French, English, and Japanese fluently.

    ╔ Amateur Violinist ╗
    Being a violinist was always Kyoko's dream, at least, when she was seven. Kyoko picked up the violin at the age of seven, but discontinued after three years, due to lost of interest.

    ╔ Lingering in cafés ╗

    ╔ Literature

    ╔ Social media

    ╔ Indie pop

    ╔ Unique trends ╗

    ╔ Fashion fads ╗

    ╔ Con artists ╗

    Drama queens

    ╔ Lousy writing material ╗

    ╔ Acrophobia ╗

    Fear of heights.

    ╔ Necrophobia ╗
    Fear of death.

    ╔ Curiosity ╗

    She was inquisitive of knowing what was in store for her if she joined and found her so-called true love.

    Kyoko is left-handed.
    Her fashion blog has over a thousand followers.
    Her favorite food are macaroons, a sweet french pastry.
    Her favorite drink is any kind of tea, especially the exotic kinds.
    Her favorite type of music is Indie Pop, as said in the above.
    Her favorite types of movies are autobiographies and chick-flicks.
    Her favorite color is royal purple [#7851A9].


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  14. @DANAsaur She is awesome ^^ but there are two things still missing in other information, forget to mention how much I want you guys to put the 'extra', after you put that, she is totally accepted :3

    I don't know how to tag your name >.< Anyway, tell me what gender you want and then I will put it up ^^
  15. I decided that it should be a female, sorry for the inconvenience XD
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  16. Whoops, sorry about that. Fixed it :)
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  17. Also, I've always wondered how people are able to the font thing.
    Like the ones where Iwaku doesn't provide.
    Could you teach me how to do it?

  18. Oh, I use image since Iwaku doesn't provide many fonts ^^ I make the words on photoshop then upload it on tinypic or any other website for images, then put it as image and voila~