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  1. Out of character discussion here

    The church bell rang, ghoul birds sang, a single beam of light shone through overcast skies. It was time for a speech in Darkwater.

    Crowds flocked to the capital building from all over the village. Paladin and Spellsword guards alike stood their ground around the people. Their respective guard captains, Juliana Armistice of the Paladins and the goblin Alb'leblesk Tuhonna of the Spellswords, stood at each side of the mayor as he began to speak.

    "These are trying times, my friends," he wiped his forehead with his rag. Sweating already? "Yes, yes, trying times." He fumbled through his pages. His podium shook.

    "Trying times," he cleared his throat. "Trying times, these are trying times," He flipped through the pages more hurriedly now.

    "Uh, please excuse me while I find the appropriate page. There seems to have been some kind of clerical error."

    There was some murmuring and laughter in the crowd, but the atmosphere was more tense than anything else. So many people who greatly feared each other lived in one place, and it was only getting worse with all the ghoul and wraith sightings in the forests around the village.

    Alb'leblesk "Stone Face" Tuhonna was stoic as always. He remained resolute and unmoving. Juliana was not so patient, shoving the mayor aside and standing behind the podium.

    "Delegates from Moryveil and Viradyl will be meeting here the day after tomorrow to discuss matters of diplomacy," she began. The mortified mayor scampered around at her feet collecting the papers that had fallen. Stone Face shot Juliana an annoyed look and bent down to help the mayor. Juliana didn't care. If anything, she enjoyed his discomfort.

    "Captain Tuhonna and I expect you all to be on your best behavior," she continued. Did she think she was speaking to children? "This is a matter of utmost importance, and your conduct will dictate the image of our little village for both nations. Don't screw up. Thank you," she stepped back from the podium. The mayor tentatively took back his place.

    "I...," he cleared his throat. "I, um... " he took a deep breath and collected himself. "I found my page! Thank you Captain Tuhonna." Alb'leblesk nodded respectfully. Juliana resisted the urge to roll her eyes, but her feelings could still be read on her face. She made no effort to conceal them.

    No one was laughing now. This was ridiculous. "Mayor Alec Burnhope," what a dreadfully appropriate name. He read from his page.

    "Delegates from Moryveil and Viradyl will be meeting here in two days," he began. "I'm holding a little festival for their arrival. Juggling! Games! Prizes! Good food to eat! Let's show them what a festive, happy village Darkwater really is!"

    One guy in the back of the crowd shouted "Yay!", but no one else made a peep. Wasn't he going to talk about the ghouls and wraiths?

    "Thank you for your time, good people of Darkwater!" He made a parting nod to Alb'leblesk. He almost did the same to Juliana, but he couldn't face her. He trotted back into the capital building. Juliana took the podium again.

    "Return to your homes. Thank you. Bye," she said as the crowd began to disperse.
  2. Thaddeus scratched the back of his head, all that fuss for a simple party? Not only a few minutes ago was he at his fletchery, tightening a few bow strings and carving arrow shafts as of his usual occupation until the church bell had rang of course. He had thought the issue regarding the surrounding wraiths and ghouls of Darkwater. This had especially affected him whenever he went on hunting on his free time, it used to be a stray ghoul or wraith every now and then, but now it was more frequent, wildlife was more scarce, and violent encounters was more of the norm. He walked back to his shoppe, with a wooden sign carved with the words "Kallen Fletchery" the words were clear and visible with a nearby lantern shining upon it.
  3. As the sun sets over Darkwater,
    A being prepares for slaughter.
    It's here; to strike again,
    Tis the Geist of the Hallowed Glen.

    Her cloak be black
    along with the sack
    She uses to carry the head,
    Those from the priest; soon to be dead.

    She rides on her horse; black it be,
    Murdering all, relentless be she.
    Souls of the innocent, are what she steals,
    No hint of mercy or emotion she feels.

    Soon she will return, who next will perish?
    Those of a holy kind need pray and wish.
    As the sun sets The Geist cometh forth,
    From the Hallowed Glen deep in the North.

    Serai sat in the deep reaches of her castle. The flames of the mounted torches dimly lit the halls of stone as she tapped her long nails on the engraved wooden arm of her throne. A queen without a kingdom, she was.

    She looked out of her window now. It was time. She hadn't been to Darkwater in months. She'd been planning this surprise for the people for awhile now; preserving her energy - her power.

    As the countdown commenced she got up, stretching her tall back and beginning a brisk walk through the cold hallways, her feminine heeled boots clacked as she strode, her black cape flowed behind her.

    A breeze swept back her hood as she stepped out into the courtyard and into the tower, taking double steps up the spiral staircase and into the top room, it had a huge glass window, a rotatable magnifying glass in the center allowing complete observation of the town itself. A crowd in the center began to disperse.

    She inhaled deeply as she began to chant swiftly, centering the magnifying glass near the crowd. Her chanting soon became shouting, looking up at the sky as she did so.

    A great crackle came from the sky as a bolt of lightning struck the ground, for mere show rather than harm.

    After this she ran to her horse, her eyes shone red as black smoke emitted from her dark cloak. These were the effects that caused the superstition to spread and the tales to strike fear into the hearts of grown men.

    The leaves of the autumn trees were swept off their branches witg the velocity at which Serai sped down the road. She wouldn't kill, today.

    A new priest had been recruited at the church. She could sense it. But this time she would play with het prey before killing it.

    The crowd began to flee as she rode in, the priest one of them. The Book Of Benemon in his hand was a giveaway, she galloped towards him, tearing her sword through the neck of his shirt and watching without mercy as he hung, coughing and spluttering as she dropped him back onto the floor.

    "Three. Days" her distorted voice growled deeply, gender unrecognisable. She let another bolt strike as she turned around and rode away back into the forest.
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  4. He had finished carving another bundle of arrow shafts as lightning struck in the clear night, which certainly gave him a fright as his concentration was shattered. He looked out of the shop window, obviously confused "The night's clear, I don't see a single cloud in the sky!." He puffed, before suddenly remembering a delivery he was to ship out. He quickly took two bows and a quiver of arrows and stuffed them into a crate lined with hay, taking them and heading out into the brisk night.
  5. Captains Tuhonna and Armistice started making their way down the steps from the podium. "Can't you go a single meeting without- ?!" Alb'leblesk began angrily before being interrupted.

    "No, I can't. Can't you go a single second without bowing to the whims of that inept fool?!" Juliana snarled back at him. "He'd be the death of this village if I weren't here."

    "Maybe he'd be able to actually get something done if you weren't undermining him all the time. In either case, he is our leader and we owe him our respect," Alb'leblesk retorted. Lightning struck.

    "Respect is earned, Captain Tuhonna," Juliana stated.

    A cloaked creature road into the village, black smoke trailing behind it and eyes shining red. The crowd ran for cover as the guards sprung into action.

    "You! Stop!" Juliana shouted, running alongside Alb'leblesk and the other guards. The Spellswords sent their ghasts and zombies out ahead of them. The creature closed in on a priest and lifted up his collar with the tip of it's sword.

    "Three. Days," it growled before turning back and galloping toward the forest with another flash of lightning, Spellsword ghasts not far behind.

    "Follow him!" Juliana demanded of Alb'leblesk. "I'll stay with this priest!"

    Captain Tuhonna and the Spellsword Guard took to their mounts and rode after the invader while the Paladin Guard helped the priest to his feet.
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  6. Serai couldn't help but give a slight chuckle as the Guard followed her into the forest, she hadn't expected such a great reaction. She felt as if she had so much power left, for years she hadn't dealt with a being of the Village, it felt good to be back. Morikei continued to gallop, her trusted steed new the route. She pressed her fingers against her temples as she began working her dark magic.
    "Alb'leblesk Tuhonna, I know who you are, Captain of the Guard. You are a fool for following me, though I do not dislike conflict. Stone. Face." Her voice came as a wheezed whisper now as she continued to ride, brisk as Morikei galloped faster and faster through the Autumn leaves which covered the ground. "You know of me, too, do you not?" She let out a laugh "Or are you too young, mortal?"

    (I'd imagine she looks rather like a Nazgul, only more smoke, red eyes etc.)
  7. "Oh Benemon, it's the geist," thought Captain Tuhonna, though he did not let his fear show on his face. It'd be appropriate to say something inspiring for his fellow guards, but he was at a loss. Juliana would know what to say.

    "Stay away from Darkwater!" he shouted after the abomination. "Never return!" He stopped his horse and signaled his soldiers to halt their pursuit. They obeyed.
  8. "You know in your heart that this game's just beginning!" Serai replied as she continued to gallop away, "That Priest will be dead in three days, along with any who stand in my way." She let out another laugh, unable to keep her energy contained. She let another bolt of lightning strike a tree near the platoon, setting it alight as she rode away into the hills.
  9. Kelsey ran her fingers through her raven black hair, looking out into the crowd. Murmuring and laughter was loud in her ears even though she stood at the very back, closest to the edge of the crowd. The spectacle was interesting, but more so Kelsey felt more embarrassment for the mayor. She hated to watch people make fool of themselves, it could get them killed. At her feet Azalea nipped, her little grey wolf was in a fearsome battle with the bottom of Kelsey's forest green pants. She ignored it, there were holes all through the bottom of the cuffs for this exact reason. There was no point in beating on a poor dog anyway, she'd get out of the habit eventually. After listening to the little speech Kelsey shook her head. What a waste of time. She thought to herself, All that for a little carnival they wanted to hold? Rolling her eyes Kelsey gave her right foot a pull, making Azalea growl and chase forward.

    She walked maybe seven steps before people ran and scattered in fear, the sound of galloping hooves against hard ground were loud and echoing. The wind harsh as appeared a person, picking out the priest. Kelsey wanted nothing to do though with this man, or woman, or whatever. She wanted out. Swooping down she grabbed her pup and quickly walked off, until she was behind a little shop and away from the crowd. Kelsey's fingers were cold as she patted her panting dog, she wasn't exactly well off. As Kelsey's dog was a bit under the weather lately, and Kelsey herself a bit paranoid. Her brother would not find her all the way out here, he would step no where near the grounds, but still once in awhile a man about his height with the same hair color would stumble around and Kelsey would go weak at the knees and run off.

    Slipping back in front of the stores she looked through the windows at the different items you could get. Clothes of all sorts, protective armor to gothic and beautiful gowns, food of different variations. Fresh deli meats (although Kelsey did not trust these at all. Prices were too cheap and the meat smelled familiar...) to sweets and booze. She dreamed of owning a big house, and buying these things. Which things she'd look over and which things she'd purchase. In her mind she pretended she was a well off princess from a far away land. Fierce and elegant, independent and someone who brought justice. But it was all in her head, and Kelsey was just a hungry girl with a dog and no money currently. So she would stay that way.
  10. He had stopped dead in his tracks as the rider had swooped down upon the priest in a hail of smoke and darkness. His first instinct was to reach for his bow, only to feel nothing but the hide of his tunic, but as quickly as the rider came, it had already left, being pursued by some of the town guard. He sighed as other citizens had picked themselves up, trying to collect their wits. He muttered under his breath in a sarcastic tone "The joys of necromancy at it's best." By this time he was already continuing his route, dropping off a shipment of bows to a local hunting lodge.

    As of recent he had been working on his archery more frequently as tension became more heavy among the local populace. His fletching had also grown a bit better in the last few days, it still wasn't the best, but it was certainly an improvement. After returning to his house, he began to ponder...A certain necromancer intended to kill the priest, and he or she would certainly try again. It was obvious that there were people who hated viradyl with a passion, he had come to terms with that. But the priest had simply done nothing wrong. He gritted his teeth as he took out his carving knife again, refining a few more logs of wood into what would be a bundle of arrows. He detested Moryveil, a town where you are expected to tolerate constant injustices like this. He hated how the sky was so black, and ghouls and wraiths running rampant, while the mayor prepares to turn this town into a circus. Come to think of it, he had rarely seen clear, blue skies in his life. He stood up, coming to a silent agreement. The priest was to be murdered by a necromancer, and he intended to try and do something about it. He grabbed his bow and went off to the town hall.
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  11. Walking along the dark path, small sticks cracked under his feet as he passed through the dead forest... a rider from afar he noticed and a lot of commotion behind him; following the noise he walked with a quickened pace into the dark forest and hid while watching the scene unveil in front of him. Legothgen stood tall in the shadows of the forest as the rider stormed through the road, heading up the hills; the guards ceased their pursuit and shouted at the rider that passed him, deciding it was for the best to avoid them he circumvented the guards going around them and walked back unto the path to Darkwater. It was a place of interest to him, Darkwater that is... lot of people passing through here he thought to himself as he walked with a calm pace. He saw the gates of Darkwater and walked in slowly... trying to find the Inn he stood in the middle of the road and looked around, he noticed a girl looking at the store windows... a beggar he thought. She seemed to be in a dream state, probably dreaming of coin and palaces... he nudged her abit to wake her up "Excuse me" he said with a deep, scary and almost hypnotising voice as he looked at her.
  12. Ordan Abney, the head priest of Darkwater, made his way through the Paladin guards to his newest priest.

    "Philip?! Are you alright?!" he asked. Philip was pale as a ghost, too shaken to answer. Juliana approached Ordan and shook his hand.

    "Do you know any reason why that thing might want to hurt this man?" she asked.

    "No! I have no idea!" Ordan responded.

    "You won't mind if he can't come to church for a while, I hope? He needs to be taken somewhere safe," Juliana told him.

    "I'm sure you know what's best, ma'am," Ordan replied.

    The galloping of hooves could be heard as the Spellsword Guard returned... with no body or prisoner. They had some explaining to do.

    "Report," demanded Juliana.

    "It's the geist," Alb'leblesk stated bluntly.

    Juliana stared blankly. "So, did you kill it? I don't see a prisoner."

    "No, we stood our ground and told it never to come back to this village," Alb'leblesk responded.

    Juliana gritted her teeth and paced around in circles for a moment before stopping to address Alb'leblesk again. "You 'stood your ground' and 'told it to never come back'?! You weren't supposed to 'stand your ground,' you were supposed to chase it down and apprehend or kill it. Is that. So. Complicated?!"

    She started pacing again, this time back and forth with her arms crossed behind her back. Alb'leblesk stared forward stoically, never meeting her gaze. "What a pretty way to describe giving up and scurrying home with your tail between your legs! 'Stood your ground.' This is unbelievable."

    "You don't understand, the geist is-" Alb'leblesk started, interrupted yet again.

    "No, you don't understand! I know the legends! I also know that you have a duty to the people of Darkwater and you failed in that duty! We owe the mayor our respect, but we don't owe the people their safety?!" Juliana yelled.

    "If I fought that creature, all or most of my Guard would be lying dead in the forest right now. I really think-" Alb'leblesk said, trying to speak again.

    "Maybe you're right! Perhaps you are far too incompetent to defeat a lone horseman, even with all your training, and your superior numbers, and your filthy, filthy black magic! Is that what you want me to believe? Is that it? You are a coward and a disgrace!" Juliana shouted.

    Alb'leblesk hung his head in shame. Juliana stared him down, breathing incessantly. She'd gotten her initial rage mostly out of her system. Ordan interjected "Uh, I'm not really sure you're being fair here."

    Juliana looked at the head priest, calming down more quickly due to his presence. "Why is that?" she asked.

    "If the legends are true, he really would have lost all his guards. If they're going to protect us, they need to be here alive," Ordan explained.

    Juliana nodded reluctantly. "Yes, yes, alright," she took a deep breath. "Captain Tuhonna, consider yourself lucky. You won't have a holy man here to defend you next time. Help me escort... uh, Philip... to the barracks while we figure out the best place to defend him."

    Alb'leblesk gave Ordan an appreciative look while they all started to walk away.
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  13. He rapped on the Town hall doors, hoping to speak with the mayor about the arising issues. His bow and quiver was slung behind his back, but in no way did he mean harm on anyone, it merely felt proper to have them as it gave him a bit more confidence that he will need. He rapped again

    "Hello?" He asked "I wish to speak with Alec Burnhope."

    A single breeze rolled by, his cape fluttered slightly, but his figure remained adamant.
  14. Kelsey ran her fingers against the cold glass, leaving finger prints. The dog gave a bark in her arms as she did so, not because she was touching the glass but because there was a stranger approaching. Kelsey looked up after the man touched her, her green eyes wide and dark hair fluttering back in the soft breeze. "Hello." She stated, a shiver had gone down her spine. There was something off about this man, something intimidating about him. Kelsey took a step back, "Hello. Did you need something, Sir?" The little pup Azalea bared it's fangs and growled, but it's bright green eyes and fluffy grey fur were nothing to fear. After all, it was only a playful pup, it couldn't do much damage at all. The two in fact, probably looked like the most out of place, people there. The girl was short as the dog, and both were a bit dirty from trudging through the woods earlier. Kelsey's pale skin had a scratch along her cheek from a sharp stick from earlier.
  15. (Me and Raitinogu(or however you spell it) are collabing, I'll post with his char, he'll post with my char etc.)

    Serai came charging into her courtyard, only to grind to a halt once she saw Semira standing right in front of her. She slid off of Morikei and looked her in the eyes, she was taller than her, only by a bit. "Morikei, ftathk su sha tsaftfta ghush xuia" She nodded and pointed to the stables, commanding her horse to go back there. As she neared Serai's shadow cloak dispirsed with a mere click of her fingers, tailing behind her as she walked towards her. She looked Semira up and down as she spoke; "What are you doing here?" She gave a slight smile.

    "Just watching your 'big return'." Semira air quoted, her arms crossed "Why do you have to be so goddamn obnoxious?"

    "What? I wanted to get them scared again."

    "I guess it worked" Semira couldn't help but smile as she gave a slight sigh

    "Of course, it's me. Of course it did!" Serai arrogantly walked to the door to her throneroom, "Want a cup of tea?" She smiled once more,

    "No. But I do want to talk to you." Semira followed her in,

    "About what?"

    "Your plans."

    "Which ones?" Serai sat on her throne,

    "The ones to take over Darkwater! Stop playing dumb and just answer my questions!"

    "Okay, okay, sorry. Go ahead."

    "You do realize you're outnumbered, right?"

    "Well of course."

    "You're going to get yourself killed."

    "I won't, trust me. I've discovered invincibility."

    "How the fuck are you invincible!?"

    "A magician doesn't tell of her tricks." Serai winked, "I'll show you, soon enough."

    Semira sighed, "you really can be an arrogant little bitch sometimes. Stop now. "

    "Alright, I know. I'm sorry." Serai looked her in the eyes now. Her apology was genuine. "But this will work. I know it. I'll show you how but not now."

    "How are you going to kill the priest?"

    "Me?" Serai gave a faint laugh "Oh, I'm not going to kill him. Stone Face, Tuhonna is."

    "The Captain of the Guard?"


    Semira sighed, Serai's methods seemed irrational, she knew she'd ask for her aid sooner or later.

    "Oh, fine." Serai broke the silence, getting up from her throne and walking briskly to the window and back outside to her tower, once up the stairs she worked her magnifier, observing Darkwater.

    "What?" Semira followed her, her opaque grey cape somewhat matched her allies velvet black one.

    "I was just talking to myself again, new people approach Darkwater, from the looks of things." Serai smiled as she made another bolt of lighting strike the church steeple. She'd been in hiding, resting for so many years. Now she had returned.
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  16. As the Guard began to walk out of the village square a man walked past them and up to the doors of the capital building. He knocked.

    "Hello?" he asked, knocking again. "I wish to speak with Alec Burnhope."

    Juliana broke from formation and approached him. "Excuse me sir, can I help you?" she inquired.
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  17. The sound of paws rushed through the forest. Wyld grimaced as the smell of human grew stronger, it was at least a little better than the smell of the dead, but still disgusting none the less. Upon Wyld's command, the wolf raider team slowed down as they entered town. They received defensive and suspicious looks, goblins and cultured peoples identified their markings as BloodPaw clan. However, their swords were sheathed and they trotted slowly through town. One of the Wolves growled at a dog with a girl, the wolf's rider gave the wolf a quick disciplinary slap. They trotted to the capital building, some man already demanding the mayor's attention, had gotten a guard's attention. Wyld spoke over the civilian to the guard "I am the delegate from the BloodPaw clan here for the diplomatic talks hosting tomorrow, I require quarters for my men and I, as well as a stable for our mounts"
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  18. Paws trotted up behind her. "I am the delegate from the BloodPaw clan here for the diplomatic talks hosting tomorrow, I require quarters for my men and I, as well as a stable for our mounts," came a voice.

    Juliana turned around, annoyed at the interruption. "These talks are between Moryveil and Viradyl. You haven't been invited. Take your war mutts elsewhere, I'm busy helping a citizen and keeping the village safe from barbarous forces. Like yourself," she said. What she didn't say was that the talks are the day after tomorrow. Maybe if he didn't figure that out before then he'd really leave.
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  19. "We are the way we are only because of your kind taking what doesn't belong to them. We pure Goblin kind deserve as much representation, if not more, than these gremlin scum or these shambling corpses. YOU WILL LET ME IN OR WE WILL BURN THIS VILLAGE TO THE GROUND BEFORE YOU CAN DRAW YOUR BLADE." Wyld roared, drawing his burning blade.
  20. Looking at the girl he spoke with a soft tongue… words he never spoke to anyone, it wasn’t his to be polite and nice… but to attract less attention he had to. Street peddler he thought as he looked at her with a plain face showing no expression at all “Would you know where the inn is?” oblivious to what was actually going on around him, he kept looking at the girl waiting for her response; until a wolf raider came along, noticing all the commotion going on and this -thing- going around spitting words and cusses he decided to take things in his hands “Excuse me” he said to the girl again and walked over to the goblin that was arguing with the paladin “What seems to be the problem here? You’re not causing problems are you goblin?” he crossed his arms “You are outnumbered… outclassed… outsmarted…” he looked at him with mockery in his eyes “…perhaps your brain cannot handle this much information so let me rephrase that. The only thing you’re going to burn around here…” he waved his hands to gesture his surroundings “…is your smoking pipe. The talks between Moryveil and Viradyl are not to be disturbed by you or anyone else…” he points a finger at the paladin “…she…” he gestures a finger over all of the guards that are standing and watching them argue “…them…” he points a finger at himself “…me… will not have your little arrogance stand here and you will either get thrown in the three feet in the dirt outside or ride away from the city. Oh… and before starting to make demands… make sure you’re at least my height… and have a nice breath.” He continued standing next to the paladin and looking at the goblin in the eyes, thief’s all of them he thought… better to cool him off now than to have him run amok.
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