dancing in fantasy staying there never to return I

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  2. Nasir held Alexandra and smiled glad that the wounds had stopped bleeding. "You better now?" He asked and moved a strand of her hair that fell in her face back behind her ear.
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  3. She says yes I am she gives him a kiss on the cheek then gets up slowly holding her new bite mark. She said I'mglad to have your as mine again I wonder how brother and ratha and the kids are doing.
  4. Nasir smiled and when Alexandra began to get up he watched her carefully as if to be ready to catch her encase she fell. Then he stood up after her. "I'm glad too." He replied then at the mention of Ratha, Alexander and the kids he nodded. "Well I guess we can go back and find out" He replied.
  5. She said we should your poor sister probably thought we had died.
  6. Nasir nodded. "I hope she has more faith in us than that." He replied and smile. "Your brother's probable worried as well." He commented and slipped his hand in hers for when they walked.
  7. I hope so too she gripped his hand and began to walk back to her family a smile was on her face.
  8. Nasir nodded. Then began to walk beside Alexandra as they headed back for the family.
  9. She smiled and walked with her mate back to her kids and family.
  10. Nasir smiled and walked back with Alexandra hand in hand. Soon seeing the others come into view.

    Ratha was asleep they could see as the two came closer with Cameron in her lap she appeared curled up a bit and on Alexander's lap laid her head.
  11. Alexander says welcome back you to are you alright? Shhh the kids are all asleep.
  12. Nasir nodded. Then hearing how all the kids were asleep smiled. "Appears so is my sister. You all alright?" He asked repeating the same question Alexander had asked.
  13. He says I'm OK watching everyone he says your girls wanna be in your arms my brother.
  14. Nasir smiled and moved over to Alexander. "Alright." He replied and got ready to take them. "Then I'll gladly hold them." He replied and smiled.
  15. He says they are curled up together near rathas tail my brother Alexander then pulled ratha against him and went to sleep.
  16. Nasir nodded. "Alright" He replied then moved behind Ratha waiting for Alexander to move her knowing her reaction if he touched her tail especially in her sleep. Then managing to dodge her tail picked his daughters up and smiled at them both. Then he moved a bit away before sitting down so he wouldn't be hit hopefully by Ratha.

    When Alexander moved Ratha against him she hirred a moment then could be heard in a light sleep still hirring calmly her tail staying still when her brother took the kids. It seemed she never noticed a difference of the two's absence.
  17. Alexandra leaned against nadir stroking her two girls hair then she began to fall asleep.
  18. Nasir moved his arm around Alexandra when she leaned into him. He smiled seeing her and his daughters soon asleep.
  19. Cameron awoke slowly saying daddy aunty uncle is daddy back yet? He looked Around slowly.
  20. Nasir looked seeing Cameron and gave a smile at his son. "Yes I'm back and so is your mother." He replied quietly.
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