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  1. On the desolated surface of Korriban, the Sith Academy stands not far from the Valley of the Dark Lords. This is the temporary "home" for many acolytes who are vying to take a place as an apprentice to a Dark Lord. For many, the journey ends with a swift stab in the back. Many others are killed by the beasts within the tombs or by the Spirits within the tombs. Those rare few who survive all of this will be the ones who becomes apprentices in the end.
    The arrival of Darth Mirana a month ago set the acolytes into a frenzy, trying to make themselves worthy of consideration. Out of the probably two hundred there, only twenty were chosen. Of that twenty, only three survived. A Human male, a Pure-Bood female, and a Zabrak male will now be tested in order to become the apprentice of Darth Mirana, who is famed to be a counsel to the great and feared Darth Malek and Darth Reven. Who will rise above the others?
  2. As Tor waited in his quarters, anxiously waiting for information, he tried to calm down. He checked all of his weapons again, all the hidden blades, and paced the small room. Even for him, a fairly slim human, capping out at 5'8", the room was cramped. He had tied his unkempt mane of black hair back in order to keep it out of his face, though it didnt help much. Fiddling with the hair tie again, he heard a small beep from his communicator. With a grin, he thought to himself, 'Finally' and quickly, quietly, left the room, and headed towards the location of his final test.
  3. From the room beside of him, a tall, lanky Pure-blood stepped out nonchalantly. She lengthened her steps in order to pass him, not bothering to even look at him as she passed. Her dark hair was bound back in many intricate braids and the air smelled slightly of whatever perfume she was wearing. Zairna was known for very much caring about her appearance. Though she did not care about looking at him, she did speak as she strutted, for lack of a better term, past.
    "Last chance, human. Why don't you run back to Coruscant and leave actual Sith to such an important position."
    "As if you're the pinnacle of an actual Sith." From behind the two, a male with a higher voice spoke. "Your family is a disgraced shamble, now, since your father displeased Darth Malek and was executed."
    "Go back to the Dathomir Force Bitches, like a good little slave, Hoton." Zairna fired back. "Isn't that all good the males of your species are on your home planet?"
    "I bet you had to fuck the head master to even get a chance at this." Hoton smirked. "You're a disgrace."
    Zairna strode on ahead, not uttering another word. One would notice that whenever an attractive male passed by or was passed by her, her walk changed to one that exuded sexuality and attractiveness. Hoton walked evenly with Tor for a few moment before speaking.
    "She always did have a flair for being a whore." He chuckled lightly. "....nothing personal, Tor. I actually kinda think you're one of the better candidates that was chosen. But...." His eyes turned hard as he looked ahead. "I've got to do this. I can't go back to Dathomir."
  4. He brushed past Hoton, with barely a nod of acknowledgement. pausing, he threw out, "Bitches like her will only get so far. You, you might've made it..." Resuming his stride, he quickened his steps, wanting to meet the challenge head on. As he caught up to Zairna, he recalled slave comment she made. A sinister grin made its appearance, as he envisioned slicing her to pieces. As he passed her, he slapped her on her swaying ass, and commented, "Maybe you should consider being a slave yourself Zaira, It'd give you a chance to fulfill all of those urges you seem to have." with a laugh, Tor strode onward, "If you ever want to try, i know a gamorrean who'd love a sith!"
  5. Hoton laughed raucously behind him while Zairna turned as if she was going to say something when the shadow of another person fell before them. A bald humanoid man with many tattoos covering his scalp stood before him. He stood tall, a little under seven feet, and his glare stilled any words that would have come out of Zairna's mouth. His name was Uthar Wynn, the Master of the Academy.
    "Darth Mirana awaits you." His deep voice echoed through the air. "I would not suggest keeping her waiting in order to make pointless remarks to one another." Master Wynn gestured towards the door behind him. It was Wynn's pride and joy, his very own "throne room" of sorts. The door opened when he gestured to it, the door nob turning as if manipulated by the Force. The room inside was darkened, save for some low burning lights. "Go inside. I will follow you in a moment."
    Zairna nodded, a determined look on her face as she entered. The room had three fires in the center of the room, meant for each of the three contenders to stand at. It was hard to make out much about the room, save the cloaked figure sitting on Wynn's "throne." Zairna bowed her head, knowing that it was definitely not her place to look on the great Darth unless addressed. She took her place at the fire on the right.
    Hoton decided to go to the fire to the left, far away from the Pure-Blood. His eyes strayed upwards towards the cloaked figure before closing them and looking down, his instincts from his upbringing kicking in. This was a powerful female, to be sure. Even the leader of his tribe on Dathomir paled in comparison to her.
  6. With the center fire left, he assumed his position there. 'Great', he thought, 'Center stage. I hate both of you.' While he wasn't shy, he preferred to aim the spotlight shining on him personally. Bowing his head slightly, he acknowledged the seated sith's ability to slaughter all of them at will for any reason. He found it difficult to stand still though. This was the final test, after this, he would become a sith, he would have power, power enough for revenge...
  7. Wynn entered after them, closing the door behind him. He walked towards the Sith Lord, stop short about five feet from her. With a flourish, he knelt at her feet, bowing his head almost to the ground. This woman was quite powerful and he knew that only respect was going to win him any points with Darth Malek's confidante. "The three have arrived, My Lord."
    ".....do you always forget, Uthar...." The cloak masked any ability to distinguish her appearance but it did not block out the chillingly beautiful voice of the Darth. ".....I am not a 'Lord' since I am a woman. I choose Lady or Darth as my title."
    "Y-yes, My Lady...." Wynn's forehead hit the ground with a thud. "M-my apologies...."
    "You know the drill, Uthar." The woman flicked a black gloved hand at him. "Get on with it."
    "Yes, of course, My Lady." Uthar Wynn stood, facing them. "My Lady will address each of you individually in a few moments. First, however, I want you to place your hands on the edges of the fire stands. Once you have done that, close your eyes and think of the reasons why you have come here for this chance at greatness. Focus your emotions upon that reason. My Lady will address each of you in turn."
    Hoton and Zairna were quick to do so. At last, this was the moment they had all been waiting on for so long. Their goals were so close now. So close!
  8. Placing his hand on the edge of his stand, he focused on his drive. He brought forth memories of the day he was awoken, only to be told slavers had taken everyone he had ever known. he visualized the day the jedi refused to lift a finger to help him, and the day he realized that no one would, or could, help him. he would have his revenge, and it would taste all the sweeter for it.
  9. Zairna envisioned the day that her father was executed, when she was forced to look upon his beheaded body by her mother. It was that day that she had been told that failure was not an option and now their family had to be brought back to glory. This was the only way that she could do it and there was no way that she was going to fail. Especially not next to these two creatures.
    Zairna nearly jumped when she heard something like stone raising around her. She glimpsed a peek and saw that a wall had been erected around her, cutting her off from the others. She actually jumped when she heard a voice behind her.
    "That is what you live for, then." Darth Mirana's silky voice flowed from behind her. "There is much hate there. But, perhaps too much arrogance as well...." The Darth chuckled. "What if you didn't have that beautiful face of yours? Would you be so proud then? That's something that might bear testing." Just as suddenly, the walls lowered and a hand pushed Shairna down to her knees. "Down, child." Zairna sat there, shaking. She-she hadn't heard the Darth move behind her at all.4
    Hoton saw his planet. Hoton saw how his father had been treated as a dog. He couldn't go back. He could never go back there alive. There was nothing there for him except a living death while he served the females who would use him as a slave to any and all of their desires. He couldn't fail, not now.
    Hoton kept his eyes shut, even when the walls came up around him. He did cringed when he heard the voice behind him though. "You are running from your fate then? You could not stay and try to fight it? A coward yes...." The hand gripped his shoulder, turning him around so that she could see him. "A coward perhaps that I could harden into a hate-driven warrior. But, perhaps you will always run....." He was turned back around and forced to his knees as the walls fell again.
    This time the walls rose around Tor and Darth Mirana's silent steps took her behind him. Of the three, his flame had burned the brightest. She had to see this one, see the hatred inside of this one's soul.
    "Turn around and face me, child of vengeance."
  10. He turned to face the Darth, full of rage and anger from those memories. He stared at the cloaked figure, refusing to be cowed into submission. He had nothing to lose, and so much to gain, from tempting fate, and if this avenue to power didn't pan out, there were others he could pursue. 'The rising walls were a nice touch though,' he mused to himself.
  11. "....not a cringe...." She chuckled. "Strong, aren't you? Or at least, in your own mind you are." Darth Mirana circled him. "The flames told me what you were feeling. I understand vengeance quite well. I want to know what's behind those feelings." She came full circle, standing before him once more. Since she was slightly shorter, she had to look up at him and in doing so, the pale skin of her neck came into the light. "Tell me why you have such feelings of rage, since all I got to see was the day that you woke up alone and the Jedi...." A dark laugh rippled from beneath the cloak. "Wouldn't help you."
  12. 'Ok, wasn't expecting that', he thought to himself, slightly unnerved by the mindreading. "Five years ago, slavers hit the colony i lived in, taking everyone they thought of value, and killing what wasn't. I woke up in a bacta tank, healing from severe blood loss and a badly aimed blaster bolt. I wasn't told for a week about the slavers. A WEEK!" he all but yelled, "BEFORE THEY SAW FIT TO TELL ME MY WORLD WAS DEAD AND GONE!" He took a moment to regain his composure, "Not a single person thought it was worth it to deal with this group. they're too small, they said. it'd take too long to find them, they said. Well, they dont have to worry now. Im going to find those slavers myself, and exact my vengeance, and then i'll pay a visit to everyone who denied me."
  13. Silence held between them for a moment. Then she nodded in affirmation before forcibly pushing him back around with surprising strength. "Kneel before the fire." As the walls went back up, Darth Mirana's quiet steps took her before them. All of them were on their knees before her and it was now time for her judgment. Wynn stood behind them, unbeknownst to them.
    ".....I see the hatred in each of you." She looked down on each of the three of them. "I see the anger. But I also see...." A burst of dark laughter echoed throughout the room. "Your weaknesses!" Her finger pointed at Zairna. "Arrogance!" Her finger pointed to Hoton. "Cowardice!" Her finger centered on Tor and she chuckled. "Blind rage!"
    She walked before Zairna and Zairna looked up involuntarily. "Arrogance I have no place for." And with that, a flick of purple lit the air as a saber seemed to materialize out of thin air. The saber slammed down on Zairna, severing her neck from her body. The head fell into the fire, filling the room with the smell of burning flesh.
    Hoton shook as she came before him. "Cowardice I have no place for." The purple saber moved and Hoton received the same treatment. The stench grew more as she came to a stop in front of Tor.
    "Blind rage...." The light saber lifted for a moment, then flicked off and was placed onto her belt. "I do have a place for."
  14. As he stared at the suddenly headless bodies, mouth hanging slightly, her words slowly turned over in his head. 'i do have a place for[Blind rage]' He passed! it took all his will power to resist breaking out in dance, and he calmly collected his composure to respond to the Lady. "Well, you made the right choice than." he said proudly
  15. "....a little cocky but nothing I can't handle." Darth Mirana flicked her hand at Wynn. "Uthar. Leave this room. Now."
    "A-as you wish, My Lady." Wynn turned tail and walked out the door quickly. The first moments between Master and Apprentice were sacred and he knew that. What transpired between them, no one would ever know and neither of the two would tell. That was the way it had always been. That was the way it was going to be.
    "Yes, you passed, Tor." The Darth chuckled. "Such rage will give you all the power you need. And your vengeance is a goal I can help you achieve. But...." She paused for a moment, seeming to be studying him. "You have a long way to go." She reached up, pushing the hood back. The pale skin that he saw earlier seemed to shine in the fire lights. Long blond hair that seemed to be tied back disappeared into the cloak. But what was probably eerie was the fact that there was only smooth skin where her eyes were supposed to be.
  16. Seeing her face, he thought, 'Not a bad f- wait a minute... arent people supposed to have eyes?' The eyeless visage of his new master had struck him silent, though a seemingly minor feature, its presence was enough to shock Tor. Shaking it off, he managed to ask, "Well, when do we start?"
  17. ".....in a bit...." The eyeless face was blank of emotion. "Tell me...." She started circling him. "....does the lack of eyes repulse you that much? Or did you forget that I can read your thoughts like a book since you have no idea how to stop me from doing so?" Darth Mirana walked behind him, her face continually blank. The boy truly had no idea how important his next answer was.
  18. "not really," he replied, "it was just a shock. Most every species i know of, let alone have met, have eyes, so your lack there of was surprising"
  19. A half-smile covered her face. There was no lie in the boy's words. Could she call him a boy? I mean she was barely older than him, it seemed..... "....the last apprentice that I had answered untruthfully and I cut him down where he stood. You answered me honestly and that's what I expect from you." Darth Mirana had come full circle now. "If you ever lie to me, I will do the same." The half-smile remained on her face as she chuckled. "To answer the question that I know is there, yes I can see. Just, not like you can. I know where every object around me is. But things such as color I do not see. It's all in..."shades of grey"....I think the Human saying is?"
  20. "yes, that is a human phrase," he answered. Truthfully, he had wondered how she saw without eyes, though the force was a fairly obvious answer. "Now, what would you have me do?" he asked.
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