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  1. Plot points to get discuss:


    Mover's and shakers?

    Technology limit?
  2. Okay lets us reiterate out plot. Do we want real life world or complete sci fi fantasy?
  3. Before the server went down: Discussing Megacorps

    My idea with megacorps having their own governments was that if you steal something valuable (like a prototype computer), you can escape onto a different megacorp's property and not be followed without causing what amounts to an international incident
  4. What is our main plot?
  5. I was thinking Leverage / Burn notice with more flexible ethics.
  6. hhmmm will our characters be working in tangent?
  7. Yes, I was thinking of our characters being a team of freelance criminals who work for the highest bidder. Our characters would basically be deniable assets, the people hiring them could disavow any knowledge of our actions if we are caught.
  8. Oh okay VERY similar to Burn Notice then
  9. Pretty much, with less white knighting and more cybernetic implants
  10. Sounds good! So future steam punk mercs :) ill start working on a character
  11. What kind of character do you want to play? Hacker? Gunbunny? Driver? or something else?
  12. I havent decided yet but I will let you know by Sat, I am having a hard time starting new rps cause its final week
  13. No worries, I understand
  14. What kind of character were you thinking? for you
  15. I was thinking hacker/driver with a few combat drones
  16. Then I will be the gun bunny :)
  17. Sweet, how do you want to start?
  18. character design
  19. Do you want me to post what I've got?