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    I've always loved the Fatal Frame series of games so I wanted to see if I could pull off an RP with a similar theme. Don't worry if you're unfamiliar with it since this will be an original story with similar elements to the source material. I'll make sure to explain the stuff I'm gonna reference from Fatal Frame in detail so that nobody would feel lost or confused.

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    "That day... Something horrible happened to us but-- but I can't remember what it is..."

    In August 5, 1990 a mysterious incident occurred in Arato High School. On the night of the school's graduation ceremony, 103 attending students suddenly collapsed and died of unknown causes. What's stranger is that the faces of all the students who perished were contorted in a gruesome manner. Eight other students were found in a forested area near Arato High School but unlike the other students who died, they were merely unconscious but have no recollection of what happened to them or why they were there in the first place. The "Yellow Moon Graduation" incident attracted a lot of media attention and became something of an urban legend. The eight students who survived went their separate ways after the incident but the memories of their time in Arato High School have since faded.

    Four years later the survivors of the Yellow Moon Graduation are leading normal lives, however they are constantly plagued by visions and flashbacks of their school days in Arato. As the fifth anniversary of the Yellow Moon Graduation draws near, strange things begin happening to the survivors. The survivors start seeing apparitions of their deceased classmates, hearing disembodied voices beckoning them to return to Arato, and experiencing vivid nightmares about the high school. Perhaps the most disturbing of all these phenomena is that whenever the survivors are photographed, their faces always appear blurred in some way.

    In July 30, 1995 Seichiro Kuze, one of the survivors of the Yellow Moon Graduation, was found dead in his apartment. The cause of death is unknown but his hands were covering his face which was contorted in an impossible manner. Shortly after that the remaining survivors each receive a letter.

    Shigeru's Letter (open)

    Seichiro was the first one and I'm sure that one of us will be next. If you're reading this now, I'll be waiting in Arato and I strongly suggest that you come here as soon as possible. Our lives are in grave danger and there's no time to waste. If we're going to survive, then we need to remember what happened that day.

    - Shigeru Asou​


    As stated in the thread's title, this is a Mystery/Horror RP so you must be okay with character deaths. Don't worry though, I won't kill off characters randomly or without the player's consent. Just giving everyone a heads up that it could happen if the plot needs it to advance.
    You play the role of one of the seven survivors of the Yellow Moon Graduation. You can make your character any way you want but here are some essential rules that you must abide to:

    • Your character must have a history with Arato and Arato High School at some point in their life.
    • Character development is an essential skill here. To fulfill the main objective of preventing your character's death, your character must recollect the memories they lost about their time in Arato High School.
    • No superpowers. The only supernatural ability I will allow in the RP is a developed sixth sense.
    • No god modding.
    • Anime pictures are encouraged but not mandatory. If it's not your thing, I won't bug you about it.
    Ghosts will be the primary adversaries for our characters. Only some characters will be given a means to repel these malevolent spirits while others will have to rely on their wits to survive an encounter with them.
    The minimum activity requirement is at least 2 posts a week.


    [FONT=Book Antiqua][SIZE=7]-=General Information=-[/SIZE]
    (insert character picture here)
    [B]Distinguishing Marks:[/B] (moles, scars, etc)
    [B]Clothing Style:[/B]
    [B]Bio/History:[/B] (minimum of five sentence)
    [B]Why do you want to remember?:[/B] (can be answered in one or multiple sentences)
    [B]Unique Item(s):[/B] (Something that belongs to your character that could help with the investigation. It could be a charm that fends off spirits, an item with a connection to your past in Arato High School or anything else you could think of. Maximum of 3 items.)
    [B]Unique Abilities:[/B] (What talent or skill does your character have that could help in the exploration of Arato High School? Is your character good at mental deduction? Is he/she more physically fit than most people? Perhaps your character has developed a sixth sense which allows them to communicate with the spirit world? Maybe your character has trained as a monk/priest allowing them to fend off spirits with prayers?)


    Played by Hologram Summer
    Played by Ser K+
    Played by Sepdemonium
    Played by Raitoningu
    Played by Kiki
    Played by BrokenTerra
    Played by Tiltshift
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  2. -=General Information=-


    Name: Shigeru Asou
    Age: 23
    Occupation: Freelance Photographer / Researcher
    Birthday: June 14
    Height: 5 feet 9 inches
    Weight: 155 lbs.
    Distinguishing Marks: n/a
    Clothing Style: Shigeru's sense of style can be defined as comfort over looks. He can often be seen wearing a loose jacket and baggy pants with some worn-out sneakers, all of which in varying shades of brown, black, gray, and the occasional moss. The only pop of color you'll see in his ensemble is the t-shirt he wears underneath his jacket, usually in bright yellow or crimson. He is never without his pair black thick frame glasses as he is virtually blind without it. Shigeru's only accessory is a simple leather wrist watch and a messenger bag to carry his stuff. He has bleach blond hair which is usually cut short and styled in an unkempt fashion.

    Shigeru can be seen as your typical anti-social stereotype; knowledgeable and enthusiastic yet shy and awkward. He is quite obsessed with Japanese folklore and mysticism and will often start blabbing about it when the subject is raised. He always means well and will do everything to please everyone but he does have problems speaking up to people who are more charismatic or confident than him. It doesn't mean though that Shigeru's patience is inexhaustible and when he does snap, he becomes incredibly cold and distant.

    Likes: Japanese folklore, the occult, photography, shrines, souvenirs, museums, junk food
    Dislikes: confrontations, being the leader, rainy days
    Strengths: Can get along with most people, enthusiastic worker, great sense of responsibility, open-minded
    Fears: Disappointing others, doing something unprepared, dangerous situations

    Shigeru Asou is one of the eight survivors of the Yellow Moon Graduation. Although he didn't have any memory of what happened to him and the seven other students, he felt a deep sense of grief and disappointment. He didn't know what invokied these emotions but it was etched in his heart. These painful feelings drove Shigeru to try and forget the events of that day. After recovering from the incident, Shigeru took up a scholarship in Tokyo University and quickly jumped at the chance to move far away from Arato. He earned a degree in Japanese history and recently started working as a researcher and photographer for a renowned travel magazine.

    When 1995 rolled in, things began taking a drastic turn in Shigeru's life. He begins experiencing paranormal occurences like the other survivors. Everyday he would receive a voice mail from an unknown number which is mostly static but sometimes he would hear someone whisper "I'll be waiting" or something similar. At first he thought it was a glitch in the phone company and changed his number multiple times but the problem persisted. Every night he would wake up covered from head to toe in sweat and feeling exhausted. When one of his friends decided to sleep over in his apartment, he mentioned that Shigeru kept apologizing in his sleep. Shigeru also noticed that whenever he is photographed, his face always appears blurred or ends up being covered by something out of coincidence.

    The final straw came when he heard the news that Seichiro, a fellow survivor of the Yellow Moon Graduation, died in a similar fashion as the other students who perished that day. Shortly after that, he felt a familiar feeling in his heart... the same feeling of sorrow and grief he felt after the events of August 5, 1990. Shigeru came to the conclusion that Seichiro's death and the strange things happening to him are connected to the Yellow Moon Graduation. He set out for Arato to conduct his research on the matter. He also sent out letters to the other survivors of the incident as he had a feeling that they are also key to unlocking the mysteries of that dreadful day.

    Why do you want to remember?: "I want to know why I feel this sadness inside of me. I want to know what I lost that day that made me feel this intense bitterness in my soul."

    Unique Item(s):
    a. Research Portfolio - Contains articles, documents, photographs, and other writings connected to the Yellow Moon Graduation incident. The materials in these portfolio are quite extensive and Shigeru has also made a summary of his research so far to get everyone up to speed about his findings.

    b. Camera Obsura - An invention of one of Shigeru's ancestors, Dr. Kunihiko Asou, which was passed on to his family. It is said that this camera has the ability to photograph things from "the other side". Shigeru took it from his family home in Arato, feeling that it would be useful in his investigation of the Yellow Moon Graduation. The camera is in working condition but has obviously seen better days.

    Unique Abilities:
    a. Keen eye - Shigeru can find things that are useful to the investigation that other's can't. Whether it be scraps of newspapers, textbooks or letters, Shigeru is usually the first one to notice these items.

    b. Exorcism - When the Camera Obscura is with him, he is able to exorcise spirits by taking pictures of them. Apart from capturing their images, the camera seems to hurt spirits as well and fend them off for some time.
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  3. -=General Information=-
    Name: Shuji Okada
    Age: 21
    Occupation: Traveling Journalist
    Birthday: April 18th
    Height: 5'7.5
    Weight: 162 lbs
    Distinguishing Marks: N/A
    Clothing Style: He prefers dressing in dressy clothes like buttoned shirts, ties, etc. He doesn't necessarily need his glasses but his vision in his left eye is lower quality than his right which poses a problem when his vision grows blurry.
    Summary: Shuji is typically relaxed, though he's reticent around those he's just meeting unless it's beneficial that he talks to them. He's generally more easygoing than a lot of people would think him to be.

    Likes: Snapping photos for work, traveling, Takoyaki, Western culture, and his job, to name a few.
    Dislikes: Pain, graphic scenes(let's be honest who does), cold weather, competition
    Strengths: He has a fairly superb memory and he can read English to a degree.
    Fears: The anticipation of Death, natural disasters, unexplained phenomena
    Bio/History: Shuji like the other seven was found unable to recall what happened that day and on a constant kept visiting the outside of the school on an impulse after the fact. During such visits he kept hearing the phrase "Mataashita"[See you tomorrow] His mother soon heard he started visiting the scene and sent him to Osaka with his father to finish his junior and senior years. While on his move Shuji noticed he had a few scratches on his ribs that weren't there in the airport, but aside from that he lived a fairly normal life those two years, started traveling the world as a journalist for a year, and eventually moved back to Arato. A year more and he'd he receive a letter informing him that a survivor as well as brief childhood friend ,Seichirou Kuze, had died a gruesome death. This struck Shuji hard, what if he was originally supposed to die in Seichirou's place?

    Why do you want to remember?: "I want to know why I have this scratch, and why I'm constantly called back there. I want to know the truth"
    Unique Item(s):
    A camera- An ordinary camera that he's had since originally starting journalism
    An old cap- A cap he's had since before he started going to Arato high school, He obtained it from his now dead grandfather who used to teach at the high school.
    An old flashlight- A normal flashlight that almost miraculously still works

    Unique Abilities: Observation and Deduction- Shuji originally wanted to be a detective so he studied patterns found in crimes although he hasn't solved anything that hasn't already been solved... yet.
    (Let me know if there's anything you wouldn't mind me changing)
  4. Shuji is approved!
  5. Making my CS now..
  6. Alright then! Can't wait to see what you'll come up with.
  7. sorry it's taking me a while.. I shall have Takaiya in today :]
  8. Alright then. Once we have Raitoningu, Tiltshift, and Sepdemonium's characters, we can begin the RP.
  9. (let me know if anything needs changing :] )
    ([​IMG] )
    Name: Takaiya Kurosawa
    Occupation: runs an inn with his boyfriend
    Birthday: 15, December
    Weight: very thin
    Distinguishing Marks: he has a scar on his back
    Clothing Style: mainly traditional, but he will sometimes wear causal easy to move in clothes. He tends to wear purple kimono's a lot and styles his hair carefully with accessories that are in the shape of sakuras.

    Summary: He's very quiet and shy, feeling out of place in the world. All in all Takaiya is a very torn character, he is torn between the traditions that his family have set for him and the person he wants to be. he's very quiet and calm most of the time, opting not to speak his mind. he's more or less a loner who doesn't follow the crowd, Takaiya is a very polite man, using formal speech to everyone. He 's also insecure about his gender orientation and vices.
    Likes: traditional music, hentai manga, sushi,
    Dislikes: loud mouths, 'emo' people, being called a liar, his parents
    Strengths:reserved and calm, sensitive to 'other worldly activities, mellow and not easily angered,
    Fears: people finding out his sexuality, pain, the dark

    Bio/History: ever since he nearly died at the age of five, Takaiya has always being able to sense and to a degree see ghosts. At first his parents thought it was just imaginary friends, but as he began to talk about the 'man with half a face' or the 'lady with the funny neck' they feared for his mental state, but didn't want to take him to a doctor because they were scared about what they would hear. They told Takaiya to stop, and his father would often beat him if he mentioned it. As he got older Takaiya managed to suppress his ability (or at least ignore it to a degree )

    he is one of the survivors of the Yellow Moon Graduation, he can't remember what happened like the others. Yet he feels shame and disgust, and doesn't know why. After hearing about Seichirou Kuze's death, a darker feeling of dread grasped Takaiya's heart. Takaiya then began to keep a journal to write his thoughts about how he feels, he doesn't want to go back.. but he feels that he has no choice.

    Why do you want to remember?: “it's pulling me, pulling me back.. since Kuze's death, the pull has being greater.. I don't want to go back, I don't want to go.. but I need to remember, I need to remember before I'm pulled in the darkness forever..”


    Unique Item(s): a purple journal with butterflies decorating the front, it's where Takaiya records his thoughts. A small charm carved out of rose quartz in the shape of a small bell.. and a bell he obtained while at the school, it's rusted and tied to a piece of red string.. it doesn't seem to work any more.
    Unique Abilities: sensitive to ghosts and paranormal activity
  10. Takaiya is approved!

    Just two more characters to go and we can begin but I do hope we get more members soon.
  11. yay, thanks! if you like I can make a banner to help with recruiting.. I'm not very good but I can try :]
  12. Actually, I already have one made and approved for the RP:


    Thank for the offer though~ :huge:
  13. you're welcome :]

    and ooooohhh, THAT'S AWESOME! I really like the colour scheme, the background and layout.. everything about it! :] it's waay better then what I do :]
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  15. -=General Information=-


    Name: Ruko Mei
    Age: 19 (just saying, if theyre all in the same class arent they all within a year of each other?)(saying that though, i just ignored it.)
    Occupation: Student at university, writes manga and short stories in spare time to make money.
    Birthday: 13th July
    Height: 163cm
    Weight: average for someone who is 163cm tall.
    Distinguishing Marks: Odd coloured eyes (There are traces of this colour in them, like when you get green in blue eyes.)
    Clothing Style: She generally likes to go with clothes that make her look elegant, even if they may be somewhat old-fashioned.

    As a combination of the recurring flashbacks and her own somewhat peculiar nature, Mei developed a love of fantastical beings, particularly those from Shinto culture, perhaps because the literature about them was more readily available. She is highly intelligent, and as a result was able to skip several years of school and still be able to keep up with the schoolwork in most departments but foreign languages and sports. She is somewhat reclusive, perhaps due to being isolated within her school, her being two or more years younger than her classmates, which forced her to have to mature much quicker, leading to stunted personality growth and a "creepy" aura.
    Mei finds the supernatural fascinating, though she knows that it doesn't really exist. She also enjoys anime and manga, and considers herself an otaku. She doesn't have much physical strength, but she still likes old-fashioned weaponry and owns several swords from different cultures and eras.
    Mei is very uncomfortable around dogs, though, she is certain that that is just because she finds them disgusting. The same applies for baby humans. And most adult humans. Above that, she can't stand extremist variants of anything, be they vegans or anti-otaku, or christians. She even dislikes most atheists, despite her being one herself.
    Mei has 2 years of training in amateur bushido. At least, she likes to say she does. What she really means is that she's been practicing with a katana for 2 years and isn't too bad at it. Her mental ability is through the roof - she is able to think logically and calmly in almost all situations, and when she plays a game, assuming it involves tactics, it is clear to her who is going to win before her opponent has even decided what they are going to do. She does sometimes get cocky though, and sometimes makes reckless moves after not considering the possibility that her foe may have more wits than it seems.
    Due to her highly logical nature, Mei fears few things, believing that things that scare normal people are usually irrational or don't exist at all. Saying that though, she fears death, and won't voluntarily put herself in a situation that might endanger her life, even to the point where roller coasters are out of the question.

    Mei was born to a small arm of the powerful Ruko family, a family of businessmen and politicians about whom rumours had appeared that suspected them of controlling the government. However, shortly after her birth, a series of unfortunate events caused Mei's arm of the family to become disowned and removed from the inheritance. As they were still at core, family, they were allowed to keep their manor house and the family name, and were given a supply of funds to use to get themselves on their feet, as, contrary to popular belief, not all rich and powerful businessmen are completely heartless. Mei's parents were forced to double the time they spent at their jobs to sustain that fund as best they could, investing up to 70 hours each week.
    Mei, as a result, was left almost completely to her own devices, and after her grandmother taught her to read, she could be found almost no where but in her father's extensive library, educating herself, and satisfying her craving for knowledge. She never attended kindergarten or the one up from that which, to this day, she still doesn't know the name of. She developed a fascination with both the human brain and the supernatural at the age of 8. At the age of 10, she scored within the top 5 of a Japan-wide national tournament of wits, packaged in the form of a children's trading card game (which is most frequently played and won only by those over the age of "child".)
    When the funds began running out, despite her parent's hard work, she was sent to a public school, and was forced to mingle with the middle class people, which shocked her. The only people she had known before going there had a mind similar to hers, and she couldn't comprehend how so many people could be so half-witted. This included her teachers. She was quick to notify them of their flaws and mistakes, resulting in numerous attempts at punishment, none of which seemed to have any effect.
    Mei the problem child, or simply "her", as the teachers and students had begun to refer to her as, was sent on to another school, in a class with people 2 or 3 years older than herself. They said it was because they wanted to further her education, but she suspected it was because they had had enough of her. On the morning of the first day at the new school, she realised that the teachers there were different. They were used to dealing with people like her who thought themselves superior. She was given evidence that there was going to be very big problems if she continued the way she had been doing.
    While the education level at this school was equally below her, she never the less heeded the warning and did not speak out in class. In fact, she spent almost all of class time reading several pages ahead in textbooks, or staring out of the window. She managed to get to the end of that school, and was next sent on to a school called "Arato." She has no memories of that school, except waking up in a forest on what she assumed was sometime in the first week.
    After that, her interest in the brain's function only increased, and she found herself on a course which would end in her gaining a PhD in neuroscience.
    Why do you want to remember?:
    "Two reasons. First because memories are my focus of research. Second because dying doesn't appeal to me."

    Unique Item(s):
    All great families have a relic of some kind that is passed down through the generations. The Ruko family is no exception. On her 18th birthday, she was given the Ruko family relic, a high quality katana named "Kamura" from her uncle, who remained loyal to her arm even though it had been disowned and who saw that Mei was the only Ruko left who may ever use it. It is commonly known to those who believe in the supernatural that names hold power. They can be a demon's font of energy and a demon's bane, they can bring life or they can revoke it. Though it is uncertain, it is believed that the katana was forged around 1540, and that it's name comes from the words "Kami", meaning god or more accurately, spirit, and "Homura", meaning flame. Mei usually leaves the blade on display in her house, however, she brought it with her to Arato, just in case.
    She wears a small pendant at all times, which, while probably unenchanted and powerless, is the relic from her mother's side of her family arm, and she feels brings her good luck.
    Finally, Mei carries a small music player and some headphones, as it helps her focus while thinking. These are also likely unenchanted, but you never know...
    Unique Abilities:
    Mei is among the most intelligent people currently alive in Japan, and easily the most intelligent of her age group. Her great interest in the supernatural and occult literature means she knows what rules to assume are true while trying to figure out what's going on.
    She also has 2 years practice in a form of katana use, so if push comes to shove, she could prove somewhat a threat when wielding the razor sharp Kamura.

    hahahahaha I changed the font type even though you wanted Book Antiqua HAHAHA

    (First character I've ever created without prior planning. How'd I do?)

    (Hey I just noticed. I managed to find a picture that almost perfectly encapsulates the image I had in my head when I wrote it, AND it has a letter and a shocked face in it! Perfect!)
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  16. LOL, I'm perfectly fine with the font you chose. Oh and good thing you provided an explanation on why Ruko is younger than most of the cast. Ruko is approved!
  17. YAAY!
  18. I will be starting the IC thread today or tomorrow even though Tiltshift has not posted her character yet. This is because you won't be seeing her character's profile until much later in the RP since she will be playing as the main antagonist ghost, similar to Sae and Reika from Fatal Frame 1 and 2. Finding out her identity would be one of the challenges in the RP.

    Will update you guys and gals once the IC is up.
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