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In Japan there is a remote town with two rival schools. Their students come from around the world. At these schools, you are among the elite, and you are also a master in some fighting style. The two schools are run by two families - the Kazegami and the Sakuramori.

The rival schools can challenge each other in the fighting arena. This is a death match between two students so it doesn't happen too often, but often enough due to the nature of the relationship between the two families. The Kazegami show no mercy, and tend to kill their opponents because it would be dishonorable to fail the bloodline by not doing so. The Sakuramori give their opponents a second chance, inviting them to their school. Though by accepting this offer, a Kazegami student forsakes their honor and is more likely to be challenged and killed by a former classmate.

The families, the Kazegami and the Sakuramori, have been blood rivals for nearly a century. The families have passed it down through the generations that the other family is no good. In the past there were fights in the arena nearly daily, each side trying to prove that they are the best.

It is a love story. I don't want to say a Romeo and Juliet style, because it doesn't have to be a tragedy. But I need for one person from each side to fall for each other. From there, be creative.

I'll go into more details about the story once I know what type of characters I'll have.

At least 2 players for each school with a total of up to four per school.
No more than 8 players.
At least one needs to be of the Sakuramori family.
At least one needs to be of the Kazegami family.
No more than two from each of the families, the others should be from outside the families.
Age/Grade level:
History in brief:
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This. Looks. Amazing. May I? (If so, I believe I'll be a member of the Kazegami family. <3)
That'd be awesome! :D Feel free to put up the charrie anytime.
Fantastic. It might take me a bit, as I need to decide which character I'dl ike to use, but I am so in on this. ;D
Ayako Kazegami
Age: 12
Gender: Female

Appearance: Blue eyes, black hair, skin so quite it seems almost transluscent. She is very petite, her small frame surrounded in wiry muscle she has been training since she was old enough to hold a throwing knife properly. She keeps her hair in a tight braid that trails down to her knees when tied up, however it meets with the center of her calves when she lets it loose.

Normal Attire: Black, knee length top with the Kazegami family crest in the center of the back and embroidered in the hemming of her left sleeve. White silk pants are almost always accompanying this top, however the colors do vary depending on the occassion. All her outfits are coupled with flats, with ribbons that wrap around her heel and ankle, with the wrapping ending just below her knees.

Personality/Personal Details: Quiet, but by no means shy. She prefers to watch and listen, calculating the differences in each person's attitude, gauging the right time to say what needs to be said. She tends to be very frank in what she says, often cutting right to the heart of the matter. 95% of the time, Ayako would prefer to remain silent, and communicate with quiet nods and murmurs that aren't quite words; the only exception to her rule being in response to her superiors who are not a part of the Kazegami family, who therefore would not understand her odd, direct speech.

On any given day Ayako is followed by students her own age, who are drawn to her quiet strength, knowing her for someone who can and will protect those that are deserving of it. However, she does not allow anyone to remain by her side as she trains, something she has done since the age of nine, when someone was injured by a badly-aimed shuriken. Since then, Ayako has trained her body extensively, training her senses of sight, hearing, smell and touch just as much as she trains the muscles to do what is necessary in a battle. She will accept nothing less than exceptional excellence from herself, often driving herself to work until her muscles will no longer respond to her commands, before retiring from her training for the day.

History: Ayako was raised in a loving house, by her two parents and their parents. Her parents were killed in duels, ones they had entered willingly, to defend the honor of the Kazegami Clan, and so had died honorable deaths. Her mother fought a young man, only seven years Ayako's senior, who had challenged Ayako herself, knowing that the child was already exceptional in strength and intelligence at her young age. Her mother had stepped in, claiming that it was inethical to fight a child of such a tender age, instead taking her place, giving Ayako's grandparents time to hide her from the challenger, who then battled with Ayako's mother for hours on end, finally ending the battle with a severe wound to his side, leaving more than one on her mother. He had been exceptionally skilled, and her mother had not been prepared. She had taken it easy on the boy, and paid the price.

Due to her obsession with being the best she can be, Ayako has not accumulated many friends, however she has gathered quite the following. On her first day at Neigama Pre-School, six-year-old Ayako caught older children picking on those younger and weaker than themselves, and put them in their proper places in short order, then making a name for herself as the protector of the weak. The reputation has followed her since then, and she has done nothing to discourage it, for it is what she strives to be at all times.

Despite her fierce determination to protect those weaker than herself, she feels no real connection, or love, for her family or those that have come to think of her has a "friend". She keeps her own counsel, learning to temper her own decisions by observing the actions of others, and the consequences that follow. However strong and silent she may be, Ayako mourns for only one person, and has vowed to avenge him.

Her baby brother, Takeshi Kazegami; technically her twin, but younger by only a few minutes. They had been inseperable from birth, and he had been the only person she would speak with in more than a few terse sentences, even at such a young age. She had always been fiercely protective of him, since had been born with a heart condition that rendered him unable to perform many of the activities that toddlers their age would normally engage in.

Takeshi had been kidnapped when they had turned five, her only clue to his whereabouts a pool of blood in his bed, and a note her grandmother had read aloud at Ayako's insistence, explaining that Takeshi would die if they followed; the note had been found long after someone had noticed Takeshi's disappearance, and so when they found him... Ayako never saw her brother's smile after that. She cried for days on end, refusing to eat, or do much more than sleep, curled up in her twin's bed.

Since then Ayako has dedicated herself to learning all that she can about hand-to-hand combat, and the art of Throwing Knives, the fields her parents had excelled at when they had been alive. Since her brother's death, Ayako has never once missed a day of training, for she keeps her body and mind obsessively healthy.

[[Sorry that was so incredibly long. >.< I had an explosion of muse.]]
Idk yet.
Let me actually read what this is about.

- - -

Mmmkay. I wanna join in, fo sho.
I will be either male or female.
Of the.... S-word family. Sorry. In advanced. Don't see the name. >.> The polite one.<3
Tell me what you might need. :3 And I will work on that. -nod.- I don't have a preference. But, I like to help keep gender ratio even.
Scarlette - That was great.
Staci- Feel free to create either gender.

I'm making a male character that will not be part of either family but will probably but will probably be from the Sakuramori school.

I'm also adding a little more to what the story is to help with the character stuff. I meant to add it from the beginning, and apparently spaced it.
Hey Jov-sis, I'll make a character for the revamp. I'm planning making a female Kazegami character who is pretty much a psychopath or sociopath with a split personality that is blood thirsty and extremely mentally unstable. She will wield a Zanbuto that only she possess the strength to wield. And you thought Yuki was crazy. ;)

Oh Scarlet, I was wondering if you would be okay with doing a loli yuri beauty and the beast romance with my character. However I will wait until there is more interest so to see what other romances can be formulated. Just something to think about and I am okay with you declining. ^_^

*looks at Staci* Yay!
Sounds good Kuro. I look forward to seeing your character sheet, because you had made Yuki pretty crazy before.
I'll be joining the Sakuramori as a guy.

My character will be fighting in a suit of armour, like a normal knight - Is that alright?

He's the sort that doesn't show that he can fight, always dressing in normal clothes, etc. He just carries a sword around for show, that he's still a student of a martial arts school.
Hehe, well Yuki will be a nice person compared to what character I will make for the Kazegami. Hehe
Also to help keep with the gender ratio, I can make a male Sakuramori who is sane and has no history of being crazy. ^^ I may make him dual wield katanas as his weapon of choice. Musashi Miyamoto time: heaven and earth sword style! :o Though he maybe an introvert and loner.
Now I dunno what I want to be..
With all who just posted, wanting to join with where they want to enroll, and who they want to be, etc..
Jovi-san. T ^T
Who is needed still to make you happy as a GM?
Well I can crank out my propaganda machine to get you more players but I think it would only be polite to wait on Staci's character. *looks around* I really should tend to my other notifications…
At any rate, I'm sure I could guarantee you at least one more player.
Oh, I'll play as a character who isn't from the family, just the school, btw.

@Staci: I think we still need characters from the families and schools. A lot of spaces are open, methinks!
We has three males and two females so far.
One female from the K family.
I can be a female from the S family then to even it out.
We can has love triangles. Guy from K falls for girl from S but they have their suitors in their own schools. So their suitors work together to try and break them up but their suitors end up falling for each other? Sorry if its confusing.
I'll wait to see what Jovi-san says.~
I think Tenchi wants in >:]
-psycho laugh-
Maybe I'll make a character