Crossed Against Lovers

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  1. Valumnd, a tall vampire looking around the age of 22, walked across the field in the park, his cloak abandoned and the only sign of his affiliation his eyes. Looking around with those glowing red orbs, he sighed and walked towards the one piece of this excuse for nature he actually enjoyed: the pond. Sitting by the pond on one of the many leisure benches, he smiled at the waves and thought of how relaxed this felt. After years of not having anything to do, he was about ready to tear into his own hair.

    Seeing a girl, his eyes trained on her. She looked his age, but nothing else could be seen. Yet something felt off about her. It felt as if she was vampire, but then a mutt of some other breeds. It didn't seem right, and her natural aura all vampires and demons gave off was distorted. He decided to walk up to her and asked her gently as he sat down, "Greetings, or hello, whichever you prefer. How are you this fine evening?"
  2. Mei was silently looking up at the sky, thinking of some important things when someone spoke up with her.
    Her dark eyes slowly adjusted to the guy's feature.
    "They are all greetings though........ Who are you?"
    Mei frowned a bit and stepped back a bit.
    She slightly felt chills.
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  3. Valumnd smiled at her and sat beside her, thinking, "My name is Kyle," He lied, always using his codename, "And I'm here to jsut ask why you are here, as you seem...different from the normal people I see around here. I enjoy the pond and come here everyday, seeing as they're going to fill it up with dirt for some field soon." He didn't mention he planned to kill the team when they came out to do so.
  4. Mei stared at the guy and settled down.
    "is that so? poor pond then."
    She looked over the pond, a bit bothered by what the guy said.
    "What are you saying? I'm normal besides me going here, alone, and is in the middle of the night."
  5. "Well you look different," He shrugged and looked towards the pond, "And you seem different. I just get curious." The vampire did nothing else to provoke her.
  6. "curious, eh.."
    Mei slightly smirked and looked at 'Kyle'
    "Kyle, right? I am called Mei. Nice to meet you, I guess."
    Mei slightly bowed her head at him.
  7. Valumnd bowed back, and he moved a bit closer, "do you like this pond?" He looked at her eyes, hesitant to simply entrance her yet.
  8. Mei can't help but stare at those reddish eyes of his, as if calling her in.
    "I like the fished more though."
  9. Seeing how she was drawn, he blinked, "well I love this place," she couldn't be full entranced, but he could try. He slowly started to turn on his power.
  10. "I see."- is what Mei can manage to say.
    Mei stared more intently and spoke up again.
    "you have pretty attractive eyes."
    She slowly tried to reach his face, wanting to touch his eyes but she knows she can't.
  11. Valumnd kept his power on at low, giving her the choice to come closer. Even so, vampires were not used to being complemented and blushed, "well thank you..."
  12. Mei carefully and gently touched her fingertips on his cheeks and slowly touched her thumb near his eyes.
    Mei slightly nod. And snapped a bit, pulling back, she got embarrassed.
    "i-i-i'm r-really really sorry..! t-that was awkward."
    she held her hand on her chest and looked on the ground,
  13. Valumnd had looked surprised, but he only shook. Normally he wouldn't feel this way, so it felt weird but not odd. That felt so nice..."it's okay...You can do it again..."
  14. "e-eh, w-what are you saying??"
    Mei blushed a bit.
    "of course I can't do it freely."
    Mei gulped a bit.
    "I-it's already late, don't you think?"
    Mei tried to change topics.
  15. "How about we walk to my place then?" There was no seduction, this was a honest question for her. He didn't feel lust right now, only love.
  16. Mei didn't expect to be invited to someone's place, since they just met.
    "i-is it near?"
    She looked around a bit.
    "I thought you would want to stay here a little longer for the pond.
  17. "Its near here, just a block away. And I suddenly don't want to be near this pond." He said honestly.
  18. "eh? s-so quick."
    Mei blinked in amazement.
    "if you have mallows, then, i'll help myself."
    Mei tried to hide her own fidgety as she turned to the side and looking away.
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  19. "Are you willing to accompany me?" Walking up from behind, he gently touched her back. It was destructive, but not in the demonic way.
  20. Mei shivered from the touch, but she tried to hide the fact, she slightly bit her lower lip,a bit pouty.
    "you have mallows?"
    Mei was trying to make excuse.
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