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  1. I had this old plot where a bunch of Gifteds were captured in a futuristic society where they are basically sold as slaves, and made to live without using their powers of their own free will. The only time they use their powers is when their masters say they can. BUT! The really dangerous powers are traded on the Black Market, and are used in battles (kinda like illegal cock fighting, but with geneticly enhanced humans).

    We would need:
    The Bartender "Grace" [Scarlette]
    Masters/Mistresses [Scarlette, Ragnarok, LadyAnya, Potato]
    Gifted Slaves [LadyAnya, Raiu, Crona, Potato]

    Ideally there would be the same number of Masters as there were slaves, but on the off chance that we can't get that many players, I can always double/triple/etc.

    It's rough idea, and could definitely use some work, but is anyone interested?

    EDIT: Masters and Mistresses may have up to two slaves from the silent auction, however, if you have a preference as to whom you'd like to go off and have be your master (for those playing Gifteds) or slave (for masters), please let me know, and I'll be sure to insinuate in my narration posts that the pairing is set.

    ANOTHER EDIT: We need to have some kind of plot that goes beyond just the auction. Fights? Contests between Gifteds to win their masters' favor or their freedom? Ideas would be wonderful.
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    Im in :p
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    I'm interested, but it depends on how many people this is going to have.
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    Cool. I think we'll wait until we can get three or four more people, since this really wouldn't work with only three, and then we'll hammer out the details. Either of you know which parts you want to play, or what you want to add to the plot?
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    Master please :)
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    I'm interested, any chance I could double as a Mistress and a Gifted Slave?
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    Absolutey, Anya.
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    Gifted slave who is really rebelious.
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    Great. Would you like me to fill out a Character sheet for each?
    Do you have a certain age you'd like the masters/mistresses to be?
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    Hmm....I'll be a slave or a mistress. Which ever one you need more of I'll play as.
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    That would be nice, Anya... and everyone else for that matter.

    Also... choosing master/slave pairings before we start would make things easier.

    Gifted Sheet:
    Brief History:
    Master/Mistress Name:

    Master/Mistress Sheet:
    Brief History:
    Rank in Society (Aristocrat/Governement Figure/Underground Sleeze/etc.):
    Number of Gifted Slaves and Their Names:

    We can elaborate on histories and such once we actually get started. You can do a character sheet, or you can just write a quick paragraph introduction for your character(s).
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    What kind of gifts would the Gifted have? Supernatural?
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    That depends on what kind of powers you have in mind... I really want to keep characters from being all powerful, but I haven't really got a flaw in the way the humans are controlling the Gifteds yet, either. >///>
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    I wasn't planning on making her all powerful. I'm just curious what kind of gifts they would have.
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    There aren't really any limits, I guess, except that I think I'd prefer if we keep it rather simple. One gift per player, I suppose. Fire, water, talking to animals, shapeshifting, transparency, mind-reading, possession... the sky's the limit. But remember that the humans have found ways to counter just about anything. I suppose it's time for me to post a more detailed version of my plot...


    After several strenuous years of experimentation, the human race created what they now call "Gifted"; creatures of immense power, that can do things that no ordinary man could accomplish. There are those that can call fire to their aid with a few simple gestures, others that can swim underwater for long stretches of time or drown others with only the water vapors in the air around them. Still others possess darker abilities, such as mind-reading, or possession. Of course, once the doctors that created these new abilities in humans realized what they'd done, they lost control of their subjects, and were soon killed as the Gifteds escaped the research lab that no government agency had funded, or even knew about.

    For several decades, the Gifteds ran amok, hiding in the human world, or hiding from it entirely. For those that still appeared human, life was rather easy, so long as they didn't lose control. For those that were "born" with wings, or scales, life was a little harder, as they had to find new and inventive ways of hiding their strangeness from those that would run in fear of those different from themselves. Those that found themselves blending in with society gradually created more Gifteds, through natural reproduction, until there were Gifteds ranging in age from infants to old men and women who had seen the beginning of their race. Now, the Gifteds live in fear of discovery, for a few fanatical agents of their kind had exposed them, and led to what is known as the Mutant Trials.

    The group of men and women who sought to expose Gifteds for what they believe they were, superior to the human race, and derserving of recognition instead of hiding in plain sight, called themselves the Freedom Fliers, and were eventually gunned down by human military groups, who then turned their attention to the public. Mandatory registration was enforced like never before, and all residents of the world were forced to undergo inspections, to ensure they were human. Those that failed the test were thrown into prisons, designed to counterwhatever "weirdness" was found in the individual, each holding cell designed to keep its occupant alive and comfortable, but held in check nonetheless. These people were not only experiemented on further, but were then deemed to be inferior to the human race, holding true to their thick headed assumptions about their place in the universe; they forced Gifteds into chains, and sold them for Credits as every day workers to the general public, for steep prices. Mind-reading and possession skills, the ability to make any object or person invisible, shapeshifters whom could turn into animals much more dangerous than an ordinary housecat... the list continues.

    The humans have found ways to counteract any power they had come across in a Gifted individual, mostly in the form of tattoos on the Gifted's body, with a matching pendant worn around the master's neck, or in some other piece of jewelry. The bearer of the pendant holds the ability to speak a phrase in an ancient language to kill the bearer of the tattoo, though many only use this should their life depend on it. With man's capacity to both create and destroy, it's no wonder they've discovered new ways to exploit their slaves, coming up with new command phrases to control Gifteds with. Should the pendant break, the Gifted individual is free, until the authorities capture him, and create another pendant to match the tattoo he or she bears.

    In the year 2301, the sale of Gifteds is a common practice, and widely accepted. However, it's no surprise that those with the most dangerous or desireable powers have gotten into the hands of those that would use them to their advantage. Mafia leaders, aristocrats, gamblers, and other unsavory clientele routinely take part in underground auctions to buy such items of high value. The Golden Wing, a bar in the middle of an uptown strip, is often the hub of activity for such auctions.

    The bartender, Grace, runs the auctions, usually having a clipboard with descriptions of her lots for sale, and giving them to clients from whom she receives the password of the week. Once they find the lot they are seeking, they participate in a silent auction, giving Grace their bid, and their phone number for contact.


    Not really sure where to go with it from there, but we can hammer out a few more details from there. What do you all think?
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    Name: Faye
    Age: 14
    Gift: Premonition

    She has pitch black, short hair. Her left eye is gold and her right eye is gray. She appears to be 7 years old rather than 14. Her tattoo is on her upper right arm and looks like three black thick lines. They don't wrap all the way around her arm, only half way. She wears whatever her master/mistress gives her.

    She gets bored easily and has a short attention span. She can get to be a real scaredy cat with certain things. Faye will do her best to follow orders, forcing all of her attention on the job given to her.

    History: Faye was born a mute, meaning she cannot talk. She fell in love with sweets before she was caught and sold, and she can eat anything she wants without gaining any weight. Her mother died when Faye was only 3. Her dad did his best to raise her, but died of cancer when she was 10. Faye was able to avoid capture for only a few months after her dad died. Her premonition power helped her out the most, but it was too difficult for her to get away from a mob.

    Master/Mistress Name:
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    Gifted Sheet:
    Name: Melody
    Age: 15
    Gift: Telepathy
    Appearance: Long black, softly curled hair that ends below her shoulders, pale skin with slightly rosey cheeks, dark brown eyes that turn a slight goldenish/yellow colour in the sun, tallish standing at around 5'3, she has a scar on the side of her jaw that runs at about an inch to an inch and a half.
    Personality: She keeps her head down and gets to work, knowing how mad the Masters and Mistresses can get if somethings not done, but it doesn't mean that she likes them, she dislikes anyone who thinks they can use people as slaves.
    Brief History: She never had the best unbringing, her mother passed away when she was a baby and her father struggled to keep the two of them in their small home, she was never brought up with a sliver spoon in her mouth, before being capture she was keen on getting a proper job and repaying her father for all the work he had done for her, now she fears she'll never get the chance to repay him.
    She has the scar on her jaw from an accident as a child, she had been rushing down the stairs to catch up with her father, he had forgot his keys, when she slipped on the fifth last step and fell forward, landing in a heep at the bottom of the stairs, having banged her jaw on one of the steps.
    Master/Mistress Name: N/A

    Master/Mistress Sheet:
    Name: Anya
    Age: 23
    Gift: Mind-Reading
    Appearance: life_28816_f14210.jpg
    Personality: Although Anya can appear sweet and kind at times, she's the opposite, she doesn't think twice about getting made at her slaves, she puts on a whole differnet persona for them and fellow masters/mistresses. It's only when you truely get to know her and she lets you into her inner-circle that you see the real Anya.
    Brief History: Anya grew up very differnetly from Melody. Her father was a wealthy bussinessman, and one of the most powerful in the city, while her mother was a social elite, an heiress intitled to all her parents money. She lived a life fit for a princess, being her parents youngest child and only daughter, if she asked for something, it was gladly given to her.
    It was her father who came to her with the idea of getting gifted slaves, it didn't take much talking to get Anya in on the idea, and since then, she's always had a slave or two.
    Rank in Society: Aristocrat
    Number of Gifted Slaves and Their Names: N/A
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    Our lovely Bartender ;D
    Name: Grace Kelly
    Age: 23
    Appearance: Usually wearing a tight white tank top that bares her arms, which are decorated with various tattoos of swirling designs, all in black ink. Blond hair, always in a pony tail high behind her head. Almost always smoking a cigarette, while cleaning something in the bar, if she isn't tending to customers. Black jean material pants, knee high laced boots, and a few leather bracelets on her left wrist.
    Personality: Grace is all about business, and keeping things simple. If you try to mess with her, she won't do business with you, and will likely as not sell you any liquor. She curses regularly, and neither likes nor dislikes the Gifted race. She does what she does to make money; end of story.
    Status in Society: Gifted Trafficker

    Master/Mistress Sheet:
    Name: Hinata
    Age: 17
    Appearance: Short (5' 3"), pale blue eyes and black hair, pixie like in build, meaning rather petite, with creamy white skin. She generally has a human attendant following her at all times, though he never speaks, and only communicates in quiet nods and stoic, knowing silence.
    Personality: Hinata is quiet most of the time, preferring to watch and listen rather than make her thoughts known. She prefers to have her slaves learn what she likes and dislikes quickly, but is normally very soft in her punishments if they get something wrong, more likely than not giving them a softly spoken reprimand. She's very likeable, and hopes to find companionship in purchasing her first Gifted, though she has been raised around them her entire life.
    Brief History: Hinata was raised as an aristocrat's daughter, her every whim accounted for and catered to without delay. Her father is a wealthy busniessman, her mother a famous actress. Hinata is skilld in piano and generally has very little to ask of those that serve her. Mostly keeps to herself, and would prefer a friend to an actual slave. Would wear a pendant to control a slave around her neck in a silk choker, which would rest in the hollow of her throat.
    Number of Gifted Slaves and Their Names: N/A
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    Can I join?
    I could add both a gifted and a master to the group
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    Master Sheet
    Name: dugles D
    Appearance:A buzz hair cut, he wears a black suit all the time, he has a beer belly(for some odd reason), he wears dress shoses, he pretty much looks like a bussness man.
    Personality:he is very childish becuase he did not get to act like a kid when he was young, if he wants it he will try anything to get it, he loves to eat and dosent take drugs or drink.
    Brief History:As a young chiled he grew up with no money, but latter on got into the bussnies of drug dealing, after makeing so much money off of selling drugs he became a loan shark, and with that, he started to rule the undergound scene(most of it at least)
    Rank in Society: Underground banker and drug cartel
    Number of Gifted Slaves and Their Names:N/A