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  1. Aleron

    It was 3 am late night,aleron was mixing herbal medicines together for his cold.2 days ago Alreon had To visit CBHC to get some work done ;while he was on his way back home from there he passed by a sickly man who coughed a multiple times next to him-seems like Aleron caught a cold because of him.

    His cold was a lot better by now seeing that he made sure he took the best of medicines to eliminate it.But there was something else that he caught in his trip- his eyes came across a certain interesting magical girl as he would describe her.

    Aleron was very good with his hands- during a previous visit he came across some confidential documents about this girl that thrilled him to bits.The next step was to locate her-and thats what he also caught in this trip.

    Tomorrow- in a few hours really,he had to visit CBHC once again,this time he planned on meeting the magical girl in person and conversating with her.He thought what ever feed back she give him- he would base his decision on the next action he would take with her.He was truly hoping she was who he thought she was- he wanted a new thrill in his life- also he wanted someone to serve him really.Things like going out of his lab to get ingredients- were just to troublesome for the anti social aleron.
  2. Yanaike found herself in a cold dark room. She sniffed but couldn’t pick up any familiar scent. Where was she? How did she get here? Yanaike moved around, her tail sliding over the ground.
    Wait! Since when did she had a tail? She didn’t remember. She didn’t remember anything. She knew a lot: math, formula’s , ancient languages, history, lots of random stuff about computers. Information crawling through her head. But her memories seemed blank.
    Yanaike sighed. She took five dice from her leather jacket and threw them on the floor a couple of times, playing a little dice game she’d learned long ago. The game didn’t really have a goal but at least she could pass some time with it.
    Suddenly a click was heard. Someone was coming in Yanaike’s direction. Yanaike quickly gathered the dice and jumped up. She sniffed, but again no result. The scent of the person coming was unfamiliar to her. She waited what would happen, just hoping the person coming would be on her side.​
  3. Alreon was walking in quick steps towards her cell- curiosity got the best of him for he couldn't help but have a thrilled smile on his face as his steps became faster and faster with time.He was using a device in hand for locating life forces or something like that; from were she was he picked up strange readings which made him now 100 percent sure that this will be worth his time.

    Suddenly in-front of her - Yanakie saw a face pop up from the corner of her cell looking at her.Aleron had an ere smile on his face-but it was still a smile never the less.He had a weapon in hand which he hide behind his back. He took a few steps forward.until his whole figure was visible to Yanakie.

    His unique crimson eyes beamed a bright red as he looked at her.Her features surprised him in a pleasant way- She was not human; that bet he liked the most.
  4. Suddenly someone popped up before her nose. He smiled as he came closer to Yanaike. She noticed his eyes, having a weird bright crimson-like colour. Yanaike lowered her tail and did a couple of steps backwards as she wondered who this guy might be. What was he gonna do with her? From a corner of the room Yanaike awaited what would happen.
  5. Alreon walked closer to the prison bars placing a hand on it " Are you scared?Has everyone in the world betrayed you?do you even know why are imprisoned her- let alone IS there a reason for it to begin with?"he looked down "what do you imagine the plan to do to you after throwing you in such a dark scary cell? I feel bad for you,very ,very bad." he placed a hand on his heart"

    He reveled the weapon which was hidden behind his other hand" look!" he throw it a fair distance away from him" i have no intentions in harming you- it just wants easy reaching you.Is there...anything I could do to help you....anything?" he smiles sweetly tilting hid head sightly
  6. The person started talking sweet things about how it was bad that Yanaike had been imprisoned and how he had no bad intentions towards Yanaike and even throwing away his weapon meanwhile. “Is there...anything I could do to help you....anything?” he said. Yanaike felt kind a relieved. He wanted to help her. Yanaike’s tail started wagging around and on both arms and legs she ran towards the prison bars.
    “You could start by helping me escape” Yanaike said as she tried to figure out a way to break free.​
  7. "simple enough" he said walking to the cell door,he pulled out a strange device from his pocket ; the device had some blue liquid flowing through it.As soon as he placed it by the keyhole the liquid filled the key space and had frozen into the key shape due to a change in temperature. The door opens and held it open for her gesturing for her to come out "come with me- ill keep you away from the bad guys;you can trust me- am a man of action and not just empty words"
  8. The unknown guy used a small device with blue liquid flowing into the keyhole, freezing the lock and opening the door. Yanaike was amazed by the little machine. She snatched it from the persons hands and returned to the corner of his prison cell.
    This machine was great. The liquid seemed to have the special property of quickly freezing when outside the device. Maybe she could even use it to freeze the lock of the prison c...
    Oh wait! The guy just did that. Yanaike sticked the device in her backpack as if it was hers. With the backpack on her back she crept towards the guy. She slided with her tail over his body, kind of scanning him.
    “You smell like a…” Yanaike sniffed. “A vampire!” Actually she made that up. She’d never really smelled a vampire before. But based on his appearance she wouldn’t be surprised if he actually was.
  9. Alreon looked at her in amusement as he was surprised as she snatched the device from his hand "you going to have to give that back emm?" He said slightly laughing "curious little girl" he patted her head with a slow approach. " vampire huh?" He grinned, he came closer to her sniffing her playfully " and you ! you smell like a fairy- come on fairy,lets get you out of here before someone finds out i freed you" he grabbed her hand as he began walking off in overly protective steps looking around carefully.
  10. The guy came closer to Yanaike and started talking about Yanaike smelling like a fairy. Yanaike liked it. She never thought about her resembling a fairy, more about being a little witch. But a fairy… she could live with that idea!
    He grabbed her hand firmly. “Come on fairy, let’s get you out of here before someone finds out I freed you!” He started walking away from the prison cell, in a pace that Yanaike could barely keep up with on just two legs.
    “Where are we going?” Yanaike asked out of curiosity.​
  11. As he walked on" home" he said smiling to her.Walking to a dead end alreon said " hmm, it should be around here" and he began taping the wall at different areas" aha!" he said finding what he was looking for.He pushed a block on the wall and it went in as if it was a switch to opening a secret under ground door- in fact , it was! The wall began moving reveling an long chain of stairs that take you under ground.

    "If we go this way we will be out before you know it- you will be free,no chains attached" he took a step in waiting for her to follow " I bet your hungry,I will ordered pizza- do u fancy pizza?"Food seemed like a safe bet to him- i mean who wouldn't be happy to eat good food after being impassioned in a dark cell?
  12. The guy responded with the reaction the two of them would go “home”, even though Yanaike still wondered where her home would be. The guy knocked on a wall and a secret staircase appeared. Was this where Yanaike lived? She couldn’t really believe she would like to live somewhere underground. Nah, this must be a shortcut.
    “I bet your hungry,” the unknown guy said, while entering the passageway. “I will ordered pizza- do u fancy pizza?” Pizza? Did Yanaike like pizza? She didn’t know! Had she ever eaten pizza? She knew there were a lot of flavours. With pineapple, with extra cheese, onions, tuna… So many possibilities, but she was quite sure she never tasted one of them.
    “Y…yes?” Yanaike responded dubitable. “I think so?” Yanaikes stomach rumbled. At least she was hungry.​
  13. Alreon laughed as he heard her stomach rumble "then pizza it is".

    The two made there way down the stairs eventually reaching the bottom.In front of them is a worn out looking door.Alreon opens it to revel the world outside behind it." Fairy listen" he said turning to her" things have been rough on you, you have been treated in a cruel manner- but believe me ,I will never hurt you.I released you only to free you.But, now i realized this world is to..frighting for a girl such as your self to venture alone.There are a lot of people who will want to take advantage of you out there- its a cruel world truly.." he looked away frowning sadly.

    "I live by myself, my home is not very fancy but you can make it your own?what do you say?-Of course the offer is for free-dont worry,am not one to take advantage of those in need..."
  14. She was a bit shocked by his sudden suggestion to move in at his house. Also she didn’t really felt threatened by his stories about the world being cruel to her. Yanaike was an adult, even though a lot of people seemed not to notice that. She could care well for herself.
    She was about to respond with a ‘No, but thank you for saving me’, when she realised the guy would order pizza for her. She was curious what it would smell like, curious what it would look like, but most important: what it would taste like.
    He would probably never give her pizza if she would say ‘no’ to his suggestion. So she responded with a thoughtful “yes”, and she followed the still nameless guy to his house.​
  15. The two arrive at his house; c4a5b6ea14397ab7af323a0ca214e9fd.jpg
    The house looked pretty small from the outside.There was a few plants growing around it-specially by the window.The reason for that was not because aleron cared much about gardening -in fact he never even thought of it;it was only because when ever he wanted to dispose of liquids- he would just throw it in a bucket outside the window.Now the types of liquids that were thrown out...you wouldn't want to know.

    He pushed the key to the door and spoke to her in the process" that's my house,-welcome, hopefully you will enjoy your stay here" he opens the door turning to her" oh- the names alreon by the way- I cant believe I forgot the basics of introduction" He face palmed walking in "and what do you want me calling you fairy?" how chose not to ask her what IS her name in case she for it will cause her unnecessary discomfort if she didn't remember.

    The house from the inside was simple and cozy- everything seemed small for convenience and functionality.There was 4 rooms in the place .The rooms were : a living room ,dinning+kitchen room + bathroom + and a closed off door.There was also a ladder that could take you up to what seemed to be alreons bed room (it only had a bid small table with a lamp.

    There was a small fire place that was dimmed out in the small living room that had 2 sofas- one for 2 persons while the other was for one person.There was a small coffee able by the sofa side , and a long table in front of it.

    The floor was wooden and a number of rugs were placed her and there. Other than the living room was the kitchen that had the dinning table inside of it.

    The whole house was clean and tidy without anything out of place despite its small size.It was also well light; not to bright, not too dim.
  16. The two arrived at a small cottage on the edge of a forest. “That's my house, welcome. Hopefully you will enjoy your stay here!” He opened the door. “Oh, the names Alreon by the way. And what do you want me calling you fairy?”
    “My name is Yanaike” Yanaike responded as she bowed towards Alreon. After that she entered the house. Alreon gave her a quick tour around: kitchen, dining, bathroom, living room with fireplace. Strangely he didn’t mention one of the rooms on the first floor. Yanaike tried the door but it was locked.
    “What’s behind this one?” she asked while she started pick locking the door.​
  17. Aleron looked back at her " that's...One room you shouldn't bother yourslef with-ita my private space" he said. Just then the bill rings "ah- the food has arrived " aleron pulled out money from his pocket and gave it to yanakie " go on fairy, get your pizza - I will be in the kitchen "
  18. Yanaike accepted the money and opened the front door and like Alreon had told her. At the doorstep stood a young boy, in his hand he held a cardboard pizza box. Yanaike’s tail started wagging around. It looked delicious!
    “Thank you” she said cheerfully, as she took the pizza box out of the guys hands.
    “Uhm… what is that?” the pizza boy asked hesitantly as he pointed towards Yanaike’s tail.
    “That’s my tail” Yanaike responded shortly before she slammed the door in his face. She didn’t really like talking about her tail. Before she knew it, people were pushing and pulling it like it was some kind of toy.
    “Oi” she heard the guy mumble from the other side of the door. “I need my money!”
    That was right. Yanaike almost forgot about that. She sat down on her knees and slided the money under the door. After that she got up and took a bite from the pizza box. It tasted delicious. The pizza box had a tasteless wrap but within there was a delicious layer of cheese and tomato.
    While eating she went into the kitchen.​
  19. Aleron rested his head on his hand as he sat by the dinning table. He observed Yanakie with a grin 'easy to please' "come yanakie.food tastes better when your sitting-AGH! what are doing"

    Aleron had noticed how she took a bite of the pizza box itself along with the pizza.He stood up walking to her.He grabbed the box from her heads sitting it on the table "Yanakie-YOU,we , NOONE eats the pizza Box- its just..there to store the pizza it self.." he felt stupid just having to explain that. he opened the box showing her the pizza "see- we only eat this! not the container along with it!"
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  20. Yanaike shook up as Aleron started shouting to her. “Yanakie, YOU, we, NO-ONE eats the pizza box!” He grabbed it out of her hands an opened it, showing a circular bread-like disk with molten cheese and some random toppings on it.
    “See, we only eat this! Not the container along with it!” Geez, Yanaike had learned her lesson. This Arelon guy didn’t have to shout out to her like that. For a moment Yanaike felt the urge to stab him just because he took her food while she was eating, but she figured that might be a bit inappropriate. Aleron gave her the food after all and she could stay in his house as well. But still… he shouldn’t just take his food while she was eating.
    “Thank you” Yanaike responded promptly. She grabbed the pizza out of Aleron’s hands, climbed on top of the kitchen counter, sat down there and she continued her meal.​
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