Conundrum: The Question Without An Answer.

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I feel like I should have gotten better at writing before I signed up for this.
Lol don't feel like that we are a family here. You guys all did great. I'm enjoying what I'm seeing.

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Yay I posted lol this is gonna be fun you guys.


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I don't think anyone has to worry about their writing levels. They're all really great.
@OwlOne will you post now that everyone has or shall we keep going?
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Just know I'll be keeping you on your toes. Lol


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Just know I'll be keeping you on your toes. Lol
Time to post again then? Hmm, I will shedule it either for this evening or tomorrow morning, already walked a good 20km today ^^


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Please follow the link to the new OOC>>>Hunter's Cove

That is where all thing OOC will take place from now on. Lets just keep this thread as the sign ups.


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  • Name: Sil’Vex
    Alias: Vex (Likes) (Like or dislike):
    Age: 30
    Randomly Generated faction: Thief
    Appearance (Anime or Realistic):

    Description (any differences not on picture): Wears more modern clothes stands about six foot two
    Rank: Apprentice

  • Powers: :Toxikinetic Combat

    Melee Weapon:

    Konisdo: Konservi Mu : To Mavro Fidi
    Faction Techniques (Name and description.)
    1.Thief's Wit : A natural talent for scoping out individuals of wealth who are in possession of valuables thus making them potential targets for the thief. This also makes him a very good judge of character
    2.Tinkerer's Mind : Cursed with the need to experiment with alchemy and engineering just as much as the need to steal, he's always working on new gadgets, gizmos, poisons and who knows what else to aide in his thievery.
    3. Natural Resistance: Due to the nature of his experiments, Sil'Vex is immune to most poisons and exhibits a strong resistance against any and all status altering effects even konsidos that are based around poisons and status effects.

  • Name: Zeraza (Pestilence)
    Description: His eyes glow a dark emerald color and emit a visible vapor. Glowing emerald tribal tattoos show up on his body and emit the same visible vapor as his eyes. Last but not least, the tips of his hair turn dark green, kind of like emerald highlights.
    Description of Awakening abilities: Sil’Vex becomes saturated with toxins of various effects which he can incorporate into every attack and movement while remaining in full control of the type of effects hes using. Gains the ability to manifest a toxic creature that will fight along side of him for as long as he can maintain its form. This creature can be formed into any shape and has a separate consciousness. It is only loyal to Sil'Vex

  • *Coming soon*
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