Conundrum: The Question Without An Answer.

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    ~How do you save the world, and get recognition, without even being noticed?~

    *Press play and listen while you read*


    Five minutes had passed and still no sign of the teacher. He was a type person that was never late unless something happened. The students sat quietly as always because that’s just how Mr. Matthews liked his class. One student stood up and walked over to check the door, but unfortunately for him Mr. Matthews met him. Standing in the doorway was a 6 foot 3 slender build male with bushy brown hair. “I assume you were taking your seat.” He spoke looking down from his glasses. The student took a small step back and returned to his seat with no contest. The class was silent as the teacher proceeded through the door and over to his seat. “Good Morning class,” He greeted, loosening the strap from his bag around his torso, “I do apologize for my tardiness. I had a quick mission to pop up.” He placed the bag on the desk, pulled out the chair, and took a seat looking at the class.

    He and the class were awkwardly staring at each other like a standoff. “I assume you already took attendance for yourselves.” He chimed in breaking the stare and flipping through the papers on his desk. “Yes sir, were all here.” A student replied, clearing her throat. A sly smile slid across his face as he looked down. He reached over, opened the drawer, and grabbed a marker. He stood up adjusting his coat then he uncapped the marker. He looked over, “Good, now let us begin.” He proceeded to write on the board, “Today’s lesson is going to be about Koumpi. That’s pronounced like comb-pee,” He turns back to the board, “And that’s spelled like K-o-u-m-p-i.” He pressed the marker to the board signaling he placed a period. He then turned back to the class, “Can anyone tell me what a Koumpi is?” A girl with light blue hair stood up next to a desk in the middle of the class. She adjusted her glasses while clearing her throat. She then began to speak, “A koumpi is something the world is aware of. For every person has one. It’s a piece of your soul. There are two forms of koumpi,” She flicks her ponytail which her hair is pulled tightly into and proceeded to place the same hand on her hips. She lifted her other arm out holding up the number one sign, “The first form is called an evoked Koumpi. An evoked Koumpi allows the possessor to exemplify special talents. Such as, being able to control speed or even talk to animals. A more acute talent being something….” She then pauses rotating her hand with the number one like she’s twirling the wind and finishes, “Completely manipulating the wind.” Mr. Matthews nodded his head in approval of the girl’s explanation, “Well done Tsunai. Couldn’t have said it better myself. Next time raise your hand and let someone else have chance Ok?” He sarcastically smiled.

    A chuckle escaped the lips from a boy in the back of the room. His spiky red hair gave away the fact he was the class clown. “Told her didn’t ya?” He expressed totally ignoring the teacher glaring at him. “And I’ll tell you, Mr. Marcellus, I don’t need you to open your mouth without raising your hand.” He retorted returning to the board. “So, Mr. Marcellus, how about you finish up her up explanation.” The boy with red hair rolled his eyes slapping his hand against his face, Holding his head in an ‘I don’t care’ fashion and resting his elbow on the desk. “The second form of Koumpi,” He exhaled with irritation, “Is called the lost Koumpi. This means that the possessor does not exemplify special talent. This also means that they are in danger.” Mr. Matthews then interrupted him, “Class can a lost Koumpi be evoked?” The class then answered in unison, “Yes” Mr. Matthews smiled, “Good. You may continue Mr. Marcellus.” The boy sighed and continued to speak, “A lost Koumpi can be evoked in several ways. The most common being is training one’s soul essence to evoke the Koumpi or a drastic event that causes the Koumpi to evoke itself. The rarest occurrence is to be born with an evoked Koumpi.” With that he sighed once more, rolled his eyes, and looked over to Mr. Matthews.
    Mr. Matthews then proceed to write down both students explanation. When he finished, he looked back to the class, “Now a person with a lost Koumpi like mentioned earlier is in fact in danger. When I say that I mean they are susceptible to Hirudos eating their Koumpi, possessing their being and attaching themselves to the Koumpi. If a person of a lost Koumpi dies, the Koumpi, If not eaten first, may turn into a Hirudo itself.”

    He then walked over to the side of his desk, “Can anyone explain the world’s defenses to a Hirudo?” A boy with pitch black, wavy hair in a desk near the inner wall then cleared his throat. He turned in his desk to face the window, crossing his legs and staring at his fingernails. He, being the cool guy nonchalantly answered. "The world protects itself by running academies to train young hunters like us. After graduation, a hunter joins one of the factions. Nowadays there are about seven different factions, one for each continent with several departments spread throughout their land. However, in the past there were multiple factions on each continent being separated into what we know today as classes. The factions of the past discriminated against each other with severity. You could not speak, interact, or even team up with a member of another faction. That was all changed by the council. By the way, the council is a group people that are stronger than any member of a faction including the faction's Master. They keep the factions in order to make sure that no wars break out. In present time, there is only one council that is over the seven factions of the world; however there were eight in the past. There was one council per continent and then the Supreme Council which the lower councils answer to. The Supreme council, unlike the lower councils, only consisted of seven members, one per regular council." The boy then smiled in satisfaction, still staring at his nails.

    Mr. Matthews chuckled at the explanation the boy gave, “Great answer Mr. Wes very informative.” Still chuckling he proceeded to take a seat on the front of his desk facing the class. He folded his arms and took a deep breath, “Talking about all of this brings back so many memories,” He smiled before continuing, “Does anyone even know how the factions began to change into what they are now? It actually started with a conundrum…” He was then interrupted by Tsunai’s hands shooting up, Professor Matthews pointed at her, Tsunai then spoke, “Professor Matthews…What’s a conundrum?” Professor Matthews placed his hand on his chest with a surprised look, “Oh my goodness Tsunai has a question?! Well at least it’s an excellent one. A conundrum is a question that doesn’t really have an answer or a question that contradicts itself. And the conundrum that started all was how do you protect the world, and get recognition, without even being noticed?” A silence fell upon the classroom as the students blankly stared at the professor. Mr. Matthews once again chuckled and whisked back around to his desk, let’s find out everybody open up your history books to chapter seven otherwise known as the conundrum.

    The hunters await you...( The IC) Hunter's Cove

    • [tab=Places of Interest]
    Faction Descriptions

    ~Currently there are seven in this Rp. There will be more later on.~
    1. The first faction being the most level headed is the scout. They reside in the metropolis area. Words that describe a typical scout’s personality are, intellectual, bookworm, inventor, researcher, etc. They are intrigued with gathering information, discoveries, and creating new technology. They particularly enjoy using weapons such as, scalpels, bow and arrows, throwing needles, etc. as you can tell these are ranged weapons. This is because they enjoy being at the perfect distance to gather information, avoid damage, but still inflict damage. These are the knowledge seekers of the factions. The founder of this faction is Athena Luzon.
    2. The second faction is the most organized faction. Even though being hidden by the trees of Dragon Strait, the ninjas have a pristine organization to life. Typical words that explain their personality are, invisible, mute, honorable, and tricky. They particularly travel in squads of three and operate their team as one entity. Hiding in the shadows and their proficiency in martial arts, the ninjas use weapons such as, kunai, shuriken, and katana. Optimizing, both, long range and close combat. Their favorite weapon, however, is traps. These can be thought as, barb spikes, trap holes, and even escape smoke.
    3. The third faction uses aspects of the two above them. Using, both, organization and intelligence equally. Yet they are the loners of the factions. The assassins reside in the urban wilderness of Shutter Valley. Reason being is to optimize the urban buildings as well as the natural wilderness. They typically work alone to optimize accuracy. They feel “Why depend on someone else when you can just do it yourself.” The use weapons more on the modern side, such as guns (soul essence bullets), cross bows, and darts (For ranged combat), but also stepping into the past using, swords, daggers, and staffs (for close ranged combat.) They are expert dual wielders. The typical personality of an assassin is that of a loner. The typical words to decribe a an assassin's personality are a loner, poltergeist, invisibility, and phantom.
    4. The fourth faction being, less honorable than the others, still somehow exemplifies intelligence. They reside in the isles. They love the sea and all it beauty, but loves treasure more. These are the pirates. Like the assassin, they use both guns and swords, but try to stay more modern with weaponry. Adding boats and cannons to their arsenal. The typical personality of a pirate includes, fashionable, materialistic, controlling, drama queen (even for the males).
    5. The fifth faction is the slyest of the factions. They reside in Fountain Canal and enjoy every bit of it. They can be talking to you in front of you face and in the same breath steal the gum out your mouth without you knowing. They are the thieves. This group particularly enjoys using weapons like daggers typically lacing them with poisons or toxins. They prefer to combine their wild nature with speed. Poisoning their enemy or slicing them to bits. They still everything in sight with no remorse at all. So, watch you wallets whilst you’re around them. The typical description of a thief’s personality is wild, kleptomaniac, impulsive, and feral.
    6. The sixth faction being the unknown faction resides in the dark areas of the Ice Ridge. They are referred to as the Shadows. They typically group up, but remain unseen. Not much is known about this faction, but the few that were encountered seem to like weapons such as scythes or ball and chain, or a chain sickle. Their personality is typically described as, dark, mysterious, loathing, and quiet.
    7. The seventh and final faction is referred to as the wildcard faction. They reside in Sin City. They are the gamblers. They put everything to chance probability being their friend. They will haggle the shirts off of your back just to find the value in it then hand it back. They just want the satisfaction of being able to talk you in to anything. They use strange objects as weapons. This includes cards, dice, and even coins. They use these weapons in various ways. Their personality can be described as joyful, tricky, shyster, and wild card.
    ~The order of this list is by random there isn’t any significance to it.~

  2. [BCOLOR=#333399]First Tier[/BCOLOR]: Mark, Apprentice, and Bandit Ranks: Entry Level Positions.

    Tier Description: This Tier is reserved for nonmembers and accepted new members.
    Requirements: Join. Abide by the Faction Code of Conduct. Participate.
    Staff or Leadership Members will coordinate introductions with Pledge Members and identify Faction compatibility.

    Mark – Academy Student.
    Rank Equivalent: Recruit
    Apprentice - Pledge. Unproven Member accepted by Staff or Leadership Member.
    Rank Equivalent: Academy Graduate
    Bandit - Assassin. Proven Pledge who has obtained the status of Faction Hunter.
    Rank Equivalent: Newbie

    [BCOLOR=#666699]Second Tier[/BCOLOR]: Footpad, Shadowfoot, and Prowler Ranks: Faction Journeyman Positions.

    Tier Description: The "Journeyman Tier" is reserved for new members pursuing an active, established status within the Faction
    Requirement: Continued involvement in discussions and events. Organize and Facilitate Faction Activities. Display leadership qualities

    Footpad - Journeyman Hunter I
    Rank Equivalent: Team member
    Shadowfoot - Journeyman Hunter II
    Rank Equivalent: Officer
    Prowler - Journeyman Hunter III
    Rank Equivalent: Scout

    [BCOLOR=#800080]Third Tier[/BCOLOR]: Stalker, Slayer, and Speaker Ranks: Faction Chapter (Staff) Positions.

    Tier Description: This Tier is reserved for Staff Members.
    Requirement: Mentor and Support new and existing Faction Members. Obtain working knowledge of Faction mechanics. Promotes Directives as set forth by Leadership. Recruit, Identify, and Form intra-Faction Chapters.

    Stalker - Adept Hunter. Member has obtained a Staff Position within the Faction Community and has a working knowledge of Faction Mechanics. Promotes the Vision of the Faction as directed by Faction Speaker.
    Rank Equivalent: Assistant
    Slayer - Chancellor. Recruit. Identify and Form intra-Faction Chapter in conjunction with Speaker's Directive. Facilitate Faction Maintenance.
    Rank Equivalent: Lieutenant
    Speaker - Chapter Leader. Identify and Lead Intra-Faction Chapter within the Community. Delegate Faction Directives as set forth by Faction Leadership.
    Rank Equivalent: Captain
    [BCOLOR=#993366]Fourth Tier[/BCOLOR]: Harbinger, Faction Adept, Faction Master, and Faction Grand Master Ranks: Faction Leadership Positions.

    Tier Description: This Tier is the Ranking Officials of Our Community.
    Requirement: Identify and Initiate short and long term Faction Goals. Communicate Faction Directives to Community.

    Harbinger - Master Hunter. Facilitate all requests as directed by Faction Master.
    Rank Equivalent: Jester
    Faction Adept - Faction Adept Hunter. Proof all Faction communications to ensure COC compliance. Facilitate Document Retention Standards as set forth by Faction Grand Master. Faction Treasurer.
    Rank Equivalent: Colonel
    Faction Master - Faction Master Hunter. Create Action Plan to facilitate Faction and Community needs. Identify and Delegate Faction Directives and Initiatives to Faction Speaker
    Rank Equivalent: Prince
    King Grand Master - King Grand Master. Oversee all Faction Activity.
    Rank Equivalent: King

    - Unique
    Rank Equivalent: Blacklisted
    Requirement: A member who Violates the Faction, or commits an Act in direct violation of the Principles or Spirit of The Faction will forfeit Faction Status and Rank until reparations have been made, and the member's status deemed reinstated by Faction Leadership.
In this Rp all factions will be able to use a type of spells called Konsido. There are multiple types: Healing, Attack, Restraint/barrier, and Forbidden. This is taught to you as you grow as a hunter. At the beginning you will start with one konsido, Konservi Mu: To mavro Fidi. You may edit how you like according to your ability. Forbidden spells can only be taught.

[BCOLOR=#993366](Restraint Spells)[/BCOLOR]

Konservi Delta: Blindiga Lumo (Esperanto)
This translates to blinding light. This Konsido uses the light around the user to quickly flash, disorienting the opponent. This can be used on regular folk as well if you need to hinder their vision for a bit. This Konsido is in no way harmful. If the user doesn't protect their eyes they could temporarily blind or disoriented themselves. No gesture is needed for this Konsido. Just saying the incantation and name will activate the Konsido. Experienced Assassins can used this without incantation.

Incantation: Coming Soon

Konservi Zeta: i̱ maïmoú sakáti̱s (Greek)
This translates to the crippling monkey. This Konsido causes the user to temporarily disable the motor skills of an opponent. The user will have to be in close range when using this Konsido.The users hand will be facing the individual, at the end of saying it's name the user will close their hand into a fist, causing a swift spike in soul essence. The user will have to be in close range when using this Konsido. This Konsido requires precision and accuracy. Using this Konsido can leave the user wide open so it's best used when at an advantage.

Incantation: Coming Soon

Konservi Theta: aspída kathréfti̱,
This translates to mirror shield. This Konsido takes the soul essence from the user and creates a shield that blocks some lower level Konsido except Chreosi Gamma. When using this consider the user can either be facing or turned back to the opponent. This Konsido has to be used while the feet are on the ground. This Konsido can weaken the user depending on the extent of the attack. This Konsido is at its strongest when used with an incantation. If at a higher level, it will use the opponent’s soul essence making the opponents abilities null and void so only melee makes contact but it can be shattered or dispersed with a few Konsido and if shattered will cut the user.

Incantation: Magic not work, powers shall fail. These words are pain, welcome to hell.

Konservi Mu: To mavro fidi (Greek)
This translates to the black serpent. This Konsido is used to trap or restrain an enemy. When activated, a chain emitting a black energy is sent at the enemy an wraps around the enemy. If the enemy is caught any movements within the chains causes the chains to tighten its grip. The grip can cause the enemy to suffocate if they're not careful. It takes a strategy to break the chains also the enemy can send them back the user if he strong enough. This Konsido can be combined with a Chreosi Konsido and it can also be altered. This can be used in the air or on the ground. This takes precision and accuracy in order to work.

Incantation: Thrive in the darkness, Grind the gears of hell. Stricken thy enemy under venom's spell.

Konservi Chi: fylakízoun (Greek)
This translates to Imprison. This Konsido can be used to trap an individual and with each minute depletes the victim's soul essence depending on the strength of the user and opponent. When said, titanium steel rails will form and fall surrounding the opponent. Depending on the user, the rails could shock the individual touching them. This Konsido requires precision and focus. The user will also have to create a unique gesture to activate it.

Incantation: Static of the heavens I call you to fall, Minerals of the earth rise above, all lucanic pressure be here and now, harmony and order shall lock down.

[BCOLOR=#ff0000](Attack Spells)[/BCOLOR]

Chreosi Gamma: Ptó̱si̱ pentál tou lo̱toú,
This translates to falling pedals of the lotus. This Konsido emits a poisonous fragrance that puts an enemy to sleep, cause hallucinations, temporarily suspend the use of their abilities, or cause temporary memory loss also straight up poison the opponent. This all depends on the environment, you are in. Also the downside to this Konsido is the things that happen to the opponent can happen to the user if not used properly. So skill is needed for this even if it's a second level Konsido.

Incantation: Bloom and blossom with great strength, show my enemy ways to weep. Perfume, cologne, fragrant power, thy enemy's will shall be devoured.

Chreosi Nu: Grí̱gori̱ ámmo

This translates to quick sand. This Konsido can be used for multiple purposes, such as blinding some one, surrounding them in a sandstorm like vortex, create a dust cloud, or harming some one. This requires the user create a fist near their chest reciting the incantation. After finishing the incantation, the user would throw their fist out as if throwing dirt in someone's eyes. Finishing with their palm facing their opponent and all five fingers stretched out. As they throw their fist dirt begans to fly from it, once the motion is finished the dirt flows along the wind like a wisp and does a random action. This Konsido has to be used strategically, loss of concentration could cause the Konsido to back fire and create a bad situation for both the user and the opponent. This Konsido can be used whilst in the air, or on solid ground. If surrounded by water this Konsido cannot be used.​

Incantation: Desert spirits here my cry, inflict thy will and plea. Come to me I call you now, strike down thine enemy.

Chreosi Epsilon: Potαmos Tou F.L.A.M.E.S (Greek),
This translates to River of flames. This Konsido requires the user to extend his hand to control its direction. When activated, the user will be able to gain or spray flames toward their opponent. Anything that it comes in contacts with becomes engulfed in flames. This Konsido can be used as a tactic to create a division between character and opponent or for an extended reach. This Konsido can be used in the air or on the ground.

Incantation: Rain shall fall but power not whither. Heat ablaze, snake a slither. Flick a match but none was needed, low and behold power has seated.

Chreosi Eta: Viro de mil glavoj (Greek) ,
This translates to Man of a thousand swords. This Konsido takes the character's soul essence or and turns it into swords that can be thrown at the opponent in projectile style. This can be used as an attack or a distraction to buy some time. This Konsido can be used if you're at an elevation or in the air.

Incantation: Open the clouds of heaven, head my beckons call. Halo of heavens fury, rain of wrath now fall.

Chreosi Iota: O Chiros (Greek),
This translates to the widower. This Konsido requires the user to point 2 fingers in the direction of the opponent. When activated a quick like beam will be produced striking the opponent. This Konsido can be used in close range or long range, on the ground or in the air. This Konsido can be altered, for example, you can keep it simple and produce a spark to stun the opponent (has to be in close range), or go big and try a knock the opponent out (long range), all up to the user. This Konsido has to be taught to you. Continued use of this Konsido could be potentially harmful to the user in terms of burns and energy depletion. Strategy is required for this Konsido. The power of this Konsido decreases each use unless there is a 10 min break.

Incantation: Blood like plasma, cut to thin. Heat like magma, does not burn skin. Sparks shall fly from within, exploit thy enemy from the outside in.

Chreosi Lambda: Selí̱ni̱ vráchos (Greek), *Can be taught at next rank*
This translates to the moon rock. This Konsido requires the user to concentrate. This can't be used in an on the fly moment. This Konsido has to be said with incantation, no other way. When activated 5 pillars made of moon rock..... The incantation will cause the soul essence of the opponent to split into fives and surrounds the opponent. The pillars will then fall in orderly fashion, falling on each essence. It will then drain the opponent’s soul essence rendering them weak. Once the pillars glow they will explode, sending shards of soul essence, at the opponent. The tearing away of the soul essence damages the opponent. With melee the opponent can knock down the pillars, but they would have to do it in order once the pillar falls to the ground, it will crash blasting that portion back at the opponent with damages them more, but gives them back more of their soul essence making them be able to use more of their abilities. This of course would be more damaging the more powerful the opponent or at least the stronger the soul. This Konsido will be hard to master. The council wanted to put this on the forbidden Konsido list, but their request was denied. This Konsido can only be read about in the Assassins library and after using this Konsido, if not careful the user could very likely sustain moon poisoning.

Incantation: Coming Soon.

[BCOLOR=#008000](Healing Spells)[/BCOLOR]

Ta chéria ti̱s cháritos

This translates to hands of grace.This konsido is a healing konsido. The use rubs their hands together while saying the incantation. Once the incantation in finished the palms of their hands begins to slightly glow a green color. They place their hands upon the person they are heading and it heals internal injuries. At the beginning, it will stop internal bleeding, heal minor breaks, and some soul essence. Once mastered, it could heal an individual to 100% including soul essence. This konsido does take time, so it is suggested to do it in a safe area. It will also take more soul essence to use at the beginning.

Incantation: Touch of healing, touch of faith, heal thy ally pure and haste.

[BCOLOR=#0000ff](Forbidden Spells)[/BCOLOR]

Yperfórto̱si̱ (Greek)
This translates to overload. This Konsido overloads the brains functions causing an individual to temporarily pass out. If over done it will kill the individual. This Konsido takes precision and delicacy. An inexperienced user will end up harming someone. This Konsido can cause short to long term effects. Ie. Temporary blindness, temporary paralysis. Etc. This Konsido can be used with or without incantation, depending on the user. The user will have to have made eye contact in order for this to work.

Incantation: Coming Soon
[BCOLOR=#ff0000]Please note:[/BCOLOR] You only know one Konsido at the start (To Mavro fidi) That you can personalize to you liking, based on your abilities. [BCOLOR=#0000ff]You can not magically know or learn a Konsido.[/BCOLOR] There will be events where I will let you know when you can learn new konsidos. If you would like to learn a new konsido on your own, please submit a request to the Gm.

*[BCOLOR=#ff0000]Please Check this Tab faithfully for updates. We will add more as the Rp progresses.[/BCOLOR]*

  • This tab will be filled with significant npcs you encounter. Check the tab constantly for updates.
    Sebastion Dampierre
    Rank: Council Harbinger
    Description: He is the 2nd Knight of the Roundtable. Watch out for him ladies he's somewhat of a letch.

    Gaia Celeste
    Rank: Council Harbinger
    Description: She is the 3rd Knight of The Roundtable. You'll never find anyone as ditsy or as much of a bimbo as her. Don't cross her though because when she gets serious she nothing to play with.

    Raphael Larue (Ralph)
    Rank: Council Harbinger
    Description: He is the 4th Knight of the Roundtable. He is also the youngest of the Council only being 10 years of age. You better play 'Cars' with him and if not then his temper will definitely blow you away.

    Margaret Lindon (Margie)
    Rank: Council Harbinger
    Description: She is the 5th Knight of the Roundtable. She is serious at all times and has no time to play.
    Hirudo (Peon)
    Weakest of all Hirudo. They are shadowy creatures that hang around graveyards, hospitals, nursing homes etc. Anywhere death is usual.

    1. Most important rule is; use common sense and so no God modding/Trolling/Auto Hitting and so on. Also no racist or sexist comments, if you have a problem with someone because of either of these then don't say anything and if you just have a general problem with them take it to PM or just say nothing at all and deal with it like an Adult
    2. No arguing in the IC or OOC! if you have a problem with someone take it to PM cause it isn't our problem! IF it concerns something to do with our rp or a fight still take it to pm and bring a GM into the equation to sort the situation out. I don't want to see people arguing over the OOC or IC and making a load of trouble for us and everyone else. Also please don't OOC in IC, they have separate sections and I would like to keep it that way.
    3. If you become inactive for too long, your character, may first, become a tag along and then they will become missing in action and maybe even presumed dead. So, make sure your character is active.
    4. All Iwaku rules apply.
    Most Importantly Have Fun!
    Conundrum is a long term role-play.

    This means the roleplay is slated to last for a long period of time. Several arcs are expected. If you do not believe this is a commitment you can upkeep, then please reconsider joining the Rp.

    Posting Expectation: Members of this role-play are asked to consistently post throughout the entirety of the role-play’s lifetime.
    • We would like for people to post at least once a day. Really it is recommended to post several times a day, however we do understand how life happens and all we ask is a simple notice of your absence or a fall post to let us know you are ok and will be back soon.
    Conundrum does not require high-level writing skills to participate in the role-play; however, that being said, this is not a beginners role-play, and there are a couple of things we ask of anyone joining the role-play.

    • Please no One liners, we would like at least 10 well-written sentences in first or third person upon Gms discretion. IE no "I walked in" unless the character is speaking unless told otherwise. Character speech should be written in quotation marks and thought/telepathy in italics.
    • Reading Comprehension is a must. If something does not make sense to you, simply ask the writer of that post for clarification, do not assume. Miscommunication only leads to further issues, as proceeding posts, based off misleading information, creates extra work in the form of later corrections. With that being said, please write clearly. Make it as understanding as possible.
    • Be capable of developing your character in a believable aspect. Your character is not a doll without an existence for itself. As time passes in this role-play, the world of this rp will change, and so should your character with it. Emotions will come into play, happiness will come, and tears will be shed.
    • Get creative. Salem Descended is an open-ended role-play that allows for leeway in terms of character interactions. Anything that stays within the bounds of the role play’s atmosphere and can be portrayed in a believable aspect, given your character’s position, is acceptable.
    • Think for yourself. Interaction and plot will not be constantly thrown at your characters at all times. However, you will be required to interact with your each other. Interactions with others are just as important as interacting with your own.
    No character is immune from death its life things happen.

    While it is not entirely common, death can and will happen throughout the course of the

    role-play. Not everybody in Nobility is a friendly person. Antagonists with the desire to kill, exist, and it is up to your own observation and reactions to survive through the days.

    • If your character is killed, you are to pm the gm and to make a new character to rejoin the role-play.

    Please Note: If your character is killed, he/she was killed for a reason and under a fair manner. Please do not create drama in an attempt to revive your character. Accept your fate and move on

  • Check this tab contantly for updates More terms will be added as they come up in the Rp.

    Soul Essence- This can be explained as the radiance that signifies a person's power. It can physically suffocate others if they have much weaker soul essence than yourself.

    Kinisi /Kin-see/-A hunters technique that allows the user to move at various highspeeds. This is just movement not attack speed or combat speed. It is purely movement. Basically highspeed running.

    Koumpi /Comb-pee/-A koumpi is something the world is aware of. For every person has one. It’s a piece of your soul. There are two forms of koumpi,The first form is called an evoked Koumpi. An evoked Koumpi allows the possessor to exemplify special talents. Such as, being able to control speed or even talk to animals. A more acute talent being something like completely manipulating the wind.

    Hirudo /Here-rue-doh/- Hirudos are creatures formed from lost koumpi. The feed on the koumpi of others and rebel in causing chaos for the living. Only trained eyes can see these creatures.

    Awakening-This is a hunter technique that allows one to access abilities that they could not before. It also posesses a minor change in physical form. Such as, a change hair color or an extention of nail length.

    Konsido /Cone-see-doh/- These can be explained as spells used by a hunter.

    Rudai /Rue-dye/- A pheromone-like substance that is usually kept in a jar that is used to summon Hirudos to a certain area or to lure them to your location. Can be catastrophic if used in the wrong way.

    Knights of the Roundtable- The roundtable consist of 12 harbingers they are rated on power on a scale of 1 to 12. 12 being the weakest and one well you already know. These Harbingers are stronger than the average harbinger and the league hand picks those who fit in that category. The top 5 are about as strong as a Faction ranked hunter if not Faction Adept rank.
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  • *Before filling out the Cs, please pm me a writing sample of at least two paragraphs in order to a get randomly generated faction. I don't know what you're writing about so surprise me. (Length will not affect your eligibility for a faction. So please don't think that writing seventeen paragraphs will get you a faction.)

    ~The Hunters Application~
    [FONT=times new roman]
    [CENTER][FONT=times new roman]
    [CENTER][FONT=times new roman]
    [CENTER][FONT=times new roman]
    [CENTER][FONT=times new roman]
    [CENTER][FONT=times new roman]
    [CENTER][FONT=times new roman]
    Alias (Like or dislike):
    Randomly Generated faction:
    Appearance (Anime or Realistic):
    Description (any differences not on  picture):
    Rank: Apprentice
    Powers (Superpower Wiki):
    Weapon (Please stay close to faction preferences):
    Konisdo: Konservi Mu : To Mavro Fidi
    Faction Techniques (Name and description.)
    Name (One word in different language):
    Description (Minor physical changes, if any):
    Description of Awakening abilities (according to your own abilities):
    *Coming soon*

    *If you have any questions let me know!* Happy RPing and enjoy!

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    • Name: Kimirou Asura
      Alias (Like or dislike): Asura Demon (Hates)
      Age: 21
      Randomly Generated faction: Gambler
      Appearance (Anime or Realistic):[​IMG]
      Description (any differences not on picture): Various clothing but exactly as above.
      Rank: Apprentice

    • Powers (Superpower Wiki): Crystellokinetic Combat
      Weapon (Please stay close to faction preferences): Crystal Dice
      Konisdo: Konservi Mu : To Mavro Fidi
      Faction Techniques (Name and description.)
      1. Slight of hand. The user is able to move objects at such a speed that it is undetectable and untracable. Often misconstrued as magic or telepathy.
      2. Distract. The user is able to speak in such away that they can make a lie become the truth. Even if you the know that it isnt.
      3. Haggle. The users tounge becomes sharp enough to slice your freewill in have. Making it easier to presuade you into things or to give up things.

    • Name (One word in different language): Lampyrisma (Shimmer)
      Description (Minor physical changes): Hair grows down back and tips of it is crystal. There are also a few crystal shards floating around the tips in mid air.
      Description of Awakening abilities (according to your own): The air around Kimirou and his soul essence has a slight chill. His powers grow to crystal manipulation.

    • *Coming soon*
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    • [tab=Basics]
      Name: Tobius Fall
      Age: 22
      Alias (Like): Atlas
      Randomly Generated faction: Shadow
      Description (any differences not on picture): None

    • Powers : Atmokinetic combat (weather)
      Weapon :
      Konisdo: Konservi Mu : To Mavro Fidito
      Faction Techniques
      1. Shadow Travel - entry level it allows the user to travel a short distance between one patch of shadow to the other. They can only travel within line of sight and only about 50 meters. More skilled users have no restriction of sight and eventually can cross great distances not only alone but towing others as well.
      2. Absolute Darkness - The user can blanket an area around them in complete darkness. The effect is not harmful in anyway but anyone even the user can no longer use their eyes in any capacity. Masters are able to shroud entire cities.
      3. Will be learned later.

    • Name : Mo'ohta (See)
      Description : Change of eye color to very pale grey.
      Description of Awakening abilities : Hyper awareness or true sight. Once awakened Tobius can sense anything around him within a 30 foot bubble. He does not need to be within line of sight nor does his eyes actually need to be open in order to basically see everything going on around him. He does not need to focus on any particular point, he is basically omnipotent within his bubble, even the most minute movements are seen.

    • *Coming soon*
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  • Cool why that broke I wll never know, but I can't fix it...
  • Damnit @Honorific! Just as I'm finishing my character with shadow manipulation powers xD
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    • Name: Kehinde Akachi
      Alias (Like): The Akachi Phantom, Prince of Illusions
      Randomly Generated faction: Scout
      Description (Differences): Wears a chain given to him by his grandfather before he passed away. It's a family heirloom passed down generation to generation.
      Rank: Apprentice

    • Powers: Preception Combat
      Weapon: Both side can extend in length.
      Konisdo: Konservi Mu: To Mavro Fidi
      Faction Techniques:
      1.Observation-User is able to the smallest details at any given moment. Takes concentration. Experienced users can predict a next move.
      2.Multilingual-The user is able to understand and read other languages. Experienced users can speak and write them.
      3.Will come as character grows.

    • Name: Anaparagoun (replicate)
      Description (Physical Change): Purple ring forms around eyes
      Description of Awakening abilities (according to your own abilities): A negative light flashes briefly, causing those who see it, perception to be tampered with. Negatively affects the user if used for too long. When Experience, able to use for longer periods and deal more detrimental effects to the opponent.

    • Awwwww man lol I guess I'll wait.
      *Coming soon*
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  • Lol gives you more time to find something better. Oh! Hey guys! *Waves*
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  • @OwlOne added his age to my cs hope that's ok.

    • Name: Oliver Hobbes Moritz
      Alias (Like or dislike): Oli/Mo (dislike) Shining Executioner (like)
      Randomly Generated faction: Assassin
      Appearance (Anime or Realistic):[​IMG]
      Description (any differences not on picture): Tall (about 6'2) and slightly more muscular
      Rank: Apprentice

    • Powers (Superpower Wiki): Photokinetic combat
      Weapon (Please stay close to faction preferences):
      [​IMG]Two "Dagger guns," strapped crossing on his lower back. About the size of a short sword. Fires soul essence bullets.

      "Glove gun" on each hand. Punch for soul essence bullet fun!

      Konisdo: Konservi Mu : To Mavro Fidi
      Faction Techniques (Name and description.)
      1. Silent Steps: allows the user to move without making a sound, remaining undetected.
      2. Konisdo Bookworm: has a keen interest in Konisdo. Though still an apprentice and only knows a single incantation, has a knack for learning and using it.
      3. TBD

    • Name (One word in different language): Lumière
      Description (Minor physical changes, if any): Eyes Glow white, white halo forms above head
      Description of Awakening abilities (according to your own abilities): Light Manipulation. Light can be bent to form illusions or even make the user appear invisible.
    • *Coming soon*
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  • Will add in more as we go hopefully. Went with the total opposite end of the spectrum (wink) and light powers. An assassin that can't be seen but uses LIGHT powers? Now that's a contradiction.
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  • @Chexmix An assassin that could appear invisible and a shadow that sees through all deception. Best combo ever! Now if only I could figure out a good power for my character lol xD
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  • moved from the PM.

    • [tab=Basics]
      Name: Amelia Ironheart
      Alias (Like or dislike): White Rose
      Randomly Generated faction: Pirates
      Appearance (Anime or Realistic):

    • Description (any differences not on picture):
      Rank: Apprentice(Guess I am not supposed to set zis)

    • Powers (Superpower Wiki):
      Weapon (Please stay close to faction preferences):
      Uh... a sabre sounds boring. Same for a Rapier.
      Going with a normal one handed sword.
      Konisdo: Konservi Mu : To Mavro Fidi
      Faction Techniques (Name and description.)
      1. Ships... LOTS OF SHIPS
      The Pirates have the greatest and most efficent shipyards that one can imagine, their number seems unwavering
      2. Cannon Barrage
      Ships focus on one specific spot to unleash a barrage onto, not much left standing... usually.

      3. I am a pirate and a pirate is free, you are a pirate... or not......!!!
      Their Taverns are usually very active... so spies end up getting cought often! Just because they dont behave pirate like :D

    • (I assume a personal awakening)
      Name (One word in different language):

      Description (Minor physical changes):
      Red Eyes
      Description of Awakening abilities (according to your own):
      Her eyes seem distracting, every eye contact makes the opponent's reaction slow as they loose themself in them.

    • *Coming soon*
      uh >_>

    Fixing time incoming :D And something wentwrong with the cs sheet coding >_>
  • All the character sheets look awesome. This is gonna be fun. @Radio yeah I forgot to put age on there so if you guys could add that for me that would be great. How did you all want to do the OOC? Here? In a pm? Let me know your suggestions. Also lets get to know eachother!
  • I am very desireful and desiring. Therefore I must be Desire itself! Oh and This Silence is Mine. </3

    No really, I never disclose too much about myself ^^
  • Well since a lot of people expressed interest, I would think using this as the OOC would be a wise decision. I do really like these characters though! @OwlOne Where's yours?? :D

    A little about me, I'm 20 and a studying Biology/Chemistry and am set to graduate in May. I also do theatre/musical theatre! I live on the US East Coast, and my posting hours can be a little sporadic. Typically IC posts don't come until the late afternoon/night.
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  • Oh Cool we're gonna see you on the big screen one day?
  • Heh probably not. Broadway would be more likely, and by more likely I mean like it's more likely humans colonize mars than jupiter in my lifetime.
  • Get to know me....

    Well I am 19 Living in the North East part of the US, I have a full time job working as a waiter so I am usually limited to posting late at night or early morning if I ever get up then. I love my current job, wouldn't trade it for the world but it has come to serve its purpose. Fall is coming up when I will possibly be going into boot camp at that time. Joining the military is my actual dream job so I love that my life is on track to where I want it to go. Finally I would like to say that I know most of you and you don't realize you know me because I'm an idiot and deleted my account thinking I was done with the site forever and stuff.

    So hi guys can't wait for Nobility 2.0 -ToneDeaf
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