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  1. Hospitals are filled with them. Bodies full of potential, laying un-moving on a bed, trapped with in their own mind.

    Or so some think.

    Dr. James Blair thinks that the minds of coma patients are still active, circling and wandering aimlessly in white space. He hates to think that they're just sitting there bored, or lost or scared...And so he creates 'The Simulation'.

    The Simulation is a machine that enters the minds of coma patients, making contact with their subconscious and allowing them to create their own fantasy world.

    The little girl who got hit by a car can finally become the grand adventurer that she always wanted to be.

    The old woman who fell into a deep slumber can relive her childhood as many times as she pleases.

    As long as they can imagine, they can do anything that they want.

    Rules...And a Note
    There are only three because recently I have been told by some people that I am a control freak and I don't allow their creative juices to flow. So;

    - No godmodding
    - At least a paragraph for every post. (5-8 sentences)
    - If you wanna enter someone's world and corrupt it, make sure to pm them and ask for permission.

    Oh yeah...
    The machine is connected to all of the patients at the same time so they can enter each others' worlds/fantasies if they want. However some patients can lock their world so no one can enter.

    Character Sheet Outline -
    Add whatever the hell you want, just please put a name and gender.

    I'll post the IC once someone or multiple someones join.
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  2. Sophie Keating was, the last time she was awake, anemic and pregnant: a bad combination. Next thing she knew, she was pulled into another world in her deep comatose.

    And she was happy.

    She's the 26 year old wife of a blue-haired nurse and she continues to be, in her dream world. She lives a normal suburban life, her children-two sets of twins- are already born. When she learned to look into other dream worlds unknowingly, she comes as a mother, doting and caring for whoever she finds. She is fairly tall, with the shape of women in renaissance paintings, dark curly locks arranged in artful waves and strikingly blue eyes. She lives [or dreams] to be a mother, motivated by the need to nurture.
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  3. Now I kinda want to be in a coma... Also does the 5-8 sentence rule apply to parts of conversations and interactions? Also great idea: Invite people to your comaworld and torture them as that evil game master you always wanted to be. *D20 with 18 sides being 20*
  4. @Raitoningu
    Please don't put yourself into a coma. O.O

    And nah, the whole point of this role play is for me to not interfere and let the players do whatever so no one can accuse me of being a neurotic control freak.

    The paragraph rule applies to every post. ^^


    D: Aaaw and now I'm sad. T.T I feel like I put these people in comas! *gross sobbing*

    And I love your character sheet! Very creative. ;D
  5. Don't cry, Red! You made something amazing again!
    /dramatically sobs with

    Thanks! She's a cross over. :D You probably recognize the name.
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  6. Hmmm...

    Name: Zack Kori

    Age: 20

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: Zack's hair is grayish lavender, its natural color, and tumbles in waves to his shoulders. He's quite tall, and nicely fit, with thick, visible muscles on his arms and legs (less so on his chest). His skin is slightly tanned from how much time he spends outside. His eyes are small and icy blue, and the rest of his features are decidedly blocky, from his rectangular nose to his narrow, bony jaw. There is a tattoo of a blue Eastern-style dragon on the right side of his lower abdomen.

    His usual outfit consists of a black vest, left hanging open with nothing underneath, and custom-fitted jeans, form-fitting with tightly sewn ankles. He often forgoes shoes when traversing his fantasy world.

    Backstory: Zack was orphaned at a young age, both his parents lost in a house fire. He was taken in by an overly doting man named Alex, alongside six other children, and the eight of them lived as a dysfunctional family in a house Alex himself had constructed. Zack never had any patience for his siblings, however, and snuck out whenever he could in search of peace, quiet, and what the world really has to offer as soon as he was old enough to appreciate it. Alex's home was situated on the side of a mountain, so there was always new terrain to explore: rocky cliffs, tranquil forests, pristine rivers, peaceful caves...

    It was the latter that put him in the unfortunate situation he now finds himself in. While he was out exploring on his own, a falling rock from a cave-in crushed Zack's skull. Miraculously, he survived, but the brain damage was too extensive. He doesn't know how long he's been comatose. All he knows is that now, in this dream world, he can live out his wildest fantasies, free from the laws of reality.

    Personality: Zack generally comes across as very stoic and reserved. He only speaks when necessary, and even then, it's in the shortest sentences and tersest tones possible. Contrary to popular belief, however, he is very intelligent, and confident that he can reason his way through any problem, with only minimal help from others. He desires more than what humanity can give him -- not just adventure, but power -- and uses his dream world to experiment with his own form, his own abilities. His favorite form is that of a giant serpent that he calls a drake, a fearsome predator that can take down any foe he imagines for himself.

    Adrenaline is an addictive thing.
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  7. Hi RED! :D You're fantastic!

    Ivan Jasper "June" Corell knew something was very wrong with the current world he thinks he's in. He remembers a grandfather; strict, overbearing, sharp tongued and cold. A man who grew cold after loosing his wife and son to terrorists, it hardened his heart.

    He knows in an instinctive level, that being a normal college student with his best friend; Gabe, wasn't the reality he used to be in. But here, he was happy. Being a simple rich boy, going to school, worrying about the next exams, going to weird parties, playing sports, having friends; this was what he wanted.

    But what he longed for was a parent's touch, one that he can't create without knowledge of how that feels.

    He's slightly vain on how he styles his naturally messy brown hair and likes that his violet eyes seem exotic. He's fairly tall but not that tall. Always pale and despised the sun and comes up stiff and stuck up to new people, but he really is friendly yet doesn't know how to interact. Akward, he was awkward with strangers.

    He was 18 when he fell into coma. After a particularly bad argument with his grandfather in regards to joining the military, he got in his car and drove away, trying to leave behind his hurts before obeying his grandfather's will. But he never got to. An accident involving a drunk had left him in a coma.

    He sometimes travel between worlds, meeting different characters and adventures. He in particular are good with children and is an awesome cook. He also could never say no to a lady.
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  8. Ehehehehe, I am liking all of these characters! :D
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