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  1. In a world filled with humans who idly carry on with their lives as if they didn't have a care in the world, demons and angels exist. For centuries, these two species lived discreetly among humans in conflict with each other, disguised as mortals. As the demons live their lives feeding off of the fear and souls of humans, the angels hunt them to protect the humans. Acting as a guardian and being heroes of humanity while the demons are nothing more than lowlife beings that interfere with the mortal's peaceful life. Angels and demons were sworn enemies, they could never coexist with each other without the urge to kill one another. It was just... Impossible. Despite that, there are few that did coexist unknowingly, only to die tragically in the end.

    Walking through the crowd of people swarming around and rushing to run their errands, a boy about the age of 16, had raven black hair, wore a sleeveless black hoodie, baggy shorts, studded black shoes, and bandages wrapped around his neck and arms, observed the people around him. His blue and red heterochromia eyes wandered around the crowd of people, spotting his own species... Or part of his own species preying off of another of his own species. Shaking his head, he took his hand out of his pockets and put up his hood as he walked deeper into the crowd.

    'You're half demon and half human... Someone like you, doesn't belong anywhere in this society' Kai recalled his human mother speaking to him with her last breath before she died.

    Foolish woman... Used up the last of her life to tell me something I already knew. He thought, as he continued to walk around town deep in thought.

    ((I don't know why I added the first paragraph. Is it just me or does the first paragraph sound strange/random? If I made any mistakes, please tell me ^^))
  2. (No, it works! The world had to be set up a bit, and that's enough to go on :D)

    Yet, Kai seemed to be in the midst of teh very society to which he did not belong, though whether or not he actually fit in was a different story. Strangely enough, the very beings who most fought for humanity's protection fit in very little with them, either. They weren't meant to, being secret protectors, not allowed to involve themselves with actual human relationships. That didn't mean that some weren't fascinated, in spite of themselves.

    In the course of his daily duties, Akiel found himself often observing certain individuals, to the point of being drawn to them. It had been this way for the past few weeks with a certain boy, who in looks seemed to be about his age. As an angel, however, Akiel was far older than him, though to other angels he was just a pup. He still had the curiosity and eagerness of the young, but his spirit had been chosen to take on a specially-prepared body because he was more than that. Some angels were meant to be messengers, some to sing in the heavenly choirs, some appointed to guard an individual throughout their life. In spite of his relative youth and eagerness, Akiel had the fire of a warrior.

    The moment he sensed a demon feeding, he left off following the dark-haired boy, his attention and focus on battle. The victim was a young woman, who had taken to a corner of the busy market, and was sobbing her eyes out. Humans could be surprisingly uncaring toward their own at times, as they ignored her in favor of their own pursuits. If she had a guardian angel, it was entirely possible that she had chased him or her away with selfish and reckless acts. There were laws governing how such angels protected their individual charges, though often a guardian angel would summon a hunter to help their human. Guardians were only allowed to guide and protect.

    However, this was where Akiel's kind came in. They were the last-minute reprieve from a direct attack, the warriors in the heavenly army. The woman before him was still trying to fight the demon off without knowing it, and losing. Akiel went behind a kiosk and shifted into his angel form, glowing and pulsing with energy and divine wrath. His wings spread, and he pushed off thr ground, launching himself, unseen, at the thing on the woman's back.

    Neither she nor any other human (apart from the Gifted) would have seen it happen, but she would have felt the sudden lessening of her burden as the hissing demon unlatched its claws and slid up the wall above her, its red eyes glowing. Kai would have seen all of this very clearly- he may even have recognized the one who had been following him as the angel who now held his flaming sword to the demon's throat. He would if he knew he had been followed. Akiel's face was the same as in his 'human' form, though radiant and fierce, his golden hair rustling like feathers, his pale tunic showing his muscular frame. His eyes blazed with power and righteous anger.

    (You can play the demon if you want, or just assume he vanquished it for the moment. I think true demons would only be temporarily incapacitated, rather than actually destroyed. The parts would disintegrate, and it would take some time for them to regenerate and return. That was my theory, anyway.)
  3. ((Alright ^^))

    The demon with the crimson red eyes left a foul smell of blood and rotting flesh from it's prey as it went out to search for it's next target. Found a woman isolated in a corner and decided to make her it's meal for the morning. As he was feeding off of her fear and struggle, he was interrupted by a bright light that launched itself at it. Hissing at what seemed to be an angel, the demon slid on the wall above the woman, it's claws marking the brick wall, leaving an indent as if to say that the human now belonged to it and that it was his territory. Glaring at the luminescent being, the demon let out a low growl from under it's throat and leaped off the wall to charge at the guardian.

    From a distance, Kai heard a young woman screaming and struggling in fear from a demon feeding off of her. He was disgusted by the fact that no one was helping the poor woman, but also disgusted by the demon that had no self control. He was about to leave the problem alone, not wanting to get involved with trivial matters that happen almost more than just daily. Until he saw a light in the distance, only to hear the demon growl defensively. He began to debate whether he should go to find the source that caused the demon to react in such a way and decided to just walk by without getting involved to take a glimpse of what was going on.

    'Curiosity killed the cat' He recalled his father telling him in a scolding manner whenever he caused trouble with his curiosity when he was a child. "But i'm not a cat..." Kai mumbled as he turned to walk towards the the corner of the market where he sensed the demon, completely ignoring his father's teachings in the past. Walking by at a normal pace, he turned to where he guessed the demon would have been and widened his eyes from the sight of a guardian. "Crap" he said aloud, frozen in spot from the sight in front of him. I'm really going to get myself killed one of these days, he thought as he quickly turned to leave like he never saw anything.

    Kai figured that he was probably noticed and seen, but since the guardian seemed to be occupied with the demon, he hoped that the demon would be enough to occupy the guardian's time enough for him to escape. Angels... Kai thought as he remembered his father telling him that they protect humans. If that was the case, Kai knew for sure that they were his enemies and would most likely kill him since he was demon... Well partially anyway. That being mentioned, they couldn't kill him either since he was part human. Not only that, demons could probably feed off him because of that... But they wouldn't like him anyway since he isn't like a 'normal human'. No longer caring about his race at the moment, he walked away with a quickened pace.

    The demon that charged at the guardian, evaded just as it spotted a scent of a human mixed with a demon, slightly making it's senses confused. But the fact that it smelt like a human, made the demon even more curious as to go after the strange human. First of all, it had to deal with the guardian that rudely interrupted it's meal.

    ((I don't mind playing as the demon and I agree with your theory ^^ But I think that maybe that should only pertain to the full breed demons rather than the half. Since Kai's a half I think him being able to regenerate is fine, but since he's also a half human it should be possible for him to die))
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  4. Akiel held his sword at the ready, facing off against the demon with his countenance burning bright. The sword in his hand blazed gold, a terror and a pain for such a dark creature even to look at. If the guardian noted Kai's presence, he left him alone for the moment. He had a job to do right now.

    With a sudden push of his wings, he met the demon in mid-air, his bright sword coming down in an arc near its head. He felt no pity for the thing, since it was pure evil, intent only on misery and destruction. It was also fast, and he had to keep on his toes, so to speak. Though angels couldn't be killed, they could still be wounded, just like demons could.

    Akiel tried to get the demon away from the woman and place himself in front of her so the demon couldn't try and possess her. Humans were not automatic vessels for possession like some shlocky movies would indicate, but they could open themselves up to it if they were weakened or low. Humans making bad choices left them vulnerable to attack, but the demons could have no effect on them without permission. That was the thing about humans, they seemed to give permission so often and so willingly. Not that they knew it, of course, most of the time. There were teh few idiots that actually consciously invited demons and their dark Master in…but they were usually beyond the help of the heavenly hosts at that point.

    This woman, though, still had a chance. Akiel's sword shone in bright arcs as he swept it wherever the demon went, simultaneously trying to slice it in pieces, and to herd it gradually away from the woman below him. Fire blazed in his eyes, and his luminescent shield protected his shining form from the damage the demon could do. Akiel always did his best to destroy demons without getting injured himself, since that would make him less capable of doing his job in future.

    As the demon's movements brought him to a place over the angel's head, Akiel made a quick swipe with his blade, holy fire in its wake like a comet's tail. "Leave her, filth!" he cried out, his voice clear and high like a trumpet.

    (Oh yeah, half breeds would be killed if they were too damaged XD)
  5. The demon that was now at a close range to the angel, turned away from the sudden light that seemed to increase greatly, making it's skin burn and sizzle. Hissing from the pain, it used it's claws to swipe at the guardian with agile speed, avoiding the sword as much as it could while trying in attempt to injure the holy creature. Seeing that the angel was standing guard of the human, the demon that was blinded by nothing but the need to devour humans; jumped towards the angel head on. Only to see that the angle had swiped his blade and the demon was engulfed in flames.

    As it the demon was disintegrating, it screeched in agony while cursing at the angel. Mumbling in the flames that it would come back for revenge when the time came and that his species would take control over the humans and angels eventually. As his mumbling went silent, the flames dispersed and nothing but his ashes remained on the ground, waiting to be regenerated back to life. As long as it's hatred and the dark thoughts of humans remained, it would return to wreak havoc until the day all of humanity became free of negative thoughts... Which was of course impossible.

    When Kai was sure he was a distance away from the market, he sighed and tilted his head up to look at the sky, gaining strange looks from people as he did this in the middle of the street. I feel like iv'e sensed that angel somewhere before... Kai thought, as he shrugged the thought away and got distracted from his phone ringing.

    Stepping out of the streets and onto the sidewalk, he took out his phone and looked at the caller ID. Scowling at it, he took the batteries out forcefully and shoved in the bag he was carrying. Why the hell are they calling me now at all times? Kai thought as he had no intentions of answering their calls or doing any of their dirty work for them. "To hell with them!" Kai spoke, earning himself glances that made him glare at them and walk away, leaving them dumbfounded.
  6. Akiel paid no heed to the demon's mutterings. He knew as well as the demon that its threats were empty in the long run. Eventually, the heavenly hosts would prevail. However, now was not the time for the cleansing of the earth, and until then, the angels and demons would continue their battle for the human souls of the world.

    Akiel let out a breath, then sheathed his sword and turned to the woman. She had not seen any of this, though she'd sensed something in the air, like an electrical bombardment of emotion. She looked up, her face still stained with tears, unable to see the angel who bent over her, his hand against her cheek, murmuring words of comfort she could only feel. A warmth spread over her, and for a little while, at least, the contact would give her new hope.

    Akiel sent her on her way, then fluttered into the air overhead, sensing once more the strange feeling he'd caught onto a little while ago. It felt almost like a demon, but not quite… What was more, it felt somehow familiar. He couldn't pinpoint where or how, he just knew that he had to find it again and figure out what it was. Sensing humans was easier when in his human form, so he went back into a corner and came out again looking like a regular teenager, his blue shirt, khaki shorts and sneakers giving no indication of his true nature. Only his eyes seemed to shine with something bright and alive, more so than the humans around him. His righteous anger was gone, however, replaced with the same eager curiosity as before the battle.

    Akiel was following the sensation of that different thing, almost like a dog following a scent. He moved easily enough through the crowd, alert enough to do his job, but also very much focused on the trail of oddness before him. It was not so strong as the other humans, and felt something like a demon mark, but not that, either. He got close enough to hear Kai's expletive when it was spoken, but was too used to hearing humans employ bad language to do more than roll his eyes. Humans really had no clue what invoking hell like that could do.

    Nearby, a few more demons popped up, as if called by name. Luckily, he felt that his superior, Halcyon, was nearby and dealing with the problem. That meant he could follow the boy he'd just located, the one who now walked away from the crowd, with his strange aura flowing out behind him.

    Akiel followed behind, his bright blue-green eyes very interested. The humans that passed him going teh opposite direction couldn't help but watch him- an angel could never completely hide their nature, or their beauty, so just being near them was (for humans, anyway) like getting a good dose of true happiness. Akiel didn't look at those who glanced in his direction, except to wave cheerfully to them. He was close enough now to the half-demon to be shadowing him, though in this case, the shadow seemed to be going in front.
  7. Just as Kai cursed aloud, he sensed demons appear around the area and looked around to sense that there were guardians around. Two of them near him. One of which were dealing with the demons. The other, he wasn't quite sure. It seemed as if the holy aura was being masked by a human one, enough for him to be unable to tell completely. He didn't really want to bother though, he was sure that the demons might have been sent for him considering the sudden group of them appearing near him. He was actually kind of grateful that the angels were around to rid of them for him. One problem out of his way.

    Turning to a corner that led to a antique looking shop that rarely anyone seemed to go into, Kai made his way inside; the bell hanging on top of the door, ringing to let the workers know there was a customer. Walking in inside, he was greeted by the people who frequented the shop as he did. Right when you walked inside, the shop seemed more like a cafe, but in the back, it had books about the knowledge of every species and their abilities and weaknesses. As he walked inside, he headed towards the inner part of the shop that was off limits... Well, for humans anyway and took a look around the rows of shelves that were filled with books about the creatures that were known to existed.

    "Hey, Kai!" The shop keeper in his 20's greeted Kai as he organized some books that were newly made and reorganizing others. Kai grunted in response and scanned the rows of books that had to do with humans and demons. "Still searching for a book about halves?" He asked Kai. "You know there aren't any other books besides the one's that you've already read right?" He questioned.

    Kai looked at the shop keeper and sighed. "Whatever," he said as he grabbed a random book and walked out to sit at a table in the corner, away from the others. Just as he opened his book, someone from the kitchen came out to set a cup of what seemed to be 'black coffee' and left him in solitude with a smile. Black coffee... Is what it looks like to humans, but it's actually not. Picking up the cup, Kai took a sip and flipped through the pages of the book with boredom while looking out the window once in a while as if he were expecting someone to show up and take him back to the wretched place he hated so much.
  8. Akiel hadn't been alerted by Halcyon, so he figured the more powerful angel had everything under control. That suited him fine, since he wanted to follow this interesting boy around. He even went into the cafe where he saw the other boy slip in, but when he got inside, his quarry seemed to have disappeared. Not that Akiel was put off- he could still feel that very interesting aural signature close by. Even when he'd lost sight of the boy a few times in the crowd it hadn't deterred him. Akiel decided just to wait around for him to appear again, since he was probably in another room or something. There didn't appear to be any doors to the cafe but the one, though there might be a door in the back. Akiel was reasonably certain he would see the other boy again if he was patient.

    The cafe had a display of confections, which caught his eye, so he decided looking at them was just as good as standing around. Plus, humans tended to get nervous when one just stood there, staring. The display was at one end of the cafe, near the register, while the tables lined the other side where the windows opened up to the shopping center beyond.

    Akiel had bent over to look at the bottom rack by the time Kai came out of the back room, so even if the half-demon had been looking for him by sight he wouldn't have seen him. He may still have felt him, however, and Akiel certainly felt him. When he looked up again and saw the boy he'd been following just sitting there, drinking coffee, he grinned.

    If Kai was expecting someone to appear, it was likely not the boy who suddenly took the seat across from him, smiling with bright interest, looking like he didn't quite belong in this world.

    "Hello!" he greeted, a wide smile on his face. "Do you mind if I sit here?" He still didn't know what Kai was, or why he was in this cafe, but Akiel wasn't hunting him like he hunted demons. Genuine curiosity lit his eyes, which shone the color of a tropical sea.
  9. Kai was in the middle of reading the book he randomly picked off the shelf and sensed someone approach him. It was the familiar aura he felt earlier. Not bothering to look up from his book, he continued to read without interest in the approaching figure until he heard a greeting. Looking up from his book, Kai looked at a male boy now sitting across from him and frowned.

    The boy looked like someone that didn't exactly belong in the category of humans. He looked too... Bright. Or divine to be more specific, but since he seemed to take on a human form, Kai wasn't exactly too threatened by it. He was more suspicious as to why the boy approached him.

    "What do you want?" Kai asked the stranger coldly, Looking back down at his book. Why is he smiling like an idiot? And who is he? Iv'e never seen him around this area before... Kai thought as he waited for a response from the boy.
  10. Akiel just grinned, not at all put off by the cold reception. "I don't want anything. Just to know what you're reading. It looks interesting!" The cover did, anyway. It was dark and made of a substance the boy didn't recognize. There were runes scrawled all over it that he didn't recognize, either, probably in some ancient language. He'd have to remember a few and ask Elihu.

    The patrons of the cafe didn't pay much attention to them, though the air started to feel more happy and bright than before. Angles had that effect on their general environment. This one seemed to exude cheerfulness, in spite of his frightening performance earlier. Akiel wasn't on duty at the moment, however. Even his legs were a little short for the chair, and he swung his legs back and forth as he watched the other boy eagerly.
  11. Kai sighed and put the book down, away from the boy and glanced out the window before looking back at the boy again. Somehow, the air around him seemed to feel more cheerful and bright when the boy arrived, which Kai's suspicion grow. He wasn't sure why the boy decided to come up to him and talk to him without some kind of motive. It was strange... The stranger in front of him looked honest and innocent. Being by him, made Kai feel out of place even more then when he was with humans. They boy just seemed as if he was out of anyone's league.

    Not the type of person to judge, Kai wondered if the boy was also similar to him. Shrugging the thought away he picked up his cup to drink out of it. "It's just a book..." Kai responded flatly to the stranger's question. Observing the boy in front of him, swinging his legs back and forth, Kai was sure that the boy wasn't an ordinary human. Or more like, he wasn't human. An angel...? No, it can't be... Angels are supposed to rid of demons. Why would one come and talk to a demon? Kai thought as he looked away deep in thought.
  12. "But you don't look like the type to read 'just a book'," Akiel tilted his head to one side with a smile. "And you were really interested in it before." He found the different eyes of the other boy fascinating, as well as his whole aura. He wasn't a demon, that much Akiel knew, but there was something about it that felt sort of like demons. Yet, he also felt like the humans in the cafe…but not quite. Since half-breeds were very rare, and not the focus of his battles, he hadn't met one before, or even really heard about them. Unless the person sitting across from him was fully demonic, he had no quarrel with them. This one certainly wasn't- no full demon could ever hide themselves from an angel.

    "I'm Aki, by the way." He said, after realizing he hadn't introduced himself. "What's your name?"
  13. "You don't look like the type to read either... So why are you so interested to find out what book i'm reading?" Kai asked with a sigh. Kai wasn't exactly used to conversing with someone. Let alone someone like him. But since the stranger wouldn't leave him alone, he might as well. Just to pass the time anyway. Kai was sure that the person in front him wasn't a human and he definitely wasn't a demon either. Which led to only one thing. An angel... He didn't want to believe it, but no matter how many times he thought about it. It just seemed like the right answer.

    With the decision that the boy in front of him was an angel, his suspicion rose higher, but not as much as his curiosity as always.

    "Kai" he answered, mumbling slightly. As much as he was suspicious, he actually wanted to know why an angel would talk to him, but that was even more reason to keep his guard up.

    Every few minutes, Kai would look out the window keeping track of the people he saw that approached the shop, waiting... Knowing that they would come after him. To make him do their dirty work. Like they owned him. From the thought of that, Kai began to scowl again making the air around him darker and more depressing.
  14. "I don't?" the boy tilted his head, golden hair falling into those impossibly bright eyes. "But I read a lot….too much, in fact." Something Halcyon was always warning him about. Not that reading was a bad thing, but that he sometimes forgot to look where he was flying because he had a good book before his eyes.

    "Pleased to meet you, Kai!" the angel said cheerfully, smiling wider than ever. "Do you come here often?" If so, he would have to visit more often, too. Akiel didn't know why, but he felt drawn to the other boy, wanting to know more about him. Kai kept looking out of the window with an anxious expression, and soon, teh angel felt the air around him darken somewhat. Not that he was really affected himself, but he always noticed how others felt around him, and the humans that had been happily chatting suddenly fell silent, looking into their cups with worried faces.

    "Are you waiting for someone? You must not want to see them very much." he observed innocently, but with surprising shrewdness. "Maybe you should wait until later, when your mood isn't so strong." Kai was clearly able to project his emotions, but that wasn't unheard-of in humans. There were more than a few with special gifts. Akiel didn't see any need to pretend he didn't notice them in Kai, whatever the other boy was. Angels had the tendency to be painfully truthful at times.
  15. "No," Kai answered flatly, looking into his now empty cup. As if on cue, a waiter came and greeted Kai, filling up his cupand starting a small conversation with Kai.

    "Found what you were looking for?" A waiter in his teens asked Kai, winking at Aki at the same time. Although young looking, The waiter was actually quite older than what he looked. With that, he tended to use his youth to his advantage to attract female customers for the shop, often times making the taken one's boyfriends jealous. Everyone that worked at the shop knew what Kai was looking for. They knew that he was a half and most of the humans that came there frequently, knew Kai. Just not the reason why he was there.

    Seeing as the book beside Kai was definitely not what he was looking for, the waiter silently took his leave with a smile and attended to the other female customers.

    After the waiter left, Kai put his now filled cup down and looked at Aki. "You..." kai began about to make a cold and sarcastic remark, held himself back and finished his sentence quietly. "Talk too much." Not saying anything that sounded rude and cold for once, was rare for Kai, and he didn't even know why. Maybe it was because of the bright aura that Aki was giving off. Kai was honestly lost as to what was going on with him being around the angel. At first, kai thought of just coming clean, and stating that Aki was an angel and that he knew, but decided to keep silent about it.

    Suddenly, there was a phone ringing in the back of the room that Kai heard clearly, though the humans seemed to not take notice of it. Kai too decided to ignore it, until the owner of the shop came out and looked directly at Kai. At that moment Kai knew exactly who it was. "Don't answer it..." Was all Kai said from across the room, making the room silent. The humans looking at the shop keeper and at Kai questioningly.

    Nodding his head, the shopkeeper went to the back of the room letting the phone continue to ring. Most of the customers began to get annoyed and left the shop. Making the it now partially empty and quiet with a few people who decided to ignore it and stay. Gradually, Kai's demeanor began to darken gradually as he too was getting annoyed.

    Getting up out of his seat without a word, Kai walked to the room where the phone was and yanked out the chord. "Sorry," Kai mumbled apologetically to the owner. Understanding Kai's situation, the owner just nodded and continued on with his work as Kai walked back to his seat and sat down.
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  16. Akiel didn't know what Kai was saying "no" to, but wasn't the type to force answers. Not unless he was in battle mode. He let the matter go, smiling at the waiter and cheerfully returning his wink. Clearly, he didn't know there were other connotations to such a gesture, because it was wholly innocent. He just thought the waiter was being friendly. There was no fooling teh angel on his actual age, though.

    Akiel watched him leave, then turned back to the other boy, laughing with a musical tone when he was accused of 'talking too much'. "That's what my friend says." he grinned, speaking of Halcyon. The change in Kai's tone, however slight, was noted and appreciated. Aki definitely wanted to help him come out of his shell a bit.

    he was about to ask another question when the phone rang, and something about it touched a serious note in his chest. He didn't know why, but watching Kai's reaction….a customer, telling the cafe worker not to answer a phone, as though he knew who was on teh other end…. Akiel watched all of this transpire with a bemused look on his face. Very interesting.

    The moment Kai came back to his seat, Akiel leaned in, a concerned look on his face. Why he should feel any concern for a relative stranger would have been beyond human comprehension, but that was how an angel worked.

    "Hey, Kai… Are you in some kind of trouble? If you are, maybe I can help you." To the half demon, it may have sounded laughable, but Akiel meant what he said. The other boy looked so bothered by whatever he had heard over the phone that the angel's heart went out to him. Perhaps he could have used his powers to hear the conversation, but he hadn't. There was no compelling reason to invade Kai's privacy.
  17. Upon hearing Aki speak, Kai looked at the boy and shook his head. "It's not something you can help with," he said, his expression softening by the slightest bit from the boy's concern. Normally people wouldn't be too worried, especially if it was a stranger they just met and that somehow touched kai... A little. Yes, a demon touched by an act of kindness from a stranger. Maybe it was his human blood that made him that way. He didn't really know and would probably never know why. In all honesty, Kai didn't want anything to do with the demons that were above and in control of the other lower status demons. Especially, him... Half demons were considered lower than any of the other demons. If not, the lowest. Because of that, the higher status demons think that they have control over him. And he hated it.

    "Are you always like this?" Kai asked Aki, implying if Aki always stuck his nose into other people's problems. But then again, he was an angel. So of course he has to get involved with everyone's problems. Looking at Aki curiously, Kai decided to ignore the fact that the other demons would come after him soon and decided to pass the time with the angel.

    Knowing the shopkeeper, Kai knew that Natsume would drive them out by stating that the demons can not trespass his territory. If that happened, he just hoped that the other demons would leave quietly. For now, he was probably away from them temporarily by being in Natsume's shop.
  18. "Are you sure?' he asked, and a tiny smile curled his lips. "I know I don't look like much, but you might be surprised. I'd like to help if you're in some kind of trouble."

    At the strange question, Akiel blinked at him, not knowing what the other boy meant. "Always like what?" He was what he was, and knew nothing different. Aki couldn't be anything else, so he wondered what the other boy was talking about.

    "Am I doing something out of the ordinary?" That was one of the troubles junior angels always had. They didn't know enough about human behavior to blend in with teh crowd. Not that the higher-ranking angels ever did anything like some of the bad things humans did, they would have lost their powers. The higher-ranking angels simply knew how to be themselves without coming off as that different. Aki was still almost painfully angelic. He was, however, aware that there was some accord between Kai and the shopkeeper, and whatever strange business Kai was tied into. Humans got themselves into all sorts of jams, and Aki knew they would be happier if they didn't. Was Kai working for someone bad? Was it the drugs? What was so special about Kai that made the angel sense him so strongly?
  19. "It's nothing," Kai said, as he took a drink from his cup before putting it back down. "More than doing something out of the ordinary... The moment you walked into the room you were more than just out of the ordinary... Almost as if you were not human," Kai spoke honestly. Although Kai was a demon, he being a half made it easier to blend in with humans. He didn't even need to try, but he would if his emotions were taking control of him. His negative emotions would normally affect the humans around him, but tried to refrain from doing that. Tried... Doesn't mean he can. Though it doesn't bother him much, since humans can't tell when anything is out of the ordinary. They normally get depressed easily anyway.

    Looking at Aki, Kai noticed that something seemed to be bothering Aki. Not wanting to pry, he decided not to say anything and waited until Aki decided to say something about it. He didn't like to force things out of people unless it was serious. Or maybe if he needed information and they weren't willing to tell him. Other than that, Kai never really actually converses with people. Which brings him back to the topic as to why he found it strangely easier to converse with an angel.
  20. At this, the blond boy smiled, but didn't dispute Kai's claim, either. Angels couldn't lie, but they could evade when it came to their true natures. Most of the time, they didn't even have to worry about it, since humans tended to just think they were strange at worst.

    "You're very funny, Kai." The angel's eyes sparkled for a moment, then went back to their more worried sheen.

    He peered at the half demon with a gently searching look, tilting his head as if trying to suss him out. Usually, it was relatively easy to discern what was going on in the heart of a human, but this one had something in the way, like a mental block or something. Akiel brushed the golden bangs from his eyes, peering at Kai more closely. His voice lowered to a whisper.

    "You don't have to tell me, but….are you working for someone bad? Are they making you do things you don't want to?" His pale brow furrowed. "You don't seem happy…I think you'd rather sit and read your book and leave people alone." He was guessing, of course, but Akiel had seen enough of the world to know how it rotated. "I'd like to help you get out of it."
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