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  2. Lady Seiren Looking around as the new year had started she waited patiently for her students to arrive it was already evening. Tall, thin and curved in all the right places, she sat with one leg over the other on the edge of the desk. Tge desk was in front of the class room which looked more like a lecture hall. Her long raven hair falling to her hips and silver eyes that sparkled. Seiren awaited her fellow vampires those who have known her and glade to greet those who've never meet a pure blood. Most vampires wouldn't have know about pure blood because only those who were turned by them could be nobles. Seiren swings her legs boardly before the headmaster shows up to greet her. Normally she would have gone to his office but he was doing check ups and what nots. It wasn't like he was scared of vampires. One reason Seiren could command and controls them at will. For two he was an ex vampire slaver. His long plantium hair tied up with a ribbion swayed gently as his long legs cared him to her. "Hello Seiren." He smiles. "Headmaster Cross." She reply with her alto voice. Her voice was rather deep and elegant. Just by Seiren's voice you can tell she was an older vampire. One of noblity none the less.

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    Night Class plus fans equal Daichi hating going to class. Honestly, he wouldn't mind it so much if the Day students were removed from the equation. Why did they have to be so loud and annoying? Every time he had to walk past them, he would wince at the immediate noise, trying his best to block it out. He guessed that the attention was nice and all, but he could do without it. Sighing, he made his way through the large gape that was created so the Night students can make their way to class. Voices from each side were calling out his name, which he ignored. All he wanted to do was get through the crowd and get to class.

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  4. Carmen Granger

    It wasn't hard to tell one of the Night Class students was on campus, since a hoard of girls and guys alike stampeded toward the vampire. Carmen, who had been leaning on the wall near the gate, sighed with the usual roll of her eyes. Standing tall, she walked towards the group in long strides that brought her there quicker than if she had been shorted. Her brown hair swayed with each step and her amber eyes focused on only what was ahead. Shoving the Day Class students away, Carmen was able to stand beside Daichi. She could feel the glares of girl burning into her and the murmurs as well. Carmen shot the group a cold glare then grabbed Daichi by the arm and hurried him into the gate. She led him into he builind and down the halls, keeping alert. Upon reaching the class for Night Class, she opened the doors and entered, still holding onto his arm. Carmen realized she had walked in on the Pure Blood Seiren and the Headmaster. Releasing Daichi almost at once, she allowed her arms to fall at her sides. "There was a large crowd. I rushed him here." She told them with her usual firm and steady voice.
  5. Lady Seiren Hearing the door fly open she looked up to see two. Her silver eyes looking directly into the amber orbs of the brunette with her hair in a ponytail. "You must be Carmen Granger. Headmaster Cross was speaking highly of you the other day my dear." She says hopping off the desk. With her long legs she walks over to the human girl. I'm Lady Seiren de Salem, Its nice to meet you." She smiles gently as she holds out her hand to the girl. "And it seems this one couldn't simply walk to class. Each year your day class students get crazier Cross." She glares over to the headmaster. The Headmaster had found himself chuckling at her response before she asked him if he'd let just anyone enter this school. "I do not. They must take a test and of course I do background checks. In fact most students have had contact with a vampire though only those who are guardians actually know of their existance. And if I'm correct our student Daichi here, has a sister who is human. They where attacked a few years back and he had been turned protecting her after their family had been killed off." He says to her. "Is that so? Very well. This matter will have to be delt with. We'll have to have some sort of excuse why her brother is in the night class and she is not. It might cause commotion with the day class if she's found with the night class. Carmen. I have an assistant for you." She looks to the two students.

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  6. Carmen Granger

    Carmen stared into the silver eyes of the pure blood as she looked into hers. Carmen wasn't afraid of vampires, unless it was her. The one who took her sister as a slave, killed her parents, then tried to do the same to her. A small smile spread across Carmen's face as she heard the Headmaster had been speaking good of her but it quickly faded as the women walked towards her. "I'm well aware of who you are. I've heard of you many times and even spotted you some of the time. The Pure Blood, Seiren. otherwise known to be the leader of the other vampires such as Daichi here." She retorted calmly. Carmen listened to their conversation, not liking the fact that Seiren had just insulted Headmaster Cross. "Don't speak ill of Headmaster Cross, Seiren." She told her, voice like ice. Carmen didn't really mind the women but to speak badly of the Headmaster was one thing. With slight surprise to the women's words, Carmen raised a brow. "Assistant?" She repeated then shook her head and placed a hand on her hip. "I don't need one."
  7. Allegra Horris

    Nails, painted an vivid shade of red, ran through waves of pastel pink, tracing the curves and waves of the locks held back by a simple red ribbon. The limb slipped back to her side, settling on the curve of her waist as pink orbs peered behind her at the sea of black that was the day class students. A rather rowdy bunch on her opinion. Smirking, pale pink lips with a glossy hue widened in excitement before she chuckled. It was easy to take a route that avoided their mobs, so now she stood before the doors to the night class building, full of mirth and a mischievous gaze. She couldn't wait...

    Walking into the building she used ten minutes alone to find her room and drop her bags in with a small huff. She had only just got off the plane but thanked fate her parents had informed the school of her late arrival and so she had all her details, ready. Dropping her bag onto the bed, Allegra pulled out a dark blue notebook that by all appearances, seemed for academic purposes but in reality, was for her antagonizing habit of doodling.

    Pressed that to her side she grasped a pen before promising to unpack properly later as she had, to her misfortune, made it in time to attend the first day of classes. A soft yawn parted her lips and pulled at her features before she headed out from her room and out of the dormitories. The second she had left the premises of where she would soon reside for a while, pink eyes studied the scenery intricately before she headed off, following a hastily printed off map of the grounds.

    While she was walking, Allegra scratched idly at her cheek, humming in accompaniment. Now as much she really wanted to mess with the human occupants of the school, she had no motivation to even think about it now. She had to find her class and much, much more. Peering back down to the map she eventually crumpled within her hand as she slipped through the doors and to the halls.

    When Allegra finally did reach her class, she had stumbled onto a mass of others as well. Confused, she peered between them one by one before she studied them more intently. After a few minutes she spoke, her voice melodic and soft despite the underlying mischief. Pink eyes rested over on Seiren first. Allegra bowed at the waist. "Lady Seiren.." She greeted before standing up properly, adjusting her grip on her book. "Am I interrupting something?"
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  8. Lady Seiren "Oh she was not doing such a thing Carmen. Anything Seiren has to say is always welcomed. I've known her for many years now." Headmaster Cross says covering both himself and Seiren. "Oh but I was simply going to ask if you would escort his sister to him without the others knowing. If vampire or human found out their could be trouble. However seeing as you don't wish to I won't ask again." She says with a soft smile. Seeing pink orbs looking into her own silver ones. "Your not interrupting anything Ms. Horris, they were taking there leave." She says. Headmaster Cross nods taking his leave along with Carmen.

    "Carmen. Don't be so disrespectful." He says to her before leaving to his office.

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  9. Allegra Horris
    @Seiren @Kitsune
    Pink orbs peered between the head master and the pure blood before she rose a brow almost curiously to the interaction. She watched, with a purse of her lips, as the man left with the girl, causing her to further display her curiosity by cocking her head. "That's good." She replied, grinning slightly before she walked over to the nearest seat and propped the notebook upon the desk along with her pen. Pressing her palms against the desk she hopped up, perching herself on the ledge with a small hum as she watched the door. Looking over the room with a bored stare, Allegro seemingly paused for a moment before switching her attention back to Seiren and Daichi. "How many of us are there to come..?" She paused. "If I may ask." Eventually she had turned to look towards Daichi, blinking, before she pulled herself from where she sat and headed over to him, holding her hand out. "I am Allegra Horris, who are you?"
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  10. Valenkai Nomura
    Valenkai enters the room as Headmaster Cross is leaving. Vale stands aside and lets the headmaster pass on, greeting him with a simple farewell gesture then makes his way over to Lady Seiren. "Lady Seiren, I hope I'm not too late. I was attending to other, simpler matters." Vale bowed his head in respect to Lady Seiren then looked about the room. He noticed that only a few vampires were present at the time and was a bit confused. "Lady Seiren..." he started, "this isn't everyone, is it?" he asked hoping that the class would be much more packed. Looking about the many already presnet students, they didn't look to interesting at first glance. ​
  11. Lady Seiren "I am afraid there are not many more of us coming. There a few more nobles that have served by my side for years but they won't be joining until a few days later. Apart from them no. Others will not be joining." She says taking her seat on the desk in the front of the room. She crosses one leg over the other and sings them gently over the side of the desk. The woman's long dark hair falling to the side after being blown when a vampire with short violet hair comes threw the window. She sits quietly next to Seiren. "All that you've sent me out to do is done Milady." She says before vanishing once more out the window.

    Seiren smiled at the woman who was her bodyguard whom was rarely seen. "I guess I should go over the rules." She says her voice turning stern Azure silver eyes flickered crimson for a brief moment.
  12. Matthias "Saber" Aleph

    The Captain of the Guard walked through the halls of the school as the Night Class walked in the other way. He had lost one of his stakes earlier that night as he wiped black blood from his saber before sheathing it. The vampires had been so well behaved recently, but when a vampire chooses to attempt to feed on the human students the penalty, which has been the same since the school was founded, is death. Not only as a Guard but as the Captain of the Guard, Matthias held the responsibility of separating the two classes and doing the dirty work. While humans and vampires had separate punishments, they were still forbidden to see one another, save rare occasions such as festivals. And with one coming up soon, he'd be on his toes more than usual as all the Guards would be pulling triple-duty.

    "Ugh, time to get the paperwork done..." In all cases, whenever he killed a vampire he had to fill an annoying series of paperwork. This time it was one of the German vampires, a noble no doubt, but for now Matthias ignored the blood he was losing and filled out the paperwork. He'd hand the completed paperwork to one of the freshmen Guards to take to the Headmaster before going to the infirmary to get the gashes cleaned up and disinfected. He'd had enough vampire blood that spilled into him that his senses and reflexes were far more heightened than a typical human, allowing him to keep up with these supernatural bloodsuckers without becoming one of them.

    Soon enough, the nurse dismissed him for the second time this quarter after he changed into a new Night Class uniform and strapping his nickname-sake saber back to his side. Matthias, being human, was a Day Class student but he wore the Night Class uniform merely because it was all that fit him. He slung his pack back over his side, making a note to carve a new stake later. Otherwise, he'd have to ensure that the memories of the girl the vampire tried to feed on were erased, as news of the Night Class' true identities would be catastrophic. He'd inform Seiren, since mind-wiping was her specialty as it was. He'd return to the office he had that, as if part of some great irony, was between those of the Day Class and Night Class Student Council Presidents. He printed up a summary of the report to give Seiren when he saw her later, for now locking his office and leaving for a brief patrol.

    As he patrolled he found everything to be a bit too quiet, soon looking around and seeing the cheering of a crowd yelling at two combatants. In this case it was one of the new Guards and a new vampire. He then broke through the crowd, proceeding to punch the vampire in the face and send him down to the ground. He then looked at the Night Class students in disgust, ordering them all to head back to their classes before they ran with their tails between their legs, save the one pinned to the ground. He sent the Guard to the infirmary and then spoke to vampire. "If I catch you causing trouble like this again it won't just be me clocking you in the face, and you won't mercy from Seiren either, got it? The Headmaster will decide what to do with you." He then escorted the delinquent to the Headmaster's office in a search for Seiren, handing her the files as he walked into the room. "I hope I'm not intruding."
  13. Lady Seiren Hearing the door open she smiled. "You have impeccable timing Matthias. And not really. I was about to go over the rules and what not. I assume you have another report for me?" She asks as he handed her the papers. Her slightly smile fades and her eyes flicker crimson with rage. "Matthias. Please do reframe from killing my students. And it seems these two are at it again. Violet had told me of their... Games?" She says slapping the papers down on the desk next to her and hopping off.

    "I am telling you this now. Make me pissed and you'll regret every bit of it. Picking fights with the humans are uncalled for and if I have to hear that your picking fights or misbehaving... Well I guess you will learn the power of a pure blood." She hissed "Do I make myself clear!" Seiren then turns around and signs the paperwork. "Matthias. If they cause you any trouble send them to me. I don't tolerate disrespect and misbehavior."

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  14. Charon & Pandora Abelli
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    Two hands joined together as a small mumble pierced the empty hall that the two siblings were in. One, the smallest, shuddered at the ominous feeling to the silent building before huddling closer behind the taller, her brother more specifically. Her grip on his hand tightened considerably on his hand, prompting the oldest of the Abelli siblings to pause in his strides to peer over at Pandora. Charon tilted his head as his younger sister lowered her one, refusing to look up as she clung to his arm. It was a terrible thing to suffer anxiety by a crowd and to be scared to be alone. He sighed softly, his gaze following suit, as a larger gloved hand reached over and ruffled the light brown locks.

    "It's okay Dora..."

    Large eyes peered up at him before Pandora nodded her head softly, only to soften her grip only slightly. The halls were draped in a darkness that came from the upcoming dark that was the night. She was a night owl herself but these halls just appeared as if haunted, consumed by faces hidden in each corner. She shook her head quickly, dispelling the thoughts as she followed after her brother with faster steps.

    The sibling duo looked around the halls for signs of life, Charon's brows furrowed considerably before he sighed, exhausted by their constant search. "You are great with computers Dora the hell did you mess up on printing a map?" He asked, turning to face the younger with a raised brow. Pandora just blinked owlishly before looking back to the floor. "I forgot the printer was broken..." She quietly added to the conversation, if one could call it that, as she allowed her own gaze to study the halls. Her memory was considerably better and she hopes she would be able to try, at least, to work out where they were. "W-we just need to find a teacher...someone...and they can help us find the headteacher to give in our forms..."

    Both of them froze when they heard the shouting nearby, eyes going wide as they tried to make out exactly what the words spoke were from the distance. There was a silence between them both before they looked over to one another, the oldest nodding in understanding. Taking a better grip on Pandora's hand, Charon hurried in the direction of the shouting from before, a small grin slipping onto his features just barely. They wouldn't be lost! It took a minute or so to find what room exactly but soon, a gloved hand pushed open the large wooden doors with a following creak of the hinges. Two pairs of red eyes, maroon officially, peered into the room curiously at its occupant before they stepped inside.

    Pandora peered at them all from behind the protection of her brother, gaze becoming lidded, narrowed, as she awaited some conversation to form. Already she felt her heart rate increasing in mild anxiety. The two had entered so it was clear they would gain some attention and already it was freaking the youngest Abelli out. Looking around at them all, when her gaze caught on Valenkai she blushed, only to retreat fully behind Charon.

    Charon on the other hand stood tall, curious, but stood tall with a small smile upon his features. There was a silence most likely due to the previous shouting but he tried to avoid joining that silence and adding to the overall creepiness of the current occupants. "Excuse me..." He called out, cocking his head as brown locks spilled against his shoulders. "We heard shouting and we are somehow, lost, so could you help us?" He looked at them each once more. "Me and my Sister are trying to find the headmasters office...we need to give in some forms to start in each of our years..."

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  15. Allegra Horris
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    She returned to her seat after that, already having begun to doodle on the blank sheet in her book, head settled in the crook of her hand as she continued to draw a barely realistic bird that would be noted as a phoenix by the long tail feathers behind it. She had spent the last few minutes sketching the rough outline, barely paying attention to anyone. She was not, by far, trying to be disrespectful by her absence of attention but she bored and her attention was often taken from things that were important.

    She continued to run the dark blue pen at the edges of her sketched lines, filling in details to her creation as a sharp yawn parted her lips, keeping pinkish orbs upon the paper and lines. Allegra only looked up when the shouting occurred. Brows raised as she dropped her pen into the spine of the book, leaning back against her seat to listen carefully to the pure blood. The threat of the pure blood was a deep one that even spiked fear into her as she settled her head back upon her hand. Allegra doubted her parents would be happy if she got in the bad books of the pure blood they were so enticed with.

    The noble vampire sighed deeply, nodding her head in understanding. "I'll behave..." She mumbled, her tone having a slight curve of reluctance to it. "I wonder how this year will end..." Was the quiet addition to her words as she shut her eyes tiredly. The trip alone was exhausting. Now she was thinking about the outcome of her time here. Would she still report on Seiren to her parents? Did the pure blood already know of her parents intentions of sending her here? That made her chuckle, only followed by the sudden closing of her notebook.

    The pink haired girl paused, her gaze snapping around when two humans entered the room. The smallest was hidden behind the back of the other while the male of the duo stood before the room of vampires and guards with an almost goofy smile on his lips. Allegra raised her brows, a sly grin peering on her lips as she refrained from piping up. While she wanted to try and scare the living crap out of these two, she refrained and waited to see what would happen.​
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  16. [​IMG]
    Daichi was silent as he watched everything happen around him. He was resting on one of the many desks that decorated the classroom. His eyes would flicker from one speaker to the next. As time went on, people would leave and come, filling up the once empty classroom. He would merely watch as they entered, not saying a word. That was until one vampire walked up to him. Blinking owlishly, he had to take a moment before he registered that the vampire was introducing herself to him. Eyes flickering to her hand, the teen gripped it in his own and gave it a shake with a small smile. "Nice to meet you Allegra. I'm Daichi Yamazaki," he responded, introducing himself. Letting go of her hand, his focused drifted to another vampire who entered the room. Hearing his concern, it made Daichi wonder as well. Was this all of them?

    The blue-green haired teen's eyes snapped back to Seiren and widened comically. He had heard of the power that Pure Bloods possessed, but he never witnessed it before. And, frankly, he would like to keep that way. Talk about scary, he thought as he nodded, a gesture of understanding. It was silent afterwards, but that only lasted for so long. The door was open once again and, this time, two humans entered the room. Seeing that they were lost, Daichi only stared at them. If Sora was here, she'd help these poor souls in a heartbeat, he thought with a soft smile. Unfortunately, she wasn't and Daichi was definitely not going to. So, he wondered who would come to their rescue.

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    Sorry for being MIA for quite a while. Hopefully, I was able to catch up with everything ^^]​
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  17. Lady Seiren Happy with the reactions of her threat she dismissed Matthais and continued a few other things including signing off on the paper work given to her. This was the time for the others to talk and what not.

    Well that was until she was interrupted by doors opening. Humans had walked into the class. Seiren was on would could hold her thrust and urge to attack. Her silver orbs meet those of the two who walked in. "Your day class students." She says closing her folder of paper work "I'll show you. I have a few things I need to give to him anyways." She then walks out the door motioning them to walk with her. "Behave yourselves. I'll be right back." She glares at the vampires before walking out and closing the door. "Headmaster Cross's office is not to far from here. I will have to tell you as head of the night class, day class students are not to be walking around at night while night class students are in class. After you leave class for the day you'll report back to your dorms." She says as the turn the hallways. After a few moments she walks into the house like place which was were the Headmaster stayed. She knocked on his office door before walking in. "Oh Seiren. I'm surprised to see you here. Who might these two be?" He asks as she walks over to his desk. "Two day class students who have wondered into my class because they got lost. I do believe they have sign in sheets. Also these are the reports on the night class Matthias has given to me."

    Seiren then takes her leave. "Hmm. Abelli siblings. Yes I've been waiting your arrival. Well go over the rules as well as other things." He says taking their paperwork "Any questions before I start?"
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  18. Charon & Pandora Abelli

    The duo looked at the room curiously, specially how the gazes stuck to them, before they both became attentive upon the one named Seiren. Charon, as the eldest, blinked curiously before nodding. "That would be great, thank you." He replied, bowing slightly before shifting to follow. The oldest would peer behind at Pandora as she slowly escaped from behind him. "You okay?" He checked again, only to receive a small nod and a smile. "Good. " He whispered back before following after Seiren.

    As they were walking through the halls, Pandora had pulled out her phone and allowed her eyes to roam over the emails sent to her. She had kept up on some of the jobs she was doing despite her new attendance in the school. Though she was terrified of being separate from Charon, due to the age difference, Pandora aimed to distract herself with this. Charon on the other hand walked closer to Seiren, his head tilted. "So...we interrupted your classes?" He asked, furrowing his brow. "We apologize...We just couldn't find the office to give in our papers..." He mumbled, sighing deeply. "Oh, I'm Charon Abelli...That's Pandora, my little sister."

    When they walked into the office, both of the siblings expressions relaxed due to relief. Charon pushed Pandora lightly so she could take a seat, only getting another nod. Charon on the other hand bowed gratefully to Seiren before turning to the headmaster. "We really are sorry..." He added in reassurance before he grinned. "We'll have to learn the rules again huh, Pandora?" He asked playfully, only getting a bland stare from the other. "...I know them already." She whispered softly, peering back to the phone's screen. "...Seriously?" He asked, only to get no response. "We were lost...It wouldn't matter if I told you..." Pandora finished. Charon narrowed his gaze before taking a seat also, pulling out the papers for them both and setting them before the headmaster. "These are our papers and I have to say now Pandora may avoid...well, talking, to anyone...She has social anxiety.." He warned, leaning back. "So..what are the rules other than be in the dorms after classes?"

  19. Head Master Crosszeria

    "Well apart from your normal school rules we have a few others. One will be day class students will not wonder around the school grounds at night. If you want you can be outside but only on day class dorm grounds. Day class student stay off night class dorm grounds and vice versa. Its prohibited for night and day class to interact other then special events. We have Guardian's who watch over the grounds between transactions of day and night. We don't have any problems with night class wondering around during the day but day class students always wonder around wanting to get to know the night class. But like I said its prohibited." He says filling out the papers and looking them over. "Normally we sperate boys living and girls living however for siblings its allowed they share a room if wanted." Getting up he files the paper work and looks over at the door to see Seiren once more.

    "You have returned? What is it now?" He asks her. She then walks up to the desk. "No reason particular. I figured I'd at lest stick around for some tea. Its been sometime since we have sat down and talked." She smiles before looking to the two humans. "Would you like some?"
  20. Charon & Pandora Abelli

    Charon listened carefully as his fingers tapped against his pant leg, gaze narrowed in concentration, lips pursed as he nodded away. Pandora only peeked up from behind her phone, large red eyes staring at the headmaster intently. By the end, they had peered over at one another before nodding, only to turn back and look at the other two. "Understood." Pandora murmured, trying to sink further into the comforts of her chair as Charon just grinned. "Though...Why is there two classes?" He mumbled, curiosity peaking due to the information. His sister on the other hand locked the phone and pressed it into her lap, looking between the head teacher and night class head. "We can share?" Her voice was still as timid as ever, barely being louder than a whisper. "That would be great!"

    When Seiren asked about the tea, It was Pandora who switched her attention to her as doe like eyes waited a moment before she nodded. "...Yes please, Miss." She mumbled with a small attempted smile. Charon on the other hand nodded in agreement to the statement.

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