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  1. “Time, it is something for which everyone is only given a finite amount. The problem is no one quite knows the amount they've been given until it’s too late. Time, it is what controls this existence which for any given individual is completely linear. However, the linear direction of one being’s life need not match the linear direction of another’s. In fact, some of us live out our lives outside the timeline of the very planet on which we are born. We are the Servants of Time, and it is our job to preserve the timelines of those who have no idea we even exist. For me, that means the inhabitants of a small blue planet called Earth.”

    Year: Irrelevant, Location: A Bubble Outside Time

    Esot, Earth’s Servant of Time. That is my designation. My name . . . well I have not gone by my birth name in a very long time. In the grand scheme of things that name is irrelevant. All that matters is that when I work with others they have something to address me by. Now days I tell those I encounter to call me Bode. It’s a simple enough name, pronounceable in nearly any time I may be called upon to visit. I have visited more time frames then even the longest living human has years. And yet I live in none of them.

    I exist for the most part outside time. Separated from the rest I instead wait and watch. I correct any problem prevent any disasters. It is my job to ensure that time continues to move forward, whatever direction forward might be.

    The sky outside my bubble is an apparent mass of stringy, wispy clouds that twist and change as I watch them from a well cushioned lawn chair positioned on the deck of my home. We perhaps I shouldn't really call it a sky. What it is, is a visual representation of Earth’s time stream projected onto the bubble’s surface so that I can watch it comfortably. In my younger years a simple monitor was sufficient, but I am no longer young. To a normal human I would appear to be in my early eighties, but as I only age when I exist within a time-frame, well, I’m sure you get the point.

    There, just above the horizon, one turns red and I know. It is time. Not just any time, but time for me, time for a select few others, time to get to work. I already know who they are. In a way we have already met, even though we have yet to meet, and I know what will happen even though it has yet to play out. Because in a way, it has already happened before.

    I stretch and climb slowly to my feet, groaning slightly as I reach for my cane and slide my feet back into my fur lined slippers. No, I am definitely not getting any younger. With slow determination I make my way back into my house locking to door behind me, before heading to the control room of S.T.A.N. This time I do use the monitors even though I already know, or at least strongly suspect, what I will find. A name flashes across the screen Henry yes I had expected that. My mind begins to wander to times long past even as I pull up more files of those people who had been closest to him, most influential in Henry’s life, whether they realize it or not. Five total. I will need their help. I’m getting too old to run after these characters on my own, and besides, in way their help has already been given.

    The only decision to make now is which to approach first, even though in a way that decision has already been made.
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  2. Year: 2016, Location: A neighbor's house

    Xanthia stood from under the desk. "There. Computer's fixed." She said, patting the monitor. The man handed her twenty dollars which she slipped into her pocket before going outside. She jumped on her bike, sighing slightly. She remembered riding down the street, racing Henry.. I wonder where he went..It's been two weeks.. She shrugged the thought from her head. She had time to wonder about that when finishing her homework. She tucked her hair behind her ear and slipped her helmet over her head before kicking off, pedaling easily towards her house down the block.

    When she arrived, she locked her bike to the rack in the garage and ran upstairs to her room, falling back on her bed and pulling out her own laptop.

    ---Password Accepted._
    Setting up diagnostics___
    Computer ready.

    She pulled up her lab report and started on the second page of the engineering process. It was easy and the sentences started typing themselves on the paper easily as her fingers glided over the keys.
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  3. Year: 25052 Location: City of Delfia University (modern Philly)

    Delfia wasn't tolerant enough for people like Mondanda. No city on Earth was. They'd grown up with Adam and Eve, and the notion that Adam had been replaced by another gender didn't appeal to them. True, Delfia was infinitely more tolerant than Bama in the south. Her family denied it as long as they could, and when she was outed, she lost her promising future as a runner. If she ever saw that mofui Henry again she'd kick him in his Y-chrome balls. She should've expected something like that from him. Of course he was throw-back; he had five fingers for heaven's sake! Who still had five fingers? That was a throw-back all the way from the 9th millenium!

    She was so glad she could defect to the Upper Amer when she got the chance. Still, the standard earth law applied. She looked at the Z sewn into her etheral jacket with disgust. People didn't look at it with the same disdain they'd shown in Sout Amer, but it did prevent many a conversation. She had hoped to run into someone at the University during her studies, relying on the never fail stereotype of experimenting during higher education. However, there was experimenting and then there was getting together with a Zed Chromat, and that seemed to be two different things.

    At least she was doing well in her classes. She could be doing well in others, but Mondanda suspected that some of her professors were against her gender. At least she was excelling in the fields she cared about: exo-planets and topography. She was well on her way to getting a degree in research, and then she could go out of System to see some planets beyond the Frontier.

    But first lunch. Her stomach growled, demanding attention. The University greenhouse offered an excellent salad, which she had with a fattening, 23,000 year-old gift from the past, a burger, made from synthesized cattle protein.
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  4. Year: 2489, Location: a small personal apartment in the city of New Dallas

    Dr. Hillary Daestram sighed and leaned back in the wickerwork chair she had set up on the small deck of her apartment over looking the city park near her building. All right so the chair wasn't wickerwork, it was an artificial substance made to look like wickerwork, and she wasn't overlooking the city park so much as she was overlooking the city itself. She was on the thirtieth floor after all.

    Hillary heaved a sigh, took a sip of her jubjub juice and went back to grading papers. She often had to wonder if she’d feel the same grading grade-school work, but what her first year history college students lacked in talent they made up for in creativity. The reports in the pile in front of her ranged from what would happen if Lorenzo de Medici had never been able to patron a slew of famous artists, to what would have happened if the S.A.R. members hadn't managed to take control of the G.N.S. communications systems during the Second Great American Revolution. Their assignment, a report on how events in history had influenced what the world was today. Hillary had to admit that so far, she was impressed.
  5. Year: Irrelevant, Location: A Bubble Outside Time

    It doesn't take me long to shift though the files and choose the first to approach. The first male, Avery Malster, is in the middle of a war, my timing has to be perfect for that one. I can’t run the risk of setting S.T.A.N. on a battlefield. The Zed, Mondonda Maixing dislikes men, it’ll be easier to approach her if the other girl is already on board. The other man is Ryan Dunderhill. He will find me. As for my chosen contact, Xanthia Sight, she’s younger then the others and she was closest to the target. If any of them will be willing to help me find Henry it’ll be her.

    I move to the control panel and after checking the calculations I set the S.T.A.N. for a shift. Fortunately for this jump I won’t have to move it from the re-materialization location. Things are always a bit easier when I don’t have to move the S.T.A.N. There’s a faint whirring sound as the process is completed and before the Gateway fully materializes in its new time I set the visual parameters to resemble a small blue police box and set it in a shady corner of the nearest city park.

    I’d gotten the idea for this design from a 20th century television show called “Doctor Who”. Love that show. It’s been a great deal of help to me despite its numerous flaws when it comes to temporal mechanics. From the late 1960s into the early 22nd century I can have S.T.A.N. take the form of the police box, re-materialize it anywhere, and nobody thinks it’s anything more then a marketing gimmick.

    There’s one more thing I have to do before I can leave my bubble though. Before a fish will bite, the hook must first have bate.

    Year:2016, Location: A City Park

    It’s a bright sunny day when I step outside my bubble into 2016. Not much different from what I expected to find. Children playing on the park play set, Parents watching while gossiping over the latest political news, a dog runs off his leash as it chases a tennis ball. A perfectly ordinary day for everyone involved. Every one except one unsuspecting individual.

    She’s sitting at a picnic table nearby, books spread out all over, doing homework apparently. I summon a friendly smile as I make my way over to her leaning heavily on my cane and holding tightly to the object in my free hand. A soft breeze blows rustling her papers and ruffling my thinning, now white hair.

    “Excuse me miss,” I croak getting her attention and holding up an ipad. “but my granddaughter gave thing to me as a gift, and I’m afraid I dropped it. It won’t turn on anymore. I was told you might be able to fix it for me?” It was a simple thing, a single damaged component. She should easily be able to replace it and get it working again. What I don’t tell her is that the moment she turns it on there’ll be a rather important message on the screen. The kind of message the should grab her attention.
    I leave the ipad and an small stack of money on the corner of the table next to her. On top of it I place a business card with a phone number she can call when the repair is done. Then I turn and slowly, carefully make my way back to the other side of the park where the S.T.A.N. is parked.

    It may take a day, it may take two, but eventually she’ll find the message, and if I'm right she’ll call me. I smile, satisfied, as I step back into my blue police box.
  6. Year: 2016, Location: Local Park

    Xanthia didn't look up from her work as the man approached. "Hello. Of course, I'll fix it." She glanced at the iPad. "Two days max, but I should be able to get in done in one day." she said, looking back down at her homework as he walked away. She did, though, move the iPad, money and card into her bag for safety. She took her costumer's possessions very seriously, and she didn't want anything stolen.

    A few minutes later she gathered her books and homework and picked up her bag, starting towards her house about a block away. Xanthia would put her homework in her backpack and then she'd get to work on the man's iPad. She figured she'd probably get it done by early in the morning or tomorrow night, depending if she decided she was tired tonight or not.
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  7. Year: 1941 Location: Small French Village off the Coast of the English Channel

    Avery sat in the tall church bell that overlooked the town. The cobblestone roads were filled with patrolling soldiers in dark green uniforms. Every colour in the world seemed washed out and dulled by grey and sadness. The British army was in the town for a few days to supply themselves before marching forward towards the front lines. He tapped out the remaining life in his cigarette and leaned back to think.

    Henry has been gone for three days, it felt like a week with all that happened in the past few days. He quietly thought about the friendly rivalry he and Henry had with each other. His casual rival transferred out of the regiment to someplace unknown to Avery. He tapped his foot against the window sill and looked out into the distance. It had been a very quiet day for watch and waited for the knocking on the trap door beside him signalling his relief. Staying in the tower was lonely yes, but it was possibly one of the safest places in the town. Unless of course there was an air raid, but that was very unlikely for this town.
  8. "Hi there. I couldn't help noticing you're a Zed."

    Mondanda looked up at the rather personal question. The woman who had come over wasn't of course speaking English. English was an ancient dialect that only a few worlds beyond the Frontier still used. That's why she had taken it as a second language, though she had the hardest time with contractions. The woman who had taken the seat beside her had Intel glasses over her excitingly bright green eyes, as well as a clear plastic pane in her hand. It was the sort of thing remenicent of a census taker and it made Mondanda immediately distrust the girl, even though she looked like a fellow student.

    Mondanda quietly cursed the Z on her jacket and nodded. "Yeah, I'm a Zed. Is there a problem?"

    "Oh, no problem," the woman said. "You see, I'm a sociology major and I was wondering if I could ask you some questions."

    "Questions about being a Zed?"

    "Well yes. You see, it's been documented that men and women think differently, even though the generalizations aren't universal," she said. Mondanda was quickly disliking her overuse of "you see." It was starting to feel patronizing. "I was wondering if I could talk to you and see if I could find out how Zeds think, since they don't technically fall into either catagory."

    She'd heard this sort of thing before, sat through reports by her fellow students with gritted teeth. Everyone thought the Zeds were either just like women, hampered by their mutation mentally, or the worst rumors, that they were some kind of mindless sex fiends. None of these were true, and she hated anyone who kept encouraging these notions. She didn't want to push them even further along.

    "Sorry, but I've got somewhere to be," she said. "Don't really have time."

    "Oh but it will only take a minute."

    But it was too late. Mondanda had already pulled her Rollrider over her head, where it unfolded and settled itself into her two-wheeled speedster. She climbed on quickly and was off.
  9. Year: 2016, Location: Home

    Xanthia finished putting her things away and sat down at her workbench, starting to work on the iPad. "Hmm.." She pulled out her tools, prying the back off and looking at the panels and the motherboard. "Easy enough, shift in wires.." she mumbled to herself, using a pair of tweezers to move them around and reconnect a few of them. "No...shoot." She groaned as a wire bent. She sat back and picked up her phone, flipping through the contacts. She found the one she wanted and sent a quick text. 'Black wire 1/4 inch, no questions, add to credit'. The reply: 'Okay. Give me a min and I'll be there'.
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  10. Year: 2489, Location: a small personal apartment in the city of New Dallas

    Hillary sighed and put the last graded report down on the pile she'd started on her living room coffee table. That was it, she was done for the night. now she could spend the rest of her evening relaxing and watching old films. She loved old films. Hollywood may not have always been true to the history they were portraying, but one could always tell something about the history of the time in which the film was made.
  11. Year: 2016, Location: Home

    Xanthia, now obtaining the wire she needed, fixed the iPad completely. She looked over it, making sure all the wires where clean and attached to the right places. She glanced over the case and noted the dents and a few scratches. "Easy enough." She stood, moving to her closet and opening the door. Instead of having clothes and shoes, it was filled with various electronic parts and accessories. She pulled out an iPad back along with a case, fitting them to the iPad and smiling. "There." She turned it on, opening it. She opened a antivirus network and did a virus check.

    File Check...
    File check complete. iPad clean.

    "'s that ca-" She was cut off by a message that came on the screen. Did that just say..Henry... She picked up the card, staring at the iPad with a determined set face. She typed the number into her phone and sat back, the phone ringing.
  12. Year: Irrelevant, Location: A Bubble Outside Time

    I woke to the ringing of my phone. Well not a phone exactly, but it functioned like one and it was fully compatible with most of Earth’s communications devices. Reaching down I put the leather recliner I’d been sleeping in back into an upright position and then stretching out a hand to the nearest console pressed a button.

    “Hello?” I answered hoping I didn't sound too groggy, “This is Bode.” I listened as the girl on the other end explained that she had found my message when she had fixed the ipad. Glancing around my control room as she talked I had to smile as she demanded an explanation. I gave her one, though I kept it short and to the point.

    . . .

    “Every word I've said to you is true.” I finished explaining, “and if you come to the Blue Police Box in the corner of the park I’ll prove it. Yes, I said Blue Police Box. Please bring anything you feel you might need for a week away. Henry is in trouble and needs help, but saving him could take some time.” I kept my voice calm, but hopefully she’d understand that the situation was urgent as well. “But I promise, I’ll have you back home before anyone even notices you've done more then take a short walk.”

    Hanging up the phone I turned and picking up my cane, move to the door. If I remembered correctly there is a bench close by and I planned to wait for Xanthia there.
  13. Xanthia looked down at her phone as the beep sounded, telling her the phone call was cut off. She sighed. "Wow...Well...looks like I've got some work to do." She stood, looking around. She emptied her backpack onto her bed, putting three changes of clothes in the bottom. Then she picked up her small tool-kit, putting it on there and then her phone. She pondered what else to bring and pulled a jacket from the closet, slipping it on and putting on a pair of sunglasses. These weren't any sunglasses. These where of her own creation. Temperature gauge, heat-detectors, motion-detector, bodily functions monitor, the works. It took her two years to create them, and one thousand dollars, but she thought it was worth it. She pulled on her back pack, picking up the iPad and starting out the door, leaving her bike and choosing to walk.

    Three minutes later she arrived at the park, looking around a little before she noticed the man on the bench. Ahh..there he is. She approached casually, holding the iPad out. "There..all fixed." She said quietly, hesitating. "'ll need quite a lot to prove it mister..but I'm ready." I just want my best friend back..
  14. Year:2016, Location: A City Park

    I waited patently for Xanthia to show and it only took a few minutes. She handed me the ipad and I was pleased to see that she seemed to have packed her backpack for a long trip. Good. That meant that even if she wasn't quite ready to believe me at least she was willing to listen.

    "Miss. Xanthia, I'm glad you came." I tried to smile kindly. "You may call me Bode." leaning heavily on my cane I sat down on the bench and began to explain.

    "The Henry we are going to save is not quite the Henry you remember." I began without preamble. "For one thing he will be far older. You see that project he's been building secretly in his parent's garage this past year, the one he would never let you see, was a recreation of H.G. Well's time machine. Unfortunately for Henry it worked. He had been bouncing around in time for some time now." I smiled slightly at the twisting of the phrase, "and has chosen a path that may lead to his own destruction. As the Servant of Time it is my job to bring him home. It is my hope that with your help, and the help of a few others, we might be able to apprehend him without too much of a struggle, convince him to come willingly even. - Of course we'll have to find him first."

    I paused taking in her expression before continuing, "As for proof, the only proof I can offer is inside." and I gestured at the blue police box. "If you like I will wait out here while you look around."

    I hoped that the moment she stepped through the gateway and into my bubble she would be convinced. After all my bubble was far bigger that the S.T.A.N.'s current form would lead anybody to believe. Neither did I have any fear that she might try to lock me out and steal it. Not only did I have to only key, but working the S.T.A.N. required a pass-code she would never guess in her entire lifetime - my full given name.
  15. Xanthia stared at the police box and sighed, stepping towards it and opening the door. The moment she did, her eyes widened and she closed it, turning to face the man. She narrowed her eyes.
    "Mr. Bode..this breaks all laws of physics and is impossible to exist..."
    she sighed, closing her eyes a moment before looking at him.
    "so I must say this leads me to believe you are correct, meaning I have no choice but to follow my mind and say yes. I am convinced. and I will help you with Henry."
    she said quietly, crossing her arms loosely. It's completely impossible for this to happen...but I'm not dreaming..this can't be right...none of this..yet... She could remember all of the current conversation and nothing was floating around or anything. she sighed. She knew it had to be true. she had just stood there silently, listening to his entire explanation. It had to be true.
  16. Time period: 1940s Location: French village near the English Channel.

    Avery was pulled out of thought when he heard the floor below him knock in a quiet pattern. He jumped up and pushed the chair away from the door and threw the door open. Another officer tapped his foot waiting for Avery to clear out of the small bell tower. The soldier unloaded his sniper before jumping down to his relief's level. He gave him a good tidings before running down the stairs and into the quiet town. Avery had been hungry most of his shift and hoped he could get more than a tiny plate of food to fill him. It wasn't likely but a man could hope.

    He slung the sniper rifle onto his shoulder comfortably and headed to the mess hall hoping to catch the end of lunch. He walked in and waved to his COs and stood in line for lunch. When he sat down he had a small plate of fried spam and mash potatoes. He thought it was better than nothing and dug into the food. How he missed his mom and sisters' cooking. Large breakfasts when they could afford it filled with real ham, hashbrowns, and blood pudidng. Avery was just salivating with the thought of it.
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  17. Year: Irrelevant, Location: A Bubble Outside Time

    She agreed almost as soon as she set foot inside and saw my proof, of that I was grateful. I had not been certain it would be that easy.

    I watched Xanthia as she looked around, her expression one of shock and amazement. I imagine that once, long ago, my own expression might have been much the same upon first being introduced to such a thing as time travel. But now, for me, the gateway was common place. I explained to her how it worked; that the inside was not bigger than the outside but that she had instead been transferred through the gateway elsewhere.

    "Please," I started when I was done explaining, "if you go to the stairway in the next room and two floors down, you will find a number of guest suits. Choose one for yourself. The closet should have everything you need to decorate it for your comfort, and while you are doing that I will move the S.T.A.N. to the next time-frame." Even as I spoke I was already making the necessary calculations, setting the coordinates, figuring out how close I could get to our desired location without needing to move the S.T.A.N. too much. it was beginning to seem that no mater what I did we would land in an ocean when an idea occurred to me. Instead of taking the S.T.A.N. to my next target, why not first try to get that target to come to me?

    Yes, in this time period if I instead placed us in Nomad City . . . running through a new set of calculations I had to smile. it only took a few minuted to reprogram the necessary equipment and setting the visual parameters the S.T.A.N. should take upon materialization, I waited as the faint wiring sound that accompanied the process indicated that everything was functioning properly. The S.T.A.N. was set. Anyone who walked passed it on the other side would see nothing more then a little used office door, that matched all the doors in a row of doors, in a rather secluded corner of a large office building in down town Nomad City.

    Now I just have a letter to write and send. perhaps, once she's settled in, Xanthia will help me.
  18. Xanthia followed Bode's instructions, making her way to one of the guest rooms. She chose number 3, the closest to her lucky number, 13. Unusual right? The most unluckiest number was lucky for her. As the thought crossed her mind, she smiled slightly, opening the door to the room. She opened the closet, taking out a few things and decorating the room, taking her possesions from her backpack and organizing the room. She laid back on the black sheets now on the bed and sighed. "Here we go..into some strange dimension..." she thought. "All for Henry..." she sat up. "Let's do this."
  19. Year: 25052 Location: Out of Delfia, on the edge of Nu York Sity

    The Rollrider took Mondanda fast and far from Delfia, perhaps too far than was wise for the night. It was all because of that stupid sociology major, she told herself. She had gotten Mandanda's blood boiling at the thought of another biased study of Zeds, and had travelled so far along the ring she was in danger of never making it back to Delfia in time for class tomorrow. How little she cared; her exoplanet class wouldn't be open tomorrow anyway.

    The ring she rode her rider through was the end result of Earth's war with the Martian colonists, who were tired of another planet ruling them and wanted to take charge for themselves. Asteroid bombardment was the new means of warfare, and it nearly wiped out both planets. Mondanda found it typical that this was done in an age where men were overwhelmingly in charge. She also noted the poetic irony that the symbol for Mars, War, and Men were the same image. The aftermath led to the world she knew: one where the landscape suddenly gave way to long curves of rocky beach in gigantic circles, the edges of meteor impacts. Old cities and new ones adapted to these, building on them. It was ancient history, the one bit of ancient history she knew.

    She stopped with Nu York's skyline in view. Like Delfia it had been around since the 1st millenium, but age had made it grow only greater, whereas Delfia had changed little in terms of size. Through six millenia it had been the center of the world, and many would argue (mostly Nu Yorkrs) that it still was. She often thought Nomad Sity would look something like this.

    An unexpected ping drew her attention downward. Like everyone else, she had a thin strand of smart plastic and silicon around her wrist. It was her network connection, and not just Earth's network. All she had to do was go to a plug base and she could quantumly communicate out to anyone inside or outside the System. Not that she had anyone to communicate with. Mondanda's inbox had been all but empty since she established it. The only messages she ever got were from her professors. Even her family didn't ping. She'd considered deleting it in the past, so that's why she was surprised by the ping. She rubbed her finger on the appropriate place and the message projected itself in front of her.

    1 new message:

    Mondanda Maixing:

    You have been selected to take part in a field journey. Your aptitude in geology and topography has proven very impressive, and it is generally felt that your talents are wasted in the classroom. Enclosed inside this message is a passage to let you into Nomad Sity. The office is located at 2243 on Kulao Street, off the corner of Vagabond. Hope to see that your passion and desire is just as great as your talents.

    There was no indication who it was from, but the passage was definitely authentic. Mystery or not, Mondanda was excited. Someone had picked her in one of those scholastic talent searches she heard about. They couldn't expressly claim it, but how else would they have noticed her? She jumped back on her Rollrider and made a u-turn back to Delfia, her goal to get packed, get her passage verified and printed, and then head to Nomad Sity.


    It took her three days to do all this, and when she got to Nomad Sity Mondanda couldn't stop looking at, well, everything. Every culture in the world was represented here, and they blended together into a colorful, beautiful mess. There were a hundred space elevators, looming higher and bigger than any skyscraper she'd ever seen, and all looking very close together on the surface, but they spread out when they got past the atmosphere, leading up to massive ports on the edge of space. How she longed to see the other worlds, Genaisis, or even Charon on the edge of her own System. Nomad Sity didn't have a single resident; everyone was a temporary worker. Some were cooks, some handled the elevators and the offices, all of them just working to make enough money to afford passage on board a ship. She herself would be willing to work there for twenty years if it meant going out and seeing things she never had before. Whole new worlds. Wow.

    The excitement, however, dwindled when she found the office. It was so...unassuming. Mondanda, hoped, however, that appearances weren't deceiving. It did not, however, look like anyone was home. It was just a door. She decided to wait, should someone come back to it.
  20. Year: Irrelevant, Location: A Bubble Outside Time

    I wait patently for Xanthia to reemerge from the lower levels of my home shifting the S.T.A.N. forward several days so that time's passage on the other-side of the gateway will coincide with my own. I have to shift it in increments, slowly, moving it slightly between every singly shift so that no one on the other side will notice that the door has apparently moved as the Earth continues in it's rotation, but fortunately the hallway is so little used that no real trouble arises.

    When Xanthia reappears I calmly explain to her about the time period outside the door, how humanity has evolved and technology changed.
    "One of the people I hope will help us should be arriving outside any minute now. Her name is Mondanda. I've sent her a message and directions, but now I need your help." I smile reassuringly. "you need not go much farther than the door, but I would like you to go outside and introduce yourself when she arrives. Tell her about me, and explain that we are on a mission to stop Henry. She doesn't like Henry, but I hope she be willing to help us stop him before he can cause any harm. Tell her about the time travel. If she needs more information I would be happy to explain, but I know this particular individual is not prone to trusting men. I'm hoping she will be willing to at least listen to you. The fact that you still have your pinky should at least lend you some credibility."
    Please Xanthia, are you up for it?"
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