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  1. *An 11 year old boy walks around the city just outside the district of the bording school he goes to. He passes by the business of his father, a parent who is unaware of his existance due to the boy having a horrible illness nearly taking his life when he was born, him having to live in the hospital for the 1st 4 years of his life getting treated, but the boy's parents never being contacted about him surviving the illness because his birth certificate was lost shortly after he turned a year old*
  2. In the same area was a young male around the age of eighteen years old. He was only dressed in his long red coat and olive tan, baggy trousers. His coat was zipped up and belted to protect his bare chest from the elements. It was already chilly outside and it was also raining a bit. Not too hard, but enough to dampen the pavement he was walking on. He did not have his sword with him, the Rebellion. He did have Ebony and Ivory with him, safely tucked in the back holders of his coat. His hair was a silver white. It was not long, but it was short. Nicely styled and brushed down; being somewhat in his face. He didn't seem to mind that. A small smile was on his face as he was walking, humming to himself.

    [[I am sorry it is very short.]]
  3. The 11 year old hears a dispute coming from beyond the enterance gate. He has no idea whats going on so he jumps the gate with his backpack on him and goes to where he can see the dispute standing just out of sight of the two that are arguing hearing them.
    The person on the right: "Look our boss needs this done tomorrow. If it isn't we're all going to be in trouble. I know you and the ones who are helping you are new but you have to go faster than this.
    The person on the left: "And I'm telling you we are going as fast as we can!..We can't go any faster believe me i tried to get them to! For one thing we are confused as it is to what we are doing on this plan and we have no help. And for another even if this is more of a question..Why can't the boss just up the isn't like this is an emergency or nothing. Or why can't he just use one of his other plans for the situation?
    The boy thinks to himself ~this seems really bad..oh man..~
  4. A older man, about 30 years old, with grey hair streaked through black stopped on the corner of the street. Her dressed in a black hoodie and wore grey jeans he wore sunglasses to avoid the killer glare frome all the windows in the city. He looked down the street and saw the young man with the guns on his back. He grinned and hollared at the fellow.
    "Hey, what's with the heat you're packing there? "
    The walk sign he was waiting for had turned on, but he didn't notice. He was intrigued by the man in red.
  5. A girl strolled down the streets with her hands tucked into her jean pockets. She had a rather small stature... standing at about 5'2. Her frame was small and slender - she looked fragile. She was wearing a basic white t-shirt that is a few sizes too big, a pair of skinny-jeans, and has bare feet. She dragged her heels along, feeling the roughness of the sidewalk against the bottoms of her feet. The sun shined brightly against her skin, illuminating the ivory tone, almost giving it a glow. Her long black hair cascaded over her shoulders, and her bangs hung just above her eyes. As the sunlight washed over her hair, it gives the midnight black an almost crimson shimmer.

    She stopped as she came to two men, one of them hollering, and the other just walking. Her expression was blank as she tilted her head slightly to the side, and she raised a brow. Curious, she decided to stay and watch the two. She adjusted herself into a comfortable standing position, and stayed lurking about eight feet away from the hollering man.
  6. The 11yr old boy stays still watching as his dad's co-workers argue observing them from behind the corner. Then he takes out his father's picture and says to himself. ~ "What situation are they talking about dad? And what plan do you need to be done?..I know you don't have any knowledge of my existstance but I still want to help you out." ~
  7. The man sighed, evidently ignored. He looked up at the walk sign, now a blinking red hand. "Ah! Wait, oh crap... " he took off his glasses and wiped them off on his grey shirt, revealing his green eyes. He punched the button again, waiting for another walk sign. He looked at his phone for a while, tapping out something as he leaning on the street pole. Looking back up at the sign, he saw another blinking hand. ".... shit"
  8. "I never really saw the point in those," she spoke up, regarding the blinking hand, now standing directly behind the man, "Surely, people would have enough common sense to know when to walk and when not to walk.." her lips pulled themselves into somewhat of a pout, her blue eyes slightly dimming, "But, unfortunately, the minds of the majority of the whole in society are dead as a doornail." She lifted her head, then took a step up beside the man. "S-... sorry about that. I have a tendency to ramble.. to strangers..." a slight pink blush had washed over her cheeks by now, and stood out starkly against the ivory tone of her skin.
  9. He looked at her, listening to her in stark silence. He peered over his glasses at her ans when she finally finished he chuckled. It started as a chuckle, then digressed into a full bodied laugh. He took off his gglasses and wiped his eyes, placing the shades back on his face. This girl was spitting philosophy at him like it was a big deal that the light had changed. Hey, that's a style you couldn't learn. Somexpoeple were just born to talk. "Who are you girl? I like you." He told her as he adjust ed his jacket.
  10. Her lips again pulled themselves into a pout as he laughed... Is he laughing at me? She thought to herself, and furrowed her eyebrows for a moment. Her expression turned into a slight smile as he asked her who she was... and that he liked her? That was something new.. somebody expressing that they had an interest in her. "My name is Lilium," she said, softly. She slowly, and slightly jerked her head to the right to flip her hair away from her eyes, revealing their bright, cerulean-blue colour. "But.. call me Lily, if that's easier for you." Her smile widened slightly, and she gave a subtle gesture towards him with her hand as she tilted her head to the side. "What about you. Who are you?"
  11. In a near by back alley a back door is swung open as a body is stumbling out onto the concrete alley as he leaves behind eye piercing lights and eargasm Trance beats. The door shuts itself leaving the lone man to his senses which were now distorted from the drugs he took hours ago. The world seemed to be moving at all directions and he could not be stable enough to stand and fell forward on his hands before vomiting up his last few meals or lack of meals. he wiped his face with his long sleeve jacket before painfully raising to his feet. His head was feeling better already as he began to wonder why the sun was up already? Man that guy wasn't lying about these capsules he thought as the sun crept through the alley and illuminated his figure. He covered his light blue eyes with his fair color hands before realizing that he had a pair of neon color shades in his front pocket of his jacket. He reached in and shielded his eyes from the morning rays. That's better he thought and ran his short brown hair back before stretching out abit. His senses coming back little by little and the drugs peak had gone and passed.
    "I am in need of some coffee." He thought out loud. He reached into his back pocket and pulled out his wallet to find a picture of a woman in long blue hair covering up the left side of her fair and beautiful face and going down the front side of her body. He also found five hundred dollar bills tucked away and a note for instructions for his next "hit" or job he thought. There was time for that later. He was the best in the field from the Irish mob and besides he was still under the influence of the drug.
    By the time he made it to the mouth of the alley and the main street he began to stroll because of the after glow he was feeling from the drug, everything seemed to be more vivid and bright. He knew the area and decided the closest place to grab some morning goodness was just up the block.
  12. He bowed to her informally and as he rose his glasses had fallen to the pavement. Ain't no thing. Shit happens. "Victory Ross, my lady." He looked up at her figure defined far better in the full sunlight. "However you may call me Victor, or Vic. Yeah. Vic sounds cool. Never been called that." He raised his fist in the air. "My name is Vic now!" He bellowed out another laugh, forgetting all about his shades.
  13. Lilium snickered quietly, half of a smile curled up on one side of her lips as she watched the man cackle about the new name he just dubbed himself. Why this was funny to him, she did not know. Come to think about it, she didn't know a lot of things. But what she did know, she knew well. She didn't want to be one of those people who boasted about being expert on some thing, but actually wasn't able to make heads or tails out of the topic. She found herself shrugging, almost to herself as her inner conversation ended. She blushed again, not moving her head, but letting her eyes dart from left to right quickly as she pursed her lips into a straight line, then puffed out her cheeks. "It's a pleasure to meet you, ..Vic," she raised a brow as she spoke his dubbed nickname, and she let a subtle hint of a smirk crawl across her lips.

    She then lowered herself into a crouching position to pick up his glasses, which had fallen to the ground at her bare feet. She picked them up at the nose piece between her thumb and index finger, mindful to keep her fingerprints off of the lenses. She stood upright so that her body was once again erect and perpendicular to the sidewalk, then offered her hand towards Victor, the glasses laying on her palm.
  14. He responded by looking down at the glasses as if this was the first time he had ever seen them. "Are... are those for me? Thank you." He picked the up glasses and sat them on the bridge of his nose. "Say... you wouldn't happen to like music would you?" He looked at her and gave a thumbs up.
  15. "Yes," she replied immediately, before he had a chance to give her a thumbs up. Her tone was a bit higher than normal, a wee bit of excitement about the topic becoming rather apparent. "It's a universal language..." she said, almost to herself, tugging on the hem of her shirt, "It... it's..." she paused, then let her eyes drift back up to his, which were now hidden behind dark lenses. "You.. probably dont want to listen to me ramble, heh..." her hand found its way to the back of her head to rub it gently. She then dropped her hand to her side, and held onto her other arm, beginning to slowly run her palm over it.
  16. Victory smiled at Lilium. "Then lets go find some music."
    He turned around and went down the street. Halting for a moment in consideration he turned aroundto face her again. "Ummm.. you weren't doing anything were you?" He asked. "I mean.. if you got plans or something... you don't have to come with me." He had completely forgotten that they had just met. Sure sent feel like it sometimes.
  17. "Nope," she chimed sweetly, but softly, "I wasn't.." she pondered what she had just said for a moment. She wasnt doing anything. But.. when was she ever really doing some set thing? She would always take things as they came. If she ran into a stranger that offered to take her to find some music, then well.. she'd go with the stranger. Not the smartest idea, but she always ended up getting along well.

    Lilium began following him. She looked down at her feet, watching them move along the sidewalk. As a puddle came up, she went out of her way to deliberately step in it. She let out a quiet giggle as the water wetted her feet, and dampened the bottoms of the legs of her skinny jeans. She didnt really give a care.
  18. It was a decent walk towards the coffee stand at the end of the block. The shop was nothing fancy. It was boxed in by mega corporations that seemed to bit more and more off the shop. The roof was falling apart but that didn't stop the regulars. No it was cheap good coffee that had them coming back. As the man approached the stand the drug was more out of his system but he kept his shades on in case if his pupils were still dilated.
    "Hey Carl!" shouted the obese man behind the counter. His white tshirt was covered in grease and coffee grind, the sign of a working man. Carl knew him and walked over taking his shades off his face and reaching his hand out to greet the man behind the counter. Mark was his name and he came to this country long ago with the rest of the "eye"talins. Mark turned around and began messing around with the espresso machine.
    "Hey Mark, hows it been? Let me grab the usual." Carl found a vacant stoop and sat down placing his glasses on the counter. Still working with the machine he glanced back at Cal.
    "Everything is airight! My Babi is exspectin soon!" He announced with such excitement in his face. Carl smiled before speaking.
    "I'm glad to hear it, great news. Haven't had anything good to hear in weeks."
    "The best kinda ah news!" Shouted Mark as he came back facing Carl and placing the mug of jo on the counter top. Carl lifted it up and took a deep sip before placing it back down and thanking Mark for the great cup.
    The noise of the city began to start as people were now out on the streets. Cars honking and shouts flooded Carl's ear and he became agitated. Just then a black stretched limousine rolled up at the red light. Something triggered in Carl as he sat there watching. When the light turned green, the limousine drove off and turned down a back alley not that far down from the stand. I know that vehicle Carl thought before it finally hit him in the back of the head. That limousine was owned by the man who was his job. The day was turning out to be a good day.
    He stood up and paid for the coffee before speaking. "Mark, thanks for the cup. got to run." Mark gave him a wave and went back to his maintenance while Carl made his way across the street. Reaching inside the front of his coat and found his custom nine millimeter Beretta. Time to go to work he thought as he began tracking down the limousine with the golden ticket.
  19. As victory led her on, he spotted a limousine pass by. "Hey, that's pretty Cool..." he looked back at Lilium and pointed his thumb at the car. "Lets check it out. " he grabbed her hand tenderly and picked up his pace. The two wayfarers followed the limo into an alley, where Vic hid behind some boxes. "Stay low..." he whispered to his companion.
  20. They would have noticed me if I came following behind them, no I would have to find another way thought Carl as he ran across the street and began leaping towards the next floor window. When he caught it he leap off it to the next and all the way til he got to the roof of the building. Landing on his feet he already began to pant in a good workout. Or was it the drugs still? Thought Carl as he walked over to the edge and peered down to find the limousine. He knelled down and observed that a group of men began their approached towards the limousine. Two men in black stepped out the side door of the vehicle carrying Uzis. It had to be a deal thought Carl as he surveyed some more.
    When a large man in a brown suit crawled out of the stretch limousine and strolled over to the group Carl knew that fat man was his target and reached for his pistol. One clip was all he had and he needed to make the shots count. He did have one grenade left over from his last mission and would use it for the decoy. He pulled the pin with his teeth and spat the pin out before saying."It's show time."
    He dropped down off the small building flying down towards his prey. Throwing the grenade with one hand at the limousine and then began taking aim with his pistol at his prey and he was hungry for blood. BOOM! The explosion of the limousine sent the large man and his two lackey's flying forward. Carl aim was on point as he shot three times and each bullet ripping through the heads of his targets. The other men making the deal fell tot he ground before Carl landed on his feet and rolling forward. When he gained back his balance he took aim but could not see the remaining three through the fire and smoke of the limousine. This may be harder than he thought. Bullets began flying through towards him and he jumped towards his left landing on his side to get out of the line of fire. They were good to realize that this was a hit but they were not as good as me, Carl thought as he jumped back on his feet and took aim but could not see his targets. This flame was dividing the two and he could hear the boss order his men to take care of him and begin running away. His target was on the move and he had to think fast.