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    "Together we give a deathly performance."


    • Dolores Lafayette
    • Madam Nadezhda (Nadya) Garner
    • Mina and Nico Di Angelo
    • Margaux Elice
    • Thomas R. Malton
    • Xavier Gemstone
    • Morticia Crevan
    • Nexxus "Nexx" Amadeus
    • Callic Mac Williams
    • Alfie Stephen Ketell
    • Dactrin L. Cooper
    • Prince Ashworth

    Yay. ☺

    Jobs are posted on a board inside ones of the trains many compartments and is sometimes moved outside for easier access once the train has come to a stop. To accept a job, take the listing to a ringleader and have it approved.

    Level 1 Jobs (open)

    John Barrymore
    Teddington, London, England
    Wanted for Bribery and False Claims for Postal Losses
    Reward - $500
    Bartly Baalback
    Acton, London, England
    Wanted for Disorderly Conduct
    Reward - $500
    Margerie Deluus
    Westminster, London, England
    Wanted For Hate Crimes
    Reward - $600

    Georgerie Blake
    West Drayton, London, England
    Wanted For Insurance Fraud
    Reward - $600
    Douglas Fairbanks
    Acton, London, England
    Wanted For Tax Evasion
    Reward - $500
    Gloria Swanson
    St James, London, England
    Wanted For Stalking
    Reward - $400

    Jackson Williams
    Morden, London, England
    Wanted For Forgery
    Reward - $500

    Level 2 Jobs (open)

    Marion Benda
    Fullham, London, England

    Wanted For Prostitution
    Reward - $600
    Josephine Baker
    Southall, London, England
    Puerto Rican/Human

    Wanted For Aiding and Abetting
    Reward - $800
    Cyril McNeil

    Wanted For Child Abuse
    Reward - $850

    Cary Grant
    Whitechapel, London, England

    Wanted For Drug Possession
    Reward - $800
    Tina Miller
    Marylebone, London, England

    Wanted For Embezzlement
    Reward - $750

    Level 3 Jobs (open)

    Andy Auterurs
    Harrow, London, England
    Wanted For Assault
    Reward - $900
    Rudolph Valentino
    Bethnal Green, London, England
    Wanted For Child Pornography
    Reward - $1350

    • Married
    •Has three children
    Simone Struchtche
    Harrow on the Hill, London, England
    Wanted For Public Intoxication and Vandalism
    Reward - $1000
    John Guilbert
    West Kensington, London, England
    Pacific Islander/Human
    Wanted For Assult and Battery
    Reward - $1000
    Harry Crawford
    Richmond, London, England
    Wanted For Conspiracy
    Reward - $1200

    •Possible connections to recent murders

    Level 4 Jobs (open)

    Marcel Buker
    Uxbridge, London, England
    Wanted For Money Laundering, Perjury, and Public Intoxication
    Reward - $1600
    •Is known to possess lock picking skills
    •Has evaded capture twice
    Denis Golden
    Hampstead, London, England
    Wanted For Kidnapping, Prostutution (Secondary), and Statutory Rape
    Rewards - $2200
    •Is known to move locations often
    •Has been held at gun point to which he responded with using kidnapped children as human shields
    Olivia and Tina Meshar
    Ilford, London, England
    Wanted For Multiple Counts of Arson
    Reward - $3000
    Abilities: Able to start inanimate objects on fire at will
    •Their power is greatly deduced when they are separated
    •Together they are stronger and much more deadly
    •$1500 per twin
    Francesca Willowbee
    Wembley, London, England
    Wanted For Drug Trafficking and Distrubution, Hate Crimes, and Identity Theft
    Reward - $2900
    •Biological name unknown
    •Has been known to change locations a lot, last known location stated above

    James Cagney
    East London, London, England

    Wanted For Multiple Counts of Fraud, Money Laundering, Robbery, and Solicitation
    Reward - $2800
    •Carries a handgun
    •Has shot down two police officers who are now presumed dead
    •Is very unpredictable with his actions

    Level 5 Jobs (open)

    Cecil Beaton
    Greenwich, London, England
    Wanted For Importation, Manufacture and Distribution of Explosive Materials, False Personation, and Firearms without License, and Bribery
    Reward - $3300
    •Carries a Lee-Enfield (Type of Gun)
    •Has regulated an impressive business of explosive distribution (extra $1000 for extermination of the entire business itself)
    •Been connected to conspiracy charges - proof extradited
    Errol Flynn
    Croydon, London, England
    Wanted For Aggravated Assault, Disorderly Conduct, Rape, Statutory Rape, and Fraud
    Reward - $3000
    •Everything stated above is pure rumor, however Errol Flynn has been listed by local police as a potential criminal
    •He has perfected the art of hiding out
    •Location listen above is his last seen location, it is very possible he has moved further into Eastern London
    •Rumor tells he is a skilled fist-fighter
    Clifford Baxton
    City of London, London, England
    Wanted For Fugitives from Justice, Manslaughter (1st degree), Coins and Currency
    Abilities: Enhanced Hearing,Sight,Sound,Smell and Touch - Mild Enhanced Strength - Proficent with Daggers
    Reward - $3950
    Clive 'The King' Maugham
    West London, London, England
    Wanted for 14 counts of Involuntary Man-Slaughter
    Abilities: Mental Tricks (Able to control the minds of the depressed and sad)
    Guards: YES - 10+ equipped with revolvers
    Reward - $4400
    •His true species origin is unknown
    •Gained the nickname "The King" after getting out of potential "gassings" 14 times
    •Has a strong reputation in the criminal community
    •Uses his mental abilities to push those close to suicide to their ends
    •Avoids photos at pretty much any cost
    Arthur Conar
    Wembley, London, England
    Wanted For Drug Cultivation and Manufacturing - Runs the TRIPLE R (well known drug manufacturing company)
    Guards: YES - 50+ unarmed guards (all skilled in MMA)
    Reward - $4000 (Extra $2000 for taking down TRIPLE R)
    •Has multiple branches of TRIPLE R throughout London, England
    •5+ guards on him at all times

    Level 6 Jobs (open)

    Level 7 Jobs (open)

    Level 8 Jobs (open)

    Level 9 Jobs (open)

    Level 10 Jobs (open)


    ★ Jobs (open)

    ★★ Jobs (open)

    ★★★ Jobs (open)

    ★★★★ Jobs (open)

    ★★★★★ Jobs (open)




    To avoid confusion and keep the IC nice and clean, please use this format below to post:

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    "This is the life!" Xavier Gemstone, the new kid on the block was outside of the train. He was in his Dragon form, flying around. The fire that brimmed from his scales and wings, fluttered in the wind. He spiraled around the train, every Dragokin loved to spread their wings at night. It was the best time to strengthen their powers towards the cold. Xavier has been with Cirque De Mortifica for a month now, he was learning the ropes and making a name for himself. He loved being in front of an audience, showing off his skills. He wishes he could show off his dragon side...but he knew some people would run in fear and never come back, which would definitely be bad for business. When he wasn't performing for the audience, Xavier was flirting with the audience. He would always get caught trying to bring someone back to his room. He couldn't help it...Hormones and all.

    London was beautiful at night, the streets glowed beautifully. Xavier had only been to three places when he left Honolulu. Those three places were Miami, Puerto Rico, and New York, where he first discovered the group of beautiful psychopaths. With them, he traveled to so many places in one month...just wow. There were many duties that Xavier didn't think he would be able to keep up with, but the crazy side of him was all for it.

    Xavier tried out a new trick, he blew fire out towards the air, and then he flew threw it. His scales glowed hot orange from the touch of the fire...he looked beautiful. If only he could show that off at tonight's performance. He knew that T and Margaux would set up a grand show for everyone...everyone has their bad traits, but Xavier really liked T. Xavier secretly looked up to T...out of all people to look up too, crazy right?

    Xavier's family life was rough. His father, a Dragokin himself, left Xavier's mother before Xavier was born. His mother knew about Dragokins, thank god...or it would have been a disaster in his younger years. His mother tried her best to teach him his dragon half...but he would learn his own way.

    After joining the circus, Xavier changed his last name to Gemstone...seeing it as an amazing stage name. Mr. Gemstone, The Fire Starter. Since he was new, he usually went first in the shows...you know, to warm the crowd up...pun intended. He didn't know if he was going first this time...but he was prepared either way. "One more time baby!"
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  3. Untitled.png

    NAME: Morticia Crevan
    MOOD: Mixed Emotions

    Slowly opening her sleepy and tired eyes, Morticia Crevan let out a grumble as she was woken up from her deep slumber. This is the sixth time that she was woken up by the sound of someone shouting out of excitement and the sound of fire crackling and burning. "Oh, how thankful I would be if I was woken up by the screams of someone being tortured. But sadly, that's not what I hear..." she giggled to herself, her blood slowly boiling from irritation as she heard the fire breather's voice. She finds it quite irksome how hyperactive the dragokin is and how his behavior greatly affects her sleep. She may look dead all the time, but that doesn't mean she doesn't need sleep.

    Creaking sounds filled the silent room as she slowly opened up her coffin lid, her bright green eyes shining under the rays of moonlight passing through the train windows. She hated the fact that she's going to leave the warmth of her plush, velvet coffin but she needed to. She had enough of Xavier's antics, especially the smell of smoke that always filled up her nostrils every time she wakes up.

    Looking out of the window, Morticia saw the glorious and majestic dragon having fun. "Oh, how beautiful he can be with his scales glistening~ Ahh, I wish I can just pluck out those scales and store them in a jar~" she murmured to herself with a wicked smile before jumping out of the train and landing perfectly on its roof. The night air was rather cold for her pale skin, but she liked the feeling. It made her feel alive and made her feel invigorated.

    "Xavier~" Morticia called out as her silver hair glistened under the moonlight, She looked like death itself with her black dress that is fit for a funeral and with her stitches and scars clearly visible. All she needed is a death scythe and she'll be the whole package. "Oh wait, I am death. hehehe~" she giggled to herself, remembering that she is a grim reaper. Sometimes, she just forgets what she is and what she's even doing.

    Looking at the dragon with her signature creepy smile, she was confused for a bit what she's doing outside until she smell smoke again. "Oh, right. I appreciate your excitement my dear gemstone, but could you please tone it down? You don't want me to pluck your scales out of you, do you? ~" she asked in the sweetest voice she can muster. The first time she met Xavier and learned that he's a dragonkin, Morticia was plotting and planning to have one of his scales and study it. Of course, she kept this to herself, until now. "What do you say, my dear? Would you let me sleep peacefully or let me have one of your interesting scales as compensation?"
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  4. image.jpg
    - Name: Nexxus Amadeus
    - Location: On top of train, London, England
    - Mood: Nervous

    On the train's roof there was something new in addition to the usual shenanigans. A tall man, rapped in a street jacket that's rusty buckles clattered in the wind. He was sitting, legs crossed, hands back to keep him from being blown off, stuck in deep thought. He was shivering, but not from the cold, from fear of his first job interview.

    Nexxus rode on the gigantic, smoke belching beast reviewing what he would say in his mind. So far he had absolutely nothing whatsoever. He was having trouble convincing himself to enter the circus in the first place, horrible accidents that could not possibly happen kept popping into his mind. What if they turn him back to the white coats? What if a this big monster he's riding on eats him? What if... What if...

    But Nexxus' thoughts were interrupted by a giant fire-breathing lizard rearing up to his side. He didn't take it very well. "MONSTER!!!" He screamed, believing that confused stare to be a hungry look. The freak scrambled to his feet and turned around to see a terrifying woman in black. "SCARY LADY!!!" He ran the other way down the long beast, seriously regretting his choice of boarding it in the first place. Oh great, now the bigger monster is mad at him.

    Name - Callic Mac Williams
    Location - Conductor's Room, London, England
    Mood - Slightly Peeved

    The loud shout traveled down the outside of the train. It originated, of course, at its head, and belonged to the one who was keeping it moving.

    Callic swore under the breath and shut her window, she would begin the throw things if they continued. If she had eyes she would roll them. Back to the heat of the furnace, one of the few things she fully understood in this world. Another shovel of coal, everything was running smoothly as always. They would get to the next stop soon if she kept up this time, tomorrow probably. More bloody noise, wonder if she could use that fire breather to save fuel. Nah, he would break something, little brat.
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  5. [​IMG]

    Mina & Nico

    The Twins
    The Twins were playing hide and seek all over the train. Currently Mina was hiding and Nico was seeking which looked something like Mina giggling like a maniac as she changed hiding spots every 2 minutes, running through the train compartments and making a ruckus while Nico pretended not to know where she was. Gemini couldn't hide from each other. Mina had already disturbed the members of several compartments and had gotten tangled up in one of Madam Nadezhda's scarves. It stuck to her ankles as she ran down the train corridor, tripping her up every few seconds. She only laughed.

    "Reeeeeeady or not..." Nico called out, removing his hands from over his eyes. He turned and began to walk down the long hallway, peering into compartments as he went. His footfalls were entirely silent but he knew his sister could feel him getting closer. As he passed Nadya's compartment she purred,

    "Oh darling, when you find that sister of yours would you be so kind as to return my scarf." It was not a question.

    "Of course, Madam." Nico said, inclining his head. He turned back to the long hallway. "Here I come!"

    Mina dashed into the nearest compartment and blinked several times as her eyes adjusted to the darkness. It was a big difference, even from the dimly candlelit walkway of the train. She looked around earnestly for a place to hide. An empty coffin...bingo! It was Morticia's room and she had momentarily vacated her coffin in favor is sticking her head out the window and screaming at the Cirque's new resident dragon...Mina swooned. Xavier.

    Mina tried to quietly shut the door of the compartment. "Morty!" She interrupted Morticia and Xavier's scream match. "Let me hide in your coffin...quick, he's coming!" Mina practically bounced in anticipation, like a child waiting for her portion of ice cream. She crossed her arms and stuck out her lip. "Come on, Morty!" she pouted. She took her puppy dog eyes off of Morticia breifly to glance out the window. "Hi, Xavier..." She wiggled her fingers at him in a wave then turned back to Morticia. "Oh my gosh, he's coming! Pleeeeease, Morty!"

    Madam Nadezhda
    "Oh darling, when you find that sister of yours would you be so kind as to return my scarf."

    "Of course, Madam." The boy twin inclined his head. He turned back to the long hallway. "Here I come!"

    Nadya sipped her tea out of a fine china cup, lips pursed around the edge of the porcline. She was not much of a night sleeper herself and preferred to take small rests through out the day. Darkness was for the creatures of the night, and she found her mind was much more alive in the midnight hours. It wasn't even out of the ordinary when the girl Di Angelo had tried to hide in some of her scarves. And that really wasn't the most disturbing thing that had happenened that night. Nayda saw flashes of fire outside her window, and could pick up various voices with her sensitive hearing.

    "One more time baby!"

    "What do you say, my dear? Would you let me sleep peacefully or let me have one of your interesting scales as compensation?"

    And even,


    Nadya glared up at the roof suspiciously.

    Nayda set down her empty cup and peered into the waterlogged leaves below. An acorn. It took Nayda only seconds to see. Continued health, strength, and good fortune for her. Pleased, Nadya pushed her empty cup aside and continued to catolouge her newest batch of herbs and potions. She carefully labeled each bottle and pouch with care. The last thing she needed was to mix things up.

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  6. [​IMG]
    Ringleaders Office
    ✝✝✝ Blissful and Carefree ✝✝✝

    T felt heavy in his current position, heavy enough to flop right off the desk he was currently lying on; down towards the ground below him. The mental imagery found its way inside the mans head, causing him to arch his lips in a rather playful smile. T was currently splayed out across the mahogany desk him and Margaux shared in their office - his care of the things now on the ground that were recently on the desk - very little. His hazel eyes shuffled over to his wife's' finding her standing beside him, looking down at the mans odd position. He arched his eyebrow in question, fixating his head on the swinging chandelier right above him.
    A heavy sigh escaped the males lips, finding him in a relaxing and rather blissful state, the rocking of the train seeming to lull him into a sense of infantry.
    Unfortunately, this state of bliss and stilled silence didn't last for long, Thomas's ears perked up at the noise emitting itself from outside the train.
    "My love-" T turned his attention to the beautiful and bodacious blonde standing by his side in the same compartment "--do you hear that? Or am I loosing my sanity?" he quizzed her with a gaze that spoke more than words. It was a simple connection the two had developed over years of being together.

    T shuffled himself from the desk, knocking the last few ornaments off the wooden flat and onto the carpeted flooring; the ugly green carpeted flooring. T came up slowly behind his wife, eyeing her up and down as always, wanting to see the differences in her every single day, for she was never the same person two days in row. He placed his hands on her shoulders, boring into the muscle with amicable strength, as he rested his chin on top of one of his stilled hands.
    "Sheer beauty.." He whispered, closer to her ear than had been expected.
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  7. PHOTO

    Dolores Lafayette, Intoxicated by several bottles of wine and giving an awkward smile.
    MMM. DD , 1885

    Dolores ♙ Lafayette

    The Acrobat | ☆☆☆☆☆
    WITH: X (Alfie?) | WHERE?: Inside the Train ; sitting | FEELING?: -Slightly?- Drunk & Sick





    A blonde woman sat, with sweets laid out on the table, fairly messy but in an organized fashion it seemed. There were a few wine bottles over the top as well, and it was apparent that the girl had surely indulged more than a lot of sweets and wine. In her hands was a wine glass, and she seemed to look across the table as she sat on the booth."Huh?~" She asked particularly no one but the empty space in front of her. This was pretty much normal. Dolores talking to herself when in actuality it was another one of the spirits talking to her. "What are you talkingggg aboutttt Williamm?" the girl asked as she gulped down the wine. She was slightly intoxicated, it was her 7th bottle and she could feel sleepiness kick in. She always felt either lazy and tired or sexually active when drunk, but that was rare.

    The spirit, William was conversing with the girl."How do you even eat that much?" he asked."Hnng. Ok... Ok..." The girl waved, putting the wine bottle down with a loud 'clank!' as it hit against an empty one. Dolores sat straight up, and leaned forward against the table as her breasts pressed against it, nearly pushing aside a half eaten pie."Oh! Goodness!" She giggled to herself with half lidded eyes before hearing William speak again."Anyway, whats it like in a circus?" He asked as she picked up the fork and proceeded to take a bite from the pie."Dolores?... Dolores?" The spirit called for attention. Suddenly, the woman began to silently cry to herself, her shoulders slowly heaving up and down before tears actually began to roll down her eyes.

    "Wait... Whats wrong?" He asked. "Dolores?" The spirit named 'William' said with concern. There was a crack in her voice as she tried to utter words, but the spirit couldn't comprehend."Wait.. what?" He asked."I.. I said.." Her voice was breaking in between words."I ate so much sweets and like... This wine.." Dolores barely made any sense to begin with and pretty soon enough her head had literally dropped into the pie, face first before she lifted herself back up straight and began to laugh and cry at the same time."This pie--its so yummy! You don't even~ Understand!~" She shouted happily rather abruptly before licking around her lips and using her fingers to clean her cheeks off and eat the frosting.

    "Hnnng. I wanna puke." The girl's face furrowed as she tilted her head to the side, grabbing a cloth beside her and wiping her cheeks. She was barely dressed into her performing clothes, her hair wasn't even done--It was messy to begin with and had nothing but a large blanket wrapped around her like a dress. Before she shifted it and turned it into a cloak, bringing it over her head. The only thing she really did wear was earrings. You could forget about under garments even!

    "Bored, bored, bored!" She pursed her pink lips rather childishly."Willliammmmmm get Sally." the girl complained seemingly to herself. She really shouldn't have consumed so much sweets nor drink so much wine in one day and night. The girl burped very loudly before giggling to herself once more with the blanket over her head and body, hands securely holding it over her chest from underneath the blanket. It was only then that she felt the presence of someone and slowly pushed herself more underneath the dark and warm blanket before slowly sliding down her seat for protection. As if she was more safer under the table yet on the booster seat still.

    Dolores avoided eye contact momentarily before whispering."William hide meee." and quickly took her last wine bottle which was half full--Flashing her breast quickly before hiding it under the blanket with her. "O NUUUUUU TAKE COVERRR!" She yelled during the process before freezing in place, thinking that she herself was invisible by now. And being a ditz as of now, the blonde slowly turned her eyes to the direction of the shadow that towered over her before averting them back ahead of her."The shadow gone yet?" She whispered. But William had seemed to left her, leaving Dolores to gasp."Rude!" She yelled before realizing the shadow was still there and slowly glancing up and exchanging a awkward yet apologetic smile.

    "Oh! Hullo~ There!" The girl waved happily before giggling awkwardly."How much did you hear? No forget it! Nope!" She interrupted.
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  8. [​IMG]
    Ringleader's Office.
    Unamused & Lost in Thought.

    A pen was flipping and spinning around in the female ringleader's nimble fingers. Her eyes were anywhere but her husband's, that was until she saw a shuffle of movement and found her husband in a very odd position. "What the hell are you doing?" She asked. Margaux couldn't help but smile at her playful partner. She stepped forward, running her fingers through his hair, just looking at him with a bit of a glare and frown. Margaux couldn't help but scorn at her husband, after what he's done, he deserved a little bit of-- What the?.. Margaux's head turned to the strange noises coming from beyond the train, her curly locks bouncing as she moved. She turned her attention back to the tattooed man, pouting her lips and shrugging. She didn't know how his eyes could make her smile like she won the lottery, but she just thought it was a part of the dreadfully confusing relationship.

    When the daunting ringleader dropped a few bits and bobs from the desk she groaned in irritation, raising a brow in disbelief. "You don't expect me to clean that up for you, right?" Well that was strange. Where was her lover? She felt a pair of hands push down on her shoulders. Oh, there he is. She heard his small little compliment and rolled her eyes. Why couldn't it have always been like this. Why couldn't she be the only one he had eyes for?

    She bit her lips in a bit of sadness, ignoring his comment completely, as she was unamused and lost in thought.
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    Jumping on the top of the train, turning to his human form, Xavier gave the screaming weirdo an annoyed look. "What the hell was that?." He ignored it for the moment, he then smirked, looking towards Morticia. "Come on Tish, it wouldn't hurt to just live a little." He stopped talking after that...telling The Lady of Death to live a little was utterly stupid. "Have I told you, that you look beautiful tonight?" Xavier best defense was his charm and wit, she couldn't stay mad at him...no one could when he used them both. "On the subject of my glorious scales...maybe when they start to fall off, and I grow my adult scales...then! You can have the baby scales, my darling." Xavier walked over to her, and he gave her a peck on the cheek.

    He stood there smiling at Morticia, then Mina, Ahhh, The Beautiful Mina popped out of Tish's window. "Hello Mina The Light that never burns out, The Beauty that will never fade." He winked at her. "You should let her hide, be a pal! Let her hide in your coffin..." He stood there with his hands behind his back, swinging back and forth. "I think I need a little nap." He yawned and waved good night to the girls, about to go back into the train.

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  10. Alfie S. Ketell
    Practice Ring --> Area with Dolores|Peaceful --> Pissed/Disgusted --> Neutral
    ▂ ▃ ▄ [​IMG] [​IMG] ▄ ▃ ▂
    The sound of violins and sweet piano music drifted throughout most if the train. It was calming, yet also had a feeling of staying focus as it picked up every now and then. There were others around who were either sleeping or doing their own thing, but the man was alone for now practicing before the show started. There was a silver ring in the middle of his part of the train that was set up a few days ago for him to practice on so that he didn't have to set up a tent to practice. Call it strange, but he loved to practice while the train was moving since it gave him quite a challenge. Alfie was dressed in an outfit he usually got in when he was practicing, all black and barefoot for more of a firm grip as he moved around. A few stretches always came first, but it didn't take him too long to get onto the huge ring. He had first tested how his balance and speed then started to do flips in the air while catching onto the ring just before he was about to fall. He would be lying if he said he had never fallen before, but of course he would never bring it up. It was times like those that made him want to work harder and better to perfect his movements and skills, which is why he learned to control his frustration and anger to an extent. As the music shifted to sorta a battlefield, Alfie picked up speed and was about to finish a trick he had been practicing for awhile now until he heard a yell.


    As it filtered through his ears and caught him off guard, Alfie fell face first onto the rug that was placed underneath and grunted as he untangled his legs from the ring. Stupid fucking bitch. I told her ass not to drink, stupid bi- ugh! he thought to himself as he got up and grunted. He was pissed now and his peaceful mode was shattered right as he lost balance and fell to the floor. Dolores was her name and she had the habit of getting deep under Alfie's skin sometimes, but he tolerated her simply because he felt the need to have to. He wasn't going to stand for this, she had done this before and nearly made him fall from a much greater height. Sighing, Alfie leaned onto the wall of the train before pulling himself up and followed the noise that was heard. A few minutes later he spotted Dolores talking to herself or what she referred to as "spirits", but he never once doubted her about that part. He took a look at her for a moment, "...Why the hell are you naked?" he asked. It was a stupid question of course, Alfie already had a clue on why. He slid into a seat on the opposite side of her and took a deep breath, oh how he wanted to reach across the table and slap the crap out of the unsurprisingly naked female. "Nevermind, don't even answer that question. The real question is why are you on the floor?" he asked tilting his head just a little bit as he stared into her eyes.
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  11. [​IMG]
    Ringleaders Office Conductors Cabin
    ✝✝✝ Playful and Curious ✝✝✝

    T's tattooed arms fell down and around his wife torso, hugging and encompassing her upper half into his own body for warmth and comfort. The smile he saw on her face even when he was doing stupid things always brought his own personal and truthful smile outwards. He was happiest when he was with her.
    "Of course I'll clean it up..." He dropped his hands from Margaux's body, slowly backing away with a rather sinister and playful smile, "Of course, after I check with Callic on our itinerary. The raven-haired man stepped back and out the far door of the office the two shared and were quite often found inside. Before he shut the door, he grabbed a black dress shirt that was around 2 sizes too big for the man, slinging it over his bare torso. He slid shut the door, passing off a solitary wink to his wife before making his way down the corridors. He could hear commotion coming from the other side of the trains cabins, and silently praised himself on not falling into it's call of inspection, which he had wanted to check out, but decided against it. T reached into his back pocket, the jeans he currently had on were faded black with different rips, two back pockets, and a weird crown-like emblem painted onto the front right leg. His hand found what it was looking for as he pulled a small brown-paper stick from his back pocket and a small paper casing of matches. He quickly lit one, sticking the tube of tobacco between his lips and inhaling deeply. A sense of bliss fell over him as the drugs quickly ran through his blood-stream, calming the man to a sense of utter carelessness.
    Before he was aware, T had been in front of the conductors cabin. Rather than barge right in, seeing as he had stated long ago this was Callic's private area, he gave a swift knock on the sliding wooden door, pulling the cigarette from his lips and awaiting a response.
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  12. Dactrin L. Cooper >> Inside his bunk on the train >> Sleepy

    Dactrin opened his soft blue eyes to the familiar sound of music playing, violin and piano dancing together in a beautiful arrangement, fluctuating with a balance of low and intense notes. It was Alfie practicing, making the most of the time while the train made it's long journey towards their next performance. Being a light sleeper, Dactrin awoke from his sleep often and was used to the disturbance by now. He simply took frequent naps during the day when he could to make up for any sleep lost during the night.​
    A shout echoed down the train, a familiar slurred voice with an out cry "O NUUUUUU TAKE COVERRR!"
    Dactrin turned to his side and lifted himself up from his small bed, sitting up with a stretch and a yawn. If Alfie's music hadn't awaken him, the sound of Dolores screaming over god knows what would definitely have. That woman. Quite attractive. Quite toxic.

    Dactrin walked towards his small dresser in but his shorts, reaching inside to grab one of his black shirts, slipping it over his head and pulling it down over his torso, slipping his arms through. He wasn't sure what time it was as when the train was moving, time seemed to become a blur; morning and night were only differentiated by looking out of the train or through one of the small windows. He rather enjoyed the timeless moments on the ride, not having to worry about keeping a strict schedule except for when the train would arrive to their destination.

    Grabbing one of his knives from the dresser top, Dactrin began twirling the small blade handle between his fingers, the sharp blade easily spinning around his skin but carefully kept from cutting it. "I wonder how much longer we have on this beast." he murmured softly to himself in his deep, slightly gruff voice. He turned sharply and flicked his wrist, sending the knife flying towards the back of the small cabin, piercing a miniature target board he had place up right in the middle. The knife struck the bulls eye, as always.

    Dactrin pulled on his pants, a hooded jacket and slipped on his soft sole shoes before walking to exit the cabin room. On his way out he reached up and grabbed a knife that was resting secretly on the top frame of the doorway. He began tossing the knife up in the air as he walked quietly down the hall way, eyes ahead, hand catching the blade accurately with each mild toss.

    Not too long during his walk through the train he began to hear voices, Alfie and, was that Dolores? He made his way over towards them, mildly curious and without the energy to do much else in the mean time.

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  13. [​IMG]
    Ringleader's Office. ⇒ Roof of the train.

    The daunting ringleader's hug threw her out of daydreams. She casually wrapped her arms around the man, giving his toned waist a gentle squeeze of comfort and companionship. Mar's chin rested atop T's shoulder, sighing contently in their loneliness. When Malton pulled away, the female backed up and placed her rear on the edge of their desk, swinging her legs around quite playfully. She saw his smirk, she only raised her brow and crossed her arms in impatience. "Thomas, you're going to forget about picking things up when you're going somewhere else!" Margaux wasn't much of a whiner, but she always was when it comes to just the two of them. Somehow, she actually felt a bit of clinginess whenever she nagged him around. When T was getting ready to leave she stood on her own two feet, not ready to leave him just yet. Mar grabbed her cane and walked out with her husband, rolling her eyes at his little wink. If she kept that up, her eyes would get stuck. At least, that's what her father told her.
    Mar was right behind her husband, tapping her cane against the train's floor gently. She overheard the twins being a bit of a nuisance but she simply pushed it out of her mind. Everyone is a nuisance in this circus. The noise didn't stop, however, and it wasn't the twins that were causing all the ruckus. Most of the crew were up on the roof of the train, doing whatever the hell they were doing. And that ticked her off more than anything else. Mar looked towards her husband, finding him smoking. She grunted, loudly, before turning her heel and walking towards the loud noise outside from the inside, her cane now slamming against the floor in anger.
    She approached the source of the noise and banged her cane against the roof of the train very loudly. Mar then proceeded to open the window, no not open, slam the window up before almost throwing her body out the window. Good thing she didn't fall off the train due to her temper. She grabbed onto the train tightly before hopping onto the roof, staring at the crew who were on the roof with fiery anger in her eyes.


    Before long, the female sighed, sitting down on the roof doing criss-cross applesauce, feeling the fast and cold wind whizzing against her body, almost taking her with it.
    "Sorry. Do you mind if you guys can just keep it down? Please? You're kind of giving me a bit of a headache."
    Odd. Margaux was not too keen on asking nicely, but it was probably the wind that calmed her down before she starting beating people to a pulp with her cane. After her little moment of niceness, the woman stayed silent, looking forward at the trail ahead of them.

    - - - -

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  14. Untitled.png
    NAME: Morticia Crevan
    LOCATION: Outside the train, LONDON, ENGLAND
    MOOD: Crazy as always

    The blood curdling scream made Morticia giggle even more. "Ahh, such music to my ears!" she mused, looking at the boy and noticed that he's wearing a straight jacket. She was quite amused that someone like him has the guts to ride the train as a stowaway. Does he have any idea what they really are? "Hmmn. I wonder if you'll let out that scream if I strapped you to my work table and carve a Y incision on your body. Will you let out a sweet scream? Or maybe a bitter one? Either way, I would like to hear it~" She then let out another giggle upon hearing him call her a scary lady. "Scary lady? Pfft.. HAHAHAHA!!!!" she laughed out loud, falling on her back and clutching her sides as it started aching from laughter. "Dear boy, you're so full of surprises! It's been a long time since someone called me that. Ahh, the memories!" she exclaimed, slowly getting back on her feet and wiping her tears of joy. She's really having a good time until Calic shouted.

    She then looked at Xavier, who was in human form now, acting witty and charming like always. Morticia smiled at his statement about living a little, making her giggle "And pray tell me, dear Xavier, how can a dead live a little? Pfft.. I think you've fried some of your brain cells. Mind if I open up your head and check your brain? Come on~ I'll even make sure to not get the cut all crooked~" she offered, looking at the shining moon with a creepy smile.

    Morticia didn't know why, but every time she sees something so bright, ideas and plans suddenly swarm her head, making her lose focus on the conversation at hand. "The night is beautiful.. It must be fun to throw the bodies out of the train and just watch it roll down. Hmm.. I wonder if I still got some dead bodies in my fridge." she mumbled to herself, trying to remember when was the last time she got a dead body. She then broke out of her trance when she heard Xavier's sweet words, making her blink owlishly. "Xavier my dear, you don't have to remind me that I'mk beautiful. I am death, there's nothing more beautiful than death." She then felt his soft lips against her cheeks, her smile getting even creepier as she giggled a little. Thank Grim for making making me a reaper or I'll be blushing right now like a mad man.

    After talking to Xavier, she then turned her attention to sweet Mina, thinking and contemplating if she should allow her to hide on her coffin. "I'm sorry love but you know I can't do that~" she said with a giggle, sitting on the roof as she peered at her with bright green eyes. Mina is so sweet that sometimes Morticia wanted to cut her open and check if she's made out of candy. Of course, she couldn't just straight up ask Mina about that. Besides, she didn't want ring master to be mad at her. "...but if you pay me, I'm sure I'll let you hide in one of my coffins~ Maybe I'll let you stay there permanently. What do you think?"

    She was about to jump off of the train to her window when Margaux shouted at them and oddly, asked them to shut up in a nice way. "Odd. I've never seen you like this before Miss Margaux.. perhaps your screws are starting to loosen up? I would love to check it for you~" she teased, looking at her for a moment before deciding that it would be best to not screw with her right now. It seems like she found peace, even for just a little while. It would be rude for me to take it away from her.

    "Well, this is fun and all but I think I'm going to head back to sleep. Wake me up when we arrived at the next location, yeah?" Morticia said to everyone and jumped through her window and into her room, slowly resting herself on her black coffin and slowly closing the lid.

  15. The Twins



    Mina sat on the window sill and looked up at Morticia and Xavier, who were balanced precariously on the roof.

    Xavier stood there smiling. "Hello Mina The Light that never burns out, The Beauty that will never fade." He winked at her. Mina smiled and blushed coyly.

    "Oh Xavier, stop." She flirted back It was clear from her tone that she did not want him to stop,"'You're such a flirt!" She giggled and tried to angle her face to show off her best features.

    "You should let her hide, be a pal! Let her hide in your coffin..." he said to Morticia. He stood there with his hands behind his back, swinging back and forth. "I think I need a little nap." He yawned and waved good night to the girls, about to go back into the train.

    "Nooooooo Xaaaaaavier, wait! I know, I know! The four of us can play hide and seek together!" Mina crowed, obliviously to the others exaustion. "You, Morty, me and Nico." She pointed to everyone in turn then backwards with her thumb when she said 'Nico'. "It could be so much fun!"

    Morticia spoke then, grabbing Mina's attention. "I'm sorry love but you know I can't do that~" she said with a giggle, sitting on the roof as she peered at her with bright green eyes. "...but if you pay me, I'm sure I'll let you hide in one of my coffins~ Maybe I'll let you stay there permanently. What do you think?"

    "Yes, yes!" Mina said hastily. Anything to get in that coffin. She could sort things out with Morticia later, Morticia who was always playing games just like Mina.

    "Well, this is fun and all but I think I'm going to head back to sleep. Wake me up when we arrived at the next location, yeah?" Morticia said to everyone and jumped through her window and into her room. Mina herself swung fully back into the compartment just before Morticia could accidentally kick her. Mina dove head first into the spare coffin and had just fitted the lid on when she heard Nico's voice coming from around the corner.


    Nico arrived at Morticia's compartment just in time to hear the tail end of the conversation. He waited, back against the wall, until he heard two sets of coffin lids being replaced. Then he rounded, or rather floated, around the corner pivoting on his heals and he swung into view of the compartment, head tilted and devilish smile fixed on his face. It would have been to easy to find his sister so he should at least try to draw it out. They were always making acceptances for each other at hide and seek otherwise it would have been no fun. He had to admit though, sometimes one or the other of them did find a good hiding spot. The trick was to empty your mind and not think about where you were so that your twin couldn't get an easy read on the situation. Nico obviously knew where Mina was this time, but at least he had two coffins to choose from.

    But he would never in his wildest dreams think of depriving his sister of hide and seek. It was the only thing she had left of Riccio...It had been the boy's favorite game and he had loved to play it with his sister. Nico missed his little brother terribly but he knew Riccio's death had effected Mina just a little bit more than himself. It made her just a little bit angrier, crazier, sadder. She couldn't even talk about Riccio. But she had Nico to help her, to be strong where she couldn't. That's how their relationship worked. He knew to some it seemed they were the same person, and in some ways they were, but they were really two separate people connected as one. It's what made them so physcally and mentally strong. You filled out the other persons flaws with your own strengths, and visa versa. In the same way the other persons thoughts and emotions impacted you so deeply that it was often hard to distinguish who each thought and emotion originated from. They were two people connected as a unit. That was the nature of their physic link.

    Nico rested his forearm against the doorway of the compartment and leaned agaisnt it, smirking. "Let me guess...she's NOT in one of the coffins." he said sarcasticly. "Oh well, better check just in case!" He raised his voice for the benefit of his entombed sister. "A-HA!" He grasped the lid of the first coffin and pulled it off to look inside at it's occupant.

    Madam Nadezhda

    Foxglove....................10 12 oz.
    Helebore....................6 8 oz.
    Hemlock....................2 3 oz.
    Hemp....................12 13 oz.
    Laurel.....................20 oz
    Nightshade....................30 oz
    Poppy....................11 18 oz.
    Yew....................... 0 oz

    Nadya had just finished catolouging her poisions and was going on to her herbs when she heard a thump, thump, thump agaist the wall of her compartment, coming from the otherside. Dactrin must be awake again. She reminded herself that she should give him herbs to help sleep, if Morticia would allow it. Speaking of herbs...


    European Mistletoe
    Evening primrose

    And that was just the 'E' section. 22 more letters to go.
    Footsteps made Nayda look up from her eyestraining work. It was Dactrin who had, no doubt, given up on sleeping in all the rucus. "Good evening," she purred in her rich tones and thick accent, though it was obviously the middle of the night. Nayda smiled knowingly, a sharp toothed grin that was not quite human. "You should think about using those herbs I suggested." she said to him as he walked by her compartment.
    Onto the 'F's'.


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  16. Dactrin L. Cooper>> Train Hallway Next To Madam Nadezhda's Cabin >> More Awake and Slightly Aroused

    Either the train was nearing it's destination or the performers were getting restless. Voices could be heard further along the train but they were too far to be clearly understood and he didn't have the energy to pay attention to them. He was already losing interest in searching out Alfie and Dolores. She was trouble for him anyways. He took his time walking down the hall, bringing a hand to rub his sleepy face, trying to fully wake himself up; he wasn't sure if he would have time for another nap before the train stopped. His soft soled shoes made hardly a sound as he padded down the hallway but, not very far along before Madam Nadezhda's voice caught his attention. She was one of the quieter ones, something he loved about her. That and her beautifully thick hair. He had visions of burying his face in her hair, knife to her throat, grasping her torso from behind and pulling her in to him. He shook his head. Now was not a good time to get those thoughts going and force himself in to hiding for...well, reasons.
    Dactrin stopped by the entrance to where Nadezhda was working, leaning in through the doorway with a grin on his face. "Evening" he responded coolly, stepping forward to join her in her quarters, watching her make her entries with her herbs and spices. At her suggestion he shrugged his shoulders and gave a slight nod. "I appreciate the kind offer, I do. But I don't feel comfortable taking anything that might hinder my alertness." It was quite ironic how he feared the use of herbal remedies and their possible unwanted side effects, and yet his drinking never held him back, sometimes forcing him to perform with lingering intoxication. With her sweet gestures and alluring smile though, it probably wouldn't take much further persuasion to take her offer. Either that or his lack of quality sleep will catch up to him, putting him in a more desperate position.

    Dactrin flicked his knife one last time, catching it's handle, then began twirling it between his fingers as he walked towards her. "You work too hard" he said softly, eyeing her assortment with curiosity.

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  17. image.jpg
    - Name:Nexxus "Nexx" Amadeus
    - Location: Outside of train, London, England
    - Mood: Lowering and rising fright

    Nexx stopped dead in his tracks when the man that was suddenly on the monster with him and the scary lady yelled angrily at him. He turned around to face him, despite the boney freak having to look down at the angered fellow he shrunk with a shameful look on his face. "I'm sorry... There was a big ugly flying monster there just I minute ago I swear!" He pointed to where the dragon-kin was just flying, not having seen him transform back. Nexx recognized the man from the circus's show and was about to mention it when the scary lady spoke.

    He had to actually pause and consider her question. "I don't know. They would made it so I couldn't move or speak when they cut me up." Nexx scratched his head, causing a few moths to fly out. They were instantly caught by the wind and flew off into the distance. The scary lady laughed, then cried, then talked to the man, and someone he didn't see, sounded like a less scary lady. Nexx felt obliged to inform them that living in a big monster is very dangerous before another lady appeared and shouted in a way that was even scarier then the scary lady.

    Nexx knew that sort of shout from a white coat man that would poke him with a stick that burned and left him tingly all over. He instinctively dropped to his knees, clasped his claws together, and plead to the lady that wasn't even looking at him. "I'm very, very, very sorry Miss!" She spoke again, softer now. In that time Nexx recognized her, on of the people in charge of the circus, that he was going to try to join, who he had just bothered. "O-of course Miss. So sorry Miss. I, er... I was wondering if I could maybe possibly join your circus..." He was shaking again.


    Name - Callic Mac Williams
    Location - Conductors Cabin, London, England
    Mood - Thoughtful

    Callic muttered nonsense to herself, thoughts still on a certain fire-breathing annoyance. A few embers emitted from her pipe. Guy works here for a month and thinks he's a lady's man. She was spared from his 'charms' thanks to a lack of eyes and a threat to castrate him. She checked a few of the dials and gauges that would mean nothing to anyone but her and... and...

    A nock on the door. Thank goodness. Can't be getting rapped up in those thoughts, can't work properly that way. Callic slid the door open, pausing for a moment to peer through and see who it was. Seeing T she quickly opened the door and tilted her hat to him. "Eve' Mr. T. Here to check the itinerary yeah?"
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  18. [​IMG]
    Conductors Cabin Top of Train
    ✝✝✝ Thankful and Playful ✝✝✝

    T watched as the door before him slid open to reveal the trusted conductor of Cirque De Mortifica', Callic Williams. T's signature smile spread across his face while small trails of smoke from his cigarette rose to the roof of the conductors cabin, dissipating before he had a chance to wave them away.
    The tattooed man stepped forward just enough to lean against the open door frame, facing Callic with a appreciative and quizzing look.
    "That would be right my dear, regardless of being a goofball I do occasionally need to check up on this heap." He smiled with a tantalizing glow that would almost suffocate one if they looked for long enough, his voice was laced with a thick Russian accent, portraying the true nature of this mans body. T brought the cigarette once more up to his lips, inhaling the smoke before turning around to blow it the opposite way to not constrict Callic's clean air.

    "Just be sure we arrive in Bethnal Green in around an hour, that should give us enough time for a quick set up, and quite possibly dinner before the show." T grinned playfully, quickly thanking Callic with a nod of his head. He turned to his right, sliding open a rather broken seeming window to about half-point. He gripped the rim of the window itself, pulling his body up and out of the window onto the top of the fast moving train with one fell swoop, leaving Callic to leave open or shut the window on her own accord.
    The moment he reached the top of the train, at a discernible distance, T caught his eyes onto a gather of some members, an unknown and oddly pleading figure, and his wife, slumped down with her legs crossed. T was to far away to hear what they were currently saying, however it didn't help that Callic was carrying them along at speed most humans wouldn't even imagine possible, let alone allow people on the roof with. T flicked the cigarette from his hands, watching the stick of tobacco fly away as he placed his hands in his pockets, billowing forwards on the train towards he oddly diverse group - though such can be said for the entire circus.

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  19. Madam Nadezhda

    "Evening" Dactrin responded coolly, stepping forward to join her in her quarters. A faint smirk tugged at the corner of Nayda's mouth and her dark eyes filled with pleasure. She was pleased that he, this mysterious knife master, had decided to join her. Nayda took advantage of the fact that he was standing to take in the fullness of his form. Yes, quite pleasing indeed. She planned for him to not be a mystery for long, though, not after she coxed him into letting her give him a reading. And by coxed she ment make, of course. No one would dare refuse a reading when she offered it.

    At her suggestion of the herbs he shrugged his shoulders and gave a slight nod. "I appreciate the kind offer, I do. But I don't feel comfortable taking anything that might hinder my alertness."

    Nadya laughed, a high clear contageous laugh that seemed vunrable, almost human. It made her seem like an adolecent the way she threw back hear head and shook her hair, her whole body buzzing with mirth. Then as she caught her breath she reverted back to normal Nayda as she spoke. "Oh, Dactrin," she savored his name, rolling the 'r's with her Slavic accent. "The alcohol you're so fond of does much more to hinder your abilitys than a little harmless cup of tea." Tea. At the mention of it she poured herself another cup while simultainiously reaching for a clean one. She set it before Dactrin and filled it with the dark liquid, all the while never taking her eyes off of his brilliant ones.

    Dactrin flicked his knife one last time, catching it's handle, then began twirling it between his fingers as he walked towards her. "You work too hard" he said softly, eyeing her assortment with curiosity.

    She smirked coyly, breaking eye contact breifly to dab her quill in the ink and scratch out a few more words. "Oh but my dear boy, it's hardly work If I enjoy it." She scratched a few more words without looking down. "Besides, would you consider avoiding accidental poisning of ones self to be to hard of work? I think not. See," she said pointing at each herb in turn, "They all look similar when dried. But I doubt you'd want to take a dose of nightshade when you were reaching for the basil. But come, sit." The tone of her voice seemed more demanding than requesting but it was inviting all the same. She gestered at the newly poured cup of tea in front of him. "Drink. Don't worry," she smirked at what appeared to be a slightly aprehensive look on his face, "It's just tea. Black. No poisions or herbs." Nayda pushed her own tea and parchment aside and folded her hands in front of her as she leaned foward and focused her full attention on him. "What do you say, Dactrin? Would you care for a reading?" She gestered with a gracefull hand toward her asortment of goods, crystal ball, taro cards, his tea cup. Palm reading was included as well, of course.

    Nadya suddenly sprang foward faster than a normal human could follow and grasped Dactrin's chin with her long nailed fingers. The hand that had looked so gracefuly only moments ago now grasped his his face with firm athority. Her own dark eyes were now only inches away from the startiling blue ones that had enthralled her since he first walked in. "But you hardly need one." She said, refering to the reading. "Your eyes tell their own story. If you are not careful they will tell me your deepest darkest secrets." she purred. There was a beat of silents then Nadya realeased his chin and withdrew slightly.

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  20. [​IMG]
    { Prince Ashworth }
    `Location: Inside his cabin → On the way to the Kitchen◞ ♦ `Mood: Neutral → Frustrated◞

    It had been a while since Prince had cooped himself up in his cabin. Having no roommates felt lonely, but he didn't mind; he knew that someone would one day come along and fill out the empty space in the room. Besides, even if someone was assigned to the same room as him, he knew that they'd hardly have any conversations. In fact, no that he thinks about it, Prince will probably the person who's forced to bunk with him. His silence might make them go crazy! Prince mimed laughter at the though. Even though there was no one around to see him perform such actions, he still did them on occasion to express himself. He viewed them as something similar to talking to oneself.

    Prince turned the page on the book he was reading. For something that he'd randomly found inside the cabin when he first arrived, probably left by the previous bunker, it was a pretty interesting read. He aimed to finished it before the next performance, however he found it hard to concentrate on it. Loud voices from both outside and inside the train were distracting him. Trying to understand what he was reading, Prince read the page again and again till he eventually gave up. The noises were too much for him to focus. Prince mimed a sigh. With a sounding snap, he closed the book he was reading.

    'Perhaps some tea would help' he thought to himself as he placed the book on his bedside table and dragged himself to where he figured he'd find tea: the kitchen.
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