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  1. Since Diana has swine flu and will probably be dead by the time I post this, we need to choose a new Admin to replace her. :|

    Your jobs will include looking pretty, being nice despite all provocation, and keeping an eye on me (cos we all know that I'm an egotistical homophobic Nazi who needs to be constantly held in check).

    So tell us why you should be Admin, how you would change Iwaku, and what you would do to help the members like me better.
  2. BUT I'M STILL ALIV-*Gets clonked unconscious by a shovel and dragged out back!*
  3. do I get to mani... er... help guide the replacement Diana?
  4. *looks at his secret army of diana clones*

    I'm sure we'll find someone.
  5. *Appears with a shovel over his shoulder*

    Right, anyways....
  6. So will this be a temporary change or a permanent one?

    Either way I think one of the Mods should be put into the position. One that is active at least and then its more of an issue to find someone to replace the mod or have them cover both spots while Diana is out.
  7. Isabellas like to be admins.. and Mall Cops..
  8. *Snuggles everyone*

    I like watching this!
  9. Our resident coder ill for the next few...............generic units of time. And what's this about a promotion? Whoo a spot opened up for Pirogeth to go up in this forum world...or sit in the same spot like fate is proned to do to me.

    Get well soon Diana and keep spreading that virus around so we get the full immunization all over the states.
  10. Mew, Two of my friends got Swine flu..... not fun, but not as bad as the average flu.

  11. *Rolls in with tanks, helos, fighters, bombers, and missile silos on ready alert.*

    Is it too soon to attempt a Coup de tat?
  13. No, rude would have been starting the offensive with nuclear weapons and rolling in to take over what ever is left over.

    Who wants to rule a wasteland?

    Chernobyl does not count.
  14. *slaps Slyen*

    So, my attempt to start a thread where everyone shows off their skills has failed I see.

    McCarthy doesn't count. He spelled "coup d'etat" wrong, so he's disqualified.
  15. *The tanks open fire on Asmoman, the ensuing explosions throwing him down the conveniently placed steps of a Tibetan monestary.*

    Yeah, fuck you too, Asmoman.


  17. I'm assertive, shy away from responsibility, skirt the rules a bit too often, and am generally a nicer person than I appear. Also, I've got a personality disorder.

    I think I'd be perfect as an Admin...^_^;
  18. ... we're electing an admin?


    This is serious?





    Yeah... not even gunna bother... snowball's chance in hell...

    Wish cha' luck lads!
  19. May I claim deputy?

    Name: Vulturepelt
    Past names (if any): Vulturekit and Vulturepaw
    Gender: Male
    Age: 37 moons
    Rank: Deputy
    Mentor: --
    Apprentice: Open
    Mate (if any): Open, otherwise none.
    Kits (if any): Whisperfang is his adopted kit. Open, otherwise none.
    Short physical description: Vulturepelt is a black and white tom whose pelt has streaks and patches of faint white hairs, giving him a messy look. He has yellow eyes and is just a taller and slightly broader than the average tom cat.
    Personality: Vulturepelt is pretty mellow with a good sense of humor and a lax nature. He appears to always be calm and in a good mood, his typical everyday face consisting of a crooked smile and half lidded eyes (not the sleepy eyes, just the mellow ones). Even in times of danger, threat, or grief he maintains the light attitude, using it to help keep the other's spirits up. He doesn't seem to be afraid of much, probably also because of his personality. He may not openly reveal those emotions on his face or voice but you can be sure he'll let you have it physically. Don't mess with his daughter or the clan, he has no problem dishing it out. However, Vulturepelt is also very compassionate and forgiving (so long as you haven't harmed someone he cares for on purpose). He has a soft spot for kits and cats of apprentice age and generally any cat younger than him.
    Strengths: Wise, experienced, strong.
    Weaknesses: Getting older, slowing down a bit.
    Picture: --
    Clan: Mountain Clan

    Name: Galestorm
    Past names (if any): Galekit and Galepaw
    Gender: Male
    Age: 37 moons
    Rank: Warrior
    Mentor: --
    Apprentice: Open
    Mate (if any): --
    Kits (if any): --
    Short physical description: Galestorm is slightly smaller than Vutlurepelt and not as bulky, in fact the tom is quite slim. He does have broad shoulders just like his brothers but nothing as impressive. Gray and white with greenish yellow eyes, Galestorm is more fit for speed, and though he may be a warrior at heart, is not as strong as his brothers.
    Personality: Galestorm is much like Vulturepelt in terms of personality, mellow, easy going, and humorous, but, Galestorm can be more serious than his brothers and may show signs of other emotions such as strain, stress, or worry much easier than the other two. He is extremely compassionate and kind, going out of his way to help cats in need and to provide medical as well as mental care for those who need it. He is an excellent secret keeper and extremely loyal to his brothers and to the Clan and would gladly die for their sake.
    Strengths: Wise, negotiator, smart.
    Weaknesses: Not tough or as strong as his brother. Compassionate, tries not to fight to solve problems.
    Picture: --
    Clan: Mountain Clan

    Name: Whisperfang
    Past names (if any): Whisperkit and Whisperpaw
    Gender: Female
    Age: 20 moons
    Rank: Warrior
    Mentor: --
    Apprentice: Open
    Mate (if any): Open for crush.
    Kits (if any): --
    Short physical description: Whisperfang is a off white she-cat with long fur and two differently colored eyes, her right a dark amber and her left a pale ghostly blue. She is average in size, perhaps just a pinch bit shorter and actually has quite a slim body beneath her fur. Built for an equal amount of speed and strength she makes for an excellent warrior and is an above average hunter, she has better luck during leafbare.
    Personality: Whisperfang is quite spunky, fierce, a spitefire as Vulturepelt would call her. She has a wild, independent, rebellious attitude and has no problem letting others get a piece of her mind or tongue for that matter. Swift to defend her clan and her honor she won' take nothing from anyone without a confrontation, whether it be words or claws. She loves Vulturepelt and Galestorm very much and shares Vulturepelt's kindness towards orphans or outcast loners. She also shares a soft spot for kits and would readily defend them to the death.
    Strengths: Fierce, energetic, loyal, fast.
    Weaknesses: Rash, tempered, vulnerable to brute force.
    Picture: --
    Clan: Moutain Clan​
  20. I've been a mod before. But due to the fact I've only been here for a day...