Children of the Taint

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    Danny walks through the familiar streets of the city on his way to find something to eat. He hated the prospect of walking through streets of the so-called pure. He hated them all. As he walks towards the shop, he sees some excitement breaking out in a square. A purist attack on a few of his brothers and sisters. When he is sure, he pulls out a small switch blade he stole off of some guy who tried to kill him a while back and goes to help his brothers and sisters. The Voice echos in his head {Kill. Kill. Kill. Hurt someone. Do something.}
  2. Marraaaa... Let's go drink some smoothiess...
    What kind of smoothies?
    Yo, Xi-Xi, we should totally get some vanilla milkshakes.
    Ew! I'm lactose intolerant, I want a banana smoothie!
    Yo dumb a*s, how you funna drink a smoothie without no yogurt or no milk?

    But, Carmi... You're just a voice in my head, you can't be lactose intolerant...
    Ex-actly! Hmph...
    So meannn!...

    This was her usual conversation with the voices in her head, and it was rather pleasant. She usually couldn't make any friends or know anyone but other tainted, but other tainted seem to stay away from her as well. Xio was... Moderately lonely. She had her steel guitar strapped to her back, popping her rouged lips as she looked about for a store that could sell banana milk. She wasn't fond of most smoothies. Hearing foot steps behind her, she broke into a small jump away and speedily starts to unstrap her steel guitar from her back. It was three pure people with knives, chuckling loudly as she pulled her steel guitar to her hands. Xiomara stepped back and kicked a open gallon of spoiled milk on the dirty alley floor, spraying all three of them with it. As they coughed and hacked, obviously disgusted from getting a serving because their mouths were open, she speedily darted away from them. She was ready to whack anyone with Betsy, her instrument as she stepped into the clearing or a normal street. Trying to blend in with normal people, she was suddenly caught in a square of purists with a few other tainted. Xiomara sighed gently, stepping back and taking few of how many had her in a square. She wanted to think calmly, even though she was scared. She raised her guitar in an instant at the foul terms they spat at her, slamming her instrument into the skull of one blabbering one with a small twinge.

    Oh! I can't watch!
    I wish I coulda give 'em the one-two... You better not lose, Xi.
    I don't think this will go well...
  3. Are you really going to try to help out with that puny knife of yours? Didn't we see a metal trash bin outside one of those shops.

    Danny runs over to the metal bin and pulls the lid off. "it will have to do" He says to himself. Other Tainted were starting to come out of the ally ways and Taint friendly shops. Danny charges at the group of Purists with the lid out like a shield to knock the Purists down or out of the way to get to the group. "I think you guys ought to follow me back to The Deep."

    Kill that guy! Kill kill! No? Injure, maybe? Hurt someone already!
    Can't you just shut up for one second. Maybe he just wants to get the others out alive!

    It doesn't look like an option at this point. There are way more of them. And the police have arrived, so we might also get arrested.
    All the more reason to run.
  4. "I think you guys ought to follow me back to The Deep."

    Ah! A knight in shining armor!
    Or just another Tainted, let's dip, Xi.

    "Way ahead of you." Xiomara said, kicking a guy away from her forcefully before darting off through the opening Danny made.
    Run, run, run! Like the wind!
    Stay quiet, why don't you, we all have a lot on our minds right now!

  5. "we need to go. The police are here."
    Oh, yes. Lets flee the scene of a crime.
    "The construction site. We can lose them there!"
    That sounds dangerous. Let's go!"

    Danny breaks into a sprint, heading out of the square and towards a massive construction site.
  6. Ace walked down the street with a plastic bag in one of his hands contain some food from a gas station. He has heard about the whole riot that happened at the square with the Tainted and the Purist but simply ignored it. He didn't really cared for the whole conflict between the two because he sees the Tainted on just regular people but with better abilities than a regular human. Also he sees that its the personaitily that makes up if someone deserves to get killed or not. Anyhow he heavily sighed and heading towards a construction site since it was in his way home when he noticed Danny running like he was chased. "Hmm? What's going on now?" Ace asked himself.
  7. Della heard the quarrel but it was too late to intervene. The cops had show up and she needed to get scarce and fast. Two other tainted ran past her, she was guessing they were a part of what had just happened. She ducked into an alleyway, disappearing into the shadows. She cut back and ran behind the buildings. She knew that if the police found any tainted near the site they were all going to jail. She hurdled over trashcans and came out where the fence blocked off the construction site. She bounced on either foot, before deciding to go right, around the fence. The fence opened up in the back, by where all the portable offices were.

    She hid on the side of one of the offices, hoping they would pass her and she could then pick the lock and hide inside. She breathed shallow, but heavily. She knew tainted were known to have voices in their minds. Telling them to hurt people. Somehow she ended up with one voice, despite those who have two that argue good and bad. Her voice was mean and sneering. Scella she named it. Scella started telling her to hurt people when she was little. And even now, Scella urged her to fight and not hide.

    Come on, Del, what's the worst that can happen. Look at those scrawny chucklef**ks, you could take on at least 3 at a time.

    Scella's voice was somehow soft and sweet, and Della told the voice to shut up. she was already on false accusation of murder, when it was nothing but self defense. She peeked around the corner, and it looked clear. But she didn't want to move yet. She stood still, trying desperately to block out Scella.
  8. Danny runs to the construction site, pushing past Ace and stops at the high fence. He tosses his jacket on the barbs on top and climbs over. He pulls his coat down and runs past the portable offices.
    What about that girl back there?
    She looked like she could handle herself. Besides, if she were smart, she would follow
    He felt bad for the not making sure everyone involved was okay, bit at this point, saving his own hide was higher up than saving someone who he has never met.
  9. Ace saw Danny ran past him and seen that the cops were chasing him. Cop usually are more unfair to the Tainted in the town but Ace wasnt sure if Danny was a Tainted in the first place anyhow but sometimes messing with cops was funny. He sees them running down and yelled "HE WENT OVER THERE! I JUST SAW HIM MUGGED A OLD LADY!" Ace shouted and pointed in the wrong direction. The cops believed him and went off. Ace then chuckled at himself. "Now I should go..." He told himself and kept walking.
  10. Danny stops in the middle of the construction site. He looks up at the massive tower that is being built and stays to catch his breath.
    Think we lost them?
    I think I heard someone yelling. Something about 'they went that way'. Think he was helping us?

    Might have been telling them where we are.
    We'd have been caught by now.
  11. Her eyes widened as the boy ran past. Great. She turned and ran off, hoping that the cops weren't close behind him. Giving her enough time to get out of the area. She stopped running at a 4-way stop. It was pretty empty. Which made sense since she was standing in the Tainted part of town. She let out a breath. She walked down the street, sticking to the sides of the buildings.

    Congratulations Della. Now we're lost.

    "Shut up Scella." she mumbles under her breath. She was indeed lost. She's never been in this part of town before. She walked further in, some stragglers passing by her. She looked around, still completely lost.
    "I hate when you're right." she grumbles.

    Yeah, well maybe you should get smarter.

    "Just because you were right, doesn't mean you can freely insult me. Now shut up. I'll find a way out." Somehow. She thinks silently taking in her surroundings.
  12. After catching his breath, Danny looks around and jogs to the other side and uses his jacket to hop the fence again and lands badly on his ankle on the street Della is on. He swears under his breath and sits down.
    Now, what did you go and do that for?
    Don't be so rude, Nicholas.

    Don't use my name, woman.
    "It would be nice if you would both shut up for a bit."

    He looks at his ankle and decides that he is fine. He stands and starts going down the street with a slight limp.
  13. Della stopped walking to look around for anything to help her, a street sign, a person that didn't look like they'd gone insane. She placed her hands on her hips, turning. She catches a glimpse of a boy jumping down from the fence, then standing to walk with a limp. It was the kid that ran by her!

    Hey maybe he knows where you are, he looks hurt. You could beat it out of him.

    "Or I could just help him." She mumbles back at Scella. She approaches cautiously, stiffly in case he attacked her. She stopped in front of the boy, "Are you okay? That looked like a hard landing." She says hoping he doesn't lash out on her.

    Ask for directions already. I want to get home before its too late to get any real sleep.

    God Scella shut up. Della urged. She reached out to help him walk. Weather he took her help or not was his choice. She didn't like forcing people into anything. Help or not. Now if Scella would keep quiet, she might actually get out of here.
  14. He looks over and chuckles "I was hoping nobody saw that" he does not take the offer to help him walk.
    Of course she saw that dumbass move.
    Shut up. Hes talking to someone
  15. Ace ran a bit until he was in the Tainted area of town where most of them live. "Getting close to home then I can relax in peace..." He said to himself and was at the corner of the street where Danny and Della were. He began walking down until...
    "HEY! PURIST!" Someone shouted behind him. Ace turned to face two Tainted thugs smirking at him. "What the hell are you doing in this part of town?" He asked.
    "I am not a purist so you can f*** off..." Ace replied coldly.
    Both of their eyes flashed a brighter color for a brief second and they chuckled as they both pull out a knife. "Nah either give us what you have or we will take it... Your choice."
    Ace looked around to see no one is near him to his knowledge. He was stuck in this situation and chances are these guys are faster than him.
  16. She dropped her hand, "Yeah um sorry." SHe looked around, to see that kid that sent the gaurds off in the other direction. He looked cornered by a couple thugs. She smiled at Danny, "Sorry." she ran off, over to the other boys side. "Chill. He's with me." Her grey eyes flashed bright white, as a warning. "And just to save you from the imminent embarrassment of getting beat up by a girl. I'm going to tell you to back off." Her voice is as calm as the smile on her face

    Thats right! You tell'em! Beat the crap out of both of them!

    She ignored Scella, giving the thugs a chance to back off peacefully.
  17. "Hey look now there is a girl!" One said.
    "Yea and also a Tainted!" The other said and laughed at their joke they mad. Ace grew slightly annoyed by this. "But anyways, we aren't going to move is there a problem with that?" One of them threaten.
    Ace now knows that this girl is on her side and would help him in this problem they have. Both thugs still have knives in their hands and it got quiet a bit. Ace then took a deep sigh and violently kicked a knife out of one thug's grasps and darted a punch on his fast quickly.
  18. She rolled her eyes and sighed. She pulled her hammer off the sheath on her back and hit one of the thugs in the knee. The thug cried out in pain, and fell to the ground.

    You gave'em a chance, not beat the hell outta these bozos.

    As her hammer swung down onto the second thugs knee she growls, "Actually yes. There is a problem with that." She flipped the thug over with her foot and stood on his throat. "Now. I'm going to tell you to back off one more time before I'm forced to crush your skull. Got it?" she asked, pushing down on the thugs throat, not hard enough to crush his windpipe, but enough to cut off his air supply. His face started to get darker, but she of course didn't let up. He wanted to kill the poor kid, you don't just get out of that.

    Thats right! I knew you hadn't gone soft!

    She hushed Scella waiting for the thug to give up.
  19. "We... are... sorry..." The thug who was getting choked by Della and soon passed out by lack of air but he didn't die. The other thug limp away crying from the pain yelling "YOU WILL PAY FOR THIS!" and disappeared from the shadows.
    Ace sighed in relief. "Thank you miss... I don't know how to repay you." Ace said in gratitude.
  20. Ooh I like her.
    That was rather interesting. Although Danny is still hurt.
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