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  1. Hey all! This is where I'll be posting the writing that I'll make daily, starting today! Hopefully I will fulfill my goal of writing every day... Well enough of that, I hope you all enjoy!
  2. Taking it Out on You​
    Spit onto me
    Your lies
    Take out on me
    Your hatred
    I’m just a broken
    Porcelain doll
    That you toss around
    For your enjoyment
    This might be a sensitive topic for some people, idk. Anyway, first piece up for this thread, hope you enjoy!​
  3. Make a Wish​
    Make a wish
    To blow your mind
    Channel your energy
    And watch it grow
    Soon you’ll want
    I have no idea what went on with this piece. Nope. No idea whatsoever. Hope you enjoy it nonetheless!
  4. The Dragon and the Fairy
    A dragon fell in love with a fairy. It wasn’t supposed to be like this, for dragons were supposed to stay up in their mountains with dwarves while the fae stay in their forests with elves. But his egg somehow managed to find its way down to the forest and the fairies, his parents, cared for him like one of their own.

    Or at least tried to. He was the ugly duckling of the group, demanding meat all the time instead of the fairy bread and honeysuckles they fed him and waddling around blowing fire at the leaves. The elves were not happy their forest domain was being turned to ash and so chased the dragon out.

    But there was one fairy who understood him, his best friend and the most beautiful of all faeries, in his opinion. A tiny little creature with delicate gold hair and bright blue eyes, her smile was like soft sunshine and her laughter like the shifting of scales. He loved her, this fairy, and he began to grow more subconscious of it as the fairy abandoned her forest home for traveling the world with him.

    Times were hard and none took too kindly to a dragon ready to hoard treasure. He grew big and strong while she became weaker by the years, her magic the only thing sustaining her unless they were near a forest of some sort.
    He found the perfect home for them, as he learned how to fly like a fairy by watching her flit about. It was a single mountain surrounded by forests and as he hewn a cave to call his own, the fairy settled down on a nearby tree hollow at the base of the mountain. She would visit him often and he loved her tiny barely felt touch that he learn could be felt.

    The fairy blessed him with strength and kindness and soon a town began to worship him as their god when he saved them all from another dragon trying to take his home away. He and the fairy lived many years happily as the town grew.

    But man grew greedy. The chopped down the forest to expand their village and the two watched in sadness as the fairy’s home was struck down. She took to living farther and farther away and the dragon gave his strength to the fairy, letting a traveling wizard take that strength and imbue it in her. She took the dragon’s seed and soon bore a strange child, a fairy with dragon’s wings. She took the child and traveled once more, feeling his strength in her body and not forgetting the kindness that he held as he now slept forever atop the mountain.

    Basically something I came up with when I asked some people to say the first random thing that came up in their head. This was the product. Shame that the dragon god died in the end, but it gave his love strength and he wouldn't change it for the world. Hope you enjoy!​
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  5. Of Right and Wrong
    You toss and turn in your sleep before bolting upwards, sweating. You can't remember the dream you just had, but it was bad. You felt it, the wrongness of it in that dream, but you can't remember.

    Or was it righteousness you felt? For some reason, the dream felt so wrong yet so right, but you can't remember why or how. You stare at your red, rubbed raw hands before heading downstairs.

    You're glad the others are asleep. In a world full of wrongness, it seems that only you are right, and only partially at that. There's something wrong with you, but you can't put your finger on it. Everyone and everything was just plain wrong, wrong, wrong.

    Except for one thing. You see them together in the clinic, this made up family of four, helping one another and you couldn't help but feel the rightness of it. In a world full of wrong, the rightness was good and too much to bear. You wanted to be aa part of it, but you can't because you yourself are wrong. You have to wonder, though, as you take a glass of water upstairs, what exactly is right and wwrong? You don't know, but the magic in your veins tells you that everything except for those sparse moments of right are wrong, wrong, wrong.
    This is in second person because why the heck not? Originally it was going to be about the reader having something bad happen to them, but then it turned into one of my characteer's angsting. Whoops. The character's name is Amaryllis btw and she's an angel that can sense right and wrong via magic. Hope you enjoy!​
  6. Helpless​
    As all is said and done
    Your world
    Will crumble
    Last minute poetry ftw. Wooooo. This ons is a bit depressing, but what is life without its angst? Hope you enjoy!​
  7. Anxiety​
    What can I say
    When I start to shake
    When my mouth dries
    And my eyes dart about
    Nothing, that's what​
    So today someone asked me out for coffee. A stranger at that. This is, like, a first date for me. jflksafhlkshgskhdlg >///< And this arose because my heart was...all fluttery from the experience. Hope you enjoy!​
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  8. Come to Me​
    Come to me, my darling
    Where we can dance
    On silver wings
    Towards the sky

    Be not fearful, my darling
    Of the fading shadows
    The loss of color
    Of mumbled words

    Worry not, my darling
    Of what awaits
    Beyond the stream
    Of the farcity

    Move on, my darling
    Embrace this darkness
    And eternal sleep
    Into oblivion

    So come to me, my darling
    We will dance
    On silver wings
    Towards the sky​
    A poem about death, being the friend that he is. idk, death is scary, but we should get used to the fact that death is a part of life and we should greet him like an old friend. Hope you enjoy!​
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  9. The Marks​
    You see these marks
    Upon my skin
    That have caused me
    To give in

    This is the proof
    Of your tyranny
    Of your evil
    That I want to end gladly
    Short thing I wrote just to get it in before midnight. Wanted to write a story, but... |D Maybe tomorrow, lol. idk :'D Hope you enjoy!​
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  10. World Views
    When he was a kitten, he didn’t think his world was very big. It just contained him and his mother and several other siblings, and he was in a nice, warm place. Thinking back on it, this was his first taste of such a life, a life of warmth with plenty to eat without the need to hunt.

    Then as his time as a stray, he found that the world was much bigger than he expected. Streets and houses, trees and dirt, all of it culminated into one vast place to explore and learn. He learned to find his own food, find places to drink, find places to hide from strangers, the works. It was large, so large that he couldn’t explore every place and what was left ended up getting caught and put up for adoption.

    His world became tiny then, just a box with one side of glass. He watched people go by as he sat in the box, waiting to be adopted. Here he was safe and warm and well fed, but sometimes he would look out and wish that he could explore again. The box quickly got boring and though he was sometimes carried into another bigger room, this tiny world wasn’t for him.

    Then he got adopted and found himself in a room. Two rooms actually, one with pretty white tiles and the other with carpet. And a window, a big one to the outside world. He took his sweet time exploring the area, and slowly grew used to his surroundings. But sometimes he would be at the window, where the desire to explore would be still there.

    Writing based off the new cat I got. He's a curious fellow, and he took the time to explore around the room. Still needs to get along with my dog though, lol, but it's only the first day. Hope you enjoy!​
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  11. Fox Transformation
    I’ve never really tested it before, shapeshifting. That was something the others could do, not me. Not an ordinary girl from a different plane. Not one welcomed that is. Still, seeing other transformations and reading about them…I couldn’t help but feel I wanted to be a part of them. OR I never felt anything at all. Never could, really.

    It started with the tail, a faint thing that curled and wagged with every movement I consciously made. My movements. I remembered having a tail before, back when I was young. Back when I believed that life was fairytales all the time. This was no fairytale, but real life. The light tail curled around my body as I got ready for the other parts of the transformation.

    Next came the ears, twitching with curiosity. I reached up to touch them. Nothing, as usual. But still, it just felt so real and a part of my body, Like I was turning into an actual animal. I wasn’t one yet, though. Not until my whole body conformed to it.

    Finally, in came the snout, elongating my face and yawning. At least, I thought I was yawning. A metallic taste filled my mouth and I found myself eating meat, raw and bloody. It wasn’t entirely unpleasant, but it was surprising. I continued to eat the meat while I felt small shoots of pain wrack through my body, my tail being pulled and played with while I growled at the assailant, still intent on eating. Then I moved, really moved, and found myself back in my human body like before.

    Whoops I forgot to post yesterday, so here, have a piece of writing. Technically I did do my daily, but it's written ellsewhere and I don't plan on posting it on this particular thread. :'D Hope you enjoy!​
  12. You​
    Never see me like this

    Always see me like this

    Really are a fool
    And now for the writing for today. I wanted to do something simple, with few words. They're not fancy, but I hope they carry some kind of weight to them. Hope you enjoy!​
  13. Picture Me​
    Picture me
    In a silver gown
    Of flowing steel
    And encrusted dust

    Picture me
    Wearing a crown
    Of dragon bones
    And jeweled cat's eyes

    Picture me
    In shoes of red
    Gold and sapphire
    Dancing at my feet​
    Wanted to do something descriptive for a change. Most of my poems are on the fly and don't have much meaning, but that doesn't mean one can be created. :'D Hope you enjoy!​
  14. How To Obey​
    Crush me
    Under your heel
    With the strength
    Of a truck

    Weak willed creature
    Am I
    To listen to you

    Fill me
    To the brim
    With fear
    And obedience

    Perhaps one day
    My body will crumble
    Your rule​
    Didn't think of anything as I was writing this, but now that I think about it, I can apply it to one of my characters. Two, actually, both women abused by a single person. Hope you enjoy!​
  15. Make a Wish
    They say if you wish on a full dandelion puff, that wish will come true. I wished on many when I was a child, for little things. For a new toy, for a baby sister, for a cookie or two. My wishes never really came true, but to me wishing on a dandelion was something magical.

    As I grew older, those wishes turned to desires and I soon found them to be stressful. The desire to find a job, the desire to get through college, the desire to find a boyfriend. I didn’t think about wishing then, but when I looked out today, I saw the little puffs of dandelion swaying in the breeze and I knew I had to make a wish again.

    Plucking a dandelion puff from the grass, I closed my eyes and breathed out gently. When I opened them, seeds were gently floating in the air, flying away from the puff and out into the world unknown. It was like me, when I thought about it. One, single person, going out into the world. Soon that seed and I will sprout into something magnificent and, maybe, we can fulfill the wishes of others.

    I hope- no, I wish- to someday grant the wishes of my children when I grow older so they too, can learn to wish on a dandelion puff and be granted a miracle I never really got.

    There were a bunch of dandelions on the lawn while I was on campus. It made me think of the game I played as a child when I would wish on a dandelion and watch the little seeds float away. This is a result of that reminder. Hope you enjoy!
  16. Say What You Want​
    Say what you want
    About beaten children

    Whisper what you want
    About leaving

    In the end
    You are still mine
    Abused people tend to not want to leave due to their abuser's "power." It's a sad truth, one that is a major problem. Hope you enjoy!​
  17. Black
    Black. All he could see was black. Negro noir musta черный काला đen black black black and more black. He loved the color, it suited him. Heh, suit soot. But really, this was too much, even for him!\

    He couldn’t move, couldn’t speak, couldn’t breathe. Just think and sometimes communicate with the outside people through texts and whatnot. He was trapped, oh so very trapped. And he hated it, loathed it, wanted out of it.

    He hated her for trapping him in his own mind, hated her- not that her, different her- for taking his precious half away from him, hated him- not his precious half, oh no- for winning the game. But she made them forget, oh yes, and only two people remember the game. Him, and himself. No faiiir, the mental scars were supposed to be kept!

    But he will get out one day, oh yes. One stupid child was already communicating with him, plotting to set him free. But did he really need her? He had heard of her interest in another town, another place, another chance. All from the little girl who didn’t know a thing. Good girl, gooood girl.

    Once he was finally free, he planned on continuing the game and perhaps have a bit of fun in that setting. Hmm, yes, delicious destruction- oooh, alliteration. Delicious destruction doesn’t detract diabolical- oh phooey, can’t continue it. But once he got out, he’ll make them all suffer again. And he’ll enjoy every. Last. Drop.

    Didn't mean to write it in one of my character's point of view, whoops. But yes, this is in the POV, sort of, of one of my insane characters. Hope you enjoy!​
  18. Wish
    For a better tomorrow

    For a new dawn

    And fight​
    Based off an rp that has yet to start, a mass crossover one. I'M SO EXCITED FOR IT JHGDSKLHGLKDHSGLKHDS *breathes heavily* Also, I have too many stuff based on wishes oops. Hope you enjoy!​
  19. Make Them Pay
    Revenge is
    Oh so sweet
    When you take
    The man and
    Rip him apart
    Or perhaps
    Suffuse him with
    Delicious things
    That roll off my tongue
    And splat firm
    Onto the ground
    Along with the heart
    Of my vengeance​
    ...Wow. I just started withy the title and the first three lines in mind. And then I kept going...and going...and going... I think this would be a threat poem to one of my characters wow. Hope you enjoy!​
  20. Two Sides of the Same Coin​
    Two faces
    Two sides
    One heart
    One body​