Changing the Order of Things

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  1. She nodded in agreement with Ryder and sat up, gently placing a hand on his back and rubbing her hand in small circles. "Me too." She said. "Me too." She was silent for a while, thinking. Suddenly she tilted her head to the side, some of her black hair falling in front of her face. "Is there a library or study around in here?" She asked suddenly.
  2. He laughed

    "yes there is"
  3. She nodded and stood, taking Ryder's hand.

    "Good. Then let's see if we can find anything that might be of use to us."

    She suggested, tucking her hair back behind her ear.
  4. He squeezed her hand gently and lead her down a hall, he put in a code and the door opened showing thousands of books

    " here we are"
  5. She looked around her and moved to a random shelf. "Good. Then let's start search for anything and everything." She reached up and pulled a book from the shelf.
  6. Ryder knew exactly what they needed, he walked over to a section pulling out a huge book, it looked like it was thousands of years old and it was, the title was " council and slayer"

    " this will help"
  7. She saw the title and but her book back on the shelf, shaking her head. "Why would they make it so obvious?" She muttered under her breath and walking up to him.
  8. "because nobody ever comes in here and they thought i'd be like one of them"

    He opened the book
  9. She looked at him but then back at the book. She walked over to a table and pulled out two chairs and found a paper and pecil. "Well, let's start searching and write down whatever we think is usuefull." She said with a sigh.
  10. He sat down and flipped through the pages till he came to something

    " hey this is on the council so it should be useful"
  11. "Okay. Start reading and I'll start writing." She leaned forward and grabbed a crystal paperweight with a flower in it and set it on the paper. When she lifted the paperweight, a drawer opened and hit her in the stomach. She grunted and looked down to see the drawer was full of stakes, crosses and holy water bottles. She hissed and slammed the drawer shut. "My God." She muttered, really starting to hate this place.
  12. He laughed slightly and began reading

    " the council were the strongest but yet the weakest the never stop but after taking out one we plan to do another.. to kill with the stake yet their so quick always on alert but not if they think they won.. killing off their kind one by one till they force themselves to show..the potion..a mixed blood and to drink that would make you twice as strong as the council yet it last 10 minutes and as much as they dodge it waste 5. problem is we need the blood of 5 diffrent humans and our own to make this complete and kill the council once and for all"
  13. "And how are we supposed to do that? Fake a blood drive?" She asked, rolling her eyes and leaning back in her chair.
  14. "actually we can just find 5 killers or thugs and take thier blood"
  15. "I suppose." She agreed, and rubbed her forehead, feeling a headache coming on. After a few moments she wrote down what Ryder had read in case they forgot. "We still should keep searching and writing things down though. Perhaps we can find something on the history on vampires or something." She said, thinking out loud.
  16. " how about you look and ill be right back"

    he got up and walked out the room and into the kitchen were ge grabbed a blood bag and drank it rather quick reaching for another, and strangely the blood bags wern't satisfying his thirst.
  17. She frowned but didn't say anything. She pulled the book over to her so she could search and started flipping through the pages in hopes of finding something.
  18. His eyes turned red as he kept drinking blood bag after blood bag the floor was pourung with blood and he keep drinking

    i cant stop
  19. She instantly stopped searching in the book when she heard his thoughts. Ryder? What's wrong? She asked, and hurried to him. She blinked in surprise when she saw all of the blood packages and how red his eyes were. She went up to him, biting her wrist. "Here. Try mine." She said, offering him her wrist.
  20. he grabed her wrist and brought it to his mouth and he drank, her blood was warm and this feeling inside him just made him want more, he gulped several times.