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  1. He hated this place already. Maybe that wasn't wise to say of a sacred grove, but Niklomaus didn't particularly care at the moment. He didn't want to be here, doing this, going through this with these people. Sure, the grove was beautiful with the lanterns strung up between the trees, music playing, food on display and talk in the air, but there was tension, too. It was cloying, thick in the atmosphere and the white-haired male felt like he could choke on it even as he could also crumble with the amount of weight set on his shoulders.

    He was to meet his betrothed tonight. Funny, he'd always thought that he'd be happier about something like that, but now that it was upon him, in this circumstance...he would have rather been fighting a mountain troll...three of them. It wasn't like this alliance was going to last long anyway. Why did he have to tie his life and fate to an elf for the sake of a peace that wasn't even going to persevere after this brewing war with the Centaurs was over?

    He didn't want to do this.

    But then, when had anyone ever cared what he wanted? Niklomaus smiled with a tinge of bitterness to the expression as he sipped the wine in his hand, pale blue eyes scanning the crowds of both Sidhe and Elves, all trying to get along in an obviously strained way. He could relate to that. He felt that way around his family all the time. After all, he was only Prince in name. The elves didn't know that, though, and his grandfather, the King, had made it very clear he was not to let it be known. Niklomaus didn't think it would be all that hard to hide. He didn't have anyone to tell anyway.

    "You know, if you don't smile a war might just break out right here and now." The voice, subtly - or not so subtly - whispering in his ear belonged to tall, black-furred male by his side and Niklomaus smirked, glancing at the werewolf, his friend and guard.

    "Tell me again why that would be a bad thing, Marsin?"

    Gold eyes gave him a reprimanding look. "Nik, that's human talk. Behave."

    The white-haired male sighed and took a longer drink of the wine before smiling widely just to prove a point, a point that made Marsin roll his eyes, and started out into the crowd. "I always behave!" he shot back and the werewolf growled to himself. If only that were true, his job would be a lot easier.
  2. She walked the path of death many times, wore the heart of a healer and controlled the might of ice within the palm of her hands. This was certainly a time where she would have been happier to slit her own throat than continue upon this trek.

    The night was alit with awkward conversation, bodies of varying heights and weights not to mention the obvious racial differences littered the grove like common garbage. Everything had been falsely preened with such delicate care in hopes to draw away from the gagging tension each race held to their bosom. Not even a god crashing down into the ground before them would nullify the pressure.

    Lanterns gleamed and glimmered against the ancient canopies of the large trees, and she couldn't have been more sour to the whole thing. It was one thing knowing her obligation to her people and understanding the sights of victory was slim; but this was complete madness. Whom ever thought up this brilliant plan was clearly sitting in a back room of some low brow tavern eating something that caused insanity. The Regent lord wasn't one to take lightly but at this moment in time dressed in the deep emeralds of glamour she was honestly considering it. There had been a trove of women nobility to hand pick from, and yet the twist of a lip from that of her father and she somehow became the volunteer for the good of elves.

    "Quit hunching your shoulders," he nudged her hard in the ribs with his elbow forcing a sharp escape of air to rumble rough among her deep lips. "I swear tending to a wee tot would be more beneficial than this," her elder kin Jakson, Colonel of the elite army that surrounded the regent lord. Smug as all could be, the sunny crown of fleecy blond coated his head, deep blue eyes flashed through his lens at her in a warning look.

    "Then find yourself a wee tot," fingers pushed back the tendril of loose hair from her face to behind the tapered ear, "I told you I was not the choice for this." His frown deepened, one that usually would have her cringing back until heeding his words but tonight was whole other story.

    Eyes narrowed through his peripheral, "Honestly Aelyra, must you behave so childishly." Of course he could say that, he wasn't being used as a bartering chip to some tree hugging fairies. "You know we are all threatened and a union between strong blood will rise and bolster our clans pride to drive back those four legged cretins." he took a drink from his glass; wine from what she could tell. She had never developed a taste for the four liquor.

    "I know another four legged cretin right now and he is lacking two extra legs," she jabbed back at him making it very evident she was calling him a mule. Swallowing hard trying not to unleash is brotherly affection onto her hide, Jakson slipped a hand around her waist. Not without a pinching grasp mind you.

    "Bite your tongue, swallow your venom and do as your told Lyra." he hissed her pet name through his teeth, whispering more for her ears alone while making it seem like he was being an escort rather than a massive pain in the rear. Of course Jakson would be playing keeper, her father had been summoned perfectly elsewhere to attend to things that she was not privy too. Her mother of course kept the homestead in order meaning she didn't have time to play daughter's death warden.

    Eyes scanned the crowd, making mild pleasantries when fellow elves and sidhe before making a discreet tip of his head forward. The man was hard not to notice with the lumbering beast that stood at his side. "A werewolf... honestly." Jak gave her another pinch in warning, "You are going to make me black and blue!"

    "Better than making you eat dirt like I am tempted to do, dear sister."
  3. Niklomaus spotted her easily. Sure, she looked like a lot of other elven nobility around this grove, but he'd made it a project to research all he could about the elven family he was to marry into and he now could spot each one within moments. His pale blue eyes studied her openly, noting that for an elf, she was beautiful and from what he'd heard, she was a good warrior, smart and was very talented at her arts. Somehow...respect was there....a little, but any sort of interest....not so much. He still didn't like, no loathed, the idea of marrying her. It wasn't even that she was another race - he really wasn't in a position to be that finicky - but the principle of the fact that he wasn't getting to choose his life partner himself. He didn't know how it worked for elves - he'd find out - but with the Sidhe...they only ever married once. They could have a few lovers, but marriage was for life and his was being taken from him.

    That's what he was angry about, but Nik knew he couldn't show it and so the male took a deep breath and started forward. It wasn't like she hadn't already seen him; he was the only white-haired Sidhe here and the only one with a werewolf by their side. The werewolves were guards of the Sidhe, but the others were discreetly in the forest around the grove. Marsin, though...he didn't like being far from Nik and Nik didn't mind. After all, he didn't have a great many friends among his own people.

    They were probably thrilled at the chance to get rid of him and had been more than willing to agree to the terms that the newlyweds would start off in the elven kingdom.

    His forward momentum was halted by a large, clawed hand on his blue and silver clad shoulder and pale blue eyes looked up into gold. "Just relax. You'll do fine." Marsin smiled in his wolf-like way and Niklomaus forced one back, nodding and then slipping out from under his friend's hold as he once again approached his betrothed and her brother. His mind blanked out for a moment as he stopped before them, finding he could look down at the female, though she was by no means short. For a fraction of a second, he found he struggled for the correct thing to say, but training kicked in before his mind truly did and Niklomaus executed a flawless bow in the tradition of his people, with his hand over his heart to signify respect of their rank before he straightened again. His body was tense like a fully strung bow, a warrior, but he hid it well behind a smile and charming words that felt like acid in his throat even as his pale blue eyes stayed fixed on the deep blue eyes of the beautiful blond.

    "Colonel Bloodworth, Lady Aelyra, it is an honor to meet you both on peaceful terms. I trust you are enjoying the evening?"

    He sure wasn't.
  4. Seeming to share a moment between the pair of them, Jak leaned in close enough to remind her that he was especially smelling of cloves for the evening, he was grinning but it was a murderous look he only gave her when she was suppose to play nice. This was one of those times. The tall sidhe made the first move forward from what she could see around Jak's hair falling before her gaze, his breath close; "Just do me a favour for once in your life, behave Lyra. This task is simple, no fighting no struggle and no killing. Just marriage."

    Brows knitted tightly at him grinding her teeth, "Easy for you to say, your soul didn't have a price on it." Giving him a stern shove back to correct his stance, she stopped herself from crossing her arms beneath the rise of her bosom. She could act childish for certain but she knew that as much as she wanted too, this was not the time. No this was the time to observe.

    She noted he was tall, actually surprising so enough to stand almost toe to toe with Jak - though her kin was merely a inch or two shorter from what she could see. His crown was a startling white to only mark him as even more of an oddity even amongst his own people. Markings upon one side of his face, and a werewolf on the other. Man if she wasn't getting some sort of tribal happy go frolicking weirdo, she didn't know what she was getting. The plus side was probably the fact that he was a royal, so he was bound to - hopefully- in their time together take on mistresses and leave her be. She had no plans of baring him any children in this forsaken union. She didn't know much about him in honest truth, whether Jak told her or not she hadn't been paying attention. If she looked at it from a commoner point of view and not a passage to purgatory then he might have been eye catching, but for now he was merely her jailer. Her culture didn't vary much from his own, one lover that is... if they lived as long as her. It wasn't uncommon for elves to mate with humans but they generally took more than one lover in their life time since humans were so short in comparison. She didn't know whether or not sidhe lived as long but she wasn't too worried about that. Maybe something would occur that would force their union apart.

    Lost in her own thoughts, it was her brother jarring her back into reality as the Prince arrived with a marvelous bow and a rigid flow. Giving him the look over again stopping herself from the habit of crossing her arms, Jak bowed respectfully back though it was nowhere near as grand or flawless as the Prince. No he stooped at his waist keeping his head level while cupping an arm across the span of his gut, she lifted her brow with a tight lipped smile. Okay she might be behaving a little terribly but still, no one said she had to be totally prim and proper.

    Oh the small talk to be had, was he really going to start with hoping they were having a wonderful evening. This place was hell, eternal hell. But saying that might get her into a heap of trouble that she was certain she might not get out of. Play nice, remember? she thought to herself.

    "Prince O'Corra, it is a pleasure to finally met you face to face rather hearsay," Jak grinned perfectly, never a falter in his step or his praise. He had always been good at making a believable performance, actually... she wasn't sure he was faking it. Of course he would be eager to get rid of her. Jerk. Turning his gaze to consider the grove, blue eyes smiled about as much behind his lens as his mouth did, "It is a great blessing to see the grove so adorned, and for a important task of course." a hand cupped to the small of her back, flicking her out of sight as she managed to not jump and kick him all at the same time, Lyra tipped her head finally.

    "Yes," Lyra almost rolled her eyes, "It's great. I do hope you are enjoying this as much as myself." Oh the cynical nature was driving hard into her belly making it hard not to be brash and rude, but she was managing... somewhat.

    Clearing his throat, he offered another smile to the Prince. "I'll pardon myself from wasting your company, there is no need for a third wheel." Throwing a pleading look to her brother, he retorted with a smug one as he bowed again. "Do not hesitate to implore my assistance if you need Mi'lord," Jak kissed her brow out of rehearsal, squeezed her cheeks in warning, "Aelyra,"

    There he went, almost doing a skip to be rid of her for the night; Lyra threw a cautious look back across her shoulder. Her eyes hurt so much from wanting to roll them so drastically. "Just... perfect."
  5. Oh good stars, WHAT had his family gotten him into?

    Niklomaus let his gaze flicker between the two siblings, reading the undercurrent of rivalry quite easily, but he didn't comment. Not only would that be rude, but it also wouldn't amount to anything useful and right now he needed to keep the peace. That was his one task and oh, what a task it would be. The female before him was a spitfire. He could see it in her eyes, in her posture, in the tension in her shoulders and arms, in the barely concealed scathing glances she gave Jakson and in her voice, though, she tried to hide it. He didn't blame her the unhappiness she felt because he didn't feel any better than she and the male looked after the Colonel for a moment before focusing back on Aelyra.

    "I hardly think this is anything but perfect and I know very well that enjoyable is the last thing that comes to either of our minds this night." Nik's voice was smooth and deep, low and polite, and to anyone observing them - and everyone was - his friendly smile and respectful conduct toward Lyra would raise no suspicions. He knew he took a slight risk in saying what was actually on his mind - well, a fraction of it - but if he'd read Lyra correctly, she wouldn't disagree with him. He watched her expression, pale eyes flicking from her dark eyes to the freckles on her face, her pointed ears and thick gold hair, taking in everything about her at a more leisure pace this time around.

    He looked around before making a slight gesture toward the edge of the grove, a place they'd have less eyes on them, boring into their backs. Nik started slowly for the spot in question, speaking again quietly and knowing her sharp ears would pick it up. "I am sorry you shall be bound to me against your will, but know I won't expect anything of you. This union is not of my choice either."

    Eh, damn a meek tongue. As long as they didn't start flinging insults, he didn't see a problem with speaking their minds and getting some ground rules set right now.
  6. She would have been happy to romp and wrestle with her brother for the night rather than doing this, actually she could think of many things she would like to be doing than this but that wouldn't have been the proper thing to do. As much as she was hating this entire thing, her honor was thick enough to keep her here. Somehow.

    When she was more than certain Jakson was out of ear shot, the Prince was making her skin crawl knowing what he was doing. Where her gaze might have been pleasant before, it took on a raptor stare not keen on being scouted over like she was a piece of meat. Again it was him that broke that silence between them speaking at least in perfect agreement to this whole agreement being the last thing on their minds. Well that she could respect, as long as he wasn't thinking that she would be an easy conquer for himself to gorge and use as a cradle for his lower quadrant, she'd agree.

    Eyes upon them, watching as if this was a life and death match in the training quarters; she made sure to throw a jaded look back to at least move some stares away. If there was one thing she didn't like, was being watched. Taking in a deep breath allowing her chest to inflate before releasing, she would sidle up beside the Prince not behind. She would not be seen as the docile or submissive one. Straightening her back, perching her stance to stand tall and proud; Lyra finally did roll her eyes. "Are you apologizing for the mere pleasure of it or am I beneath your expectations for an elf?" if they were going to speak their minds as leisurely as he had, then she wasn't going to keep as much venom from her tongue. "Well thank the goddesses for that, here I thought I'd be shoved off to the first up and coming royal bachelor my father could throw me at." she stepped forward looking outwards to the grove's edge, scanning the trees out of habit than actual need; Lyra pinched her fingers to the bridge of her nose. "Hear me now Prince, I will not bend to your whims or your practices. We are merely pawns in this game to seek peace between our races, nothing more."
  7. Ah, and there was that poison tongue. He had wondered when he'd finally see it and was almost relieved that it had come out so soon. At least he now knew where he stood with her and that was more than many an elf was going to gift him with, hiding behind honeyed words. Fortunately, he knew his way around a hive and how not to get least not too badly. Now the white-haired male did smile, genuinely so and in amusement as he leaned against a tree and crossed his arms, hair brushing his pale eyes. He let her speak, knowing to interrupt would not bode well and when she'd finished, he answered back calmly, quietly just as before and in a neutral tone that gave away nearly nothing of his own emotions.

    "I know very well what we are, Lady Aelyra, and I have no illusion about how our marriage will be. We'll perform for public eyes, make sure that our races have nothing to fight over concerning our union and for the remaining time we will go about our separate lives. I won't interfere with you if you afford me the same respect. I have no desire to bend you to my whims or make you change your culture."

    He really hoped it would be that simple, that ideal, but knew life didn't always work like that. Still, it wouldn't hurt to try and really, he wasn't going to give her much of a reason to want to spew acid at him on a regular basis. Occasionally and for fun, sure, but not making a habit of it. Lyra was a wild thing, that was for sure, but she didn't seem all bad. Or was that just wishful thinking on his part?

    Nik frowned a little before he could help it, but the expression was gone a moment later, wiped clean as he looked upon the blond again. "Are there any rules regarding you that I will need to respect?"
  8. What was his aim? Craning her gaze watching this creature as if he had just sprouted another head so calmly that no one else seemed to take notice; he seemed so lax in the moment. That wasn't right, he was trying to bluff her and that wasn't about to sit well in the pit of her stomach.

    Oh he had his political tongue mastered, twisted and rhymed in a way that it would sooth and tame most diplomats with ease, but she was aware of it. Lifting her nose upwards huffing nosily, Lyra gave him a dismissive wave. "Do as you wish for all I care; the less I see you the better we both will be." there was truth to that, sure she'd act her part in front of those all seeing eyes but when it came to behind closed doors, the further apart they were the better.

    Azure jewels were trained back to him within a moment's notice as he spoke further, trying to seem nonchalant in her midst. If she had her way, he'd be ready to break this marriage before it started. But that was wishing. She had no time for this pretty boy pup. "Respect?" she repeated behind a tone that was used more in addressing soldiers than a mortal man, "Many rules boy, many. But you seem smart enough to figure those out without me guiding your hand. Now;" rolling her hand between the pair of them, "If we are finished exchanging this blithering of conversation, I'll respectively take my leave. I've seen all that I need too."
  9. Boy? All right, that was taking it a bit too far. Nik bristled slightly at the slur, but maintained his cool. In fact, his demeanor becoming glacial in the span of a moment, something about his blue eyes growing even paler, harder. He pinned her, pierced her with that look and Niklomaus' smile this time contained a far more dangerous edge. He didn't think it would impress her, but maybe it would give her some idea into the fact that he wasn't as pampered as he looked. "Oh, I am sure you've seen all wish to, Lady Aelyra." She should know that looks could be very deceiving, though, and he was a master at that.

    "And if you had any respect in you for me or my species, you would have shown me some by not insulting me as I have not insulted you. In fact, I'm willing to bet that out of all the people here, I am the only one trying to make this as painless as possible for you. Do forgive me, Lady Aelyra, if my attempts at being polite and understanding of the fact that you so obviously hate me have insulted you."

    He didn't wait for her reply before walking away, looking as calm as could be, but Marsin knew Nik. The werewolf could smell the anger on the Prince, could see the slight tremors of a controlled temper that were visible to no one else. He was before the white-haired male in a moment, bending his head down to look the other in the eye. He didn't like what he saw and sighed. "That bad?"

    Nik's smile was as cold and tight as his eyes were. "I'd rather marry a dragon."

    Marsin chuckled and Niklomaus merely rolled his eyes. "I need another drink." Or three....maybe six....
  10. Doing well to conceal herself righteous smirk at managing to prickle under his skin, revealing a more believable being before her gaze, a dramatic roll of her eyes again and he was off on a tangent of spewing words. Brushing a thumb through the cut of her bangs smoothing them back, seeming more bored with him than previously; the moment he disbanded without letting her say another word edgewise, Lyra chuckled to herself.

    "Well," hands planted to her hips, "That was easier than I thought." satisfied with her results, she'd hope that this would work in her favour. Surely she managed to insult him enough to have the royal pain strut up to his grandfather, demand someone else to be forging a tie with and bam! She'd be free to roam as she pleased, back into her armor and wielding the trusting blade with little to any care.

    Seeming to sense something working against the favour the politics had risen, Jakson watched as the Prince stormed off, pinned a frosty glare to her hoping to bore a hole through her head; she grinned widely twiddling her fingers in a wave to him. Stopping himself from huffing over like a charging bull, his arm looped around herself and pulled her in tight. "What in the eternal realms are you doing!"

    "Me?" putting on a look of innocence, she pouted some. "Why nothing of course big brother, I am merely being my charming self."

    "More like a gigantic pain in the arse!" he looked around and flicked her hard in the brow. "Lyra if it wouldn't look bad on my reputation, I'd murder you."

    Rubbing her forehead, her grin remained while she giggled. "Come on, you have to be impressed even a little bit. He is probably the fastest one I've ever chased off, some credit here is due."

    "Eternal gods give me strength."
  11. "You know you can't go to your grandfather about this, Nik."

    Marsin said the words cautiously, but the white-haired male merely swirled the wine in his glass slowly, watching as it sloshed against the side. "I know. I wasn't going to." he responded nonchalantly and the werewolf pinned his ears slightly, hating that 'dead', withdrawn tone in his friend's voice. A clawed, but strangely delicate pawed hand took the glass away from the Prince and Nik let it go, sighing and wracking a hand back through his already tousled hair. "Mars, would it really be too much to ask that something go right in my life? Or is that far too selfish to wish for?"

    "Cub, I'm not the one to answer that question. I wish I could. You know I only want the best for you, but there's only so much I can do. I'm sorry."

    Nik smiled a bit, genuine this time and touched his friend's arm as he straightened from the tree he'd been leaning against. If there was one thing he could not abide, it was the few friends he had feeling guilty on his behalf. "You have nothing to be sorry for, my friend. My life is what it is and...I'll make the best of it. Even if it means I have to grow some acid-proof skin." The last part made the werewolf chuckle a bit and he looked toward where Lyra and her brother were, raising a brow. "It seems your departure drew more attention than you might want, Nik."

    Pale blue eyes looked after the gold ones and Nik cursed softly to himself. He would have moved then, too, but a sudden presence at his elbow halted him. Rather, the grip on his arm, hard enough to leave bruises, stopped him. Taraghlan's voice was one of a few things that could cause a chill to run down Niklomaus' spine and such a thing didn't fail now as his brother nearly hissed into his ear. "Need I remind you the consequences should you screw this up, dearest brother?"

    "No." Nik breathed back and he felt himself released, nearly shoved forward as his younger brother smiled in a tight and controlled way. "Good boy. Now go over and fix the damage you caused." Taraghlan left then, as silently as he'd come and Marsin snarled softly after him before looking down at his ward. "Nik-?"

    "I'm fine." To prove his point - though, it was useless against Marsin's knowing stare - the Prince straightened and took calm strides over to where Lyra and Jakson were, dipping his head to the brother and then looking at the female elf, his expression entirely blank this time around. "I am sorry for my abrupt departure. I needed a word with my brother. Shall we take a walk now, Lady Aelyra?"

    He dared her to say no.
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  12. The flat of his palm laid against his forehead, shaking it so slowly so sluggish that it only encouraged her further. She was a grin while Jak was on the border of strangling her in front of everyone. "Did you see it though Jak, oh it was a thing of beauty. Mister royalty being so easily chased away by a mere woman. It was marvelous!" She laughed under the cold stare of him. "Come on if you don't laugh, it just seems mean."

    Then something came over his face that managed to scare her more than any threat could. It was a deep trench of guilt. No not guilt! As much as she fought against Jakson, be it over military terms or him insulting her cooking, she held a keen respect for him. She knew he worried over her, often saying it was his job to make sure she behaved and lived well, it made it difficult not to love the older kin as much as some days she wanted to hate him. "I know you didn't choose this responsibility Lyra, but all this isn't just about you. You have an entire elven race on your shoulders depending on your marriage to make a pact that can either save us or break us." she settled down quickly, "You know if I could trade places with you, I would but that isn't how things work. I need you to make this work, even for show."

    Blinking at him biting her bottom lip, she knew it might not look as professional as he wanted but there were times she didn't care. Hugging tight to the older sibling receiving the squeeze back, an voice came to call again.

    Dividing apart turning to look at the returning prince clear to the void mask he wore, Jakson gave her a reassuring nod. Though the princes excuse, she wanted to call him a liar, pressed her lips tight at him. Yearning for saving from him, Jakson stepped back from the pair. "Go on now Lyra," he made a face accidently using her nick name over her full but kept going on, "I'll be happy to direct anything of importantance while you two step away." as strong willed as she was, she wanted to plead with him, beg him to spare her this nightmare but that wouldn't happen tonight.

    Watching Jakson bow and leave, Lyra took in a deep breath. This one was like a bad habit, constantly popping up again. Throwing around another look, she frowned disapprovingly walking quickly towards the pathway away from the grove. Whether he followed or not mattered little to her. "And here I thought I succeeded in driving you away, must you make things difficult? I gave you a perfect moment to demand to your king a different noble woman, must you be a dig in a bone with myself? We do not compliment another nor will I fall to the lead of a man who easily gas others fight for him than himself." Lyra again gave a dismissive wave, "Take this moment I am giving to you wee lamb, I am not a woman of your calibre or your taste. I can deal with others painting me as the cold hearted wench." Deep azure eyes peered across her shoulder, "I am certain you can happily convinced your grandfather of my crass ways and bearish attitude for your political favor "

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  13. Nik followed after her. Unlike Lyra, he didn't care if it seemed like she was leading or in charge. People would always talk as they wished, but as long as the two actually involved in the action knew what was going on, it didn't matter much to him. He came alongside her when she finally got on the path and slowed - he figured she was just as reluctant to get back to the peering eyes as he was, even if that meant she had to spend some time with him - and Nik remained quiet as she spoke. Rather than anger him this time, though, her words simply hurt a very deep part of himself that he would never let her see and amused the rest of him. For a woman rumored to be so smart, she did make a lot of assumptions without any proof to back them up. Interesting and so very easy to point out, but....he was supposed to be playing nice.

    "I do not think anyone cared if we complimented one another, Aelyra." He dropped the title for if she was going to call him anything but his title or name, then he saw no reason to respect her own. He just couldn't bring himself to insult her yet, though. Not now. When the white-haired male did speak, it was quietly still and in fact he hadn't raised his voice once since they'd met. "I find it interesting that you say so much about me and yet, you don't know me. I will concede that this detail is probably a great part of our problem with each other, but until you do know me, even just common details, you would be wiser not to assume you can judge my character so thoroughly."

    Niklomaus paused on the path then, not much caring if she kept walking or not as he pressed his palm to a tree and tilted his head as if listening. A slight smile, genuine, signaled that all was well in the surrounding forest and the male started to walk again, pale blue eyes catching glimpses of the werewolves that kept close, but remained discreet. He knew Marsin would be among them and felt reassured knowing his friend, his brother in all but blood was close. He'd known the werewolf since he was a child, the both of them, and Marsin would always be closer family than his own blood would.

    Pale blue eyes met azure all over again as Nik came beside Lyra once more and his expression had gone blank again, so thoroughly that no emotion even flickered in the depth of his gaze. It was a practice he'd gotten quite good at over the years. "Once again, you are wrong. I can't convince my King of anything, happily or not. His decision is set and that is the end of it. I would be wiser to endure you than to endure him. As for your crass ways..."

    Nik smirked. "I've heard far worse."
  14. Yes she was being extremely presumptuous and truthfully she cared little about it. If thus was a meeting if swords or manna then she would have spent the severity time learning thy enemy, but this was just a forced union. And one she cared so very little to give proper attention to that learning about him seemed extremely fruitless.

    As he stopped a little ways behind her, Lyra wasn't stupid enough not to know there damn firey bodyguards were lurking in the sea if green. She wasn't a paladin for the mere looks if it, she had good sense of others but not always exactly where they were. Did this prince ever go anywhere without an entire tribe with him? She stood alone, no arms or bodyguards and yet he had his own tailing him. What was that about mot knowing him. To her I seemed the prince feeble that he required the constant watch of the large beasts. Leave it to a froo froo nature lover to have others around.

    Walking along finally breaking into a breach of the forest, pale slivers of moonlight glimpsed and speckled the forest floor, she exhaled a heavily sigh from her bosom. She could get nastier there was no doubt about that but she was growing increasingly tired of him. Rather she drew her gaze back holding the strength of herself across her shoulders, "Are we done here?" if he would not seek her advice on rejecting her as she was offering, she'd play cold instead. Fingers lifted skywards measuring the distance between earth and moon, "I have pupils to attend to and less of thus showy celebration bull plop." she turned hard on her heels returning back the way she came, reaching up to unpin the length if hair that had been bound in hopes to give it some elegance. Swaying bangs one way rather than neatly tucked, it seemed she had come ready to leave so suddenly.

    Hitching up her skirt, revealing the leather leggings under the entire gown popped off the top, Lyra folded the garment across her arm. Tied neat and tight her corset was layered with leather jerkin. No where near her usual armor attire but it did justice for a quick switch over. Grappling the weight of her hair. Swirling the previous sticks through to make a high ponytail, azure gaze gave him the once over. "Good eve' Prince O'Corra."

    This was the worst mistake ever.
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  15. "We're done."

    He wasn't even sure she heard him or cared to, but Nik answered all the same and then he watched with a slightly raised brow as she changed both her demeanor and her attire as swiftly as the weather could turn. This one was interesting even if she did strike like a snake, fangs dripping venom. His lips twitched with a smile when she looked back at him and Nik inclined his head just slightly at her farewell, seeing no reason to keep her here any longer and having no desire to.

    "Until we meet again, Lady Bloodworth." And the sad truth was that they would.

    He tried not to really think about that as he moved past the female elf and took off into a run straight for a large oak tree. A jump took him a good three feet up into the tree and from there he worked his way up with all the speed of a squirrel and twice as quiet. For a moment the male perched on the branch like a cat and his blue eyes seemed to glow before he disappeared entirely like a wraith, leaving Aelyra on her own. She'd made it more than clear that she was capable of such a thing and right now...he had been subject to enough of her and her scathing tongue. He'd have more than enough of it when they were married.

    The thought made him grimace as he moved through the treetops, feet completely steady and sure on the branches no matter how narrow. Married. Damn, he had really, really wished to actually be happy about that word one day. Too much to wish for apparently and completely too much to wish for that his betrothed might at least be civil. Stars, he was almost inclined to believe his grandfather had purposely picked the elf who would make him the most miserable. He wouldn't put it past him.

    His mind in a tangle, Nik finally jumped from the trees and landed in a crouch before the pack of seven wolves that had been following him so faithfully. Technically they were assigned to watch the grove, but...well, when it came to Niklomaus, they often disobeyed orders to watch him instead. It was pack mentality and to the werewolves, Nik was part of their pack. They'd cared for him and had almost raised him when his own family had not cared to. Now, fully in their wolf forms, the large creatures greeted him happily and the white-haired male started to relax in their presence. No words were needed. He'd stay here for a time before going back with his people and in a week's time....he'd be married.


    A week passed by too quickly, way too quickly.

    Niklomaus sighed as the troupe he was with rode through the forest, pale blue eyes flickering constantly, ever alert. His half-brothers Taraghlan and Cuchulainn rode in the front of the procession along with his father, Finnbheara. His half-sister, Finnine, rode in the back in a carriage and was happy to do so. She was young, naive, spoiled and already hated this outing and the destination. Her mother, Cliodna, remained with her for proprieties' sake, though, she would have been perfectly willing to ride along with her husband and sons. King Donn was not here, but Prince Finnbheara held all the authority of his father in this matter and no problem should arise that he couldn't handle.

    A spiteful part of Niklomaus hoped there were a great many problems for his family to handle, but he knew everything would probably go smoothly and he hated the fact. What he hated more was when the elves who were to escort them to the elven capitol appeared from the forest. He didn't really hold anything against them, but he dislike what they represented in that moment; the end of any freedom he might have once had.

    ((Hope you don't mind that I skipped. I can edit if you do. :) ))
  16. A week of sweat and strength went from sweet bliss to a pungent horror. Jak made no qualms when they were fully out if sight from the introduction night to lash verbally into her. As much as she wanted to say she tried, she didn't. No she happily excused herself to return to the brilliant city and the young children she was squiring. There were two of them of her enjoyment, young and wild but lively and smart. She couldn't deny it that she held a sift spot for the young ones.

    But that was all behind her. She sat on the bench being fussed with like a mere doll, her mother as pale and golden as she ever appeared and Jak's own wife with her. Kauity was a deep red head and held less fire than she did, nothing short of a stunning beauty, it was no surprise when Jak had made her his wife.

    Sighing heavily, a light touch to her brow and her mother's light green almost olive eyes were before her watching in a way that told her everything. Amara was a priestess, known far and wide in the ears of elves as being an empath -whether that was true or not wasn't divulged to many, she wasn't- she just seemed to have a sense about things. "Smile for me my snow," pet name she held for her, why? She wasn't sure.

    "Mama you expect too much if me." Kauity smoothed in a stray lock of her hair pinning it with baby's breath. "This is not a day of whimsy it's a day to my lock and chain."

    A guardsmen was shouting outside about the arrival if the death carriage arriving, her mother pale peachy lips pressed tight into a thin line. "It is not the end of the world my snow, in time you will grow to respect your husband."

    Lyra lifted her eyes revealing a private emotion for her mother alone though she smiled faintly, "That's what you say about clothing too big, you''ll grow to fit them." Amara and Kauity stopped to look at another before laughing gingerly.

    Hands cradled to her cheeks kissing the tip of her nose. "All will be alright."

    "Says you."
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  17. The elven city was breathtaking...and above ground. That detail was something that Nik actually found he instantly loved about this place. Sidhe lived underground in hollowed out caves and earth, great domes of lantern and stone light. They rarely saw the sun and Niklomaus had always craved it. He didn't like hot days, but the warmth the sun could provide, the feeling of the wind and the voices of the trees and wildlife, such things he cherished dearly for he so seldom got to enjoy them. At least in this place he could be among the nature he liked so much if nothing else. It was a small silver lining but he'd take it.

    As they came into the courtyard of the Bloodworth house, Nik dismounted before the rest of his family who were looking around in subtle distaste. He ignored them - they weren't the ones who had to stay here so why should they judge? - and instead focused on the young elf coming to take the steeds to the stable. The brown-haired boy approached him slowly like he might bite and Nik smiled, crouching so he was eye-level with the child. "His name is Hannernos and I am Nik. What are you called, young one?"

    His tone was soft and the child's trepidation seemed to fade a bit as curiosity took it's place as he peeked out from behind his long hair. "Lethno."

    Nik smiled, friendly and warm for he'd always had a love of children. They were not so harsh a judge as adults. "Well, Lathno, if you feed Hannernos a sugar cube, he'll do anything you ask of him. I dare say he might even stand on his head for more."

    Lathno giggles slightly at that image and Nik stood, handing the boy the reigns. "Take good care of him for me, yes?" A nod answered before the boy took the gray stallion away and Cuchulainn came to his side, clapping a hand on his shoulder. A heavy hand and not the least bit friendly even if it looked like such. "Too bad you can't charm your future wife like such, eh brother? Maybe we should have found you a girl-child to marry."

    Nik didn't respond, his teeth clenched tightly and Cuchulainn only laughed before moving to join his father and Taraghlan as the elven family started to appear. They'd speak with Aelyra's father, make sure everything was going to plan. The white-haired male had no say in it, only here to complete his task and then be left behind with strangers who would dislike him nearly as much as his own people did. Somehow Nik had to wonder if the elves found it even just a bit suspicious that the eldest grandson of the King, technically next in line to the thrown after Finnbheara, was being bartered off in an alliance. It was not the norm, ESPECIALLY when Sidhe...didn't marry between species, found it revolting actually. Of course, he couldn't ask or point this out else he find himself in more trouble than he could deal with.

    "Is she beautiful, Niklomaus?"

    The voice at his elbow belonged to Finnine and of all the siblings, she tolerated his presence the best, perhaps too young to care yet about the pressures of her culture. She looked up at him with solid blue eyes, her glossy black hair pulled back into elegant braids and Nik sighed, but nodded, looking back to the stairs, knowing he'd probably see Aelyra appear there sooner or later. Maybe. Did the groom see the bride before the wedding in elven culture?

    "Yes, Finnine, she's beautiful." He could admit that at least. His half-sister frowned, though and put her hands on her hips. "If she's beautiful than why are you not smiling? You should be grateful."

    Nik didn't deign to respond to that.
  18. An usher arrived at the door poking his head in with a mumbling word. Amara lifted her tranquil gaze nodding short and polite before smiling so casually to Kauity in some sort of sign of dismissal.

    Feeling the apathetic squeeze to her shoulders from her sister in law, she left without a word. Silence greeted her, a hand if her mother sat before her nose in the way to direct that she was to be presented, she obliged. Her father wasn't here this day not that was surprising in the least, actually it made it easier for her to deal with. She didn't see eye to eye with him and often dud the just reminder of firming that he was not born high nobility like his wife but had married into it. Priestess were about as royal as one got unless born to the regent, and marrying one was apparently an act of the goddesses, still it was her mother who owned the title not her father.

    Releasing her hold when she rose, Amara waltzed around her figure taking consideration of the smooth creamy ivory dress. Pulling here and there, the whole thing was simple as it came. No bead work, no crafted stitching, it was merely silky smooth and touched the ground to cover her feet. "Fetching actually, even with it being lower v cut than I wanted." Amara approved, returning to her side to lead them outside to the sidhe progression.

    The layout of the house was simple, though she cared more for the crafted care of her own home, she did not live with her parents or brother. No when she obtained the rank if paladin, she wasted no time in moving to her own personal lodging. Smaller than the house here but quaint and private for herself. Well it was, she would probably have to give that up as well.

    The sun shined against the large trees nestled through the landscape if the estate, her mother exited first tying her hands in front of the deep royal blue of her conservative dress, she grinned easily without quarrel or prejudice to the sidhe family. The pale almost white hair laid free around the nape of her neck, honestly she appeared more angel like than elven. It was difficult to tell how old she was either making her a choice pick for any elven male to court.

    Arms opened wide, she still hung back in the foyer if the house when Jak and Kauity appeared with her. His golden crown had been pushed back to remain out if his eyes as his wife opted to pick a stunning emerald green shorter dress for the festivities.

    "Welcome to our simple abode," her mother's voice carried power with such little effort, "Prince Finnbheara," those pale eyes laid upon the next in rule, bowing expertly to his power, "It is a great honor to have you all blessings our home this day," her gaze turned to consider the one she was giving her daughter too. If there was malice in her eyes it never showed. Rather she smiled so peacefully, "Blessed be to all,"

    A common greeting from any priestess. "I do apologize for the lack of appearance my husband has provided, he has been beckoned for high council concerning matters of Centaurs." hands folded, "I will be over seeing all that should be necessary for you all, please do not hesitate to ask."

    Jak poked her, "That's how your supposed to act," he whispered causing her to swat at him.

    Taking reign of her arm, he motioned for Kauity to het other side acting as the final noose before the hanging. "My children of course," there summoned arrived making the whole scene far more gaudy than it was already. Yet they came out.

    Tipping his head to them all moving away from her taking his knitting fingers to Kauity, she felt the light embrace if her mothers hand to her shoulder. "This woman to Colonel Bloodworths right is his endearing wife Kauity Bloodworth." she introduced her knowing the rest knew who they are. Again her mother squeezed her shoulder. "Of course the betrothed, Aelyra "

    Ugh she felt so stupid!
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  19. Prince Finnbheara seemed surprised to be dealing with a woman, but he took it in a stride because being trained up as a royal, he knew how to conceal his real thoughts. He bowed respectfully to Amara and equal so to her children before introducing his own brood, sweeping his hand out to his wife first until she rested her small palm in his own. "My wife and the mother of my children, Cliodna." She was a fine-boned Sidhe, small in stature and had curly brown hair to go along with her emerald green eyes. She was pretty, but no stunning beauty and while she remained quiet, there was a hard nature about her, unyielding as stone. She was not a warmhearted woman, but she knew her way around the court and had impeccable bloodlines. She smiled tightly at the Bloodworth family.

    "Many thanks for accepting us into your home. Might I introduce my sons, Taraghlan and Cuchulainn, and my daughter Fininne." All three children stayed grouped together, all three tall like their father - though, Finnine was not nearly so towering as her brothers - and Taraghlan and Finnine black of hair like their sire as well. Cuchlulainn had inherited his mother's dirt-brown locks but his father's blue eyes. They played their parts well, smiling, bowing and Cliodna looked proud of them. She did nothing to acknowledge Nik and it was Finnbheara who took that task.

    "And, of course, my eldest son, Niklomaus."

    At his name, the white-haired male's gaze flickered to Aelyra, but then back to her mother and he met her eyes evenly but not without respect and knowing where his place was in all this. "I am blessed to be in your presence, beloved of the goddess. May you and yours always be under her protection." It was an elven greeting, a peace-offering as well, and one most would not assume he would know and even his father looked at him sidelong with some faint surprise. Nik ignored him and looked from Jak, to Lyra, Kauity and back to Amara.

    "Is there any tradition that I should honor in respect to your people before this union?" If he was going to be staying here, better to be on the best footing he could before he was left alone. And to be perfectly honest, as much as he hated having to go through with this marriage....Niklomaus didn't actually hate the elves and he DID respect their culture.
  20. Whatever her mother’s thoughts were, they were concealed behind her gentle exterior. It wasn’t as if her mother was so gentle that she wouldn’t dare speak out if need be, but she was well reserved in the ways of the courts. This was already a fragile union that could at any given moment.

    It would’ve been hard not to notice how Nik’s father was the one to introduce him as almost that other one. She was watching behind a mask of content, mastered from her mother, Lyra quickly figured out that even as the oldest, Niklomaus was of a different woman. Not that the psychical attributes didn’t already compliment that.

    Finally a register of surprise blossomed upon her mother’s face, a grin spread as she tipped her head in blissful welcome to the eldest boy. “You’ve done your studying well milord, it is a pleasure to see that our ways are not merely contained to our own kind. Very impressive.” Oh great, he was making an impression on her mother, this couldn’t go any better on her part.

    Lyra kept silent, watchful of course but silent. If he wasn’t playing the cat carefully walking across a tight line, then she didn’t know who was. Even daring to question whether or not they had certain traditions to be wary of. Without a look she dismissed that of Jak and Kauity, Amara shook her head. “Nothing of importance I assure you milord,” Amara folded her hands into another, side stepping so that they could wander the open space of greenery prepared in a outdoor splendor. Then came the look over that she was hoping to avoid somehow. Motioning for her to come forward, stopping herself from groaning loudly at the whole thing, she was biting her tongue. As her mother beckoned, she moved forward to step toe to toe with the eldest prince, wanting nothing more than strike out at this whole thing. Was she supposed to say something nice, oh that could be a problem. She vouched for further silence, play the part of the nervous bride though that wasn’t hard. She kept her gaze down towards the ground, the leash to her throat seeming tight already; Lyra heard her mother chuckle softly. “Prince Finnbheara, I leave the choice to you when you would like this union to begin due to you being the gracious visitors to mine and thy husband’s home.”
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