CBox Tech & Social Opinions Survey!

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Yes, we'll be putting the Cbox back very soon with some adjustments. XD

We'll be addressing the two top concerns:

1. Inappropriate Conduct: Which we'll be handling with a better set of cbox rules and trying to enforce them. We are trusting that current members will help make the effort of being nice to each other and remembering that we want to have a "newbie friendly" community. Help us out here. t____t Use the ignore button and moderate each other if a topic gets too heated or sexual.

2. LAG issues. We'll be putting the Cbox in General to see if this helps the lag and loading issues a little bit. When it's on the index, it's loading the cbox up for eeeeevery person that is lurking on the index, and that can be a loooot of people. We'll see if having it on a sub-area of the forum can reduce that a little bit.
Not open for further replies.